Earth Now Has 8 Continents – Introducing ZEALANDIA

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Map of Zealandia:
Ian Webster Ancient Globe Simulation:

  1. Jakop Kragslay

    What if the Earth wasn’t always a sphere, and as it became more spherical the continents started to drift away?

  2. Olkv3D

    We lost a Planet,
    but found a Continent.

    Boy I wonder,
    what will we think of next?

  3. James

    Zealandia: most of our map is under water
    GTA 5 Devs: Thats cute, bro…

  4. rrobertt13

    Wait, why would New Zealand have more anything now that it sits on a different continent?
    I don’t get the logic.

  5. Yaldabaoth

    Being underwater already disqualifies something from being terra continens (continous land).

  6. ShauntSerelu

    Love you Anton!

  7. Faceless Mask

    I used to live in new zealand. I wonder what it would be like if it still had its original land mass.

  8. Gacha Guy 13

    First It Scuti’s down size and now this!?

  9. Dahrk One

    Interesting when they look into our myths and legends the world gonna tripp balls

  10. john maziasz

    2020 has been a crazy and interesting year.

  11. A wiggins

    Happy that New Zealand is no longer incontinent!

  12. J P S

    I think, to be a continent, the land must be above water :)

  13. Headless Noob

    Zelda’s home has been confirmed

  14. Ibrahim Almaraghi

    It has oil!!??

    *Listening to “America, F**k yeah!” Song in the distance*


  15. Rishav Sarkar

    Kids in 2020 : Well, atleast we got a new continent this year!

    Kids in 2040 : 20 nuclear winters ago, the Emu tribe started feuding with the Kiwi tribe over ownership of oil and sea. And that’s when the Freedom Nation attacked.

  16. Edenfall

    Continental, you say?
    Don’t mind if I do :)

  17. Jason Perry

    Anton activated my Google assistant. I think it’s time I downgrade to a flip phone, say screw the internet. God knows there’s hardly any facts online, only speculation.

  18. Αλεξανδρος Πατσαλος

    Welcome to the family Zealandia

  19. FlyN Saucer

    😲 Continent hiding like a ninja all these years!?

  20. Triadii Official

    Thank you for reading my comment and making the what da math louder

  21. MC's Creations


  22. Zuiko

    Damn it Anton, why ya gotta ruin my dreams of Atlantis lol.

  23. Ben Spiers

    Does that make us incontinent?

  24. carla jhon

    I no longer need my job with the help of, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  25. Ricky Singleton

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  26. Hawk Lee

    Gotta keep the planets and continents equal. Thank you for an in depth summary. You kill it every time. Science, peotry in motion.

  27. Helder Almeida

    Hahaha I was going to say the lost Atlantic lol

  28. Blazey Highwind

    I noticed this on a software like a week back. Good to see it explained.

  29. Esra Erimez

    2:53 So, it *is* Atlantis.

  30. Imagine A World

    Enjoy coke
    I do, quite intimately, my good sir!

  31. lsdave42

    2:53 for INB4

  32. Bot

    It’s great to know it confirmed

  33. Drunken FPV

    hay hoi from new Zealand seen this pop up in my feed can not watch right now, assume Zealandia is offical now? If it is just stating zealandia in the video then old news 🐷

  34. Richard Solomon

    2cool, I watch often but seldom comment 👍 thank you from New Zealand :)

  35. A

    That continent may give us more information about the past🙁. we may find fossils of some unknown animals also😀

  36. TheRedstoneHive

    Happy to see it official, finally!

  37. Fainted

    Did Anton really discover Old Zealand? Can’t wait to tell my friends!

  38. Edward Gross

    New Zealand – I’m not hiding!

  39. Kathy Olney

    Live your news!! Thank you Anton!!!

  40. Brandon T.

    Well, I’m packing my bags and heading there, build my underwater home and leave America.

