Discovery of Phosphine Gas on Venus Suggests We Found Alien Life

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the recent announcement and the implications behind the discovery of phosphine gas on our neighbor Venus.
Original paper:
RAS Video used:
Previous paper and illustration:
Video about Phosphine gas:
Another relevant Venus video:

  1. J Don

    Hey Anton, if at all possible would you be able to do a update video on the “near light speed engine” NASA designed I was wondering how far has it come along since last year and if there’s anymore information, tests or anything new on that subject. Take care and great work friend

  2. Chris smith

    College in 1996?? You look so young you wonderful person!

  3. Deego

    I’m going to say that it’s not life. Mark my words.

  4. PowahWave

    I see fleets of ufo shaped clouds everyday smoking weed in my parking lot taking pics. And mainstream science talkin about the germs they find on earth beyond the poles and telling us its from one of those stars that’s different from the sun like stars that probably hovering over another realm. That lady Gina Maria hill got tons of space ship pics

  5. Shirley Munro

    Dewatering of exposed Phosphor deposits.

  6. transient

    So you’re saying when I pass gas it’s literally toxic waste?

  7. Benny Nguyen

    Valiant Thor said people live underground of Venus.

  8. Valentine

    This discovery is out of this world :)

  9. thondr

    Hello wonderful person.

  10. Chad Koehler

    Meth labs on Venus 🤣

  11. Demir Cruz

    Always tell my Dad and my friends that when I become a Billionare I want to terraform Venus. My Dad thinks is a good idea, only if there is no life in Venus, and if its necessary. I love the fact you and me agree in this Master Petrov.

  12. minitebuhzed

    So essentially we are studying the bacteria version of foreskin

  13. tazz devil

    be careful Anton russia might blacklist all discussions about Venus hence they now ‘cough’ own Venus

  14. Martyn Notman

    Welcome back Anton.

  15. Sam

    Damn my boy doesn’t watch naruto with that akatsuki pronunciation

  16. Snippy Cutwell

    It’s never aliens, it’s always just rocks…

  17. DevInvest

    Venus- in every aspect- holds mankind’s key to interstellar exploration.
    Until we “solve” Venus and can explore there for extended periods- (we’re not close yet- PUBLICLY..)
    We’re not going anywhere

  18. Tommy Monday

    Wow…. thanks wonderful person keep up the great work….!!!

  19. MonsterSound

    New channel name “SPACE OUT” 😊

  20. Pepe Silvia

    Hey 600k! Congrats wonderful YouTuber!

  21. Little Dino

    600k subscribers congratulations. keep up the good work.

  22. MORGAN 666666

    Mars – colony.
    Venus – only science missions, no rewards if more.

  23. qwertyuiop

    If I’ve understood the descriptions of Venus correctly the lower atmosphere has a lot of supercritical carbon dioxide in it, dissolving all sorts of things out of the underlying rock. I would expect a long list of exotic chemistries.

  24. Nigel Adams

    Hi Anton…been a subscriber of your talks for some time now…I’d be interested in your thoughts regarding Lex Fridmans talk with Cmdr David Fravor…

  25. RDE Lutherie

    It’s in the turbinium mines!!! Turn on the oxygen generators!!! I hope Akazuki doesn’t do Harakiri! (<:

  26. JasonBoyd

    A new source of energy for earth probably we need to get some samples

  27. Bitconnect

    *_This is how among us started_*

  28. Murdered Carrot

    Nah we gotta set up water ice and mineral operation first, then all the moons and planets.

  29. Bjorn Fleuren

    Could it be that Russia contaminated the atmosphere with their probes, kinda man made panspermia?

  30. Maddog3060

    [Raises eyebrow] Fascinating.

  31. MoneyT20 10

    I mean why cant we do both. Enjoying mars exploration more than venus

  32. michael farr

    How about renaming your show to “What if”? Taken already?

  33. rob morgan

    More aliens found on venues!

  34. Jordan M

    Nice to know that my gut must have an abnormally large amount of Anaerobic Bacteria….so next time I wake up the neighbours late at night I can blame the bacteria. Cheers for the info.

