Discovery of the Most Powerful Supernova In the Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the recently discovered brightest supernova ever known as SN2016aps
Image credit: Oliver Burston, Getty Images

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  1. Ice Age

    Anyway… the virus did not come from that supernova! It came from China!

  2. Ricardo Becerra

    Is that similar to a two stage fusion bomb?

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  4. Slyness69

    Maybe it was blown up on purpose? Oh yeah, I need to be on the history channel for that kind of crap :S

  5. Ken Hardie

    Great story
    Cheers from Oz

  6. Ortherner

    Maybe that was the bright thing I saw in sky yesterday

    nvm it isn’t

  7. Francesco Corriga

    Premature detonation 😅

  8. Rickard Zingmark

    That star exploded 3600,000,000 years ago.

  9. Fuzzy Lumpkin

    Thank you wonderful Anton

  10. Gooner CestLaVie

    Nice simulated images. We still have some time before some stars going supernova near us.

  11. Sunglare

    My first thought is always the poor lives in that galaxy affected by that super nova.

  12. Danny Sullivan edmonton12345

    final fantasy 7 remake nerds!

  13. Coronavirus

    dont they discover the next most poverfull thing once every week?

  14. Deep Recce

    Damn, danger all round!! Even though the Universe may not be out to get us, it surely do not give a damn about us😂😂

  15. King David

    First picture looks like a dying cell

  16. appleiphone69

    Just wait till
    RMC 136a1 explodes at 163,000 light years with a mass of 315 solar masses.

  17. arandomnightowl

    2:10 did anyone else think that was a hair on the screen

  18. Archaeopteryx128

    Reminds me of the implosion system of an early nuclear weapon.

  19. Brian Boru

    Good stuff man, thanks.

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  21. Jeffrey Stumpf

    Can you do a video breaking down wolfram’s set substition fundamental law of physics thingy please? Thank you for everything you do!

  22. walt7500

    Living in the past

  23. Gavin Staudt

    Thanks again Anton for another great video ! 🙏

  24. Derek Neitzel

    Sounds like a galactic fuel air bomb lol

  25. Mark Thomas

    Though invisible to our eyes, maybe this supernova brought an end to one or several ancient civilizations in that previously unknown galaxy.

  26. Lille Trille

    Wow – love your videos Anton – you are such a smart and funny person! Please – never stop making these…the truth is out there!

  27. SyD6_7

    So neat, and a twist to some lifetime theories for the stars…..and maybe us? lol

    stay wonderful Anton!!

  28. canada calling

    thx for the vid. how about one on the asteroid Apophis?

  29. 3li0

    Nice to be early. For once. 😂

  30. akirasan1999

    wow… in essence a interstellar sized MOAB. a massive air fuel bomb.

  31. syed kashif

    2020 what a lovely year we are having

  32. Kuratius

    Carter: Come on! It was one time!

  33. kirby march barcena

    Every exploding supernova in this universe of ours is powerful, I just don’t want to be near it.

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    Woooow just turned 480.000 WONDERFUL PERSONS 😱😍❤ Congratulations Anton🙏🏻🎂

  35. bluebanana

    So it must have been like 15 energies strong

  36. Tinnitusthenight

    This seems to happen twice a week now, not complaining though

  37. jatpack3

    Maybe an old star with iron was captured by a younger one

  38. Jan Ronschke

    lol so basiclly a thermobaric supernova cool!

  39. Brian Johnson

    So the first supernova is like a magnifying glass on the visable light source.

  40. Albert

    Imagine UY Scuti becoming a supernova in the future

  41. Mitch Crane

    Free sterilization of the planet! The Lord works in a mysterious way!

  42. OmegaWolf747

    A perfect start to our Thursday morning. :-)

  43. Marc F Kleingartner

    I’ve heard about a binary star system with a neutron star and a red giant that can actually merge and stay stable. (with the neutron star as the core) it was in a PBS YouTube video …

  44. Gemmel

    Love ya work, stay safe.

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    Now I’m going to have nightmares of Spica! 🌟💥🌎💀

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    Welcome back Anton! Thx for the vid :)

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    Got ten seconds into this video when i got a Skype meeting call. Still tied up in that. So I’ll just upthumb this, because we can count on quality from Anton, and watch later (I hope I remember!) But wow, 500x brighter than normal supernova. I want to know more about that!

  48. Dimitrij Glasow

    9:55 Stars cant combine, they explode

  49. by Decko

    there is a way where I could find the coordinates in the sky to try to watch it with my telescope?

