Earth Is Ringing Like a Bell and We Just Heard It!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent discovery that suggests Earth’s atmosphere is ringing like a bell.

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  1. SuperVstech

    Finally my tinnitus is explained…

  2. Sylvester Ashcroft

    This reminds of the theory behind Die Glocke.

  3. Glenn Davis

    Wonder what the waves have to do with the hum heard in some areas?
    Do the waves ever collide? Could raise frequency to barely audible.

  4. Nic B

    Good info as always Anton, thank you!


    You mean Hollow earth is ringing like a bell. 🌎🛎

  6. Anouk Faassen, van

    im here after a year! Still love your vids, keep up the good work

  7. Luis Rivera

    you COULD transpose the frequencies to an audible octave so we can hear them, right? hmmmmm……

  8. Useless Channel

    i learn alot from anton, about space and i love it! keep up the good work om these videos

  9. Dogs go moo ?

    0:51 pierre simon laplace looks like Loki he stole the tesseract for napoleon that explains alot

  10. Abigail

    I just like Anton and his channel…..So informative!

  11. angus matheson

    Anton’s little wave always seems so earnest and corny. I love it.

  12. Vik Numbers

    Not sure I completely agree with that theory without seeing the data. There are some other possibilities.

  13. Only Human

    Everything has its own, unique frequency.

  14. Norma Hostetler

    Maybe it’s 5G causing the tinnitus that many people are now experiencing.

  15. Mysfit Maven

    ❤❤❤❤ This was something new to me. Thank you for sharing this information! I’m just now learning about Schuman Resonance. ❤🕊🙏🏻
    God bless you and your loved ones❣

  16. Barry Kaine

    Of course the earth makes music, it’s the rock, in “rock and roll”; – and they call the wind Mariah!
    So, let’s DANCE!!
    (actually, I was hoping Anton had some kind of compressed, translation of the sound, that we could listen to, just me, I guess) ?

  17. Andrew Ditton

    I keep notifications on, even though I don’t watch many of these videos anymore, just to hear “Hello wonderful person”.

    Best part of my day 😊

  18. Benjamin Richard

    Does this explain why the astronauts said the moon rang like a bell? I’m very curious as to why and this might finally explain it.

  19. vinnieblacklodge

    Is this how we can use harmonic levitation to fly around in orbs ?

  20. Grandma Loves You

    just wanted to say thank you, watching these videos helps distract me when the physical pain gets too much to bear – sending you grandma hugs ♥ thank you

  21. David AE Levy

    Fascinating, all it takes to start discovering more.. Is just listen.

  22. Eric Imfeld

    Very interesting. we know sound can effect us negatively or positively. there could be a lot of implications

  23. penguinz 0

    It’s my birthday when I’m watching this video

  24. John Rettig

    OK alright

    Here’s a question for you

    Do light waves have their own sounds for different colors of light ????

    Isaac Newton had a better promotion manager

  25. john pepin

    I should think this could have a deep impact on our understanding of weather.
    Moreover, if we could create these sounds we might be able to effect the weather.

  26. BlueKnyt

    Ringing like a time bomb 💣💥

  27. Eridin Ironboar

    -the universe is sound, and every star, planet and soul adds its voice to the song-

    Literally aliens have told people this during abductions. The more I learn, the more that batshit crazy stuff begins to make complete sense

  28. jehl1963

    I wonder if this effect can also be seen on the gas giants, related to their moons?

  29. Death Deathington

    Buddhism has it that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. An interesting correlation.

  30. Konrad Bartlett

    I can hear the earth when it rings

  31. Billy Kuan

    I don’t see or hear the bell analogy. The earth isn’t swinging like a bell causing a klunck ring, more like a finger around a champagne glass.

  32. Rebecca Freeman

    So…Planet 9 has shown up on my sky map…still a little caught off guard…any news on this?

  33. Tom & Lupe Tatum

    Watching these videos us becoming a daily routine. I enjoy learning from then.