  35. kjell159

    In the end biology is just applied chemistry anyway.

  36. Amanda-Jane Janse van Ren

    Thank you for this video. I go straight to your videos for truthful and accurate news on our solar system, universe.

  37. M Azhari

    And it’s not even the alien we expected coming in this year

  38. Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig

    As far as I know it is like life may be common! If this is right we might still have the filter a head of us. But I know it is way too early yet. But I wonder why nobody has mentioned it

  39. nitbot

    You are amazing and wonderful Anton! I hope you are able to reach your goals and prosper!

  40. 15gamers haven

    Hello Anton thanks for another great video. I’m really excited to see where this goes. If we find life in this solar system then it will prove that life is everywhere and not rare at all. I mean if 2 planets with life exist in 1 star system then that would be very interesting. I’ve always thought life on venus or titan is way more likely than mars

  41. todgor

    The surface conditions of Venus in terms of temperature and pressure are comparable to hydrothermal vents on Earth, and we also have acid loving extremophiles.

  42. Airclot

    We definitely need to see more absorption peaks for phosphine than just one.

  43. Shaunak Basu

    If life came to Earith from Venus, are we technically ‘aliens’?

  44. Humma Kavula

    And Somehow in the 90s we managed to politicize a space rock

  45. Shanah Regguinti

    If nothing else, at least I know where farts come from now.

  46. Olkv3D

    When it comes to Space, no assumptions can be made.

  47. Barret Campbell

    I’m thinking of a massive atmospheric sea of anaerobic life which experiences cyclical growth periods followed by mass die offs.

  48. Doctor Robert

    (Wow, I totally thought you were like 25 or so)

  49. John Brown

    Did you say 7 months ago that if we find Phosphine then we have found life? This is an actual question, not a troll.

  50. El Viajo

    Anton’s been wanting/waiting to make this video for a long time

  51. 7th Knight of Ni.

    Hey Anton, I believe in aliens too.
    I’m almost certain there are deep water vent creatures on Europa and Io. If not creatures, primordial complex cellular life.

  52. Carlos Lopez

    Honestly, how deflating would it be if life on Venus existed and we could’ve known about it for 35+ years.

  53. Gospel of Thomas 77th Pea

    This is just the next part of the ‘Disclosure’ narrative to confirm we are not alone in the universe. Hope Musk is listening to you!

  54. Basdoroz Prime

    When he said “When you pass gas”…… I did…YOLO

  55. Edward p

    I love you Anton you are simply the best person I know! Thank you for everything😆

  56. Mark Kane

    Supposing there’s bacterial in the atmosphere of Venus, there’s most definitely bacteria underground too – because that’s how life works.

  57. Don Carlo di Vargas

    That is the difference between you and me Anton, your brain help you by talking to you with guidance and helpful tips

  58. Ray Brodie

    Money money 💰 can’t do or explore all these mysteries. Plus like Pluto Horizon it took 20 yrs planning and development 🤷🏿‍♂️🤓🧐👨🏿‍⚕️

  59. Beth

    Am I the only person who cried when I found out about phosphine being discovered on Venus? I suspect I might be!

  60. Space Ghost

    Hey Anton just tell people that there might be a oil on Venus and you’ll have plenty of probes up there😄👍

  61. Dhiraj Thakre

    I guess next mission to Venus is from India “Shukrayaan-1” . Hopefully it will find some amazing science there

  62. John Winquist

    Thank you for this Anton! I’ve been waiting for your take on this and I’m liking what I hear.

  63. beckyrr1

    This was really good. Wish you had been my teacher in school.

  64. Cole Dedhand

    He’s so cute. I love the way he says “litty bit”.

  65. Silas Dense

    I’ve been waiting for this video.
    Thank you Anton!

  66. Plocký

    You had me scared there, for a second I thought I’m not a wonderful person anymore D:

  67. sushanalone

    2 months later:
    (Wonderful Anton to Person)Anton: Hello wonderful; person, we just found that our previous assumption that the Phosphene gas implied life was not true, The mistake was owing to a misinterpretation…..