  41. dnillik

    I was watching a lecture on dinosaurs of New Zealand ( there are very few) and part of it involved Zealandia. They mentioned an island where they found a lot of fossils 10s of thousands of years above the K-T boundary

  42. Big Chungus

    This is old news but I still love your videos Anton.

  43. DonnieX6

    Great! At least we get a new continent now in return for the planet they took away from us! :D

  44. harry nac

    3:10 What a marvellous picture :)

  45. Drakkar Calethiel

    Well this was something I really didn’t expect we would find!

  46. Bruno Geise

    Mr. Petrov, please create some content about the theory of consciousness of Roger Penrose. Thanks for the video!

  47. Juakali Automotive

    Well, looks like I’m going to have to fail my entire Geography class now…See you all again next yr suckaz!

  48. Ben Mathews

    This is the kind of discovery I live for!

  49. clover851

    You spared the Earth this time, Anton! You usually blow it up.😆 The dinosaur’s are safe. 🤔 For the moment, at least… 😉

  50. Ellison Hamilton

    Atlantis!!! Finally!!

    Thanks Anton.

  51. John Rap

    Oh no! We Aussies are never going to hear the end of it from the Kiwi’s. 🤦‍♂️

  52. Kung flu Master

    2020 the year everything you thought you knew, you don’t.

  53. Chris Reaney

    I quite often fancy a nice glass of Coca-Cola when I watch Anton’s videos 🤔

  54. Nyota Uhura

    Thank you 🙏🏾

  55. owasik riju

    this week got my favourite sports car with help of this program here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  56. Fuck You Google

    Is it really a continent if it’s underwater though?

  57. kfudnaweehhhh

    Interesting video as always, and your intro always makes me smile. Thanks for being a wonderful person Anton :)

  58. Baleur

    I so badly want them to find sunken ancient cities down there. xD

  59. Infinitum Neo

    The time when all the continents were one land mass reminds me of a Sumerian Clay Tablets story. The story says that the Earth (Teamont) was struck by a moon of Nibiru forming the Earth and our moon. It was described as having hit half the planet, leaving Teamont broken in half. This created the asteroid belt and Earth (called Key) flung into its current orbit around the Sun. According to the story this happened 3 billion years ago. In the intervening time the continents drifted to there current position. This formation of our moon theory is our current understanding of how the moon was formed. The book is called “The Twelfth Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin.

  60. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon

    I wonder if it’ll rise from
    The depths once more,

    Maybe due to a future ice age of some

  61. Kiwi Bonsai

    Yes Anton ya have fans down here to, one of my favourite channels, thank you. I’ve learnt more from you than any of my science teachers.

  62. The Kito

    Subitiles: “hello 1/4 person”

  63. Silas Dense

    Never heard of this.
    As always, another fascinating presentation.
    I have learned so much from your channel.
    I look forward to learning more.
    Thank you “Wonderful Person”

  64. Mathew Hale

    That’s weird
    I was just talking about this with a mate a few hours ago :)
    Thanks Anton!

  65. will2see

    5:49 “…from the Europe to North America” – OMG, Anton!

  66. Steve Carter

    Cool learning something new! Cheers Anton.

  67. Siddarth

    I genuinely get to learn so much from your videos, Thanks Antov ♥️

  68. C - S UK

    Great to know, one novel thing in general knowledge! but deep in my heart it’ll always be Oceania, the continent I grew up knowing.

  69. Dany Fairuzy

    *Teacher* : “There are 7 continents”
    *That one kid while adjusting his glasses* : “There are 8 actually”

  70. Brian Marshall

    Shhh Anton. We keep New Zealand off the maps for a reason. We’re trying to hide our Hobbits from the rest of the world 😉

  71. Mr. Stuff

    Finally we found old zealand

  72. Tammy McCaslin

    Earlier I was scrolling through my feed on my phone with the sound off, so when this video started playing, it automatically gave me subtitles. The subtitles read, “ Hello 1/4 person this is Anton…” I cackled so hard! Made my day.