  34. SDR

    Oh, it was Newton. I thought Anton was showing a painting of a member of Twisted Sister and was confused there for a bit.

  35. Nato Boram

    “And we just heard it”? Then play it!

  36. Sgt. SLaughter

    ‘OM’ SOUND… that the monks chant is 432 Hz.
    I wonder if the sound of Earth’s atmosphere is a variation of that frequency?

  37. highachie my tale

    Could we harness the energy of the vibration

  38. Rick Sanchez is My Spirit

    Anton… Best and facinating vids I NEVER MISS! ❤

  39. Rj Blitz

    Such an underrated channel! Let’s comment to drive up engagement so that YouTube algorithms pick it up

  40. Willis Sears

    Now I know why my ears are always ringing.

  41. Amanda Davis

    I had ringing in my ears all day yesterday

  42. jack daniels

    I thought they discovered this a few years ago, same as the moon ringing like a bell!


    Was this always the case where the earths atmosphere is ringing like a bell?
    say, is their any indication that 100 yrs ago it still had the same behavior?

  44. Jayaraman Ganapathi

    I thought we will get to hear the earth’s bell sound, or am i missimg something. Thx

  45. Silas Dense

    Another very interesting video.
    I have never heard (haha) of the earth from this point of observation.
    Thanks again, Anton.

  46. David M

    And here I thought it was from the collision that created the Moon…

  47. Danielle Spargo

    really interesting! can’t wait to see how it may affect weather, and how land structures like canyons, mountains, and valleys affect this ringing as well as the ringing’s affect on the weather. look forward to future updates!!

  48. Heath Pitt

    great job anton i love ur vids

  49. joht floridaman

    Study pythagoras
    He knew of the “music of the planets” 2400 years ago and ancient mystics knew it well before

  50. dörte drüben

    Thank you again, Anton. So much work every day and still some people comment „first“ just to get attention and likes… Please stay healthy and until next time :) 👋🏼

  51. Warren O.

    Maybe we can listen for these tones to find another earth.

  52. _Metal_Militia

    what key are we ringing in? :) great video!

  53. Sir Snoot of Boopington

    I was straight up chillin before bed and accidentally pressed this notification while I was looking away…

    “HELLO WONDERFUL PERSON, this is Anton…” pleasantly spooked me lol

  54. ImperatoriaRomanus

    Amazing channel with one of the best teachers of astronomy ever.

  55. Fomalhaut

    *puts head out window*
    “ah ye, cool”

  56. jools2323

    Wow – what a great episode.
    Thank you.

  57. Bruce IDW

    How can a specific frequency be loud?

    French Newton lol that made me laugh.

  58. Sarah Hambleton

    You have the very best vlogs on you tube. You add so much value to the world.

  59. magicsinglez

    Places around the world hear, ‘the Seneca Guns’. I’ve heard them, myself, living near the ocean in N. Carolina (at least, this is what I thought I was hearing). Please do a video on them, Anton.

  60. Christina 2.0

    Isn’t it weird how Isaac Newton looks so much like Robert Plant

  61. Morellio Benoir

    Can we use the effect to generate energy, and if we did what would be the long term impact?

  62. Mate397

    Hollow Earthers be like: “Hah, told you so!”

  63. Instinct Rocks

    Why is he talking like he’s trying to be quiet

  64. Matt

    I love the smiles at the end of the videos

  65. SilverSage

    I wonder which animals can hear these waves and what kind of effect(s), if any, they have.

  66. goldsaint99

    somehow you find new content every single day. hope you dont get burnt out.

  67. Peter ohne Nachname

    You uploaded this 11 minutes after 12 am for my birthday, ty

  68. Marko Muncan

    1. his channel is a “must have” for every school.
    2. the amount of information is superb.
    3. Anton is not only a wonderfull … he is a awesome person too

  69. Alan Lowey

    6:47: “Earth and Moon used to be much closer together”..I agree with this statement. Can anyone provide a reference please?