  68. Mazing Worldof Megan

    Is it possible that we are seeing how life is formed? Like how it formed on Earth but on Venus?

  69. Retro Crypt

    There is microbial life on every planet most likely, I’ll be impressed when we find complex macro organisms

  70. MisterTroglodyte

    Have we finally found where all the fly traps come from? :O

  71. Robert Defusco

    Venus is my favorite planet it’s the brightest thing in the sky in the early morning and it’s just very interesting especially now if we find life

  72. TheElectricOrigins

    There are papers talking about Phosphine produced by lightning exposing sodium phosphate in a reducing medium (methane model
    atmosphere or organic matter). Bear in mind the huge amounts of lightning in Venus’ atmosphere.

  73. William Wilson

    Love to hear your thoughts on the planet found orbiting a white dwarf

  74. john haggett

    what i was not wonderful today i thought ,then you saved the day ,hello anton

  75. plagueman kyle

    virgin elon: we gotta go to mars

    chad anton: venus time

  76. MC's Creations

    Great video, Anton! Pretty spot on! 😃
    About the ALH84001, my opinion is that more study is needed to identify the composition of those structures. I just don’t know if we already have the technology or not. 😬

  77. Tom Groebe

    I miss the intro synths

  78. C-S featured

    Even if it wasn’t life… it’s enough, this news has gifted Venus with so much more attention.

  79. Eric Storm

    What I remember from the video : passing gas is evidence for life in your guts.

  80. Paul McCloud

    It’s the Protomolecule.

  81. Yours Truly

    If we found life on Venus, of all places, maybe it’s “everywhere” in the solar system. Maybe billions of years is enough time to spread it everywhere in the solar system from one place of origin.

  82. ekwfan6

    Are we going to ignore that Anton is in his 40s if he was in college in 96? I’m 30 and I look older than him! I mean that with all due respect.

  83. Question Everything — Tho

    “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  84. BrannDailor

    Anton: “phosphine, not phophene”

    Eveyother yt channel: “we found phosphene!”

    Nice fact checking.. LoL

  85. Paradox

    I for one welcome our Phosphine producing overlords.

  86. Burt Backattack

    I’ve been waiting for days for you to talk about this. We need another mission to Venus!

  87. Jack Johnson

    Media: LiFE FoUnD oN VenUs!!!!!

    Me: Bullhockey, let’s wait and see what Anton says.

  88. GeekJokes

    _remember children: love with your heart, use you head for everything else!_

  89. NrModdedTutorial

    I’m soo used to a intro after 20seconds start of a video. Lol

  90. Ray Hill

    HOW ARE PEOPLE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS!! I wish more people cared about planets and outer space

  91. Tyrannosaurus Wrexx

    I have no idea how I found this channel a couple weeks ago, but it makes me such a happy girl

  92. CyborgOctopus

    if it’s not life then it’s some cool new chemistry or geology we don’t know about yet! of course more people need to observe the phosphine and make sure that it is indeed what it is. but the possibility is giving love and attention to my favorite planet so no matter what i’m happy :D

  93. Question Everything — Tho

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  94. stabinghobo57

    Seriously I wish we would explored Venus and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. Humanity has some obsession with Mars.

  95. Harlan Harvey

    Anton – your doubting yourself! That’s a sign of a true scientist-

  96. Bad-Bunny Blogger

    Plot twist: The Russian mission accidentally took earth microbes to Venus and now they’re flourishing.

  97. Matthew Hoag

    I had seen some headlines, but I waited until you could post this to read any more on the subject. Wanted to hear it from our wonderful person first. Cheers!

  98. Pineapple

    It’s aliens.
    Let’s collect and bring back to Earth these alien microbes, what could possibly go wrong.

  99. The Great Hadoken

    Many many years ago Carl Sagan suggested that life in the clouds of Venus were ‘just possible’.

  100. Moronic Pest

    Back in the ’60s Carl Sagan predicted life was possible in the atmosphere of Venus. It’s possible this latest news may end up proving him right.

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