Clouds of Gas Coming Out of Uranus Found in Old Voyager 2 Data

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery from the old Voyager 2 data that suggests Uranus is losing a lot of mass through gas bubbles.

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  1. The Exoplanets Channel

    *_Here before the joke_*

  2. jessejauregui

    Your title makes me laugh 😂

  3. Whoop Shoopadoop

    God I love you dude. The title of this video alone made me happy haha

  4. RevenZo'NooB

    Anton, you provide truly fantastic videos! A great youtuber for sure! However, this time I’m here for the comments.. 🤣

  5. Matthew Ludivico

    This old/new discovery is a good reason for a third voyager as well as an artificial Uranus satellite to observe what else it might shed and affect Earth. Totally agree with Anton.

  6. EmiL3TageWach

    Heard the story already a couple of times, you got outpaced for once.
    But Thank you for the Titel… I like farthumor more than I would admit to people I know.

  7. Serious Maran

    So do these gasses include a lot of sulphurous compounds?

    Do I need to see the doctor about it? 🤪

  8. Magain Gungadaran

    Hmm, could a plasmoid that collided with Earth have kick started life here?

  9. Dom Cam

    I pronounce Uranus correctly in my head so I didnt even pick up on the obvious joke till Anton mentioned it 🤣🤦‍♂️

  10. Johnny Guillotine

    Anton:”I don’t want you to make fun of this video.”

    Me:”This will be meme’d now, 2020 is slow and needs this Anton.”

  11. Astariol

    Had to check the date lmao 😂

  12. StripperLicker

    “Clouds of Gas Coming Out of Uranus” … well played, comrade. Well played.

  13. The Grey Wanderer

    Yeah, this video would have been highly suspicious if you had released it on 1st of April. >_>

  14. berenjervin

    These clouds just gotta be methane. The universe works in mysterious ways! :)

  15. poopz

    how long did you stare at the title before deciding to just go with it

  16. Ray Page

    Can’t wait for the TED Talk named: “How I Discovered Gas Venting from Uranus”.

  17. Baby Bones

    Thanks for a great laugh Anton! I needed that today 🍑☁️

  18. Ethan Xavier Piety

    I was warned and I still lost my shit when you said it 😂😂

  19. Matty M

    When I saw the headline on Wednesday Uranus found to be leaking gas, I checked the date and thought oh a bad april fools joke.

  20. Gaspard de la Nuit

    Uranus has been revealing a lot lately.

  21. John Manderson

    Fortunately, we are all actually wearing masks 🔵💨😷 🤣

  22. John Stopman

    Lot’s of Folks are fixated on Uranus, be careful Anton: don’t pick op the soaps 🤣

  23. Jim Jacobs

    Hey Anton — the 1980’s called, they want their fart jokes back! :)

  24. TiagoTiago

    We should definitely probe Uranus again

  25. Iwan Roberts

    Just seen the title and thought “really?!” Nice to see something to laugh st these days…and coming from a serious space science channel too….thanks Anton 👍🏼🤣💨

  26. Daniel Bergman

    5 seconds in and I’m crying! 😂Awsome as usual Anton!

  27. American by choice

    Anton is killing it with his video titles!
    No Swallwell comments though…

  28. Richard Tucker

    Too late. Uranus got gas. 💨😂

    Love you work though.

  29. Madd Hannah’s Handy Hints

    I thought this was an April fools when I first saw it…..
    nothing like an “old persons” gas data to get the worlds attention on the web today! Hahah. Thanks Anton.

  30. Marty Harless

    Straight to the comments section.

  31. Lamron333

    Drinking Game Time Again! Every time he says “a lot”, you have to drink!
    Good luck 🍻

  32. John Reid

    this is like my hypothesis I’ve been trying to get someone to review. It’s on its side and being stretched apart and shooting gas out of the poles like a quasar. That’s why I think Mars evaporated it’s water to earth.

  33. Irishdrivingbloopers

    “In before the…” Oh, wait….

  34. AF

    Also I live for Anton’s smile at the end of these it’s like you just told him to say cheese xD

  35. real eyes realize real lies

    Oh no !!!!! Anton, there’s clouds of gas coming out of Uranus…….We’ve also detected dark matter……

  36. ss

    “Clouds Of Gas Coming Out Of Uranus” – Yes, doesn’t everyones?

  37. Ian Grant

    7:38 Mars losing its atmosphere. According to HG Wells, it came to earth in the form of clouds of green gas!

  38. Margaret Bu Shey

    Comment section is alive, I had such a good laugh reading some of the clever ones. I just couldn’t stay studious enough to watch the video and repeat what I learned.

  39. Joseph Miller

    Anton you delt another “shart video “.
    The winds on Uranus make Neptune sick. 🤮 that’s in a “nutshell “ too. Good one, I needed the laughs

  40. LifeIs ACurse

    that title was just on point lmao

  41. Becky Howard

    “Let’s escape the rings of Uranus.”

  42. Jh0nnY2k

    Yeah, lots of gas clouds coming out of Uranus, and mine as well😂

  43. alchobum

    The next great scientific paper:
    Voyager data exposes a crack in Uranus

  44. Karen L

    Me and my dad can each gas out a room. This planet can gas out a moon! RESPECT.

  45. Lady-in-Red -

    Omg Gas coming out of Uranus! 😂👌

  46. Erwin Privatt


  47. Bruce Jenner

    I remember Lonestar’s spaceship in SpaceBalls. A bumper sticker that said, “I <3 Uranus

  48. Sgt Rock 68

    “I don’t want you to make fun of this video”
    Sorry, I was already laughing my butt off before I ever clicked on it!
    Best thumbnail ever!

