Dinosaur DNA Possibly Found, But Don’t Expect Jurassic Park Yet

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of potential DNA molecule in an old dinosaur skull.
Paper: https://academic.oup.com/nsr/article/7/4/815/5762999

  1. HaleyMaryArtzab

    I’ve been into dinosaurs ever since I was a young kid. If scientists are able to bring back dinosaurs at some point in the future, I hope they just bring back the herbivores. After seeing the movies, I hope they don’t bring back the t rex, dilophosaurus or the velociraptors.

  2. Dog Faced Pony Soldier

    i don’t care. a dinosaur is a dinosaur. it would still be awesome seeing one of them. also, they might make good pets.

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  4. Tom Miller

    So no Hypacrosaurus fillet steak on the menu just yet. Tastes like chicken?

  5. sacred squirrel

    I am beginning to think that dinosaurs were here more recently than we have been led to believe.

  6. WeBeGood

    The interesting thing is, even tho the DNA degrades, the atoms that make up the DNA may remain in a relative location to the surrounding atoms. Making it possible to read DNA that has decayed, but the relative position of the Atoms were left in Stone.

  7. Kenn Honson X

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  8. Steph Ss

    If DNA disintegrates, where does it go?

  9. FinderX

    But Think!

    Jurasic Farm.

  10. down quark supertrollino

    warrior girl who rides on t-rex and holds a minigun…finally games come true, lmao

  11. Gilgamesh H.

    I would never call any dinosaur that I could actually see walking around, alive boring. Even seeing that one would be amazing.

  12. Rasmine Love

    Yeah it would be cool.

  13. TropicalCoder

    A dinosaur breathing down your neck the whole time and you never noticed.

  14. Esra Erimez

    Hello Wonderful Dinosaur

  15. Tech Guy

    Welcome to Anton Park dadadada dadadadaa dadada Anton-Rex and over there a… you have Veloci-Anton?

  16. Stephen Thomas

    “…not the most popular with kids dinosaur.” As a kid my favourite dinosaur was hadrosaurus. :(

  17. Patrick Campbell

    What YouTube channels are you watching?

  18. Max Pheby

    Hmmm Cat sized mini T-Rex i’ll take two please.

  19. J W

    I always thought we should bring back animal to eat

  20. The Memes of Destruction

    I like Dinosaurs! ^.^

  21. Molly_music band

    Life finds away.

  22. Dominick Versetto

    I bet they taste like chicken! 🎉

  23. Gt Bkts

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  25. Robert Winninger

    OMG! Twice you said archaeology!!! It is paleontology!!! LOL. This is a scientific cardinal sin you may never recover from.

  26. Sam Harper

    Hello, wonderful people!

  27. John Griffith

    Hello Wonderful Anton. Please dont sell this dinos popularity short my friend i plar an online game called Ark and this dinos closely resembles an in game dino called a Parasaur and its very popular among players

  28. curbotize

    Well. Let’s all domesticate a t rex till he can fit in your 10 gallon. And teach triceratopses to sit and pee outside.

  29. Mark Pats

    2 minute video in 10.18 minutes ….how wonderful is that ?

  30. Jimmy DaButler

    It’s Littlefoot!!

  31. deenibeeniable

    We should start cloning them right away, then give them the power to police the planet.

  32. Charles Guthrie

    Change your millions of years view to maybe it’s not MYO?

  33. Chris Herb

    Wishing now too, they would’ve found different DNA because that Hypercow may look boring but (in my actual diet) also somewhat tasty, I had to put some Chickenwings into the oven. 🙊

  34. Kenan Acampora

    Spaseba AHTOH πetpob. 😬

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  36. ricky gore

    Me: expects Jurassic park.

  37. BatChainPuller

    Look out behind you!!!😱

  38. Sequoia Hughes

    And yet: I expect Jurassic Park

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  40. Teri

    loved it

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  42. M B

    Don’t ask me why but I thought by the title of this video that it was going to be about finding dinosaur DNA in a human skull (death by bite) 😂 😂 😂 I was like – wow! This should be interesting 🧐

  43. Mike Laffoon

    Anton: I too shaved a “W” on my face. Boy, do I get comments. I just tell people, “I’m a Wonderful Person.” Anyone who objects is referred to your YouTube site. Blessings to you from California.

  44. Christine McCoy

    Thanks for it being a herbivore

  45. A wiggins

    Thanks Anton !!

  46. carolyn

    Great Anton Thanks for your Research Amazing

  47. AdroitWaterBear

    Anton, I enjoy your channel, always something new to think about. Allosaurous with teeth and claws over your shoulder was unexpected.

  48. KN1F3RJord

    If it’s possible to recreate it, we should so that we can learn from it, bones are one thing, a living creature is priceless. Though sadly it would be alone 😔

  49. jacqui_sparkle

    I loved dinosaurs and Jurassic Park as a kid as well! Also, it’s super interesting hearing that DNA disintegrates upon death. I wonder what causes that to happen…

  50. StarlightEater

    What an amazing time to be alive.

  51. SOKD insIght

    Sweet I’d love anton as a park tour guide

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  53. H Grace

    Different style of video but really very interesting. Thanks as always

  54. Dr Fill

    DNA reconstitution may well be the evolutionary “plan”

  55. Street Monk

    Watch Out Anton. Hes going to bite you on the head! Lol

  56. Ascension Industries

    Years ago I read that one of the largest T Rex femurs in the Smithsonian was cut in half and soft tissues inside were still intact.
    So where’s my T Rex?

