Discovery of Quasar Tsunamis – Events That Could Kill Entire Galaxies

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about galactic quasar tsunamis.

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  1. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

    But if something happened in the the galactic core like that, we would see it 391,000 years before it arrived.
    (25,000 light years from galactic core / 0.06 times speed of light) – 25,000 light years distance from earth.

  2. trashmail8

    Once again many thanks, wonderful Anton! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. :)

  3. scaldedOlive

    The picture at 7:41 kind of looks like the 3d z^2 orbital of an atom

  4. Gary Smith

    It’s hard to even grasp even the distance to the nearest star than to try to wrap your mind around how powerful a Quasar would have to be to effect us on Earth. I have trouble just thinking about the size of the sun.

  5. Janusha

    Well this is one reason Im NEVER going to go to the center of the galaxy… Also I dont think its likely to find life there. Due to too many scary things.

  6. Michael Rodriguez Strubbe

    Don’t cheat to get the signature smile at the end folks ;) Gotta watch it completely first.

  7. kirby march barcena

    Surf’s up! Get ready for the next wave!

  8. usmcMike05

    Looks like we now have a reason to create a Dyson sphere

  9. veggiet2009

    The writers of future Star Trek should be taking notes…

  10. Canadian Man

    Great, another doomsday possibility.

  11. t Stricklin

    Dang it ,i thought you were about to tell us on top of covid we were in the crosshairs,oh well ,back to worrying about the CHINA virus😂✌🖖🖖

  12. Patrick Wallwork

    Time to call Bruce Willis or Robert Duvall…we need them to stop this Quasar Tsunami and save Earth again!!

  13. William Byrd

    Well, the good news is if it happened at the core of the Milky Way tonight, we’d have oh, 50-60 thousand years to move to a new neighborhood.

  14. Schmee gil

    You’re a shill , electric universe just like we’ve all been saying .

  15. sursurrus

    Those Fermi Bubbles remind me of Cells dividing.

  16. sol rayz

    8:39 “if such an event occurs in the Milky Way galaxy, there’s a really high chance it’s not really going to make our earth any more habitable…”  …. ummm, at the risk of being technical, do you mean to say IT WOULD LIKELY MAKE EARTH UNINHABITABLE ?     That’s it, between corona virus and this…  I’m outta here ! … I’m going to mars on the next shuttle !  :-P

  17. John Rigali

    6:30: What qualifies a galaxy as being too large, or having too many stars, or having too much mass? And who promulgated those qualifications?

    8:20: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that free-floating particles and particulates accrete due to their collective gravitational bending of spacetime. Call me crazy.

    8:40: …and maybe make our planet *less* habitable.

  18. Dave Hebert

    Anton, I have a question: Do astrophysicist know why the Hawking-radiation jets all seem to be leaning at a 10-degree angle or so? Are they all leaning toward a specific point in the universe?

  19. Jim

    Wouldn’t matter we’ll destroy ourselves long before an effect reaches us from the galactic core. Witness recent events.

  20. allen sloan

    Professor, would u please consider placing a “date “. On your videos. This would give us a better perspective and develop some continuity in the procession of time with respect to discoveries. Your work in general has been both enlightening and an opportunity to clear my head from the chaos and disappointments of the destructive evolution of medical practice.

  21. Kierkegaard

    The so called hubble telescope.

  22. Maddog3060

    Now we know what the Tyranids are running from.

  23. Vinay N

    sound’s even more dangerous than the current global problem.

  24. Robert Trotter

    Still waiting for that last letter…
    Thank you for the post/subject in any case as always :)…

  25. wolf lower

    I knew it, the universe is an effing region.

  26. brianmcrock

    Oh cool. I was running low on shtuff to be concerned about. Ha! No, seriously, that is really cool, man. Thanks!

  27. nightmare superman187

    Stars aren’t real you’re just looking at air holes in the box top 😂

  28. Andrew Gray

    WOW, that’s amaszing. I JUST SAW the Quasar Tsunamis at the Tacoma Dome in Washington. They were pretty good, if you’re into that Japanese Ska/Math-Rock thing.

  29. Naimul Haq

    Fascinating. Says something more about the cycle of a galaxy/BH relation.

  30. logan wolf

    8:00 Would it be bright if seen from Andromeda?

  31. Christian de Coninck

    but aren’t both the “galactic web” and this “quasar wind” better explained as Birkeland Currents?

