Claims of Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards (2020.05.29)

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  1. C/Sky

    It’s the Agarthathains!!

  2. Richard Benoit

    Thank you for the post.

  3. Steve Sloan

    Could neutrinos be converted to an unknown actual particle through gravitational lensing and time dilation effects? 1/2 life’s and things.😘🤓🇦🇺🍀🍀🍀🤜🏼🤛🏼

  4. g l

    Don’t worry about youtube algorithm, just keep making great videos like this one. I bet one of your subscribers works on the Antarctic ice cube project

  5. Mary Davis

    Welcome the MATRIX.

  6. Alec Grolimond

    It’s not a reactor under the ice it’s my outhouse!

  7. alborada777

    Thanks for the video. As always very interesting…

  8. Jan Andersen

    Thank You!

  9. down quark supertrollino

    lmao, the easter egg in the end of this video

  10. James Howe

    Tabloid Hack 1: ‘Pfff nothin’ to write about! What we gonna do?!’

    Tabloid Hack 2: ‘hmm well we could always investigate that Jeffrey Eps..’

    Tabloid Hack 1: ‘I know!’☝️ ‘Backwards Timey Other Universes!’

  11. Steve Sloan

    Could even detecting these particles change Earths core?
    I have felt that just now.

  12. glyn hodges

    I have a theory about a universe where time runs sideways and sometimes (sic) loops the loop. It is a funny old multiverse isn’t it?

  13. L A

    At least someone who admit to have made a mistake !!!

  14. Yog-Kosha

    I often wonder where you find all the time to make this many videos with interesting facts. Many, many thanks for informing and show us what happens in the vast regions of space!

  15. Victor Hugo manzanos

    I always laugh with the media headlines
    And i think ANITA broke because i dont think there is nuclear reactor underneath the ice of antartica

  16. Daniel Coleman

    What if…. hear me out. A nuclear decay in the center of the earth caused these neutrinos. 🤷‍♂️

  17. Yukiko Asakura

    That reminds me of that episode of Red Dwarf where time goes backwards & Cat wont to poop & it went IN!!
    That was funny.

  18. Zero HS

    But there is a hidden nuclear reactor under the ice!

  19. Jeff Vandagriff

    Did he say “possibly an Aryan device” !!! at 11:03😳🤯😜

  20. Salty Lion

    Every time I start one of your videos I end up playing Universe Sandbox. =)

  21. Gaius tesla

    How can reactions go backwards? Thats just reactions.

    Alternative possibilities being perceived as separate realities. Thats bullshit.

  22. Robble Rouser

    Maybe the extra neutrinos were from the ancient alien base that’s under the ice in Antarctica.

  23. Huan hound of the vailino

    I’ve been waiting for you to do video on this

  24. king p

    that one really hurt my brain im gonna try again tomorrow haha thx Anton…=D

  25. Lysergic_acid_52

    I hope there is a wonderful person like Anton in every dimension..

  26. AwdrevCZ

    Watching this video in parallel with the unpublished video in case one of them runs backwards

  27. DaddyAl37

    I seem to have trouble seeing in time so maybe I should go backwards in time.

  28. Emmet Ray

    Moving backwards from ‘our’ perspective… Maybe WE are the ones going backwards. Just follow current events if you need further proof.

  29. Mister Angel

    Ah was wondering allready if you would cover this.
    Thx wonderful person Anton🙏❤️

  30. Vampirerockstar

    *Holds out hand*
    I feel the power!!

  31. Crazy Bros Cael

    Chances are that physics might work differently in different parts of the universe. It’s very hard to agree or disagree when talking about something we aren’t entirely sure about.

  32. Nicko G.

    i like to imagine the ice is a kind of reflector that sends the cosmic rays back at the evil blazars. But maybe they get valuable data from the reflection

  33. rick parks

    Thanks for staying smart for all us science geeks.

  34. PhotonBread

    Can we even detect a parallel universe? Seems physically impossible

  35. Chad Stevens

    You’re the best, thanks Anton!

  36. Rhsheeda Russell

    Interesting, last time I looked at neutrino capture there was a large sapphire deep underground used in the hope of capturing a few of these elusive particles. It’s all changed now.