  70. jreed136

    It’s the music of the spheres

  71. Corned Beef & Curses

    Makes me wonder if whales might be able to hear or feel it?

  72. Mike O'Keeffe

    Wonderful, sexy and interesting. Anton, you’re a universal triple threat.

  73. Osmosis Jones

    If Phosphorous is rare then. maybe doesn’t develop on planets they seek out planets and all the sulfur was brought here. From space microbes

  74. Helder Almeida

    I bought your shirt.

  75. Ivy

    Thx Anton, never even thought that tides affect the atmosphere too. Torricelli said ” We live at the bottom of an ocean of air”

  76. Flavour Month

    and here is me, hoping that my tinnitus has a special, more deep reason 😣🤣
    Has anyone here ever been able to hear the static from a TV?

  77. james taube

    The earth always rings after a jaggermeister night.

  78. Anthony Slaga

    Well we will have to find our planets clapper and who or what is pulling it.

  79. JustMarquize _

    Earth atmosphere: rings
    Jacksepticeye: ding ding ding, BELL OF EARTH

  80. The Grey Wanderer

    Didn’t Nikola Tesla find this out over a 100 years ago already?

  81. SE Michigan Andy

    I wonder if there is a meaningful coupling between the atmospheric waves at bodies of water.

  82. 10dogs2cats1donkey

    I knew l was hearing something! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    And to think that they called me mad when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MAD!!!

  83. sski

    The Music of the Spheres. Tune in, turn on, wear earplugs.

  84. I’m already Sans Undertal

    Earth: Bing
    Scientists: Now this, this is life changing.

  85. Amir Khalid

    Anton: “Can you recognise who this is?”
    My first thought: the famous astrophysicist, Dr Brian May!

  86. Pup314

    We’ve known that the moon is ringing from impact vibrations, and that the sun is ringing from internal pressures.

  87. day6creation breathing

    door bell ….
    “who is it”
    before opening door

  88. Dinosaur Emperor

    I like how this guy looks serious and even frowns most of the time throughout the video and then ends it with a goofy smile and a wave.

  89. william gorham

    “Hello wonderful person” music to my ears!

  90. Adam Badali

    Imagine being that smart at a time where people wouldn’t appreciate or even acknowledge the science you were discovering? Must have been hard to be so ahead of the times

  91. erik nelson

    2:50 it sounds like this man may have been more intelligent than Albert Einstein considering that he came up with such accurate theories about two centuries before mankind could witness or prove them correct only using his very limited knowledge of we would know as our galaxy! He was truly ahead of era by 200 years and possibly more with some of his theories considering that today we are still trying test some of his theories let alone rediscovering them!

  92. buttafan

    *Oh no … we’ve found the Earth’s resonant frequency! Beam me up Scotty!*

  93. Stan Lyman

    I love these videos Anton is the best. Pythagoras (Greek philosopher around 500 b.c.) proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets all emit their own unique hum(frequency) based on their orbital revolutions. It was taught in the ancient quadrivium curriculum and was called the music of the spheres or Musica Universallis. I love this video that explores the reason for the production of low frequency overtones that are generated by the Earth. Great work Anton

  94. Stig Martin

    “It took us 100 years to understand what he was saying” is the comment that blows me away

  95. Man from Nantucket

    If anyone here’s ever played FFVII, this is the part where the WEAPONs wake up.

  96. BigBatYT

    Now use this to find others worlds with an atmospheres like ours

  97. Vividly Obscure

    This reminds me of the “Taos Hum” and other strange noises that are audible to human ears in certain areas of the world.

  98. Nova The Skullgirls Gamer

    Astronaut 1: Wait It’s all a bell?

    Astronaut 2: *ALWAYS HAS BEEN*

  99. Synplex

    The only bell i hear is Antons subscribe button

  100. ThisisNo_G00D / T1NG0

    I hope anton gets a lot of views again. His content is the best and he deserves more views

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