Exciting M87 Black Hole Update: Actual Video and Surprise Observations

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new updates about M87 black hole and a small movie produced showing a few surprised around it.
Paper: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/1538-4357/abac0d
Videos used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=v_Bk2997YMA

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  1. The Pope

    Yea imagine clicking on a scientific video and thinking >:( then leaving a dislike. Who does that lol

  2. Matthew Suffidy

    No I admit my daughter made that and I used the heavy smudge tool. Black holes ARE beautiful.

  3. Joseph Maldonado

    If you had been my science teacher, I might have become a physicist. 👍🏼

  4. Kenneth Terrell

    It looks like a red giant being dispersed into a ring

  5. Lara N

    Maybe someone who is bummed that we are getting sucked into our own black hole. Lol

  6. Noah Paez

    To think the same information is still giving us even more revolutionary knowledge is wild. I love it.

  7. The Real Flenuan

    Could it be that the bottom part is just closer to us, so we see the disc on that side more clearly? The apparent wobbling seems like it could just be areas of higher density passing in and out of view clockwise

  8. Mrcloc

    Looking at the simulation at about 5 minutes in, on very rough calculations, it looks like that bright material is moving 10% – 11% the speed of light.

  9. Devils Emissary

    Is it a coincidence I am watching How the Universe works, A 2020 episode about this exact black hole.

  10. scott miller

    as fast as these things tend to spin and they “shocked” that it is more chaotic than they can simulate?

    how good are fluid simulations currently? and this is a MEGA fluid simulation spinning a % of the speed of light compute that.

  11. Bes

    02:40 Were you able to see the Earth, Mars and Pluto on the picture? …aaaa…where is it? :D

  12. Михайло Заклецький

    That is, the thing just stops and moves in the opposite direction, I think this is the end of the theory of relativity :)))

  13. Doug G

    Something’s happening…. “ something wonderful “

  14. GeeksWithFeet

    It might have a partner black hole getting ready to merge…. That would be exciting

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    I love this channel, and occasionally I’m getting people to check the channel out. Hopefully I’ll convert more.

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    Space en motion🙏😍

    You see same we have inside eurth🌐

  17. Luggage Stardate 1234.5

    The wobble looks more like the sun and a solar flare to me.

  18. Westley Viau

    My guess: some bigots who hate ppl with accents, or hate science.. otherwise idk.


    its obvious that as its spinning it generates a magnetic field which necessitates magnetic poles. The light is concentrating towards one pole and not the other. But the “magnet” is spinning at extremely high speeds, which means it is also producing a high velocity electric field which in turn generates ITS own magnetic field. Those are all acting upon the mass, which is in a state of matter which is the most influenced and affected by magnetic fields — Plasma. Stars are mostly plasma, and in turn are highly affected by powerful magnetic fields and especially spinning ones. Thus, magnetism plays a greater role in the black hole’s feeding and pull on stars, and on light, than is currently assumed, and the models based on a gravity-only approach fail to predict or explain it without significant mathematical fudging or a proposal of some new, hitherto unknown “7th fundamental force” or the like.

  20. Jennifer Holt

    Anton, I appreciate your dedication to bringing us such fascinating space facts. Thank you!

  21. I'm not a troll, I'm seri

    recently it was found out sm black holes have a pretty weak electromagnetic field, much weaker than neutron stars have
    this is a big discovery because it is not known how the astrophysical jets are actually occuring
    we know sh!t about black holes, literally

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    – Wonderful person

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    When are we going to Mars, KKONA BROTHER

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    Would not want that jet swinging around in my neighborhood. Definitely toast your butt.

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    He still reminds me of Chekhov – of the Starship Enterprise

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    “And a lot of other most”, haha, indeed, mind blowing!

  27. Jonathan Lindsey

    i’ll be glad whet the EHT team releases the Sgr A pic they said was next when they released this image… then after that i wish they would give us a great perfect pic of Betelgeuse

  28. dwindeyer

    Holy moly. I didn’t realise how large the back hole is.