  37. Erik Hoffa

    Informative and interesting as usual,,, keep it up. 👍 As an amateur I find it extremely intriguing. 👍

  38. J gone

    Hey Anton thanks for all the informative videos I really like this channel. How do you stay up to date on all this stuff? I’d like to keep up with new studies. Thanks!

  39. Ben

    Tank you. I caught a reference to this “story” in a video and then couldn’t find anything on in from my usual sources.

  40. Richard S

    Hi Anton, thank you very much for clarifying the media reports on that experiment!
    Also many science YouTubers got that wrong. So thank you very much! You did a very good job here!

  41. Ozgun Akinci

    I love your channel. You also seem to be a rather decent person. Thank you.

  42. Ms Anima Animus

    Thank you so much for explaining this. It’s a valuable reminder that we should be checking our sources and information before believing them.

  43. Gabby N

    Your last remark made me laugh. I guess you know about the Oklo phenomenon, so it wouldn’t be totally unlikely if there were a second nuclear reactor (or rather its traces) preserved in the eternal ice, considering the fact that there is a kraton within that continent, too. But the probability is probably low; and if it were actually real, it would be pure irony.

  44. Jesse Sanford

    Thank you, I had to send people to PBS Space Time so they could at lest have an inkling as to why the headline was so crazy. Now I can send them right here!

  45. WD Tripps

    The funny thing about parallel universes is that we are living in one, heavily likely.

  46. Tin047

    reminded me of that one Red Dwarf episode

    edit: the name of the episode is Backwards

  47. David Andersen

    Thank you, Anton. A clear scientific explanation is always what people need.

    I am so glad I subscribe to your channel.

  48. Peggy Severinsen

    So…..if there is a parallel universe running backwards what happens when this universe and that universe get to the exact same time? I think everything either resets or everything disappears lol.

  49. falco830

    When humans dream too much, they realize their current situation hasn’t changed, and that the journey hasn’t even begun…

  50. Jason Schultz

    Thanks as always, Anton. You’re the best!

  51. Manzabhad Mann

    This sounds like a whole load of interstellar gas ;)

  52. Captain Chloroform

    HA , the thumbnail has been my desktop background for years. LOVE IT!

  53. Chef Dimi

    Lmao. Please dont make this a headline.

    Your gonna get so many views by some strange people with thisone

  54. down quark supertrollino

    the standard model of particle physics is an old and imperfect model – basically a dumpster fire

    the neutrino detected over antarctica is a new type of neutrino called “sterile neutrino”

    or there really is happening nuclear fission beneath antarctica where all nazis along with extraterrestrials produce ufos for a large scale invasion of earth 🤔

  55. Stephen Ashworth

    Good work Anton. I was shocked to see this “backwards universe” all over social media.

  56. Mort Kebab

    “Something unusual happening in Antarctica that we don’t understand…”

    “It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train—a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter.”

  57. wishbonesi

    “For every action there is reaction”, so while we’re going forward in time, somewhere somehow something is going backward in time, maybe

  58. Cindoreye

    I laughed out loud when I read some of those headlines. One of my professors worked at that detector in Antarctica which is pretty cool. Thanks for clarifying the silliness of these media stories for normal people.

  59. Yerk YT

    thanks anton! i commented about wanting this video when the story first came out, dont know if you remember, but happy you cleared this up for me

  60. BenBjornsen

    Just got out of bed (0730), opened YouTube- saw the title and I thought I was still in bed dreaming a wierd vivid dream lol

  61. Pixilinga cara de jogos

    This episode remainded me an episode of the Red Dwarf when they went to an Universe where time runned backwards 😂😂😂

  62. bo ter berg

    Well, there you go.
    O’shea has it all.
    Congrats ;o)

  63. martin kavanagh

    Maybe “now” is where these universes meet.

  64. Stephen Thomas

    I stopped looking at Facebook a couple of weeks ago so thankfully I missed all The Wokians who must have been sharing this along with their other nonsense.

  65. Dan Gingerich

    This title reminded me a lot of the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons. It’s been a long time since I read that. I’m going to have to look that up again.

  66. Phil Steel-Wilson

    My wonderful person jumpers just arrived in Australia today, thank you Anton they are excellent quality :)

  67. Jason Crowell

    “hidden nuclear reactor”?
    Don’t worry. It’ll be OK…
    Or Oklo.