  32. Antichrys

    Gonna have to move on making that stellar engine…

  33. RSK

    I dare you to try to say “Quasar Tsunamis” five times, fast.
    Good luck.

  34. Osmosis Jones

    Yesterday I talked about how some escusivly men can sense magnetic fields .
    And some super insecure Feminist said we don’t need this garbage on Anton’s channel.
    Though I got this infromation from Anton’s channel 😄😅😄😅😅

  35. SolariusScorch

    It’s amazing how galaxies have these complex weather systems. They are anything but simple, with their matter circulation and all that.

  36. YtoSk

    i think that the “sudden bursts of star formation” could be just periods of normal star formation rate when it’s not slowed down by the galactic wind. of course, it’s possible that i’m wrong and the star formation rate during these bursts is actually much larger than it should be, which would need a different explanation.

  37. erik nelson

    I wonder what kind of an effect that such an event would have on neutron stars, white dwarfs and other black holes?

  38. Lucifer Mephistophilies

    I told you about this 5 months ago in the event of two hypernovae stars that collided. I had to stitch the fabric fields back together

  39. geniegogo

    Anton there’s supposed to be a paper postulating a solution to the Fermi Paradox involving the idea of early quasars sanitizing entire galaxies and resets evolution of intelligent life…

  40. OmegaWolf747

    If the god does awaken to start feasting, we’ll be helpless before it.

  41. Gennaro Viene

    Black holes really are space regulators, every time I think about this topics I realize how all this universe seems to be so perfectly in harmony, and chaos it’s only a part of the picture

  42. Catalyst - D B

    Thanos: My Muffin is buttered

  43. angel chiriboga

    I have a question for Anton-
    Say it was possible to get some dense material from a neutron star or even white dwarf- and we wrap around a vessel/planetoid to HAVE a gravity- What decay problems are we looking at?

  44. Brinx

    Just as I was becoming inured to my CoVid19 terror, along comes Anton.
    Just in time!… I have something new to worry about. Thanks Anton.

  45. Ivan Thomas

    1 picture he used was clearly photoshopped, I am talking about the tsunami

  46. Totem

    He’s preparing us for May

  47. Gregory Parker

    What if our Solar system was in line of another Galaxy’s Quasar emissions, might not be too good I guess!!!

  48. Mike Cunning

    Will there ever be positive news again. We get it we are all doomed.

  49. P.D. Evans

    Don’t tell me. The democrats have an austerity measure that will prevent quasar tsunamis

  50. Kierkegaard

    Don’t you mean a “so called quasar”, you so called anton?

  51. Timmy Spencer

    9:10 Anton jinxes us to a quazarly doom.

  52. The Black Spider

    Imagine if,

    in that galaxy were inteligent alien life and lived there, but now probably dead…ouch!

  53. Thomas Jay

    7:12 Actually, looking at that spiral galaxy from above it looks like waves being formed from a stone that was dropped into a lake. Maybe two black hole were rotating around each other when such a quasar tsunami happened.
    Maybe we should check when some planets in our solar system lost their atmosphere.

  54. Best Korea

    Bro they just fired a Halo ring is all

  55. Michael Martin

    I presume if one happens tomorrow, though, we’l lnot see it for thousands of years and not experience any “physical effects” for hundreds of thousands.
    Our descendants better figure out a decent FTL drive, though. They’ll need to abandon the whole galaxy!

  56. Kane


  57. Wayne Shirey

    Dang it, Anton! Ain’t we got enough to contend with? 😳

  58. Real Courte

    We are in a mathmaticaly quiet (space-time) galaxy. Life here evolved cause of many quiet paradoxes. ( Theia and proto-earth collision has even been a bonus)

  59. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    2020: Almost ww3, fires in Australia, coronavirus, maybe an impending global economic crash, etc…

  60. Stephen Lacey

    Why haven’t you covered the comet that we can currently see Anton

  61. Ratus

    Hmm could explain why there are no early life near the center of galaxy?
    Could explain why we live on the outer edge of galaxy?

  62. coweatsman

    “Quasar Tsunami”. A guaranteed eye catcher of a headline, and would make a good name for a sci fi movie.

  63. Matija Perčec

    Would be very scary if I wasn’t a master of the Duck and Cover maneuver.

