Creation of a Magnetar Or Some Other Strange Phenomenon Just Seen

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the detection of an unusually bright flash that may have been caused by a new phenomenon.
Event description:
Press release:
Other magnetars:

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  1. Gamer X

    wait, a KILONOVA!

  2. Chris Iapetus

    That is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. (Since high school.) 6 bil years ago & a solid percentage of the known universe away, more energy was transformed in 2 sec than our star will convert in 8 bil yrs !! and we just watched it happen. Colossal. Unthinkably so. Thank you for bringing it to our attention wonderful skywatcher !

  3. stu Art

    Maybe it was a collision between a magnatar and a neutron star..

  4. SCNZ

    This is type of content is why youtube was created

  5. Richard Thompson

    I miss ‘What Da Math’…. How about What In Da Universe?

  6. Epiclight GD

    If kilo nova makes gold, and this one is more extreme… then I hope it made some netherrite!1!1

  7. Graeme Mudie

    They have to happen in somebody’s life time; why not ours?

  8. michael fernandez

    I still haven’t received two sweatshirts…Three months…

  9. Steve Sloan

    Why do I feel your chasing local nano gravity?
    Good for dust.🤨

  10. Alan W

    The most extremely extremely unusual extreme video to date!

  11. Daniel Jones

    If it isn’t a magnestar, I have to wonder if we didn’t just witness the creation of a quark star🤔🤔

  12. Stop the Philosophical Zo

    How does one compute the frequency of neutron star collisions?

  13. Benny

    Could we estimate the proportion of different types of stars from the relative abundance of elements found on earth? If so, then it would seem that such massive neutron starts should not be that rare at all.

  14. daniel sebold

    Thank you, wonderful guy

  15. Preview43

    Your videos are always very informative, Anton. Thank you

  16. Christopher D'Erasmo

    What if what happened was that the beam was aimed directly at us.

  17. Julius Daltoe

    Hello wonderfull dude, you’re nice!!!!

  18. Graeme Brumfitt

    Hello Wonderful Anton. TFS, G :)

  19. Cesar Ita

    He’s so cute

  20. arun

    What’s the second outro song called?

  21. nitramyar

    This is a news channel that never fails to inspire me, and it doesn’t feature any politicians. Thank you for these videos, Anton!

  22. Peter Resetz

    @ Anton,
    Near the end of this video the audio started to distort. I also noticed this from the last vide. Other then that, another great video from you. Peace out ✌️

  23. mcburcke

    Cool info! Anton you are da man…we love you dude.

  24. David Cross

    Wonder if something runs along the tendrils that connect things in space if it will affect it as far as our perception of it goes.
    Gravitational waves move at the speed of light?

  25. anon. aki

    The Star Maker got a new, bright idea )

  26. Colonel1233

    love this channel :D

  27. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  28. Kali Henson

    Hope there is ni light reflection in the universe this could be its second pass.

  29. Gorfic StarShadow

    was this about a year ago? i watched a star brighten and ive never seen anything so amazing.

  30. Locadio Marcucco

    Thank you wonderful Anton.

  31. Jimbeaux

    Maybe a few of these explain why we can’t find anybody out there.

  32. Wallah Halal

    What happened to your intro? it was dope af, the music

  33. John94709

    This event has been pre recorded.

  34. Mark Rice

    Another wonderful thing shared by a wonderful person. Thank you Anton.

  35. M K

    It was cool to see the periodic table with where the elements came from. I had never seen that before.

  36. slicerjohn 189

    Dam that happened before our solar system was even formed.

  37. Steve Sloan

    Every second is a gazillion segments.
    Energy over time and dispersion of energy over distance.
    Lensing time reversal. 😘🤓🍀🍀🍀🤜🏼🤛🏼😎😏

  38. Michael Workman

    Shout it out, Anton! A new baby has been born, no need to whisper! >;)


    Hello wonderful Anton! this is person.

  40. James Nagy

    Theoretically what would that mean for any possible dimensions next to it?

  41. An on

    Thanks Anton been waiting for your video on this one 👍🙏❤️

  42. ktx49

    Anton still loves using those extra adverbs that end in -ly lol…clever way to ACTUALLY make videos longer 😎

  43. Malt Whiskey

    If we can see these events from anywhere in the universe, expansion of space must have stopped.

  44. Paul Ross

    Let’s dedicate this video to everyone celebrating Diwali! 🙏💥💥💥💥

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    Wonderful Anton is deeply addicted to Star Wars t-shirts!

  46. Jude James

    Where the intro, it’s been like two weeks

  47. Teenage Mutant Piana Turt

    Death Star blowing up? 🤷‍♂️

  48. Francisco Pagan

    Strange object! Thanks Anton!

  49. quorts

    it makes me uncomfortable how he makes eye contact with the camera

  50. GlitterJuice

    Maybe Luke just destroyed the Death Star there?

  51. Alberts stuff

    I just kinda realised, like everything else (and due to gravity) the universe is dying 😐
    I better stock up on canned goods.

  52. R0m

    Anton, my goal for the next few months is to Like every single one of your videos. They are interesting, very well done and it honors me to support a fellow Canadian from the province of Quebec. Thanks for everything you’re doing, can’t say this enough.