  49. Bolshevik Cosmonaut

    “Clouds of gas coming out of Uranus.”
    One day, I’ll be able to say that without laughing.

  50. Carl Jones

    Hilarious title. I know others have covered all the angles on this ejection.😂😂😂

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    How did he know :D I thought it was my “little” secret

  52. stinkystinkpot

    So when I fart, I’m losing atmosphere?

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    Too late!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 any…wait for it…Klingons!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I lost my f**king mind when I read that title! I love it, I wonder if the guy genuinely didn’t think of it when he wrote it lmao!!😝😝

  55. Joseph Azzarelli

    “We have to go back to Uranus to study…”

    Na. No. No.

  56. B Reilly

    Saw the title and thought:
    “Tell me something I DON’T know”

  57. Candace Delumen

    Anton “Let’s try to escape the rings of Uranus…”
    TP hoarders “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do!”

  58. BrodyLuv2

    They probed Uranus and found loads of gas pouring out.

  59. chatur 1889

    For the sake of taking this video seriously let us all reffer Uranus as Joe

  60. Alex Spalding

    “Oh and Uranus, which is inside of a nutshell” Anton Petrov haha love ya buddy

  61. Éamonn Síoċáin

    When I took Ancient Greek, I was taught to pronounce it: oo RÄN oos,
    with a flapped R, ‘oo’ as in noose, and Ä as in fäther.

  62. Jason Cowley

    Molecular hydrogen 82.5 %

    Helium 15.2 %
    Last nights curry 2.3%

  63. Thomas Chrombly

    “Clouds of Gas Coming Out of Uranus” – This is payback for my childish antics isn’t it?
    OK – You got me.

  64. james brost

    10 seconds in, “I don’t want you to make fun of this video….”

    Too late, I read the title.

  65. Vodhin

    Wait… I thought we ended all the childish jokes about this planet when we renamed it “Urectum”

  66. Viper twenty2

    Now that we know planets that have magnetic fields lose atmosphere in this way, can we estimate the approximate rate of loss and therefore extrapolate backward through time so as, for example, to estimate surface atmospheric pressure on Earth during the cretaceous period say about 100 million years ago?

  67. Fred France

    What a GREAT time to tell everyone I can fart so hard I can twang my bed spring

  68. Itachi Uchiha

    I’m a grown man who has long outgrown many juvenile jokes from my adolescent years. Except this one…

  69. Sean Kent

    Me: See’s title *giggles* “heheh… bottom”

    Everyone else: ” heh Bottom”

  70. God0fPie

    0:18 That cut was because you burst into laughter, right?

  71. xıvıx Theottis Levon Beelzabuster Guss-Smith

    You should have done this on April fools day

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    Gas clouds coming out of Uranus….. how can you not laugh, even a little? :p

  73. Wansom sou

    1st reaction: April fools has already passed.
    2nd: very interesting
    3rd: hehe…still funny though

  74. David Lanham

    If we find another planet I hope they name it something serious this time, like Myanus or Theranus.

  75. Darth Stigater

    “I don’t want you to make fun of this video”
    *Names video Gas Clouds Coming Out Of Uranus…*

  76. killop141

    I just came for the jokes in the comments.

  77. FalconFlurry

    Someone wakes up from a 300 year coma: “So what did I miss? We must have flying horses by now, right?”
    Me: “no, but we named an entire planet ‘Uranus'”

  78. Robert Saler

    the jokes just write themselves – not even going to bother . . .

  79. Alpha Momentum

    Anton: Guys look we have detected gas clouds from Uranus!

    Science: Am I joke to you?

  80. ranga rajan

    Uranus: These beans are good.
    Uranus Later: uh oh! i am gonna be a meme for these earthlings now!!

  81. Ivan Yanchev

    I will never cease to find Uranus jokes funny.

  82. ovlraglvr

    And my wife won’t shut up about it.

  83. Oliver Hancock

    I read an article about this on April 1st and thought it was a joke.

  84. Book66

    Neptune points, says, “Don’t look at me…”

  85. generic_username v2.0

    Me : don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh
    Me moments later : *wheezing*

  86. Renato Pascon

    I’m not mature enough to read this title and remain serious.

  87. Safe Space Invader

    Alt title:
    Uranus has a massive gas leak

  88. tako

    Humans on earth: (panicking due to pandemic)
    universe: y’all too serious, here’s some gas coming out of Uranus

  89. James Craig

    You actually got my wife to watch this one with me – kudos.

  90. Withtheseprovisions

    Imagine doing your doctors thesis about this :D

    Someone: What is your doctors thesis about?
    Me: Well.. its complicated …

  91. CarLuvrSD

    Your title reads like an April fool’s joke, lol

  92. Nick Lipsette

    Anton: *tries to stop me from laughing at gas coming out of Uranus*
    Me: “hehe, planet farts”

  93. Chris Pyves

    “In Space, No One Can Hear You ………..what’s that smell?” Ridley Scott

  94. Dan Ramos

    I’m reliably informed that scientists got so tired of all the childish jokes about the name of Uranus that they changed its name. It’s now known as Urectum.

  95. Harlan Harvey

    Girlfriend: quit farting!
    Me: I’m not… I’m just producing plasmoids….🤷🏼‍♂️

  96. Headbangerr 1983

    People in 1781 : “how do we call this new planet?”
    Time traveller from 2020: “Call it Uranus. Trust me”.

  97. salaciousBastard

    “Huge Gas Clouds Coming Out of Uranus!”

    Come on man! The joke writes itself!

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    Anton: “I don’t want you to make fun of this video”

    Everybody: (belly up and gasping for air…)

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    “I don’t want you to make fun of this video.”

    Yes you do.

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    You smirked at this title, don’t even lie.

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