Exotic Boson Stars Could Be Mimicking Black Holes, But What Are They?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an exotic concept known as boson stars.
Papers: https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.221101

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  1. Randy Rick

    What is that frame hanging on the wall? That’s my Nobel prize which is hidden beyond an event horizon.

  2. Dragan Stanimirovic

    Now that you opened so many minds at ones, we have to go deeper in this, my imagination and fantasy just exploded…..great work Anton!

  3. sada das

    They have new researches so soon and so regular that I am surprised they did not research that the Sun is actually a triangle.
    So many shit they say, so little proof they have.

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    Hello wonderful person :D
    Love your vids

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    For me, your most intriguing topic. This subject is incredible. Thank you so much.

  6. Mt. Baldwin

    Anyone else see “boston star” in the title? I sure did.

  7. Hans Isbrücker

    Would a Kugelblitz technically be a boson star? 🤔

  8. eddiebrown192

    I’m only half way in and I had to pause to say this is one of your best vids 👍

  9. Speak out and remove all

    I wonder if almost every star has a boson core because in my head helium 4 overlapping seems like a lower energy state than helium 3 smashing into each other at exceptionally high energies, so maybe some helium 3 nucleus’ captures an extra neutron and this allows them to collapse much further down into a lower energy state of overlapping without further fusion?

  10. rommelfcc

    OMG you cracked it… “The Boson Drive.
    I call dibs! 😄 the intergalactic point to point drive where everything else move around it, as it stays static. 🥰

  11. Michelle Peacock

    8:07 I died. 🤣

  12. Dermot Thompson

    Hi Anton
    A general physics question…
    Physicists say that time started at the Big Bang… but they also now say that there was no initial singularity but that the universe was simply smaller, denser, and hotter at the Big Bang.
    If there was no singularity, how can we say time started at that point rather than already being in existence?

  13. PaulPaulMan

    They are real, I’ve seen exotic bosoms. They are my favorite thing to look at in fact, they always come in pairs, in all sizes. The bigger they are the more they draw in your gaze. I’ve even seen black bosoms stars too, they are even more exotic to see.

  14. ThisIsOffensive

    The more he explains the more lost I feel. Wait wait what? How did this start? Wasnt it about a babboon star or something?

  15. Kelly Parks

    I find your crème filling highly questionable.

  16. Kevin McColl

    I have two questions if you don’t mind: how long would you expect such a star potentially to live? I assume there is a scale.

    and is it possible a Boson star could become a black hole?

  17. Anthony Laviale

    I know current gravitational waves detectors can’t really tell the difference between a neutron star and black hole other than by their mass, but in theory, they should produce different waves during the very last moments.
    One day, that might be the best tool to investigate theorized objects like quark , strange and boson stars.

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    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  20. Xspot box

    I don’t know about stars made from light, moving at speed of light, but we should start talking about Petrov’s universe, since you came up with so many fantastic and strange phenomena it would be awesome if they could be incorporated into some science fiction series, like Star trek or something.
    Great job man, i like your universe better than real one.

  21. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Plot twist: Sagittarius A* is a boson start. This is why its so hard to take a picture of it.

  22. Emma Megan

    1:47 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  23. John Irby

    I lost it when Anton started shining a flashlight at Bozo.

  24. Chad Dysvick

    This video makes me sad. 🥺

    It reminds me of the time my best friend Traz LazerFin died of a nasty Gluon sniffing habbit back in Suborbital Hyper School. 😥

  25. Pinto the Kaafir

    And this subject is a bit difficult to understand

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    Momma always said Anton has a way of explaining things so I can understand them

  27. Brexit Refugee

    Fleshlights? Your analogy breaks down when you add the fleshlights.

  28. They should have never gi

    There where things and states of matter in there infinitely more interesting then how a boson Star looks like a black hole imho 🤷‍♂️ I’m just sayin ;)

  29. M K

    I have officially reached a new level of stupid.
    I realize how much i dont know….and have a difficult time understanding.

  30. Emery Thrash

    How would bosons actually be able to form a star?
    In order for nuclear fusion to take place, you need high temperatures, high pressures, and a high amount of hydrogen. When the hydrogen starts to fuse into helium, then you have a star.
    But how could bosons do this?

