Earth Habitability Linked to Uranium/Thorium ☢️ Inside the Planet

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent study that analyzed the amount of thorium and uranium inside planet Earth in trying to find out how it led to the habitability of our planet.
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  1. Mendaharin Tusca

    I guess the Goldielocks Zone just potentially took on another complimentary meaning :)


    Yeah rare like a waste dump 😂

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    Thanks a lot Earth. Now I have to pay taxes and wake up for work.

  4. life42theuniverse

    I remember something about the moon having a bunch of heavy metals in its crust by and a simulation of earth-moon collision forming the earth-moon system during the formation of the solar system… someone’s hypothesis.

  5. random commenter

    How do we know what’s in the earth if we’ve only gone 8 miles deep

  6. Alex Homer

    Perhaps it’s the fuel for the Earth Engine…?

  7. James Hamilton

    I’m thinking after so many billions ( which is a number no one on this
    Planet can comprehend). of years, we a small thing.

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    Thank you Anton. Interesting research.

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    This is the kind of busy work you are forced to do when you have only one habitable planet on which to base all of your ideas.

  11. Thomas Jackson

    Where did you find the periodic table with the source of each element?

  12. Graeme Lastname

    That should get things going faster than sending probes. :)

  13. SIMONP1965

    Yes, the perfect amount for life, life is no accident…

  14. sunscorpio81

    Amazing! Just so happens to be the correct amounts of thorium and uranium needed, absolutely amazing!

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    It might not be reliable cause the distribution of elements could be in even.

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    Hi Anton , keep up the great work….If I may suggest adding an interview segment. People would love to see you talk with great minds of our time like Neil deGrasse Tyson !


    Please make a video on Israeli minister’s statement on aliens XD

  23. Toomas Tsamoot

    Closer to the Sun you get too many radioisotopes – Venus, further from the Sun you get too few radioisotopes – Mars. At a casual glance it looks like there is a Goldilocks zone for the right amount of radioisotopes.

  24. Ryan Rosay

    if the star can tell us , how would it do with our universe? we have us and then more planets then us that don’t consist of a habitable magnetosphere.

  25. Jeffrey A. Smith

    F(m), Fraction with Magnetosphere ‘Fraction of planets with proper amount of radioactive isotopes’ and a powerful enough magnetosphere
    Needs to be added to the Drake Equation, then.

  26. Glenn Scott

    Well done (of course, it’s Anton) 🤙🏼 … add another term to Drake Equation?

  27. tsmspace

    oh dang. so that means nuclear power is really bad for the environment.

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  29. tungsten heart

    So the thing that gives earth life we can also use to erase ourselves from existence? Lol

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    Am I crazy or do the titles to the vids change a lot? Maybe both…

  31. Near Earth Objects

    How Earth Got Unlucky to be Radioactive Elements Modified by Its own Habitants and became less Habitable

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    Another interesting video from Anton. I will continue Observing this topic Suspiciously.

  33. Sonorus Robustice

    Now use that info to adjust the Drake equation.

  34. earth dweller

    Earth got lucky and became habitable or we got lucky, earth got screwed?

  35. D H

    Can thorium be used for cold fusion, I believe I saw an experment it’s was used along with red hot flourine , to create a desired reaction… But I’m just a janitor. Jk

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    Interesting paper. I wonder how that hypnosis fits with having an early massive impact, like earth to thin out the planet’s crust enabling plate tectonics to recycle elements?

  41. Vince Grant

    Fascinating as usual. I thought Thorium was less destructive. Thank you wonderful Anton.

  42. j zing

    Great idea just mine all the uranium use it in reactors then throw it in to space then with out the heat from the uranium ive solved global warming.

  43. coweatsman

    So the elusive element for life is Goldielocksium.

  44. Mad G

    Humans are naturally radioactive. Everything radiates as life. Potassium is amazing

  45. henry bleisch

    I’m so glad he mentioned Fermi Paradox I was thinking the same thing as soon as I saw it… I definitely think this will make mars a. A serious Tera forming challenge.. Maybe even titan also at some point.

  46. Impurezas


  47. Space Ghost

    Much like our own bodies it takes many elements to make it happen it’s the judging of what’s good and bad that seems to get us into trouble

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    Lol, so is that another thing that needed to be finely tuned for life?

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    Yet another condition in the long (long, long, long) list of conditions for a planet to be life friendly.

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    Earth itself is nuclear powered, we have to go nuclear too.

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    Anton, the plural of ‘mare’ is ‘maria’.

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    7:06 Black Ho

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    Amazing.. i always thought of the same reason why earth has magnetosphere and mars doesn’t.. its the radioactivity. 👍

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    We had enough from A nonces Theory

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    Great topic. As Carl Sagan said before, Earth seems to be amazingly finely-tuned for life.

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    And Thorium. Fission heat keeps the water out on the surface.

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    from the title I assumed J. Herndon was finally vindicated on his theory of heavy nuclear elements coalescing in the core, forming a 10-mile wide natural reactor and generating our magnetosphere. ah, well.

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    really blows my mind! So many dimensions to the Goldilocks condition we read in schools books..

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    4:44 – the word you were looking for, I think was inert

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    Wouldn’t it be easier to detect the magnetic field around a planet?

  64. Chubby Moth

    So chances are Earth is really extremely rare and life likewise. Would explain the absence of visitors.

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    now I feel like I just started kindergarten – so much to know out there, thanks

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    Anton, where did you get that super cool periodic table that shows you the origin of elements??

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    We may just keep learning new ways that make Earth unique until we realize that life exists nowhere else

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    Am I the only one laughing about this?

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    So I wonder how many planets this fact eliminates.

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    as we say in witchcraft/traditional medicine: it’s all about dosage

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    4:16 ~ I just thought : ” wait, isn’t that describing Venus?”
    4:18 ~ It might be!

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    This why moons are more habitable in planets? Could a planet be “jump started” a by releasing uranium in the core?

  83. U.V. S.

    Anton: There might be lots of uranium on Venus.
    North Korea: Mission to Venus!

  84. Black Gravity

    The filed around earth is important, the longest lasting artifacts we could leave behind are things made of bronze and granite monuments.

  85. Daniel Moolman

    Every time I hear something like this, I’m both happy as we know more about our planet but sadder because it means habitable planets are less likely.

  86. LabbyShepherd Puppy

    Crazy how geology can dictate whether life can be possible or not

  87. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD EC

    Looks like the “Drake Equation” missed plenty of indicators….

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    This start to sound more like a terrarium

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    “I used the radiation to destroy the radiation”

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    Anyone else with fluid modeling experience “lol” when the paper mentioned that “the qualitative outcomes … were strongly dependent on the treatment of viscosity” ?

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    “So much uranium is too much, but so few is not enough” – Habitable worlds problems

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    The amount of radiation a planet needs is between “not great” and “not terrible.” In other words, 3.6 Roentgen.

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