  29. McPhazer

    Anton make a prediction when we will run out of interesting things to see with telescopes

  30. Mark Rice

    More stuff discovered that we don’t understand. I love it!

  31. Jeffery Fry

    The image at 3:07 looks like the photo the voyager probe took from outside or solar system.

  32. CusterFlux

    It’s Satan’s Hemorrhoid ring … and trust me, it’s just as well that whatever comes out of that end of Beelzebub is never seen or heard from again ;)

  33. jonas Lundqvist

    “and a lot of other mosts” :D Brilliant!

  34. literaltrance

    This is just a shot in the dark but those flash-like movements seem to behave/move an awful lot like lens flares in a moving camera, which tells my gut this has something to do with something on the other side of the black hole, or something changes how light traverses around it, or something.

    ok I got nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    And it still can’t suck all my resources away like my ex wife during divorce.

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    3:10 … “and a lot of other most, galaxy.” lol😋👌

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    The coolest part is this looks like wafting smoke, even though it’s hyper hot gas.

  38. Eeka Droid

    Anton i can foresee we watching a video of you in like 20~30 years with a much better picture of this BH and yet with a lot of great questions to ask

  39. Mountain Metal

    “…and a lot of other most…”

  40. Joe Blow

    We don’t “really” know why the word “really” is inserted to the statement “We don’t know”, when scientists have no explanation why something is happening.

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    Anton been keeping me up to date for years now,keep em commin brotha

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    You don’t look into eyes Of demon till he come callin.

  43. Alan Hilton

    Mabey the jet has a wobble after all the star that died before probably had a wobble couldn’t it be the jet causing friction and a build up of heat on one side of the disk.

  44. CharveL88

    The “moving blob” seems like the visual artifact of luminous plasma on the other side of the BH, from where we are observing, being refracted from the intense gravity. Much like observations of distant galaxies refracted by nearer galactic groups. Only it’s happening much faster than what we observe from those due to the relatively close distance of the material to the BH , like moving a flashlight on the other side of a crystal ball for an imperfect analogy.

  45. Chris Hernandez

    I love this picture so much, it’s been my wallpaper ever since it originally came out

  46. Lrr_Of_Omikron

    So M87 is the “most” black hole out of all others. Hmmm, very interesting.

  47. Zerum

    I believe it could be a bunch of big rogue stars that got pulled over in the middle of the black hole’s “feeding ritual” so now stars are crashing with eachother and making super nova explosions right on the border of the event horizon and that back and forth on the brightness bubble is just the spin of the black hole pulling already exploded stars to its back side while bringing new unexploded ones to the epicenter of the storm so they can explode too

    Just an un-educated hypothesis tho, it could be something as simple as “the black hole is at an angle”

  48. Ilunga

    This was the most scientific movie trailer breakdown I’ve ever seen

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    All I know is whenever there’s a coronal hole facing earth.. I’m much not likely to have a seizure.

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    I’m glad to see Anton having a little fun with his work — and that he’s trying not to talk so fast!

  51. George Dodd

    Let’s call it a “gravity storm”.

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    M87 black hole. Hello wonderful persons

  53. Daniel Krieger

    3:10 should be 1500 parsecs not 1500 lightyears! (4900 LY)

  54. Raymond Ready

    Imagine something so dense that nothing can escape its gravity. I had a wife like that.


    Amazing x googol!
    It looks like a colossal drain loose in space. It blows my mind out trying to imagine how much energy is occurring there, but even so, in relation to the universe, it must represent much less than an atom. Crazy this thing called astronomy. :)

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    Cant wait till we’re growing cabbage on the moon

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    I cannot believe my eyes. We live in absolutely incredible times.

  59. FreezerBurn

    Do we need to start changing the way artists conception show rotation? M87 appears to be in a clockwise rotation. 30 yrs of counterclockwise knowledge “down the drain”

  60. UselessCompanion

    I would love to see a High Definition image of a Black Hole some day probably not any time soon since we would probably need to travel to the center of our galaxy which will take at least a few hundred thousand years

  61. Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits

    I’ve always loved the picture of the jet coming out of that thing.

