Could Exotic Life Exist Inside a Star? This Paper Suggests So

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an idea of exotic life surviving and thriving inside stars
Dragon’s Egg book:

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  1. robdee81

    How would you even search for life in a star? How could you get a sample? I think we may be better off spending our time looking for more recognisable forms of life , but it is still very interesting.

  2. studiobrill

    And as the Cosmos lives, Just like a parasite inside us we are life within life.

  3. Light Science

    In the book From A Changeling Star the stars are alive. Their magnetic fields I think, make up their consciousness. But they are on very streeched out time frames. So you have to experience dilation to communicate. Great book. Not his hat, but great. Chaos Chronicles rocks.

    I didn’t finish dragons egg

  4. Dom

    Oh my god Anton are you alright? I hope that bird didn’t seriously injure you

  5. Henchman Twenty1

    The likes were at 666. I’m afraid to touch that… Edit: Okay, it evolved into 777 in the time it took to watch the video so I’m good now.

  6. Mr Ben

    Arthur C Clarke’s short story Out Of The Sun is also about sun dwelling life forms. It can be found in the short story collection The Nine Billion Names Of God.

  7. Brad Lackey

    It’s like the end of Sid Meier’s Aplha Centauri

  8. zero15388

    If life evolves in stars and becomes humanoid, they’ll need space suits powered by lava

  9. Jaiman K

    I’d like to point out that the middle of the proto star life at 5:26 is shaped like a star, which is adorable and hopefully true of real star life!

  10. Vector Equilibrium

    I know of parasitic life forms that feed off your fear and apathy. 😁☮️❤️🙏🏻

  11. Zenlarrus Hiro

    Hope there might be Novakids in one of those stars…

  12. TTLt106

    seraphim! I knew it!!! THEY’RE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Silas Dense

    Thank you for another great video.
    Also, for all the time/effort that you put into these videos.

  14. Terry Endicott

    I would like to have a conversation with star life — they must be very bright.

  15. Horatius Cocles

    Hello Anton! this is beautiful person ^^

  16. MicroClases

    Hey Anton, at the end of 2001. Space Odissey, in the book, the astronaut can see some form of intelligent movemens in the surface of a star

  17. Vibrator !

    The range of incredible applications of these oxymoronic scalar magnetic charges never ceases to impress..

  18. Todd Boothbee

    I watched Solaris on Open Culture. One of the great films.

  19. Mahmoud Chabab

    Hi Anton ! Great video, the part where you were talking about particles and exotic particles got me very interested in this topic. Would you mind making a video about this subject ?

  20. nyyotam

    E.G. like the fire storms of Frastra, where, they say, life begins at 40,000 degrees ( Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Omnibus: A Trilogy of Five )

  21. Dylan Pank

    I recommend “Starmaker” by Olaf Stapleton, it also has some extraordinary ahead of his time concepts (including Dyson spheres long before Freeman Dyson thought of them) but includes plant based sentient beings and even the idea of concious nebulae.

  22. Senge Arkenon

    C’tan confirmed

  23. Viktor Medina

    Excellent content as always! Thank you, Mr. Anton!

  24. annex celestial

    I’m camping now so I can’t check out your videos til Friday but I was red to Thank you for sharing your knowledge…I have enjoyed your channel for over a year now

  25. Fox indabush

    Seriously Anton, thanks bro. Appreciate the book and movie recommendations as well.

  26. Chris Mccolm

    Amazing man, great job. Always a treat to watch your videos! Keep them coming 🤘

  27. Jon Nupe

    Awesome, I saw the paper this is about! Glad it’s being covered

  28. Die Bunny

    Any one remember a short story about finding gravity based life using a probe we sent to Jupiter?

  29. OgdenThorntonFamily

    Thanks for the memory! I loved that book and had forgotten it. What a blast from the past!

  30. Brian Gibb

    love Dragon’s Egg :)

  31. кιℓℓυʍιηαтι

    so before we exploded into cosmic dust that reconfigued into what we are now we could have been living stars ^^

  32. Nemo C

    Send Big Shaq into the sun to find life “man’s not hot”

  33. Jerry Goss

    Can you imagine what life is like inside of a star? Must be horrifying.

    Prayers going out to the star lifeforms

  34. LW Riker

    Cool! I’ve never read a story with life forms in or near a star. Will (pun intended) look.

  35. Pora

    Yesss, thanks for the dragons egg shoutout! I LOVEEEE that book

  36. Adymn Sani

    the time has come, the Walrus said,
    to talk of many things:
    of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax-
    of cabbages-and kings-
    and why the sea [star] is boiling hot-
    and whether pigs have wings

  37. William Skarnes

    Reminds me of an episode of the original Star Trek series where an advanced form of life was composed of pure energy.

