Detailed Proof of Dark Matter/Dark Energy Released, But Something Is Odd

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about major discoveries and confirmations coming from the Dark Energy Survey
One of many papers:
Dark Energy Survey

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  2. chrysalidslave

    “They actually prove Einstein extremely correct”
    Extremely correct… The best kind of correct.

  3. Anton Petrov

    Also something that I didn’t clarify. The term dark matter is a poor name – a better term is “unknown mass anomaly” – nobody knows what’s causing this – could be particles, could be new physics, but the signs are there and are undeniable. This is was was proven by this release.
    The new study confirmed the existence of this anomaly in near space, just like it was proven in far space before. It did not confirm the existence of some strange particles. Or that dark matter is particles at all. Particles are just the better explanation right now.
    It also was very good at showing that dark energy effects (once again, bad name) seem to be there as well.
    It’s important to remember that a lot of these are based on ideas and theories that are constantly being developed and reassessed so nothing here is set in stone.

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    Einstein is right forever because he said “ As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”

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    “New sources suggest dark matter doesn’t exist”

    Media channels- ” Newton was wrong! “

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    “we understand the universe very well”
    “dark matter is everywhere”
    “we have no idea what it is”

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    Albert Einstein is the intellectual version of Chuck Norris!

  14. grosslyoverrated

    anton, have you ever done videos on the complex network dynamics that seem to govern the cosmic web, but also differently sized complex systems, such as neuronal network dynamics in our brains or slime mold growths or supercities and their human transportation systems? i try to read some of the research, but id love to hear your version of a sythesis!

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    this started a little angry =)))) i love it

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    That video was
    Very intriguing 🤔

    I always felt life and mind (nerve insides) kind of resemble the filaments of the physical vacuum.
    If the number of such connections in our brain exceeds our belief known to be there must be a multiverse. Something sorted out before the big bannnnng.bannnnng ,
    The origin of all could still be represented out there somewhere but no way to get back🥸🥸

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    Very interesting indeed, we’d do well to remember that the mercury anomaly was also very small a hundred years ago!

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    Nowadays, as soon as I see “Einstein proven wrong?” I instantly know, “ok so his theories have been reinforced then.”

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    Excellent video Anton.
    You mentioned that their value of Ho was 68.1. As this is a late time measure does this conflict with SHoES 73.

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    Person: gets haircut

    Everybody: This was not in our calculations

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    “…prove that dark matter seems to exist.” That statement contradicts itself. Either we have proof it exists or we don’t, everything else is just evidence, not really proof.

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    1/8th already?? Awesome! Then I have a hope to see the survey compete in my life-time.

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    *finds weird place where laws of the universe don’t apply*

    Oh, it’s just New Jersey.


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    I feel like we are scarily close to creating a CG big bang and letting it play at 400x lightspeed, with these statistics.
    So which simulation tier do you guys think we are?

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    didn’t i just see an article the other day like “losing the dark matter argument, it’s probably not there” or something?

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    Meanwhile @ CIA Official Declassified Documents:
    “Physical reality as we have so strictly defined it, simply does not exist”

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    So it turns out the universe is behaving “exactly as the simulations predicted” …

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    “not everything” “more or less correct” that means not correct. you are either right or wrong. if the singularities still exist than anything could be wrong

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    Study proofs Gravitational Lensing, one of Einstein’s biggest predictions.
    Media: “Einstein was wrong”

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    I ignore headlines that say “Einstein was wrong” a long time ago.

  49. C J

    Crazy idea from someone who doesn’t know: what if the lensing we see is actually from a low light black hole much much closer to us than the lensed light behind it? So I guess that would be essentially saying, what if dark matter was just a ton of tiny low light black holes?

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    Anton, thank you for an entertaining and informative channel. I must comment though that your use of the word “proof” may be misleading. The data from DES may be considered as supporting evidence for dark matter/energy, not proof. Thank you, wonderful person.

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    “Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes
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    Proof of dark matter would be production of the particle and/or wave responsible. These things only exist in computer simulations at present.

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    Dark matter/dark energy explained:

    My boss: “I noticed your register didn’t balance until you wrote in $1000 of ‘unknown’, mind explaining that to me?”

    Me: “Dark revenue.”

  69. Alex Ogle

    Oh Anton, your news story came from the BBC. As someone who grew up with the BBC, I advise you never trust them on their face. Even their flagship science programme “Horizon” has been going steadily downhill since the early 2000s.

  70. Kalt Kalt

    So… the mystery of “dark matter” (whatever it is) is a real, confirmed, legitimate mystery.

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    Anton: I take issue with “dark matter exists” being proven. The only thing proven is that there is unexplaned curvature of spacetime.

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    Thank you Anton, when I saw those headlines the other day, I didn’t even click on them as, knowing how bad the MSM blow up all science info out of proportion, I thought it best to wait for someone who knows what the hell they are talking about to explain the research results in an understandable way.

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