Discovery of 21000 Shadow Galaxies That Were Invisible to Us Before

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of 21000 invisible shadow galaxies that we didn’t know existed.

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  1. FrogZ

    So how much less invisible matter that we cant find do we need to explain the universe now?

  2. will2see

    When you say missing mass, you mean missing baryonic mass (matter), or dark matter? Because I thought that the missing baryonic matter has already been explained by the hot extragalactic gas.

  3. Sneeky Two

    Missing matter ;)

  4. German Ed. Leal Nino

    Could there be the remains of a previous big bang? An older neighboring universe?

  5. ye ye


  6. Innerspace Race

    The shadow knows

  7. ChristophersMum

    Shadow galaxies seem somehow creepy…they become the home of shadow wraiths…

  8. Jamie Lacourse

    Love the retro shirt.

  9. Chris Herb

    These shadow galaxies have more dark matter in them compared to ‘normal’ ones? And the less active shadow G’s are sticking more together than the more active ones? — What’s the difference in dark matter between those, is there any?

    When hearing about dark matter, I always get the feeling as if it is some kind of superglue that’s keeping things together that otherwise wouldn’t. Or some kind of a counter weight, getting ‘heavier’ when other forces/masses are getting ‘weaker’/less massive.
    An essential force, that’s more or less everywhere because it has to handle everything, that creates structures that are needed for a stable/continuous existence of the ‘negative’, normal matter.

  10. Scott Humphreys

    So what you’re saying is that the LSBG’s are under-represented?

  11. Mark Hatch

    You are consistently the best astronomy channel I can find. I really like the clear and concise summary of the latest observations.

  12. Enclave Soldier

    Dyson sphere/swarm galaxies.

  13. RobBobTim

    What if the universe is just a galaxy of black holes.

  14. Wischmopps

    You are an awesome guy. When you get famous USA will adopt you and say the brightest minds come from USA (not).

    Ps: 4:00 looks like a tank spaceship mix :o

  15. JacobHess3N

    I think they are being drained of light energy from alien civilizations. I’m right, everyone else is wrong.

  16. braggarmybrat

    First! Yea! Love your stuff Anton, thank you. (Am I the only one who watched this and thought about Babylon 5, the Vorlon and the Shadow? Now we know wherre they went when they fled the galaxy at the end of the series… :D )

  17. Gabriel Lucas

    Keep on learning, and keep on reporting Anton! Your videos never cease to blow my mind! Keeps my ego in check by making me realize how tiny and ignorant I truly am. It’s rather comforting really… Ignorance is bliss? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  18. BigBatYT

    There’s your dark matter

  19. Nebarus

    I am a bit surprised Anton would deal with such shady business…

  20. pixelpatter01

    Am I the only person to suspect that “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” will be in the same category as phlogiston, flat Earth and epicycles in a few years?

  21. hernanc

    So this would account for much of the famous dark matter and dark energy! Thanks for the great video Anton!

  22. englishcoach777

    Hi Anton. This is the third video of yours I’ve watched today.

  23. Amandus An

    your thumbnail reminded me of Dave’s monolith trip in 2001(book ver.)

  24. james taube

    Anton found the source of the Shadow Proclamation. Well done lad.


    Literally the only channel I get excited about when I see a new video. Thank you anton

  26. Roberto Salas

    Omg the first LGBT++++ galaxy or shadow galaxy 😅🤣😂 no wait he said lsvg 🤔🤭…

  27. Dreamcastknight

    We should look in booties void for more shadow galaxies

  28. SinistaN

    beyond the shadow galaxies lie even more galaxies

  29. Gary Davidsinclair

    You tube subtitles always amuse me, this time it thinks you said ‘hello landfill person…’

  30. Mr Technics

    Nice we found the shadow realm… ITS TIME TO ddddddddUELL!

  31. M W

    I get it , they’re “gender neutral” galaxies.🤭 hee hee.

  32. Fluxx

    Shadow galaxies are just the result of a stellar devourer at work. These scientists should play more stellaris

  33. Relentless Resentment

    I feel like a shadow galaxy.

