Discovery of The Most Powerful Explosion in the Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of what seems to be the largest outburst of energy (explosion) in the universe.

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    You are the wonderful person😀. Been watching for awhile, thank you for a wonderful time

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    I thought it was the big twang

  3. sinisterLMN

    (Outside the creation of the universe itself)

  4. Zenlarrus Hiro

    Looks like S.A.I.L. has detected more strong cosmic explosions

  5. Erik S

    An explosion so huge it stripped the atmosphere off every planet in an entire galaxy at once.

  6. DuBEuS

    Ha, so much for the creation of the universe being the biggest bang.

  7. Mud

    If we could only collect that kind of energy…

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    Mad respect for teachers like you. Keep doing what you’re doing, wonderful person.

  9. William May

    I thought hyper novas were most powerful Explosions

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    Bah humbug, minor inconvenience. 07:54

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    Obviously they’ve never seen me on taco night.

  12. Shlomo Ishtov

    I believe the cosmic background radiation is an observation of a much larger outburst of energy dwarfing anything since…

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    03:33 Thanks! Are there anyone who knows which one is that video guys?

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    How can an explosion in our galaxy be felt everywhere in a couple of months? Does it travel faster than light?

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    Спасибо, Антон!

  17. Kate Short

    Love your videos. Really interesting. Thank you.

  18. MidnightAmratha

    Probably rather small probalility of 100 black holes coliding simultaneously.

  19. Ron Underwood

    Could this explosion have been two galaxies colliding?

  20. Alex West

    the most powerful explosion is when ur mum farts

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    Obviously those explosions are signs of intergalactic warfare

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    Another brilliantly informative programme Anton. One of the best YouTube channels.

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    Hello Anton. Just wanted to say that I’ve been watching your videos almost every other night for some time now. Brilliant stuff. You convey this information to me in a way no one else has. I’ll have to give that program running in the background a lot of credit too for helping me visualize the epic vastness of space. I’m a bit curious, is all of this just a hobby to you or is it your job? I’m mostly referring to the depth of your knowledge rather than your YouTube channel. Tho, maybe this channel has become a job for you? It just seems to me like you would belong in a Observatory.

  31. Speak out and remove all doubt!

    Possibly that black hole had devoured solely curries which caused this massive explosion.

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    Always interesting content.

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    mistery? i know what happened, i let one rip. oops 🙊 😂

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    Just let me know when we discover the spice melange.

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    Suffocation soon……..Happy New Year.

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    5:00 are you talking about the Halo rings?

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    2nd biggest explosion…
    Happens a few hours after I eat a couple of bowls of high fiber Kashi Go Lean breakfast cereal.

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    Alien Dad: Nice right..?!
    Alien Mom: you two.. 😠 are so grounded.

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    Watching this has made me seem very small in a humongous, hostile Universe. Time for a Comforting Drink of Ammoreto.

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    interesting stuff, thank you for sharing ♥

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    The biggest outburst in the universe ….
    The wife!!

  50. F4ngel

    To add to the speculation, I wonder if that was an explosion from a type 1 or 2 civilisation that messed up building a dyson sphere…

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    Thank you wonderful Anton for your time in creating this channel of treasure!

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    Thank you Anton for your channel! I wish I had the money to support your channel, but I just have to thank you instead. I hardly ever miss one of your vlogs and I really appreciate your dedication to your channel. Your friend, Kim.

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    Most wonderful explosion 😂

  54. Mr anuchnach

    “…Energy equivalent to…10 billion supernova, all happening at the same time.”
    head explodes like supernova from too much grgerytweq5ry345 u6y5u

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    Thanks Anton. And you’re right about the suffocation lol.

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    So this is more powerful than magnetars? :o

  59. Legion

    *Cool, it’s capable of creating life in a million years.*

  60. Home Lackin

    The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light, so saying “expanding very slowly” confuses people bc a lot of people consider the speed of light the fastest thing in our universe

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    as allways Antons videos are amazing, ty so much for sharing. Keep it up all the best from Copenhagen :)

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  64. Caden Rolland

    The death of a galaxy!
    How does a galaxy look after something like that happens? Does it blow the stars outward? How do stars react to being bombarded with that much energy? So many questions!

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    I’m so early!! Hello wonderful anton!

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    The most powerful explosion in the universe happens when I go to the toilet…

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    Anton: Titles the video ‘Discovery of the Most Powerful Explosion in the Universe’.
    Also Anton: Chooses a thumbnail pic that looks like a sperm cell.
    Me: “I see what you did there.” 😏

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    7:05 that she’s lactose-intolerant.

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    It begins at 4:19

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  78. Leandro Lima

    6:24 “And this galaxy also possesses these two very large lobes that were created through an outburst several million years ago…”
    These lobes could easily be the “z-pinch double layer” seen in plasma cosmology.

  79. Skellital Disasembly

    Type 1a supernova: let me blow up
    Hypernova: hold my explosion

  80. Leandro Lima

    5:12 “They established that the energy was equivalent 10 billion supernovae all happening at the same time.”
    Or, it just just be one big z-pinch. Which seems be easier to explain than 10 billion supernovae AT THE SAME TIME.

  81. mark vines

    So glad we are starting the year with more “destruction of Earth” sinarrios

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    3:30 bonjour personnes adorable, c’est Anton !

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    Anton: The most powerful explosion in the universe!
    James Hyneman: JAMIE LIKE BIG BOOM!

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    Anton I’m so grateful for your videos.
    I’m in the USA,
    All of my feeds are full of… the horrors happening Now,
    And then, you give us a video that takes us out of all that, reminding us we are so so small in the grand scheme.
    I find myself looking forward to these reprieves from the stress.
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you.

  85. Dustin Auigbelle

    3:27 you mean “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”

  86. Jimbeaux

    It blowed up real good.

  87. Justin DeLoach

    It’s funny to think there can still be flat earthers with these types of observations.

  88. coulton elliott

    10 billion foe hard to wrap my mind around that I had to pause the video to try

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    The universe is such a mysterious, beautiful place

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    I just come here so i can hear someone tell me I’m wonderful person ill take it where i can get it 😆🤷🏻‍♂️😎

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