  38. Sorrz

    I’m thankful to have you on youtube Anton! You will help inspire other to keep looking towards the stars!

  39. AdidasBoy711

    Dam everyday would be lit af being able to survive in a star

  40. RyanFromUltrasound

    I look forward to coming across these videos again after we discover E.T.s

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    3:00 Hold up, what’s your organization management like, that you can make such high level future action claims Mr. Wonderful? Considering your quantity of upload content, future~past content metadata revision claims management could get out of hand quickly. If it were me, the chaos is inevitable.

  42. bhargava pothakamuri

    Hey, PBS Space Time has done a video similarly by Dr. Matt. I was wondering on your take on it. And here it is !

  43. Phill M156

    Thanks Anton, I have this on my reading list. Now it’s going to the top.

  44. The Rodestarr

    What an amazing and wonderful person.

    Thank you for your positivity, you brighten up my day.

  45. Ace

    There’s even a theory that suggests the entire universe is conscious, because the cosmic web seems to resemble a human brain, with galaxy clusters acting as the neurons.

    So it’s less “Life will uh find a way” as it is “Life IS the way.”

  46. RN

    Come on Dude!! The SUN and all stars are living entities !!!!

  47. jln

    One of the first science fiction short stories that I read featured plasma like beings that lived in a sun who developed technology to investigate their solar system and debated whether life could exist in such an inhospitable environment as a rocky planet.
    Just saying…not a new concept, but doing the math and modeling how it could happen is fantastic.

  48. Cristopher Pruitt

    Do some DMT and you might very well meet some million year old aliens that were born inside a star.

  49. Tyler Scheurer

    I feel like everyone should explore outside of their earthly mind sets

  50. miriam

    Thanks for the recommendations! The old Solaris movie is really good, although I’m personally more of a Kin Dza Dza person

  51. Matthew Hervert

    What are we gonna do when we discover so many varieties of life that the extreme factor is thinking so specific about life?

  52. MC's Creations

    I agree about the importance of wild speculations like that, but science is based in what we know, based in what has been evidenced before.
    That’s why we have to keep looking for life like ours.

  53. Fern Bedek

    I think we rented the 1970s Soviet Solaris from the library when I was in high school.

  54. Pup314

    Is it possible that cosmic strings or the giant intergalactic filaments connecting Galaxies are the same thing as Lay Lines on Earth?

  55. Raviel

    6:50 Finally…thank you.

  56. Steven Perry

    Anton, you should have a go at one of my favorites, the late, great Iain M. Banks, his Culture series is amazing.

  57. Durrin ofthe Ozarks

    Just when I thought the Foundation couldn’t get any more out there with their “pattern screamers” Anton comes along and proves us wrong.

  58. DaveFromColorado

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!

  59. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if stars themselves are alive

  60. Dr.Green Thumb

    Sad day:-( EddieVanHalen died.

  61. planescaped

    What if the universe itself is some giant living creature and we’re the equivalent of bacteria living in its colon…

    Ponder that while stoned.

  62. Eric Upchurch

    Solar Angels? Could this be the Light in the Afterlife???

  63. Luis Urribari

    0:29 I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  64. Ink Tea

    Bro, I’m writing a book in which the plot revolves around finding a species of god-like beings that lives inside of stars. Never did I think this would be based on fact. O_O

  65. Madvillain

    One of the few YouTubers that I follow everyday :)

  66. mister jib

    Oftentimes as much dogma in science as religion. Nice one for pushing the boundaries in this one Anton. And cheers for the recommendation 🌞🙏

  67. IB Hunter

    I read Dragon’s Egg as a kid. It is still one of my favorite books. I need to reread the book! Thanks!

  68. Alain Martel

    Solaris… Yes, I remember reading that book, way back in the 70’s. Never finished it. There was a something in it that made me go away…

  69. Frisco Rose

    It has been a very long time since I read that book, thank you for the nostalgia!

  70. TANKE

    “In the Suns we remember; in the Planets we forget.” – Eliphaz Levi

  71. Georgi Tushev

    Fascinating! I just purchased Dragon Egg from Audible, stocked! 😍

  72. Andreas Krause

    Lesson learned: monopolists on the sunny side of life act like puppets on a string.

  73. Looper Birhinger

    I was wondering the same in my early twenties. Thought that there is some possibility after all.

  74. Dalton Power

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  75. Joris Rietveld

    I always love your content do you also watch spacetime, they released a video about this recently and I like that your also covering this. greeting from france!

