Earth Seems To Be Wobbling On Massive Gravitational Ripples

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about
Pulsar article:
Picture credits: Dana Berry/NASA,

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  1. Christopher Webster

    Well done to your team also…you obviously have gained a good production team.

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    the important word right at the beginning: MIGHT

  3. Charles Clements

    Definitely will be needing a follow up on this.

  4. Clemens Spark

    I wish Anton was my physics school teacher! Wait a minute! He is teaching me now.

  5. O PK

    If there is an engine capable to expand and contract spacetime, what kind of wobble would that produce? Flying by, arriving or leaving earth?

  6. sciemk

    Flathearthers: “I don’t feel any movement. “

  7. Mark Fergerson

    Some of the greatest scientific discoveries aren’t announced with “EUREKA!!” but with “hmm- that’s odd”.

  8. Kyle Morris

    I like to believe that shrooms allows you to see the gravity waves in real time lol

  9. The Angry Economist

    so I just realised that from his perspective, he says “so today we are going to be talking about…” more than once in a day

  10. Pierre

    Simple explanation is the guy running our simulation on his device is having a walk.

  11. Cossack TwoFive

    what if Black Holes are just “space typhoons/hurricanes”?

  12. Dr Gunsmith

    No wonder I feel sea sick when in bed 😂

  13. Steve-o

    There are Waves omitted by Stars that go Boom and not everything is connected to the New Super Massive Black Hole Theory…

  14. Sam Harper

    It’s like we’re all living in jello.

  15. Nathan Olhasso

    When do you think we’ll be able to “ride the wave” l

  16. Jason Swanson

    I felt major changes from the conjunction. We’re all evolving and conciousness is tuning in to a new frequency

  17. MrLazlo15

    5 years ago: looking for gravitational waves

    Today: Looking for the Earth 🌎

  18. Laura Coutu

    That’s basically how things move on that grand scale we always talk about……wooooowww.

  19. Valentine

    *_THX logo plays in the distance_*

  20. Gregg Weber

    8:35 How often? Is there any pattern as if randomly some reinforced each other in a “small” volume?

  21. John Keith

    As soon as gravitational waves were proven, I assumed this much…

  22. Glen Swartwout

    Perhaps a variation in the Earth’s electrical charge…

  23. Gregg Weber

    6:28 Sounds like a combination of figuring the Speed of Light by the satellites of Jupiter going in and out of its shadow, and predicting Uranus and Neptune by the changes in other planet’s position.

  24. Gregg Weber

    4:37 Sounds like something out of Star Trek.

  25. Gregg Weber

    3:04 Can a Dipole connected with very low band pass filters pick this out? Fold multiple antennas with the proper time delay so that they reinforce each other? Or do it like decrypting something.

  26. Matthew Hummel

    Since I’ve been drinking for the last three hours, that actually makes me feel better. Ironically, my liquor of choice was a scotch called the Devron. Lol

  27. S P. V.

    Thanks for setting earth view south hemisphere up. I needed that. Looks cool.

  28. Steven L. Korell

    What is it, theoretically, that keeps em from colliding?

  29. Paul Clark

    The deepest, lowest vibes. The Barrie White of gravitational waves?

  30. Full Metal Gusset

    Buoy is pronounced “boy”, but I love your translation so much more, that I propose a dictionary update 😘 Be well Anton x

  31. whip8

    Hence the increased seismic and volcano activity when you have gas giants line up and compound their affects.

  32. KootFloris

    The question would be, what’s all our own energy generation doing to the planet?

    If not our destruction of the eco-sphere?

  33. Brad Grant

    Talk nerdy to me, Anton. ❤️

  34. GeorgeMonet

    “But that could just be orbital wobble.”

  35. A A

    I felt a slight wave last night but I had a whole bottle of soju lol.

    – A Gravitational Wave Detector from Korea (Me).

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    See, I told you the wife’s mother was fidgeting around

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    I’m still wearing the same shirt as yesterday too… lol

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    As Scooby Doo would say at this point, “Ruh Roh!”!

  39. Flash Runningman

    Can someone tell me why SMBs shouldnt be colliding “theoretically”?

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    5:39 “nanograv” only overwatch players or physics nerds can relate. lucky for me I’m both ;)

  41. Vampirerockstar

    Officer: “Have you been drinking?”
    Me:”No officer its the gravitational waves”

  42. antwan1357

    considering the fact that gravitational waves will exist before , during , and after the time of humanity . How can anyone calculate with precision the past positions of the planets ?

  43. Blue Bear

    The two black holes combining looked like an 🦉.

  44. Jordan B

    When the mother ship passes by lol

  45. gkpgeo

    When sun and earth loosing mass they have to change distance between them accordingly

  46. Deep Ashtray

    Can pulsars be used to determine the speed of light?

  47. Vinay N

    There was an episode of Star Trek “City on the Edge of Forever” were the ship was being buffeted by powerful gravitational waves, they called it ripples in space and time.

  48. Daniel Bast

    Electric universe theory has been stating this for years

  49. ME10920

    So it kinda sounds like the speakers in the back of my old van

  50. Daniel Bast

    Galactic sheet wonderful person. We’re in for a wild ride

  51. T H

    It’s really amazing the way you manage to produce these high quality reports every day!

  52. Lowell Boggs

    Will electrons and photons be deflected from their “strait” paths by these gravitational background fluctuations?

  53. Deborah Petith

    Thank you, I found this very interesting. Anton have a good day.

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    man, I’m so grateful for your work and channel, thank you!!!

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    7:51 – with this many names, the scientific world needs to learn from movie credits, and put titles next to the names.

  58. TurboSol

    Interesting but I’m going with the simpler explanation, earth’s magnetic field is shifting and so is the liquid core

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    Maybe that’s what caused me to fall down my staircase

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    I’d wondered why my tummy has felt unsettled lately.

  61. MrMeepzor

    What does the barycenter of two supermassive black holes look like?

  62. Jared S

    Nanohertz? That would be a gravitational wavelength of 300 exameters!

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    Well, here we are on Spaceship Earth. Let’s hope we don’t lose those inertial dampers, Captain! tavi.

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    3:47 good to see you getting outdoors a bit.

  67. Ian Richardson

    Oooh, my hypothesis that gravitational waves transfer energy is growing more sound. Heh, I can’t wait until our detection methods become more sensitive and over a larger spectrum.

  68. Izeck Hempseed

    At 4:35 yo say geolocate, would spatially locate be accurate or is it only on earth?

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    Could these gravity waves be creating or affecting the earthquakes that are happening all across the world right now?

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    Even to find an agreeable gentleman like Anton to translate expert discoveries to satisfy the curious masses!
    I for one appreciate and celebrate being here and now. (Y).

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  86. Kevin Richerson

    Could there be some dwarf galaxies colliding nearby, or is it more likely to be coming from the black holes orbiting on the outer fringes of the inner galaxy causing the lower frequency but slightly higher amplitude than we would expect?

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    Cool. I thought I was drunk. I will drink more.

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    An astronomer, a physicist and a mathematician were on the train from London to Edinburgh, as they passed the Scottish border they saw a black sheep.

    ‘Ah ha’ said the astronomer ‘from that I can deduce that in Scotland all sheep are black’

    ‘No’ said the physicist ‘we can deduce that in Scotland some sheep are black’

    ‘Actually’ said the mathematician ‘all we know is that in Scotland there is a field in which there is a sheep, one side of which is black’

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