  34. Nerdsteve01

    OMG – your brain is huge! How can you produce so many of these vids?! Really enjoy them, keep up the great work.

  35. psikogeek

    “The Coming of Shadows”
    Babylon 5, season 2, episode 9

  36. _ Zoinks

    There goes the universe

  37. vladp089

    Do we know if any of these shadow galaxies are in the voids of space such as Bootes void?

  38. Lyri Metacurl

    Do they contain Population III stars?

    Btw, I went on the Internet to listen to Invisible (Tilt) and found this video about invisible galaxies 😂

  39. Jeffrey Packer

    they are remnants of the previous ‘universe’

  40. Speak out and remove all

    ooooh, have you changed your camera?!!

  41. Tom Bruner

    And so it came to be that in a cold and distant universe the galaxies died of loneliness.

  42. Jintaro Kensei

    Hmm…a Shadow in the Warp… sounds familiar.

    Also, inb4 LGBT galaxies overtake the LSBGs.

  43. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    The answer to the question, “what happens to galaxies as they age and most of their mass is absorbed into all the black holes that reside (and are generated) in them?” …

  44. Arnolds Sidabrs

    4 dislikes = 4 people are not wonderful :D

  45. snappy452

    Glad scientists have finally stood up for LSBG rights.

  46. Jim Ladd

    Big bang is erroneous, ergo the “timeline” is inaccurate.

    The dark matter , Matter, is the embodiment of the unknown in the equation , which ultimately is the cyclic/recyclic aspect of the universe , relatively speaking.

  47. Nouman Ashraf

    Means, every galaxy will become a shadow galaxy!

  48. A Barbarian Horde

    Drifting beyond all time
    Out of a churning sky
    Drawn to the beckoning light
    Of the dark eternal night

    Trapped in a hellish dream
    Spinning past worlds unseen
    And frightfully vanishing
    Into the dark eternal night

  49. Luc Face

    Would you ever be interested in making a video tutorial on how do cool things on universe sandbox 2?

  50. TD05SSLegacy

    Do the stars in these galaxies have high ‘metalicity’ and therefore have planets? Even tho dark perhaps calm enough to support life?

  51. Havic 22123

    Huh, I thought there was only one shadow realm

  52. Tony White

    Hello wonderful anton! Your videos are always amazing I listen late at night before bed. I usually dream of space it’s truly amazing.

  53. Alien kumar

    Or this galaxies have type 4 civilizations having dyson spheres around stars….throughout galaxy..

  54. Bassotronics

    I hope Raid Shadow Legends don’t get mad.

  55. Pablo Novi

    8:34 TANK Matter!

  56. Martyn Notman

    Hard to find galaxies. I bet they have a nightmare getting takeout deliveries.
    I much prefer Shadow Galaxy to a string of letters, Astronomy has too many acronyms!

    Thanks Anton!

  57. Yilmar Ya boi

    I find it kind of creepy that he NEVER looks away from the camera

  58. Cecilia Age of Aquarius

    Hello wonderful Anton, I am person. 🖖👽

  59. Paul My Finger

    In the absence of light, darkness prevails. . .

  60. Razias Razias

    James Webb Launch:
    it’s flying, it’s flying….Kaboom
    Well another 10 years to see the Playboy cover of an exoplanet….

  61. D3ath8yBac0n

    Astronomy is my passion, and this channel makes it fun.  Much respect Anton and keep pushing out this amazing content.

  62. Craig F

    Wonder how much mass is tied up in these, and how they affect the calculations on the amount of missing mass they think is made up by dark matter and dark energy.

    Ah, you made it there, cool. Guess I jumped the gun

  63. techstepman

    “Discovery of … Shadow Galaxies” …..who else heard the babylon 5 theme playing in their head?

  64. Kas V

    I can’t wait for that event horizon gravity drive . Everything of late is dark or shadow.😨😨😨

  65. See See Fok

    ily this is really interesting lmao, I like informative channels and videos, this is one of them

  66. Blazed Gaming KR

    2:26 really cool how it has a bit of gravitational lensing as you circle around it. Or it could be a drop in frame rate, but looks cool anyways.

  67. Garance A Drosehn

    Pretty impressive that they were able to find 21 *thousand* of these galaxies’!

