Discovery of a Colossal Black Hole Surrounded By 6 Galaxies

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an extremely distant ultra massive black hole surrounded by several early galaxies.
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  1. John Little

    We could be witnessing the formation of one of the giant elliptical galaxies here

  2. Max Klein

    One should use the “Ludicrously Large Telescope” to confirm the observations.

  3. simon courtney looms

    An amazing Chanel 👏

  4. Rustam K

    Maybe some of the SMBH are created by ancient civilisations? Better than Dyson spheres)))
    No, this galaxies are too young((

  5. Winnie Gustafon

    Very interesting!

  6. arno kosterman

    Cosmic web is the same as the space betwean your cells of your boddy😍

  7. creeping death

    How are you coming up with all this new info so fast all the time is what i would like to know?
    Do you make this stuff up?

  8. Madao

    Whoever is naming these telescopes is just meming by now.

  9. High Overlord Snarffie Be

    the size of whipped prune drinks is dependent on how many days it’s been since your last bowel movement

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  11. Joshua A Martin

    interesting information, well done

  12. Daniel Pirela

    This Black Hole should be named: J03-M4M4

  13. Tyrone Brown

    Hello Antov, best wishes!

  14. John Stevenson

    Stars die and they make new ones !!!
    makes so much sense !

  15. lakewoodbball

    How would the cosmic web funnel mass towards the BH? Also how do we see a cosmic web, seems like it would be large clusters of mass, but maybe dark matter instead? Good vid as always tho!

  16. Davide Blonda

    I really love your video Anton but i just think this tendency to see always far away from us, and spending million of dollar for very large telescope, will not bring any consistent answer for us as humanity. I just wish we could do more for planet Earth than just watching what a black hole is doing million of light years away.

  17. Flavour Month

    So we make a weapon and debate how it will effect the world around us. Now imagine an civ that creates a weapon that has effects that creates debates around how it will effect the universe around us……

  18. billiondollardan

    Wow the title of this video is incredible. I know Anton will do the topic justice and that’s why I come back every day

  19. Sagittarius A *

    I feel like an underachiever…

  20. oliver gorman

    After extremely large? This is an EU project, it’ll be the anything it takes telescope.

  21. Greg Tatum

    Video looks great, Anton. Like the new intro.

  22. David Shelton

    I am just curious how they know for sure there are 6 galaxies and not just split images of 1,2,3,4 or 5 galaxies?

  23. Peter Rabbit

    If we could figure out how to see outside of our 3-brane, it would change everything. Is there a way?

  24. Levi Owen

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  27. Robert Emmet

    Any idea on how big this could be present day?

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    Anton thank you so much for your content. It is supreme in all senses. Absolutely brilliant work. You are a treasure.

  29. Sir Wall of Text

    From the very moment that I learned about the supermassive black holes in the center of galaxies I had wondered how they had managed to grow so huge in such a short timespan. And now that I think about it, the cosmic web effectively feeding them makes sense as a means of doing so. Thank you for sharing this with us, Anton.

  30. coweatsman

    “The Extremely Large Telescope”. What superlative name will follow on from the Large, Very Large and Extremely Large? The Hyper Super Duper Large?

  31. Ikhsan Ishak

    Mr. Anton Petrov, we want Subtitle Indonesia please..🙏😊

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  41. Keith Reynolds

    I imagine the magnetic fields eminating from such immence black holes has a significant impact the plasma near by generating huge currents over many light years.

  42. phapnui

    Thank you again for excellent presentation of cosmic things.

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    I’m looking forward to what science finds with it.
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  65. MrRABC1

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