Cold War Nuclear Tests Had an Unexpected Effect on Rainfall

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that discovered that during the 1960s, the nuclear tests resulted in the dramatic increase in rainfall around the planet and discover the mechanism behind it.

  1. YouTube Creator

    I knew you were from South Korea from you’re accent :’

  2. Tristun Alekzander

    Could you do a video about the mini ice age theory? It has to do with galactic cosmic rays causing increased cloud cover. Whatever your position is on the matter I’d love to watch it.

  3. thoriginalSpaceDiver

    Tesla coils! MASSIVE Tesla coils! That would do it.

  4. bobby boucher

    canada started a long time ago to make rain lol 10 to 20 years ago

  5. Ducky Dog

    Wouldn’t the radiation kill everything anyway?

  6. Rick N Backer

    Is there a correlation between the amount of energy released by an atomic detonation, and the causal amount of registered rainfall that followed? Or, more simply put, did the more powerful release = more rainfall? Excellent video A.P. Thanks for sharing, RNB

  7. Keith Douglass

    👽🌏🐨 can only make rain.if the moist air goes that direction. Keith Australia

  8. primoroy

    Seed the stratosphere with very short half life radioactive dust?

  9. Jay Devine

    In the big H bomb tests you can see the primary fission explosion being pushed away by the much larger thermonuclear fireball.

  10. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    Honestly, I’d think they temporarily altered the jet streams, especially the really large above-ground detonations like *Tsar Bomba* Making global predictions based on UK rainfall is a bit suspect in my opinion. PS> Silver nitrate is known to encourage cloud formation.

  11. erik nelson

    I always saw the invention and test of nuclear weapons as humanity shooting itself in the foot with a 50 caliber round but it seams that MIGHT be able to be used for helping humanity continue. Another method we could use to electrify the atmosphere is is a very precise electromagnetic pulse which if had to guess would likely be the cause of the precipitation after the nuclear tests since nukes will throw out an EMP upon detonation

  12. Michael Angelos

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Make It rain”.

  13. Scott West

    Um we already have HARPAA we used it in Vietnam

  14. Deep Math

    love you channel from china

  15. Dimi Noise

    And if we are successful, there’s no telling how much more damage can be done.. just correcting your script a bit..

  16. Natasha Mawby

    Dear Anton, I enjoy your videos and don’t normally comment. However, I was wondering perhaps if you are aware of any recently published research articles reporting possible longer term effects of high altitude nuclear testing conducted prior to the ban, such as the infamous Operation Starfish Prime for example.

  17. radiowallofsound

    Anton how about a video on Nasa discovery on Antartida (ANITA anternna) ?

  18. Cezariusus

    Isn’t it possible that the test were made specifically before rain?

  19. Dwane

    Mate all could think about vis Tesla and pyramids 😂

  20. Nice Marcus

    Great job always interesting my friend!!!! U r the man!

  21. pentagramprime

    Am I the only one here who’s scene “Black Rain” with Michael Douglas?

  22. Rich Mitch

    I’d rather just stay dry cheers

  23. crash58

    You got Lerwick right I think although ‘wick’ is a common suffix in town names in UK. Sometimes the ‘w’ is silent but not in this case I think.

  24. Rev GC

    Geoengineering is being used across the globe…. Did you just come from many decades ago?

  25. Fallen Devonish

    What happened to the radioactive particles, at some point they must have come down.

  26. Huan hound of the vailino

    So when’s the video about the parallel universe coming out NASA is supposed to have found one

  27. Thomas Coolidge

    I remember reading about this years ago.. but as I remember it was due to the amount of dust kicked up into the atmosphere thereby aiding in seeding. Also due to the amount of clouds in the atmosphere it had a slight cooling effect hence the 70s-80s debate that an ice age was coming (oh how wrong they were)..

  28. A.J. DeBellis

    I kept wondering about the rain in Spain.

  29. Keith Douglass

    👽👽🐨 the bombs actually affect the dimensions. and their living. aliens told the govt to stop. but not. Keith Australia

  30. Dave Cohen

    We have no right to colonize the moon, mars, etc., until we do away with the deadly mushroom! Can you imagine war on the surface of mars? Contaminating those places… Not improbable!

