Detection of a 2nd Type of Nuclear Fusion Inside the Sun

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the major confirmation that our sun has another type of fusion going on inside of it.
Older paper:
Bethe’s paper:

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  1. Chad Bremer

    Did you get a new camera or change something? You seem a lot clearer in the videos now. Looks good, what ever you changed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Michael Burke

    The PP cycle is a gusher of energy production at roughly 99% of total output.

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    So Anton, you have managed to get some funny lessons from ZeFrank?😂

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    So that’s where Pokemon came from! Their PP fused in the sun!

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    I still don’t understand what a PP-cycle is and I don’t know if this phrase even exists in english:
    “Don’t piss against the wind.”
    Is that what you meant?

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    Anton has taught me more about space than all of my science teachers combined. Thank you.

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    I always thought the PP cycle started with alcohol. Guess I was wrong.

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    Its good to know that Whiplash is doing something good with his life since Tony Stark locked him up.

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    This one gets a WOW, Anton! Good work, very informative.

  10. N-ne

    Hear me out, what if we can call this new way, the brown cycle?

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    I love that Anton was fully aware that the _pp cycle_ would lead to jokes. I appreciate him having awareness for his more immature audience. Thanks.

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    The ultimate Big PP energy.

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    5:14 Is this a real shot of the sun, or is this computer generated ? 5:14

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    For me, the p-p cycle starts with H2O, sometimes Stella Artois.

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    I can’t wait for the PP livestream…

  16. sleepingbag

    If fusion is so great, why don’t they make a fusion 2?

    Oh, nevermind.

  17. Machinshin

    How come those really hot stars only live a fraction of our suns lifespan, even thou it uses a much more efficient burning method ?

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  22. Equales Rex

    It Stang’s to reason that there maybe more than 2 fusion processes in larger stars

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    Anton and Tamitha sitting in a tree And along came Ben and facked it all up 😂😂

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    Now see, the PP cycle is when the protons have to cross their legs before having a chance to ‘go’ after fusing.

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    How the smeg did you keep a straight face? :D

  28. The Kiosk

    Anton, it’s perfectly fine to call it the p-p cycle. The reasoning is simple: that fusion cycle is responsible for life as we know it. It’s not just any p-p cycle, it’s The Big p-p cycle.

    Physics is full of win now.

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    Hello wonderful person.

    Am I the only one who misses “let’s talk some more about this, welcome to What Da Math”??

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    i have the wonderful person shirt on right now. I also have my own PP cycle. i drink water then i have to go PP.

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    There’s 2 types of reactions going off in the Sun 1 is from Captain Atom the other is from Dr Manhattan

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    The PP cycle is not the 2nd cycle, it is “number 1”

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    Might the CNO cycle be used in fusion energy production?

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  40. Baughbe

    I wonder if the small amount of CNO cycle buffers the overall reaction rate and keeps our sun as a ‘calm’ star versus the heavy flare ejecting stars that are smaller than the sun.

  41. nekad2000

    CNO sounds like the closest thing we might ever have to a perpetual motion machine if we could reproduce it

  42. Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    Hi Anton, does the model used to determine the age of Methusalah’s star use the PP cycle, or would applying this type of fusion bring it back to within the age of the universe?

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    3:15 peek Anton awareness levels.

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    I suggested this to a science fiction author, and they rejected me for simply citing Wikipedia. …im finally vindicated. I can’t wait to rub it in.

  48. gelisob

    Careful with claiming we know our universe pretty well, while 95% of the universe is missing and is explained away with “Dark something” that nobody can detect :P

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    WTF??? Lol!!! Nature is weird 😅😅😅

  50. E2 theLP

    All PP aside, what does this have to say for the current attempts at fusion energy reactors?

  51. Patrick Nelson

    The PP cycle drives the winds on Uranus. _Think about that._

  52. Jason Georgiou

    So does confirmation of the CNO cycle adjust the lifetime of the Sun in any way and will it become our Sun’s predominant form of fusion as time goes by?

  53. Phantom Ooze

    I’ve heard the first time of the CNO cycle. Are there other fusion cycles as well? Can we improve our knowledge about fusion and find a more efficient solution to the hydrogene fusion?

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    Almost everyday you find a world changing story to cover that changes the nature of reality as we know it.
    What Da Math!

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    The sun has it’s own catalytic converter.

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    Anton: when you express temperatures in Kelvin it is custom not to say “degrees Kelvin” but just “Kelvin” only.

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    When two atoms really love each other…

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    Seriously Anton, I ❤️❤️❤️ your videos! You do a great job!

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    This might be the case with other elements aswell with higher temperatures

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