  31. IAM HE

    Neutrino is the black hole where two poles north and south meet and there is nothing between them obsolete not just vacuum but absolute zero obsolete cold 🥶 obsolete photon nor can photon enter because is just energy that science calls it a dark energy.

    Dark energy smaller than dark matter but because is faster is everywhere at the same time.

    Wherever you look in universe you see dark energy from beginning to end as if you say exactly same particle.

    So is same as saying heavens covered with darkness.

    But what happens when photon shines can not be covered with darkness.

    Same as saying light shines in the darkness and darkness has not overcome nor can it be able to overcome the light because is 3.3333333333 faster than photon.

    And that’s why try God live’s in un unapproachable light.

    Same as photon that can not be inside the dark energy is just a result of what dark energy does reflect and shines photons on itself.

    So light shines into the darkness and reflects from unapproachable light.

    But dark energy or energy white energy or colorless energy whatever is still darkness and darkness is not light so why would photon be a light where it comes from dark energy.

    And why Jesus would not be God when he comes and reflect light from God.

    But also there is spiritual day and those that are of the decay are children of the day descendants they are not of darkness.

    So children of light children of day children of darkness sound like those three quarks huh 🤔

    But they can not be part of same stuff and say quarks have some god inside does that make Egyptian pyramids and PHAROH’s ruling huh 🤔

    So rather coming to light you going into darkness the opposite quarks 666

    Same mistakes three time huh 🤔

    Rejecting the light rejecting the day and ending in darkness 👿 who is that God there huh 🤔

    Or for example water moves easy but can you move dark energy microwave backgrounds huh 🤔

    No they need big explosions to see those waves.

    Same You can not move light without spiritual births than souls can move into that light just like humans move in water and quench their thirst because is water of life eternal.

    You don’t need to be ripped but RIP in peace.

    Neutrino – Wikipedia
    The possibility of sterile neutrinos is unaffected by the Z boson decay measurements described above: If their mass is greater than half the Z boson’s …

  32. Cory Duvall

    What a coincidence, I have one of those donuts left.

  33. super pershing

    gluons = quark potential energy
    the proton, electron and the neutron each of them has about 3,000 times more mass than all quarks that make them

  34. robbo lastname

    some of these particles COULD be bosons (Note: theoretical particles, they think protons COULD be made of particles called bosuns),
    some of these Could-be-particles-COULD-be-bosons COULD create stars,
    some of these Could-be-particles-COULD-be-bosons-COULD-be-stars COULD look like black holes

    *and here is how to tell a Could-be-particles-COULD-be-bosons-COULD-be-stars-COULD-look-like-black-hole from a “NORMAL”-black hole …*
    oh, and btw: “NORMAL” black holes are: COULD-be..-COULD-be..-COULD-be….. too – an even longer chain of guesses

    NONE of this is proven, for instance: the bosun at the heart is at very best *inferred* from “RESULTS” of experiments
    RESULTS that were taken from INDIRECT observations of “effects on something else” in experiments conducted at CERN and others
    *AFTER 1. removing EVERY SINGLE observation that didn’t fit, AND 2. “CORRECTING” remaining results for “lag” and “measure errors” etc.*

    *What we do know for sure*, as scientists spend literally *BILLIONS of dollars* to come up with these *UNPROVEN towers of cards upon towers of cards is that MILLIONS of people, human beings, in this world will not have enough food to eat tonight.*

    Funding this sort of “Science” only enables evil to flourish – let the people starve while I look at this CRAP
    … let’s FIX things on this planet before we worry about other planets.

  35. Aydın Bolat

    there could also be teddy bear stars. composed of entirely by teddy bears

  36. Mar Tijn

    If there are boson stars, what about boson black holes? Can they exist too and what would they look like?

  37. Jerome Prater

    Scientists have been searching for a theoretical particle that might explain Dark Matter referred to as a Furion. The difficulty in discovering this elusive particle is that it is pitch black and does not easily react with other matter. Higher energy linear colliders have been considered to facilitate its possible future discovery.