  31. Nature Doublethink

    You got the pronunciation right :)

  32. will friar

    God bless you wonderful teacher it’s so nice to hear your voice. In this time when everyone needs an education about diverse things there you are. God bless you wonderful teacher have a wonderful day I’m glad that you survived the covid-19 so far please be safe the world needs people like you.

  33. Jordan W

    What do you do for a living? I am fairly new to this channel and I’ve heard you mention South Korea, Canada, and I feel like you have a Russian accent? hahahaha It’s really cool, I’m interested :)

  34. Mckayver

    I thought you lived in Japan.

  35. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I got nothing to say except thanks Wonderful person. Just commenting for the algorithms ;)

  36. Milos Draskovic

    I see the message here, nuke China to have more rain. Evil Anton, evil!

  37. threeMetreJim

    Hmm… Cloud chamber? High power UV laser for air ionisation?

  38. Space Ghost

    height above surface taking into account curve , and, time of day (sun produces electron effect as it crosses the surface) were what those 60s nuke tests were working out…i think it was negative ions that make dust collect together and produce greater chance of rain. My state gov hired russia in the 1980s to try and seed outback australia with rain…we saw green lights in clouds in sydney during a recent weird storm and first thing i thought of was ionising tech…you dont see green light in clouds – we live in a directed energy weapon world now – who knows who or what was causing it.

  39. Dodecaheathen Blue

    Super curious…thanks Friend!

  40. Chris Valin

    Sounds awesome, I wonder how long it will take the worlds’ governments will ruin it by weaponizing it.

  41. Boris Be loud us

    There’s still radioactive fallout lingering in the upper atmosphere raining down on us

  42. Jock Campbell

    Pronounced perfectly, Anton. Too cool.

  43. Daytraders Anonymous

    Wait so electrifying like HAARP?

  44. xtremelemon

    i thought you made a video about the new cod for a sec

  45. Henning Theel

    you gave too much food to the chemtrail tinheads….. but very interesting :D

  46. zero_sum

    Vintage cloud seeding

  47. Parzival

    Emp sahara for more usable lands

  48. Francois Leveille

    Hello wonderful Anton !

  49. radhika ramachandran

    Hi Anton! Could you do a video explaining the recent developments on the neutrino detectors in Antarctica and the claims that it confirms the existence of a parallel universe where time works backwords??

  50. Stephanie Elizabeth Mann

    Your talk reminded me of the small, room/home ionizers that were said to lower the particulate matter in the home. I owner if a version of that would make a difference.

  51. Charlemagne was not holy

    The picture or video of an immense nuclear explosion is amazing. The dude taking the video mustve been a hundred miles away, but the sight and how huge it is. Im glad i only see it in pictures or videos though.

    Military already modified rain in vietnam to a deadly effect

  52. Colton Robinson

    What would nuking Jupiter’s atmosphere do given this information

  53. BigCat


  54. Andrew Currie

    Pronunciation was fine wonderfull person.

  55. the Dying Atheist

    Huh. I know I had a lot of early memories of torrential rains in the early 1960s in SoCal. I loved my yellow raincoat and rubber overshoes. I am sure it was not related.

  56. Bull Shyte

    HAARP …….High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program

  57. elliott prats

    South Korea:All of our attempts to make rain has failed! 😞
    Research Paper discovers detonating nuclear weapons creates rain. 🤔
    North Korea:Say no more fam, Lil Rocketman will have it raining all around South Korea in no time! 🤯

  58. protoculturejunkie

    Anyone know what’s going on in the clip at 4:50?

  59. Kaarli Makela

    Terraform Mother Earth First! :) (Y)

  60. Charlie Wax

    Hello wonderfull Anton, thanks for making another great video for us.

  61. Shawn Boekhoff

    So, what happens when you look at this data from the aspects of fluctuations in surface temperature? Guess I’m curious to know how the implications of this effect could be in different areas around the universe.

  62. Mark Rice

    I lived in the early 60’s. I guess you never heard of black rain. The heavy rain occured in the direction the fallout blew, and when it fell, there was a lot of dust in it. If you had a crop, you had to plow it under.

  63. Depakot NL

    Isnt this air ionising maybe what they did with the pyramids?
    The egyptians were so far ahead
    Rain in the dessert wow its obvious right?

  64. Jose Ramon Mera Gonzalez

    This is one of most interesting research you have ever mentioned on this channel. I first stayed watching your channel because I was interested in our academic knowledge in astronomy, but I do also enjoy the trajectory that the channel has taken, since you have recently started talking about very important issues affecting the planet.

