Detecting Alien Technosignatures Using Atmosphere Pollution

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new research in regards to techno-signatures.
NASA workshop:

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    The goverment would censor it until we find out its completely true

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    I just want to point this out: Anton, you are very naive sometimes (mainly when talking about china)

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    Technosignatures: what about the flashes of nuclear detonations?

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    7:00 100 or so “Earth-like” planets. I’m just thinking about the fact that the term “Earth-like” can mean a lot of different things.

  12. Hochspitz Leonbergers

    I really enjoy these easy to understand lessons. Sabine also does a great job with her explanations. Are we only looking at carbon/oxygen based possible alien life? Could there be something really more alien, silicon/chlorine based?

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    Technosignatures: Discovery of sine waves that follow the Boom-Tisk pattern

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    if they have the ability to create their own gravitational field, then they would be able to bypass leaving any signature that they were here.

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    I really believe that there is life outside earth, no question

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    Alien: “There is no way something can live with all that water”

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    Your assuming aliens ‘pollute’ the only planet, or one of the planets they use for the sake of survival for their entire species.

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    Everything is relative, as uncle Albert said. To me, atmospheric pollution is a sign of presence of unintelligent life.

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    The odds are that they wouldn’t be at the polluting stage or they would be way past it just like radio signals.

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    If atmospheric polution signatures indicated there were “moties” on the planet, it would be a good place to steer clear of.

  39. Andre B.

    If I look at the star the image I see are very old, in some case millions of years old, is it the same thing if I use a telescope ? If Nasa find trace of a technological specie will it be still alive ?

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    The aliens are already here……

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    James Webb telescope will be a great asset in this sense.

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    what if said aliens have already reached a technological stage where theyve cleaned their planet?

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    Do we really want to make contact with another species of being that is busy destroying their breathable air?

  44. Francisco Pagan

    Possible extraterrestrial life: Dyson spheres, megastructures, NO2 in the atmosphere as industrial waste. The latter did not know. And if someday possible life is detected, please, let’s not try to communicate with them. (I know that because of the distances it may be impossible). Lest it happen to us like in the movie Independence Day!

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    or intelligent-made a-bomb detonation, they might be fighting for war, who knows

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    It would be ironic if we found alien life by detecting the same gases that we’re using to kill ourselves.

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    Hello, wonderful Anton! With the increase in rocket launches, what if any, pollution problems do you see related to space travel for our planet? BTW: I’ve started sharing your videos with my teenage grandson & daughter, they are both very interested in exploring space and astronomy.

  48. Frank Ligas

    Thanks for the video. NO^2 can also be produced in great quantities if a planet is hit by a gamma ray burst. The best technosignatures are short lived radio isotopes.

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    This is an interesting approach considering that alien life could develop in a entirety different direction than what humans have.

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    I thought pollution was waste and by definition waste from a civilization

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    Genuinely surprised its took this long to look for pollution on other planets :-)

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    Great video. Impressive update on the topic.

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    but i though oumuamua was found to have a reflectivity signature that could most likely be produced by an unnaturally smooth surface ? ? ?

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    How long can detectable atmospheric pollution sustain itself? We might not have more than 250 or so viable years as an industrial fossil-fuel powered civilization. That’s the blink of an eye in cosmic time.

  62. David Gifford Sr.

    Don’t know where else to ask, but I have always had a problem being told this or that could have been caused by a passing star.
    My question is if anything in our solar system had interacted with a passing star, in a realistic timeline, where would said star be now? Do we have evidence a passing star could have been going so fast we could not find it now? Thanks

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    Maybe they see what type of neighbors we are and dont want to meet us

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    anton petrov, phosphane on venus got recently debunked, update your information

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    Spock: Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere i believe we have arrived at the latter half of the 20th century.

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    When it comes to 1I/’Oumuamua, it is time to admit that Loeb’s et. al model best explains and fits all the observed data and anomalies.

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    Anton Petrov … Can we do something similar with regards to Methane, from Cows; Sulfur from Hot Springs, and Nuclear Meltdown?

    Filtrations Systems: VIA Clam population
    Cedar Tree Terraformation
    Incomapleux (Inland Temperate Rainforests)
    0=Sum Environmental/Civilization

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