  76. Kugel Blitz

    Whenever I check notifications, Anton is always there. A loyal friend.

  77. Ross McLeod

    Thanks for the heads up on ‘Dragons Egg’ Anton. Tarkovsky is one of cinemas greats too. ‘Stalker’ being a personal fave.

  78. MaddMely

    Life inside an astronomically hot nuclear fusion ball… I think Anton is still recovering from Hotel life.

  79. BazilRat

    Dragon’s Egg. A treatise on neutron star physics, disguised as a very good novel. Love that book!

  80. Richard DeLotto

    I still remember a quote: “There is a finite amount of knowable truth.” May it be so…

  81. EnTrapeneur

    Hey Anton You Wonderful Man

  82. Jay

    “Most of the life around us is based.”

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  84. Stefan Oberli

    That book must have inspired Stephen Baxter to write “Flux”. Sounds similar! Good read btw.

  85. Kurt Cushwa

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who loved The Dragon’s Egg. It is a great primer on time and gravity.

  86. Enderle Property Service

    Dragons Egg…my absolute favorite Sci Fi book!

  87. Dave Scruton

    Life is all pervasive. There is no doubt the universe is teaming with life we probably would never recognize.

  88. Emre Veliu

    Idk bout life in a star but you’re the star of YouTube 🔥

  89. Trev Ken

    Doesn’t it depend on how you define “life”?

  90. Nicko G.

    There could be electric naga swimming around in the sun’s corona.

  91. Paul Lamontez

    John Michael Godier suggested that life could be made from plasma. If so then perhaps stars themselves could be alive.

  92. HeyHeyHarmonicaLuke

    Yesssss Dragon’s Egg is a favorite book of mine! That and The Black Cloud.
    I sent them to my wife to read back when we were dating <3

  93. Kneedragon1962

    Frank Herbert (Dune) also wrote about life in the outer parts of a star.
    My own concept, would be like the star-version of Gaia. Maybe the star itself becomes alive, and aware…
    Let’s say a new universe is created by the arrival of a neutron-star / singularity down the worm-hole. The process of squeezing into the wormhole is slowed at the source, but sped up at the destination. A super-massive black hole that’s been ‘evaporating’ for a billion years, arrived at a place that didn’t exist until it got there. Then time is not a thing yet, and there’s no Higgs Field, so there’s no mass, which means there’s no gravity, and no inertia, and without time, things like the speed-of-light limit are nonsensical… The ‘arrival’ is going to be the same as a virtual-particle from quantum physics. Without an observer, who can comprehend at least some of what she’s watching, that new universe is going to wink out again. Ok, but what if a non-physical entity went through the wormhole? Maybe someone so advanced they were post-physical, or maybe someone who found a way to survive the end of their physical body ~ let’s call that one a soul, or a ghost. So a ghost does base-jumping into a super-massive black hole and becomes the ‘God’ of another universe. That goes along with the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, that comprehension creates reality.
    Ok – are we up to speed?
    Now suppose your massive star goes super-nova, and black hole, and then acquires a lot more refuse and reaches a critical mass, and opens a wormhole. Suppose that star was not only alive, but intelligent. Suppose it was a conscious entity… Maybe the ancients who worshipped the sun & the stars were onto something… Maybe the ‘Gods’ really are the bright lights in heaven…. Maybe ‘Wish upon a star’ is not as silly as you think.

  94. Richard B

    I’ve often considered that could be a possibility.

  95. Ricky

    This man is a national treasure

  96. scott stutzman

    I’m to the point that life could survive anywhere and is everywhere. Stars create life when they die right it may take a bit of time but we came from star dust. And if single celled microbes can live in space for who know how long then I’m sure life can be anywhere. Do We really know what life even is other than our beliefs now. Does life have to breath does it need water what is out there that we don’t understand. My guess is plenty that we have no idea what it is or how it lives. Sound crazy well sure it does but we have to get past what we think is life and how it has to fit in our box.

  97. James Barrett

    Another story with the idea of a living star is “Whipping Star” by Frank Herbert.

  98. Gavin Kisebach

    Well yeah, C’Tan can survive stars obviously.

  99. Pan Galactic Plenipotenti

    “Life is not only stranger than you imagine ….. its stranger than you ‘can’ imagine.”

  100. Mark Fergerson

    Anton, if you liked “Dragons Egg” you’ll probably also like “Sundiver” by David Brin. Among other things he imagines toroidal plasma lifeforms living just above the Sun’s photosphere. Also check out Stephen Baxter’s “Xeelee Sequence” series of books with life forms that live *inside* a neutron star, and another that inhabits black holes.

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