  57. Chef Dimi

    This has been a great break from space exploration. I alway love your videos.

  58. EyeDreamMellowDees

    > DNA half life 521 years…
    at what temperature??
    what if cryonically preserved or frozen…?

  59. Dana Downing

    2:40 Perfect alignment with the skeleton’s head.

  60. Enclave Soldier

    I am the first to watch this magnificent gift from the greater God Anton.

  61. Alex 02

    Ok, so basically, Jurassic park is happening…

    Edit: Oops, should’ve watched the first 15 seconds before commenting

  62. Man from Nantucket

    Life uh…

    Finds a way

  63. Kevin Smith

    I agree Anton Jurassic Park is one of my favourite movies as well. You know we’re Jurassic Park went wrong, they kept on making carnivores.

  64. Leafgreen1976

    When the aliens show up, I’ll be coming here for conformation.

  65. Tim Truth

    I feel like my DNA is already disintegrating 🤪

  66. earth dweller

    If they clone a dyno we gonna see a russian dude and his Trex😂

  67. Planet Purgatory

    LOL! That’s so funny…. I went to see Jurassic Park in the theater 3 times when it was released 😀✋ _high five!_

  68. MPart

    I hope those trailing(?) remarks are becoming a feature – they are fun ! Stay safe. -Mike

  69. LightningNC

    This can only end well…

  70. Hatekrew1987

    “Hello wonderful person” how can he not be a good human being? :)

  71. Pasza Dem

    Jurassic park is amazing movie one of the best ever, it’s just perfect to this day, T.rex breakout scene is piece of art!!!

  72. Charles Shreeve

    “Maybe unethical, but still cool.” Funny guy.

  73. James Aron

    Wonderful Dinosaurs

  74. FIRE STORM 3692

    Oh boi here we go again, Don’t give me hope and then crush my dream of ridding a T-REX

    Edit : i knew it..

  75. David Weatherford

    Here’s a thought: Dinasoars on other planets. Whoah! Lol😎

  76. Victor Bruant

    If there’s one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it’s that life will not be contained.
    Life breaks free, it expands to new territories,
    and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh, well, there it is.
    Life will find a way.

  77. Bunny_2007

    Yaaaay, I’d love to see my long lost ancestors. Hope they don’t eat us.

  78. unionjackess

    Viruses 🦠 murder bees 🐝 and now dinosaurs 🦕 ENOUGH ALREADY UNIVERSE!

  79. Kaarli Makela

    Around 1961 my brother and I had a toy called a Viewmaster … and we had a collection of disks on dinosaurs. A modern stereopticon, the images seemed 3D. It was cool … we all love them … because we never have to meet one! That’s for the BIRDS! :)
    ‘Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck my be somebody’s mooootttthhhher …. ‘

  80. Justin Anderson

    I love that you made “Jurassic Park” a verb. I cant wait until we can Jurassic park some DNA.

  81. Simon 'Ghost' Riley

    Just step aside and trust in nature….
    Life Will Find A Way

  82. HOD0R

    you all know what this leads to…

    live action movie of the extreme dinosaurs franchise.

  83. The DORUK

    Are you sure we could *clone* them this time ?

  84. David King

    Thanks for all you do I received my wonderful person t-shirt from my daughter as my birthday present just the other day.

  85. Sorrz

    hello wonderful anton!

  86. Nucleus

    Once there where a specie , called “Homo sapiens”, They revived the Dinosours, and got wiped out :)

  87. Osmosis Jones

    There’s lots of problems in cloning and Epigenetics. And development

  88. Bartłomiej Mazur

    Elon Musk need to sent GMO at Mars to start evolution.

  89. glen moss

    Repercussions be dammed! Clone that boring dino! Suppose it does escape….what’s the worst thing it can do? Graze??🐮

  90. Norris Broadway

    Ah yes at first it’s oww and ahh,but then there’s running and screaming.

  91. Nicholas Czech

    Welcome to Jurassic Park!

  92. FandersonUfo

    You never know what Anton will be discussing but it will always be fascinating

  93. MrProlific Thinker

    They discovered Ducky from land before time!

  94. fergoka

    Hadrosauridas are pretty cool and to be honest, its even more interesting than a t-rex or other over-hyped dinosaurs because they went extinct for real. The birds evolved from theropods and we lost all genetical information of all 4 legged dinosaurs, meanwhile birds still carry partially the old genes.
    I can’t wait more dino related! topics.

  95. Rishav Sarkar

    Me Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2020 : “Ah, finally, it’s over, Emu Land Burned, Star Wars sucked again, had to go to quarentine and pretty sure the North is now the new South, but we have finally made it”.

    Velocoraptor behind me : “Allen, Allen”.

  96. Lystic

    “near the highest lizard” hahahaha

  97. Sebastian Alegrett

    key to watching videos about science: actually watch the damn video and don’t jump to conclusions. wonderful people do not jump to conclussions.

  98. MC's Creations

    Well… Some time ago someone tweeted to Elon Musk that we needed real dinosaurs. He answered “ok”… And it never creeped me out… Until now. 😬
    Stay safe, everybody! 🖖😊

  99. The Brain Reigns

    To me you are one fine individual in the arena of life who shares of his time and knowledge.

  100. myoriginalname

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    Reality: Prehistoric cow.

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