  68. freerider t

    Is this the outline of Colinfurze’s screw tank with the not yet built potato gun already mounted? Lol

  69. Carl Koree Ochah

    The outline looks like a Jetson hover car with a turret on top xD

  70. Brian Anderson

    Just when you thought there’s an overwhelming amount of galaxies out there, there are more that can be even closer than those….

    and then there are those that we can never see.

  71. Mike Hipps

    1.3k views in the first 9 minutes. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve it!

  72. Jason Ross

    I always wait for the “ we don’t know / we can’t tell “
    then I take a shot ! Nice work Anton I’m drunk 😂

  73. macsporan

    Poor lonely ghostly old things eternally dying in the cold, starry darkness. Brrr!

  74. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    The discoveries from the recent years of research are amazing. I think science fiction writers should be studying the new data and something like this discovery of shadow galaxy’s is a great place to set a sci fi story.

  75. Barison Dude

    I find it intriguing when it’s a billion years and when he says near like 500 million light years. Seeing back so far in time boggles my mind everyday.

  76. Miles C. A.

    Stephen Hawking believed this is where “Shadow” people come from. It makes sense in more ways than the obvious. Everything has a home somewhere…

  77. Rose Diddy No Relation


  78. Michael Kennedy

    Everything will eventually become a shadow of it’s former self without the revitalisation of interaction. 2020 is looking decidedly dim for the human psyche .

  79. R Carmisin

    I’m an expert in all this, I took up space in high school.

  80. John Barney

    There is no such thing as “so called dark matter” this will be proven in a few years.

  81. Kshetra Purusottama

    Low surface brightness galaxy, but why would you call that shadow galaxy… I just took it wrongly by the name

  82. pangea1now

    And yet people still think the earth is flat…

  83. GySgt USMC Ret

    Brings to mind a song; “Blind Man in The Dark” by Gov’t Mule

    Fair winds and following seas to all.

  84. Hakan Karaağaç

    Author of the paper must write a horror novel.
    I would love to read a horror novel named Shadows in the Dark.

  85. Julian Cate

    Hey, look everyone! Some more “missing matter” is found.

  86. Noob and Friends

    4:00 Well that’s a clone army hover tank thing.

  87. Sean Spartan

    Could this be the source of a lot of the missing matter we’ve been looking for (aka dark matter)?

  88. Mugly Mae

    Kinda changes how we think the universe will end. The galaxies are still there but just dim out

  89. Maryalee Scarlet

    Lonely galaxies fail to develop as well as other galaxies. …This makes me feel sad. Poor shadow galaxies….

  90. will2see

    2:30 – “… and all of their hydrogen is in the neutral hydrogen form, which means that they don’t also have any gas nebula…” – Can you elaborate on this a bit more, Anton? Our Galaxy also has neutral hydrogen and there are emission nebulae, so I don’t see this as an argument. The hydrogen in emission nebulae is still neutral, just excited.

  91. thruthewormhole

    So what you’re saying is that our galaxy will die as an elderly goth edge-lord?

  92. Rastrman TheSeer

    Someone imposed social distancing on those poor, lonely galaxies.

  93. jaymurtii -

    There is probably more dark matter galaxies, than regular galaxies.

  94. Mike Peterson

    Galaxies made of neutral hydrogen and red dim stars? Could they be some of the universe’s original galaxies?

  95. pyronac1

    crazy, almost as if dark matter is just a placeholder for what we dont know.

  96. Janusha

    Fun fact: Nobody has EVER been to a shadow galaxy and made it back alive. Thats how dangerous these things are.

  97. Doug Flewellen

    I would wonder if they have the “standard” SMBH in their center or not? Particularly since they are not bulging in their center. They seem to be very old, very cold.

  98. Terry Endicott

    The moral of this is that if you live alone, you live in the shadows.

  99. dawangai

    “We’re not seeing them, because, well, they’re dark.”

    You see, the thing about space is, it’s black. And the thing about black holes is, they’re black. – Holly

  100. The Exoplanets Channel

    I cant even imagine how many more galaxies will become visible *with James Webb*

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