Detailed Look At Antares Reveals Huge Atmosphere – 12x Size of the Star

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new measurements of the true size of the giant star Antares – it’s a lot bigger than we ever thought!
Image Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF, S. Dagnello

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    Studying the evolution of (different types of) stars is an important part for the understanding of our universe if not the golden key to it I’m convinced. –
    Sometimes I’m wondering if we (that are made out of elements born into our universe) are the manifestation of self awareness of this universe.
    Life here and there lighting up shortly like neurons in a huge, cold and dark brain. ๐Ÿ˜…

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    OMG it has an atmosphere! There is is life on that star!!!!

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    Another fascinating subject with new findings and discoveries that are interesting to hear.
    Thanks Anton !!

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    Please excuse my French, but, I do not think you have your Sun calorimeter properly calibrated, from sea to shininG plasma. “Hey, let’s go into the deeper freeze of outer space and get hotter out there!” “And, again!” You do know Mills has myriad upon myriad ways to measure dark matter as well as produce dark matter. The only byproduct is oxygen but, already, I am off the subject. Bye for now. :/D

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    Those planets maybe dead for life now, but after the star transformation they would not be inundate with the basic elements for life? Like a second generation for life to form? If, of course it’s in the right distance. Just some random speculation.

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    See the black hole yet its on a 360ยฐ set out???? Want to know what dose the heat belt ????????? On the thermal!

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    So it’s a star with weak gravity because its expanded to the point its mass is thinly distributed

  19. Matt CA

    uh, we know much of the liquid water on Earth will evaporate in the next 500 millions to 1 billion year due to increase luminosity of the Sun alone, would this new fact mean we have even less time to relocate life ?

  20. Chris Yunge

    Is there a new type of radiation producing such anomalies, but have you the tech to see…??????

  21. Giovanni Salazar

    Anton. What is your thinking of thoughts of those really massive round dark objects they cought around our sun taking plasma, or something from our sun, then they take off extremely fast.. and they are extremely huge, much larger then the earth.. have you see this???

  22. Andrew H

    Easy answer for why there is a layer of hot plasma on the surface is leaking fusion plasma over the years trapped in a natural magnetic bottle in a vacuum. Lets say each of the boiling bubbles that pop carry even just a few pounds of plasma you will have a huge amount fast in that trapped pocket.

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    Why do super massive red giants pictured to look so clumby and uneven surface?

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    Imagine the Antarans living on their equivalent of Neptune’s moon, which is perfectly warm and habitable. Then they discover freaks like us who basically live in our star’s backyard.

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    Scientists keep observing more and more matter in the universe ; i.e the halos of galaxies, the distributed atoms of “empty space”, black hole matter and big chromospheres around large stars. Dark matter/energy is the very stuff we could not observe in the past and now are beginning to see….nothing exotic but very interesting indeed.

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    the stars are powered by the galactic birkeland currents, it somewhat explains why the outer layers are so much hotter than the interior

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    What happens to normal matter when it encounters these very high temperature atoms in very near vacuum? Say you gave a cow a spacesuit and had it way out in the far chromosphere of Antares. When the cow hits the individual atoms, would there be any significant interactions noticeable on a macro scale?

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    Although ALMA and VLA operate in different frequency bands, they are very similar systems which operate on many of the same fundamental principles and a lot of systems in ALMA are closely related to those of the VLA.

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    Are those “dark” patch either terrestrial sort of material that is caught over a subduction zone?

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    The unexplained source of energy for the chromasphere may be explained in part by cosmic electrical currents such that are proposed by the Safire sun model (also electric universe by thunderbolts project)

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    In today’s thrilling adventure, evil genius Anton moves the red guant Antares to the centre of The Solar System and causes it to go supernova! Can all the wonderful people be saved? Find out in today’s exciting episode of What Da Math!

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    Back in the day when the only time you could take a picture of the outermost part of the Sun was during a Solar Eclipse there were streams going away that varied from eclipse to eclipse. Will they get so numerous that they will seem to cover most if not all of the Sun?

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