  50. Black Hole Generator

    Ah the infamous iron clouds 😎

  51. Milton Hackett

    Look forward to the next vid when this one’s ends .great info Anton

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    Wow!! Thank you for continuing to produce awesome content!! 🤩

  53. Dave Crupel

    Imagine if this was an artificially induced supernova?
    When he said “500x brighter” the thought crossed my mind.

  54. Eren Kaslte

    Last time on DBZ.. Goku found a new SSJ6 ancient transformation that out shined event the brightest of supernova…

    Wait.. soz wrong chanel

  55. Cooper Cooper

    Nothing is the way we think,,,not even this!!! Thank you!

  56. jonny the boy

    Anton ” in other words” Petrov

  57. Spok

    They’ve discovered it! The Great Cosmic Flashbulb!

  58. antwan1357

    hydrogen is associated with the big bang . Could this be compared to the beginning of a potential new universe?

  59. Chaffysteam41

    I knew what I saw that night wasn’t my imagination. I went outside with my telescope and saw a flash of light. Not that bright but I still could have seen it with my 130MM. But I didn’t took it seriously lol

  60. Magic Myco

    From those few pixels that determined all that!? Idk

  61. Michael Kelligan

    Id like to know the size of the host galaxy this unusual Super Nova was in! 😊

  62. Tony Ballatore

    Is it possible that a SN of this size could strip its galaxy of life?

  63. Denes Szerdahelyi

    Exploded “early” because it was too big and collapsed easier…?

  64. Declan 6914

    I would love to witness Eata Carrot knee go superpop in my lifetime.

  65. 2l84t

    The Universe’s MOAB.

  66. Darren Bauer

    “A new Supernova. ” , That happened long before the first single celled organisms evolved on earth…

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    Wait, I need my sunglasses! ;) I’m so bright!

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    Remember the good old days when Anton’s thumbnails weren’t clickbaity? Those were the times!

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    Thanks for the very understandable descriptions of very complicated subjects.

  70. Joe Blazer

    It’s like a fuel/air explosive, only on stellar scale. That’s awesome.

  71. Commish/Flock Baltimore productions

    “uhmm, yeah we would probably not be around to tell the tale”
    I concur

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    You just witnessed a tiny bit of the power of the Death Star.

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    “We’re all gonna die!”
    – Sid

  75. bobw222

    The intro image looks a bit like carpet lint stuck on a gum ball. Funny how life imitates science…

  76. Logan Wolv

    Now every month we’re discovering a new “most powerfull supernova”?

  77. Ceniros

    Space is amazing and scary

  78. Arctic Haze

    The lyrics that come to my mind while listening to this are: “The light above, it shines so bright / that the F.B.I. won’t sleep tonight”. It’s from “Sailing on seven seas” by OMD.

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    The hair eyes accent smile are super cute.. The brain extremely interesting!! 😍🤩


    Me: Oh come on Anton, again?
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    8:30 I think I loose more sleep watching this channel than I did watching The Outer Limits. Thanks, Anton…

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    I thought luffy is the strongest supernova, guess i was wrong

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    When I see Anton’s thumbnail I just clicked it at the speed of light 😂

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    Tune in next week for the supernova thats 501x more powerful.

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    Wonderful person that’s what i want to hear im here.🙏

  88. PsyintZ

    Is the power released by the supernova actually stronger than it’s more common counterpart? Or does the brightness merely make it look more powerful due to the shockwave igniting the massive envelope around said star?

  89. US Navy Guy

    Oh, i hate when i go supernova prematurely.🤣🤣

  90. Handsom Man

    This is what its like when worlds collide

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    *Activision announces new killstreak*

  92. Matija Perčec

    Just one of the markings of the Q Continuum Civil War throughout the universe.

  93. Dragonmoth

    So this supernova was like 1,2-1,4 TRILLION times brighter than the sun and about 40-45 times brighter than the milky way. That is INSANE!

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    Hah, we’re all getting so shaggy. I think long shaggy hair from 10+ years ago will come back into style because of this virus. Haven’t decided if I’m just going to buzz it all off or not.

  95. Rhoddry Ice

    Anton! I’d love to get some updates on the Russian/German Spectr-RG space telescope. It’s been operating since September. The information in English is scarce.

  96. NO

    Hydrogen device at a grand scale. The cloud being a hydrogen field, but the star served as a trigger charge. The hydrogen cloud didn’t ignite. It fused.

  97. Shaun Westley

    “Mother of all Supernovae” is a pretty sick metal band name

  98. YippieKayYay

    What else could this 2020 bring upon us?

    Eta Carinae A: hold my H

  99. Mark Chippendale

    Seems sort of the equivalent to an H-bomb compared to an A-bomb, where an extra mass (fuel) is around the initial nuclear explosion.

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    You know what they say *”a handful of pixels is worth a thousand words”*

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