  65. Ghost of Henry

    Tesla tower anyone?

  66. Inhuman Filth

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say the nuclear tests had suprozing efdects on alot of stuff….. Cough cough… cancer cough….

  67. Gooner CestLaVie

    Me singing as powerful as a nuclear bomb

  68. PsyintZ

    Oh boy. I think Anton just gave an open invitation to all of the tin-foil wearing “chemtrail experts.” Be mindful of any enticing rabbit holes they may try to dig in this comment section. 👍🏼

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    Almost 500k subs, great job keep going!

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    Nikola Tesla must have known of this maybe🕵️‍♂️

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    We’ve got enough nukes sitting around to turn the entire planet into ‘Blade Runner’ Los Angeles.
    And now we know the real reason why N.Korea and Iran wants nukes, pollution control, and rice growing in the desert.

  72. Keith Douglass

    👽🌏🐨 years go. rain and pollution caused acid rain. killed forests in Europe. Keith Australia

  73. AbelsColdSweat

    Waiting for that Parallel Universe video!!;

  74. Douglass-hull

    First 10 seconds of this episode made me laugh hard.. thanks Anton! Great content making us all smarter ))

  75. Chris Johnson

    Never mind the cesium and other radioactive particles also raining down!!!

  76. karpabla

    This is a BIG can of worms! Countries boundaries, weather side effects, biological side effects, winners and losers, possible catastrophic events triggered by chance… In short, probably one of the worst ideas ever.

  77. Butters

    Ask the U.S. military how they seeded the clouds to make it rain during Vietnam war.

  78. Anonymous Cяэ4Tor0fGODß

    Great, having a drought? Throw a nuclear bomb.

  79. Vlad Bronnikov

    So dropping atomic bomb on Chinese factories will solve two issues simultaneously for South Korea?

  80. Warden de Dios

    I can’t believe you pronounced it as Lerwick when its pronounced Lerwick


    Awesome video as always!!
    But I think we should leave the weather patterns alone,It could get us into some trouble in the future 😢

  82. David Jane

    Salute Anton! Another amazing video! Liked and shared of course! As always!

  83. J.J Whitty

    I live in Ireland beside a mountain and it rains and rains and rains :)

  84. INERT

    So you’re saying we’ve found a cure for drought…

  85. Colton Robinson

    Hey Anton, is there any weight behind the recent Antarctic discovery of tau neutrinos coming up through earth?

  86. Caden Rolland

    Irony: Doomsday weapons help save the world.
    No one saw that coming.

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    Hello wonderful anton! This is person!

    Always bringing the awesome my friend! 😀👍

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    Cool! To fight climate change and create more clouds we just need to nuke each other! Can we start with France?

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    Wow!! Never even crossed my mind. How interesting.
    Thanks, buddy!

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    Dude, you are crushing these videos. So frequent and interesting.

  91. Brian B

    Interesting possibilities … Sadly, I see it being weaponized. Rain to flood crop lands, etc.

  92. Reth Tard

    Is this the reason why, during a storm, it starts to rain right after you hear the first thunders?

  93. Nick Magana

    hey anton i really hope you make a video on the “parallel universe” stuff

  94. Science Fellow

    *Great…* These findings may be helpful for cloud-related geoengineering research, which is exploring how electric charge could influence rain, relieve droughts or prevent floods, without the use of chemicals.

  95. Picka Chu

    Should we disturb the natural atmosphere like this ?
    Probable side effects should be studied before implementing the technique …

  96. Foz Tacticus

    Electrifying the skies… Makes me think of “scorching the skies” in the matrix… 🤔

  97. 6point8 esspcee

    The same thing happens with cosmic radiation.

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    Oh thats easy, just a build a giant Tesla Tower

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    :) it’s cool Anton, you can’t say anything in “Scottish” without sounding like your trying to start a fight…
    (I’m willing to bet it may be a good thing we didnt go with tesla’s “free energy”… Cause yeah, climate.)
    Thank you for the post/subject in any case as always :)…
    (Still waiting on that last “missing letter” with how the “experts” spell ‘black _hole’)

  100. John Bussey

    The question that comes to my mind is, considering that most nuclear tests were being conduced in oceananic areas, how much effect did water, and salt being thrust into the upper atmosphere have on a seeding effect, thus in itself producing precipitation.

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