    Dr. Richard B. Riddick’s equations allude to the existence of the Riddick Furion, which may lead to a better understanding of Dark Matter and perhaps Dark Energy. The theory uses an unusual and new measurement technique called the Chronical, specifically developed for the long term measurement of such weakly interactive matter.

    It is believed that Furion matter rarely reacts with normal matter or energy, however when there is an interaction it can be quite violent. Furions are also believed to be quite rare, but have a significant influence on the surrounding Space Time continuum.

  38. Mojo Neko

    They should name the first Boson star after Bozo the Clown. : )

  39. Scott Munczenski

    The universe is so interesting.
    I really like learning more about it.

  40. Don Thursby

    If it wasn’t for spin, the universe would go bye bye.

  41. Lift Pizzas

    Not to be confused with Bozons, the fundamental building blocks of clowns.

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    When a atom has reseavet so match it is smuggert u have a bason😂😍

  43. will2see

    6:08 – “… you would feel like there is nothing there, like it is absolute vacuum.” – Not really Anton. You would feel the pressure of it (not to mention the low temperature, but this would raise the temperature of the super-fluid helium). You should have an advisor and a script because otherwise, you say too much nonsense.

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  45. supercheetah

    If boson stars are real, could they be dark matter candidates too?

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    1:12 That aton should have an equal number of protons to neutrons to electrons.
    That is a horrible example of an atom.

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  50. Peter Breis

    I was so much happier when subatomic particles stopped at electrons, protons, neutrons, photons and neutrinos.

    I’m popping a blood vessel trying to get my head around the mad zoo of particles they’ve discovered since.

  51. Christine LaBeach

    I’m trying to find out if there are some kind of particles other than virtual locked up in spacetime and if they can be liberated and detected.

  52. Roger Dudra

    When I was in High School (CMR class of 68) the concepts of Black Holes were unknown. I’m glad I lived long enough to know.

  53. Jerry Miller

    Serious question: So a boson star could not pack down tightly enough to reach a gravitational acceleration = or < than C no matter how large it gets?

  54. Martin Gradwell

    Perhaps more important than what they are is WHY they mimic black holes. Presumably, it’s to confuse and deter predators.

  55. Explosion tnt 7

    4:55 I got really scared for a second there. If you know you’re traumatized.

  56. Karl West

    The closer we look, the weirder the universe gets

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    If these objects attract matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them eventually turned into black holes.

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  66. Umbrae Legios

    Scientists say the universe is made up of Protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention “Morons”.

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    Imagine a Higgs boson star that survived expansion.

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    Just add a few minutes on the treadmill for each one!

  69. Thomas Chrombly

    Math can be used to describe the universe.
    But not everything that can be imagined with math must exist in the universe.

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  71. Ga Me

    So what happens when a bunch of other matter, “normal” matter, gets absorbed by a Boson star? Will it eventually turn into a regular star/black hole?

  72. X G

    Now we need to look to the LIGO data to see if there has been a blackhole/boson collision. Is there a way to find out?

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    Random questions:
    1) where did the universe exist before the big bang? I know there was a singularity, but was there space around it?
    2) is there a place in space with absolutely nothing?

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    Bundles of forces?!!?!? That is technically the most complex piece of information in the universe! Think about the potential of simulating this in a quantum computer! I guess you’d need four quantum number-related coordinates. A 4×4 matrix?

  83. IV EV

    06:14 “Its like the material is there, but there is nothing to sense it”. My ex-girlfriend came to the same conclusion she said.

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    Imagine if Sagittarius A star is a boson star.

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    Quel est le contraire de «fermions»?
    Physicien subatomique: «bosons»
    Tous les autres: «ouvrions»

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    I would love to see a video on bosons.
    Your explanations are so helpful.
    I really enjoy learning from you.
    Thanks Anton.
    You truly are a wonderful person.

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    So I guess the obvious question is, could a Boson star form planets around it, and could those planets support life?

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    Ghost hunters and such real soon will claim, ghosts, Angels and Demons are made of bosons.

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    The spinning “u” looks the a “n” and the “d” looks like “p”…to look like proton and neutron. Why does science model makers make it so easy to confuse?

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