  53. Karl Jensen

    Hard to fathom this event happened 6 billion years ago.

  54. darrick steele

    that’s my favorite periodic table, I have a printed copy of it on my wall 😀

  55. Brian Steele

    This kind of answers an Idea, question I had a few days ago. Thank you Anton.

  56. CryoDrakon

    Phenomenal video’s and explanation’s. Thanks!

  57. P. Patrick Tukkers

    Great video.
    There is something about your jump cuts, I love them.
    They have become your trademark.
    Could you do a funny clothing change with every cut for once?
    It’s something hilarious I often imagine, sorry for that.

  58. Abhishek Pharate

    To the point
    Scientifically accurate as per available information
    Anton being the most wonderful person as always
    Love your vids

  59. sonlightobed

    Thanks for the info Anton!
    (When was this first observed?)

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  61. MEME123Insanity

    Seeing a flash from that distance is looking back in time 6 billion years ago. That’s amazing! Waow

  62. John Brodt

    Wow!!! Anyway you could help us understand the location of this event? Perhaps it happened in a constellation we are familiar with? Did it happen near the constellation Aquarius by chance?

  63. Robert Chase

    The word of the day is “extremely”.

  64. Punisher Blaids

    Imagine hyper intelligent life that’s capable of manipulating stars and black holes.

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    Thanks again, wonderful Anton!

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    Whenever I’m stressed, which is every single day, I come to Anton. He tells me I’m a beautiful person, and it makes me feel warm and loved during these troubling times. You’ll never know how many people hold on through your videos Anton!

  67. Sam Harper

    I’m just glad it didn’t happen in OUR galaxy.

  68. xrm160xqw

    this happened already 6 billions years ago and you’re reporting about it now ? antooooon 🤦🏻‍♂

  69. sytae aurora

    This would be great if it’s an actual Magnetar. They are very interesting and to see one created is even better.

  70. R Kaiser

    Anton, I think we definitely got extremely super lucky finding you on YouTube.

  71. Wayne Shirey

    “…almost certainly convinced that this is most likely…” To an old man, this 21st century lingo seems to lack hard edges 🤔

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    Hopefully whatever’s controlling the universe saw the shape we’re in globally and are pushing a hard reset.

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  74. Mr Jean Deaux

    We’re just seeing it, but the actual event (the two second, bright flash) occured before Earth even existed. Wrap your head around that, if you can!

  75. theemissary1313

    Neutron stars are without a doubt my favourite thing in the universe

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    6 seconds and they already have 21 comments.

  77. Science Troll

    There’s an element of masochism in my love of neutron stars.

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    You are the best! Have a great day anton!

  79. Clayton Berg

    Last time I was this early, you were homeless.

  80. The Great Hadoken

    That light was produced before our Solar System even existed as a full-fledged solar system. Certainly before our Earth existed at all.

    That’s astonishing when you think about it. It’s like that Amazon order that you totally forgot about, finally getting delivered years later.

  81. patrick hayes

    Always rocking it sir. Thanks for the hard work helping us not so bright folks learn every day

  82. Buffalo Guts

    Imagine popping that into your neighbours letterbox.

  83. BluBlu06

    6 Billion jears ago, everybody in that Galaxy: “Look a second sun!”

  84. G R

    You just brightened up my sad day.

  85. slumlord

    Watch it ends up being a lot closer than they originally thought.

  86. Keef Junior

    What if two magnetars collided? I know they are incredibly rare, but the universe is big and our instrumentation weak. I suggest these events happen much more often than we have been able to detect.

  87. Patrick Star

    Why did i read this as “Creation of a Magmar or some other strange pokemon just seen”.

  88. Abstract Concrete

    6:49 – Auminium was 100% made at a core of a dying massive star.
    (takes a glance at his bike)
    (frame is aluminium alloy)
    (it was once in a core of a star)
    (mind blown)

  89. Steve

    These images are BREATHE TAKING Thank You for sharing

  90. Saturn BS

    *Hello wonderful Anton this is Anton!*

  91. Chunkie

    I read, and correct me if I am wrong, that when Hubble is finished they will burn it up in the atmosphere. I wish they could somehow retrieve it and make a special place for it at the Smithsonian. I realize the size is massive, but it has done too much for us in Space exploration just to be burnt up into nothing and should be displayed imo.

  92. The DORUK

    We have *finaly* caught an Intergalactic Union Spacecraft *Warp Jumping(!!)*

  93. N S

    Anton, your uploads are such a refreshing escape from our chaotic month. Thanks 🙏👍

  94. J mow-T

    The event that ends humanity will also “Really surprise scientists” Ive always hated that line when it comes to bright flashes in space.

  95. Fermioncool Fermioncool

    Hubble still seems to be very important

  96. The Journey

    Of all things this im sure, the universe is easy, and humans make it hard

  97. Furbs

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

  98. Bram Moerman

    “Currently producing a lot of stars”. . . “currently” being 6 billion years ago. . .

  99. Kristen Sorensen

    We just witnessing a 6 billion yr old event.

  100. DeKrampus 11111

    I’ve never seen a kilonova blow up, but if it’s anything like my old Chevy Nova, it’ll light up the night sky!

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