  73. Αλεξανδρος Πατσαλος

    Everyone: there are seven continents

    Zealandia: allow me to introduce myself

  74. Anidem9

    I remember learning in school 27 years ago that there was 7 continents. Its crazy how much things change as we learn more and more about everything. 🤯

  75. 1 sub before 2021?

    The whole world: there are 7 continents.
    Anton: actually there are 8.

  76. James Levee

    I always sort of thought that by definition a continent had to have most of its landmass above water.

  77. someone who likes moths

    Continent learning songs: *ohno*

  78. AnthonyReed

    Zealander: A Model Continent.

  79. Lucifer Mephistophilies

    As I had said and where I have said it would be. It was once also apart of the Himalayan Mountains. About 75,000 years ago Mt Toba to the southern tip, which is Indonesia now, erupted and the magma chamber beneath collapsed causing the sinking of the continent and this caused the ring of fire volcano chain to erupt for 150 days straight.

  80. Maria E. Santiago

    Thank you Anton for clarifying this point. I had read up on this a few years back, but of course, now that you mention it, it becomes official for me.

  81. Mike Laffoon

    I’m old enough to remember (sort of) that! I also remember when I used to Enjoy Coke. Now it’s too expensive.

  82. D NZL

    Proud to live on the top of Zelandia!
    Go Mt Taranaki

  83. lizard ledgend

    Ah yes, the sunken land of New Zealand! Homeland of the sniper from the popular game Team fortress 2.

  84. Sin of Pride Lionel

    Pluto is not a planet 😥 It is you’ll see…..

    …goes to his room…

  85. SarcasticDragon Gaming

    Oh is it finally official? Wooo!

  86. Yurlie

    ‘Continent under the ocean’ First thought that came to mind was “holy shit we finally found Atlantis”

  87. Just Vienna

    “Theres alot of gas and Oil in Zealandia”

    America: Did someone say establishing a new Continental force to free the Kiwis from there oil?

  88. Patrick McFarland

    We have 9 continents: the super secret stealth space lizard land of Atlantis in the middle of the Pacific! Wake up, hairy bacons! /s

  89. Bruce Cook

    Great, now watch the Y.E.C.’s, more specifically A.I.G. try to highjack this discovery and abuse it to claim that Noah’s mythical flood was to blame for this, as they do to everything else they don’t understand that they think they can attribute to massive flood effects.

  90. Jeann van Rooyen

    Astronomers took a planet, and the geographers give us a continent. Nice!

  91. Lystic

    Can’t wait to meet the people there ^__^
    Oh. Well I’ve never met someone from New Zealand either. I heard you have birds that eat rubber.

  92. Paul Nobert

    Depending on how deep the water level is, above this new continent, it might have been exposed during the last ice age….

  93. walentaz

    So kiwis are getting their own private continent? 😂

  94. Sylvain Rocheleau

    By itself, the name Zealandia make the name “New Sea Land” even more meaningful

  95. Henchman Twenty1

    I go by what’s on my R.I.S.K. game board, and that’s the final word as far as I am concerned! If you can’t place your army units on it, it don’t exist.

  96. Kevin Bill

    It’s about time. I was getting fed up with the existing continents. What we need next is a new primary colour

  97. Red M

    Old Zeeland : My time has come

  98. Thomas Pownall

    Zealandia is mostly under water.

    Earth: Hold my Beer

  99. Caelum

    It’s great to know the Devs still care about the game and are making new content for it. I know people are waiting for the rumoured WWIII Homo Sapiens event but it’s nice to finally get some general content updates outside of Homo Sapien updates.

  100. Master of Entropy

    Everye other school in the world:
    There are 7 continents

    My old middle school:
    There are 4 continents. Eurasia, America, Africa, Oceania

    Anton: actually there are 8 continents!

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