  64. Niall's Songs

    Is the lumpy distribution of galaxies throughout space related to the lumpy distribution of star formation through time? Is that a stupid question? Sorry if it is. I love your videos.

  65. Clair Pahlavi

    No mention of the quantum levels adopted by quasars after being ejected by their parent galaxy. Hint : High plasma energy = large redshirt.

  66. NefariousKoel

    Off to trademark Pulsar Thunderstorms™

  67. Manas Mondal

    People: 2020 can’t get any worse
    Quasar:lemme introduce myself

  68. Mr. Memes

    April, NO!

  69. Kc Flick

    Watching youtube. “The actuall black hole in the middle …” commercial comes on.

    “🎼Oh, that’s a thot, put it in a box
    Bitch kicks rocks, give me back all my socks🎶”

  70. key buckley

    surf’s up, dude

  71. chemical mike

    Humanity: EEEKKK!!!..,GERMS
    The Universe: Remember me? <--- (nuff said) :D

  72. Fromaggio

    Boiled in a space sauna, well that would be something.

  73. Misaka Mikoto

    Next video: Scientists Discover Black Hole Clusters That Can Kill Entire Local Group.

  74. jwlmt07

    Hmmm that looks like Birkland Currents stringing those “pearls” together? Plasma Cosmology?

  75. H. O.

    “Quasar Tsunamis could kill entire galaxies”
    Humanity: APRIL,NO!

  76. shrapnel

    Supernova: _I’m the strongest in the universe!_

    Hypernova: _Hold my beer, kid._

    Quasar: _Pipe down, you two._

    Quasar *Tsunami:* _YOU SAY SOMETHIN’?_

  77. Galaxiee

    so our galaxy can get destroyed at any moment

    now thats on an entirely different level of scary

  78. Peter the Great

    “That Can Kill Entire Galaxies”

    Me: Excuse me? (I legit froze for a good second lmao)

  79. Robby Robbins

    I know a Jewish Lawyer who specializes in Quasar “Sue Namis” don’t mess with his firm, Dewy, Screwum, and Howe.

  80. Zyplox



  81. lethal dosage

    2020: I am once again trying to kill you

  82. deamonomic

    The word scary is a massive understatement

  83. The Exoplanets Channel

    Time to develop *_interstellar travel_*

  84. Ellison Hamilton

    Hopefully not in our neighborhood!

    Thanks Anton! Stay well.

  85. Zen Surfer

    Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how come on and safari with me.

  86. HMan

    “Quasar Tsunami” sounds like an endgame spell in Final Fantasy… 999M damage to every living being in the galaxy.

  87. Giles Habibula

    Now we know what Pierson’s Puppeteers are fleeing, the Hindmost approves of this video (from a safe distance of course).

  88. RSK

    Humans: “We’ve almost got this great filter problem figured out…..”


    Quasar Tsunamis:

  89. Don donny

    Okay then. Let’s get humanity intergalactic then.

    Generation ships asap.

  90. Tammy McCaslin

    One of my favorite things to hear is “Hullowonderfulperson”. Makes me smile every time!

  91. rushy scoper

    2020 is trolling us at this point.

  92. Laud Bentil

    galaxy-scale events are mind-blowing! Speaks a lot to the sheer magnitude and power driving them!

  93. skaruts

    What I find so impressive about astronomy, is that we discover all sorts of things despite that for the most part what we observe happens in such slow motion that it’s like looking at still pictures every time, despite that everything is just bright dots amidst the blackness, and despite that the further away we look, what we see isn’t what’s actually there but what was a very long, long time ago.

  94. Mr Quadrivium

    Sounds like something Silver Surfer would ride.

  95. CleanerBen

    The universe really doesn’t want us to be alive.

  96. SGT. Memer

    RIP the weakling Supernova

    Welcome the Chad Quasar

  97. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

    Yesterday: Mind-reading robots will end humanity
    Today: The galaxy could be destroyed at any moment.

    Thanks Anton!

  98. Midnight Joker

    Oh great. Something else to worry about. Not an actual galactic tsunami, but a wave of bad apocalypse movies that this could inspire.

  99. Mike Louis

    Slowly, the Fermi paradox is becoming less paradoxical.

  100. souptoaster

    “Covid 19 is the worst thing ever! Nothing can stop it! At least things can’t get any worse….”
    *anton petrov has entered the chat*

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