  62. Jussainwuturthinkn

    The “jet” the black holes are emitting is the beam of light that projects our holographic universe. The beams are like the beams you see when you look up in a theater between the projector and screen. Anton I’m happy to tell you your show is a hit across the universe. It’s a 7.8 on UMDB. A 10Billion Solar Mass black hole was needed to project the information you give to our universe.

  63. david schneide

    Elliptical galaxies are like, “looking back, it FEELS like it passed at three million years per second.”

  64. Uri Nation

    We have more chance to see Uranus than our black hole.

  65. Darryl Lyle

    This gives more thoughts into the theory of black holes being seeds of other universes. Could Black holes be the beginning of other universes? If you go into a Black Hole mathematically the end point is a White Hole. A point where nothing can come in and everything is expelled. We trace back what we understand of our universe to a singularity that just explodes out into what we know. Even things like Dark Energy maybe propose that we are expanding out, in our universe, to what is out there beyond our universe. I’m saying this strictly in a multiverse type of way and not in any religious way. The universe is expanding because it is like a balloon, however, the world outside the balloon we don’t know about and is very hard to test or measure. This in itself makes this theory almost pointless because Science only really “cares” about what it can test but it is a hypothesis that maybe in the future we can test.

  66. Mark Fergerson

    I can buy the magnetic field guess as to why the bright spots wander back and forth like that. They remind me of some kinds of plasma instabilities in tokamak-style fusion reactors.

  67. Glint

    Could be the gravitational lensing effect that is causing that strange shape.

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    We appreciate the amount of work you put into your videos so that we may understand the material to the fullest extent. Thank you so much Anton!

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    The absolute size of this lad

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    The black hole is so massive we are witnessing “self-induced gravitational lensing” .
    best ive got.

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    I just saw a YouTube advertisement questioning if Elon Musk was human or not

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    Some of the best bits of science: We don’t know. Yet.

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    Chad black whole vs the incel at the center of our galaxy

  77. Bryan Hensley

    So if the black holes “eat” everything and “eat” each other until everything is down to one singularity, will the forces that create gravity fail? Then is there a BIG BANG as everything is released? Has this happened before?

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    That’s a matter of perspective.

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    Imagine how sharp the Image would be If they would place all the observing Stations all over the solar system. From Pluto to merkur

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    A little part of me kinda wished it was found to contain a 5D tesseract.

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    “in case you didn’t realize, what you’re looking at here is absolutely tremendously huge” …big if true

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    Im not the smartest guy on this site. Actually im a chef, though a good one its really nothing like whats talked about here. I teach ar a college in Connecticut and believe it or not i bring up this channel a lot. As far as M87 in my parlence…”that’s a bigga meataball”. I just added myself to your patreon group cause Anton you really do so much.
    Thank you,
    Wonderfull person!

  88. morelenmir

    Given it almost certain that other black holes–themselves likely very large when compared to Sag A*–are orbiting inside the accretion disk then perhaps their feeding causes some of the chaotic behaviour we see?

  89. Bellerophonn

    I can’t wait to see that movie. I’m glad I’m alive during a time I can see the M87 picture.

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    This is the longest loading screen I’ve ever seen. 10 years and the loading screen is still loading its HD render!

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    Maybe there’s an even spread of matter scattered around the accretion disc, causing an uneven spread of the pull on gravity.. causing areas where light has an easier and harder time to escape ..? Just a thought

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    goodness, having to store that much data for so many years…the risk management on that particular project must have given some people ulcers

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    My observation here is that eht is “the” spelled backward.

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    When your solar system fits inside a doughnut hole (assuming things this size can be deep-fried…. τ=k.D^n)

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    The scales of objects in the universe is beyond mind-blowing. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it. Great video, as always.

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    I crossed the event horizon of M87 yesterday, and I sent this message 5 million years ago.

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