Fastest Star in The Galaxy Is a Mysterious Squeezar

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of the fastest star in the galaxy moving around the central black hole Sgr A*
Recent observation:
Older paper:

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  1. alimiel

    Interesting to think of large stars mixing hydrogen into their cores during these tidal squeezing events. Wonder if this would give large stars in more stable orbits around black holes a longer time span on the main sequence.

  2. Eddy Coronado


  3. Lj Demaris

    Noob- steinen. 🀟. You know that 2% doesn’t sound like much and it may not be. But it may be more than what we think. Because humans are only 2% smarter than a chimpanzee. Like I said maybe less than what we think maybe more.

  4. wtf

    hi Anton

    Can u give us more information about the incoming asteroid on 2020 election day???

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    Quazars, Blazars, Squeezars.. where does it end?

  9. MeTwoFirst

    I married a squeezer who rode horses that built up her muscles – but she ended up emptying the bank account.

  10. ecvent0r

    Anton, that smile you are trying to hold back at 9:14 … Have black hole orbital dynamics thrust you into a certain way of thinking? :)

  11. Sagittarius A *


  12. tony sales

    didnt ian dury make a song about these.

  13. Osmosis Jones

    Couldn’t a more advanced civilian send probes to drain any of those stars. Maybe if those stars start shrinking could be a technosigatur . Though we might not feel the affects of quazar for thousands maybe millions of years. But if anyone has warp or time bubbles that travel as FAR back in time as time is already moving forward. So taking years out of light years.

    But maybe civilians planets haven’t had enough time. To advance that much after all

  14. pixelpatter01

    Does the material in the star get completely mixed when it gets squeezed? This might give some large stars a new lease on life by mixing their highly metallic cores with fresh hydrogen from the upper layers. Now the problem will be to get some velocity from some of the other orbiting stars and escape.

  15. Blanik L-13

    In Australian army slang a Squeezer is a shifty person who avoids work at all costs.

  16. Jaime Duncan

    In any case it will be 1000s of years before we know the black hole became active. So either it already happened or we will not here by the moment he effects are manifested.

  17. EvanLovesWhiskey

    711… heh

  18. Gretas RAGE

    I wonder what Anton thinks about his comment section

  19. brian montgomery

    Why are black holes always represented as flat like the earth is?

  20. Soulos 3576

    If we ever are able to detect our galaxy starting to become a quasar it would have already happened thousands of years ago.

  21. Lrr_Of_Omikron

    So what is the shape of black holes? I’m guessing it’s more spherical than a hole?

  22. Maro GGG

    Amazing video πŸ‘Œ

  23. Bluebuthappy182

    mmmmmmmm May have some detrimental effects = we all die.

  24. 1Post Daily

    Does 2% faster time just the experience or also include the affects like faster rotation at a 2% faster pace….that doesn’t compound past 2%….or is it compound only within the vicinity of the area of the object that push it 2 % faster within time and within the affects of that being played out on the rotation or orbit…I may be making this more complicated than it need to be…

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  26. Jeffrey

    You’re cute

  27. Thomas Chrombly

    Squeezar… Why did I immediately think of Uranus?

  28. magicsinglez

    You know Anton wants to see it. You know he wants to see evidence of a sun gobbled by the black hole.

  29. Time End

    I want to run some simulations of a star thats a magnatar between 2 black holes and what the effects are.

  30. Michael 23

    This star: Speed. I am speed.

    A squeezar sounds like a quasar that emits lemon juice and the black hole is a giant lemon

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    Thank you anton

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  35. friendly touch of a trill

    good informative video

    the star so2 is a blue super giant so it wasn’t more red shifted, the star went from blue to red during its approach to sag a

  36. FIRE STORM 3692

    How deadly are gravitational waves?

  37. Anthony Slaga

    The stars look like a group of fireflies. Just imagine the gravity waves they produce.

  38. Alex Tseng

    Back to astronomy awesome beyond awesomeness

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    Wow that patron list keeps growing

  40. no one expected the spani

    You know what pisses me off? Earlier discoveries aren’t recalled with the new knowledge that we understand with older data… so who’s going to go over all these things again?

  41. manyirons

    How long will it take for S4711 to fall within the event horizon?

  42. Emmi Panda

    amazing video as always!

  43. Mike Mike

    Those stars have got to degrade, I really don’t think they recombine to their preinteractive state.

  44. Roberto Salas

    Hey anton, are there any known stars that have gone super nova and are again in the process of forming new stars/planets? Have we ever observed anything like that before?

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    The energy released by Squeezars is strong enough to pull mussels from a shell.


    Anton! How are you able to put out such high quality videos so frequently?

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    AAAAACK!! You TOOK AWAY our SUN and put it over by Sagittarius A*!!! No wonder it’s dark outside now.

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    I’ve seen faster

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    Coming Soon: The hunt for the fastest star that’s not in the galactic core.

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    You doing alright, Anton? You sound different today.

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    Fist of the Squeezar: You are already Dead

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    I doubt it would be active for long when the star fall in. More of a blip than a roar.

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    Thank you for sharing this information.

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    So big bang says in weightless environ, everything is relative, no lost kids, fact

  62. Pierre Abbat

    Can we enter “-ar” into the dictionary as a suffix for forming astronomical objects? I think there are enough terms to prove its existence.

  63. Kris Grauel

    Amazing stuff. I would think it would take more than one star to ignite the quasar but I could be wrong.

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    Wow! Amazing – as always.

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    you really need to get on spotify and put these up as podcasts cuz i really need to listen to this constantly!

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    Do you believe in recurring small nova’s
    This would explain the mass extinction of 90% of all life

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    Fascinating as always. Thanks for your content!

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    I mean that’s fast but, I’ve seen faster…

  69. Raghu Parandhaman

    We on earth hv learnt, at least more and more in the last 500 yrs, that we are part of a planetary system. Our earth & 7 other planets go around the sun, our star.

    Now this new scenario discovered about 50 yrs ago is mind bending! SgrA* is a system where stars go around a massive unseen (unseeable 😎 ) body.

    I kinda enjoy these! πŸ€—πŸ‘Œ

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    Experiment: take avg stellar masses and figure out how many stars it took to form the black hole center. We would have an estimate how long before all stars are absorbed.

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    I know what will happen when Sagittarius A star becomes active…..we’ll have a hell of a light show!

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    If incarnation is real, I just want to be a star in my next life…

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    A star, moving at 6.7% of c, has (to put it mildly) a great deal of kinetic energy. Is it the most energetic mass-ful object observed so rar?

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    They pressure washed the scales of a fish.

    Btw, thanks for the video!

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    Thanks to Larry Niven I always worry about the core explosion.

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    I propose, and I am sure others will agree, that we rename these “squeezars” to “flat earthers”.

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