  68. jaderaptor

    I heard from some YouTuber that there was a hidden nuclear reactor under the Antarctic ice. 😂

  69. Sean Brennan

    Id like to spend a few years there and reverse my age 30 years

  70. Jack Willis

    The IceCube collaboration is based in my city. When I was a physics student in high school some of my classmates and I had an internship in their office.

  71. LordKellthe1st

    Seen the ATLAS at cern few years back, reminds me of this. Man, that day was the best ever:)

    Those tabloids or flattards etc will just latch on to everything……. “we don’t know” gets manipulated into this, flat earth, gawd, aliens etc.

  72. Ny Derelict

    Thanks for clearing this up. Btw thanks for always telling me I’m a wonderful person too lol

  73. Reality

    I just love how Anton stares into your soul while he explains physics concepts

  74. Zeitgeist_Gaming

    This is so cool!!!

  75. Angel Villegas


  76. igloo productions

    I wish you’d cover the Zeta Reticuli star system, which is only 39 light years away, and where supposedly the Grey aliens come from. I’d be interested if there is an earth-like planet they might reside on there, orbiting one of the two stars.

  77. Agus Bolch

    was waiting for you to talk about it to get my data straight! thankss greetings from Argentina

  78. Special Circumstances

    Now there’s a new headline:
    Youtube science channel claims to have found evidence of secret base under the ice of antarctica!!
    And it’s reactor produces strange particles!!!
    Possible moon nazi time machine!!!

    (Context at 8:41)

  79. Ⰳⰵⱀⰵⱃⰰⰾ Ⱇⱃⰰⱀⱄ

    “It is kind of obvious that this isn’t true.” Thanks, needed a confirmation from you. It’s sad how many people believe this. And these people are the ones with no insight event to mathematics, no need to mention physics and astronomy.

  80. EyeDreamMellowDees

    “Made a small mistake in the video…Hope youtube algorithm forgives me”
    It will infinitely forgive & infinitely not forgive….

  81. Nick Mel

    Love your videos man, always deep diving into your content.

  82. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting, Anton! 😊
    Well, if that other universe really existed, maybe it could explain where’s all the antimatter. Who knows. 😊

  83. Adil Khan

    What was the reasoning of those claiming parallel universe or time reversal, based on these detections?

  84. T C L

    Hidden nuclear reactor under the ice?!?! Ha, I was just watching a documentary on nuclear powered subs hiding under the ice.

  85. Snipiz

    One word: T E N E T

  86. resident antagonist

    In this parallel universe that the media has imagined, we’ve discussed these anomalous results at some point in the past.

  87. Maxim Kammerer

    I read a few of these headlines and thought: “I can’t wait for Anton’s video about this!” and there you are. Thank you so much, you’re my favorite youtuber!

  88. Raging S

    “I didn’t want to do this.”
    Well done covering it anyway. It’s important to take some time to cover a crank subject and why it should be doubted. Same with science in the popular media. It’s as much an important topic as many of your others.

  89. MR intel

    I remember that in the 1980s, the theory circulated that with the slow-down of the expansion of the universe (which was assumed then), time would also slow down, and then start reversing when the universe starts contracting, literally recreating all events in the opposite direction. That was of course complete nonsense, as the laws of physics would need to change at the point when the reversal begins.

  90. Esra Erimez

    Person Wonderful Hello

  91. Dāvids Stalidzāns

    “It’s hard for scientists to understand the phenomenon?.. Knew it, it’s a backwards running parallel universe. Yup.”

  92. Jim of Aotearoa

    Nice one Anton, i saw the headlines and normally that sort of thing would produce an involuntary click to go have a nosy at it but like you said it sounded too good to be true so i purposely waited until someone i trusted had had the time to look into it and give me their take on things. I had the original in my watch later list so maybe the algorithm pushed it on me harder than usual?? I dunno… but great content dude. Very informative…especially so given the tabloid competition.

  93. Sekoms

    The TV show Sliders had an episode about a parallel universe with time running backwards. Lul

  94. Fat Freddy's Cat

    Anton makes me happy with his knowledge.

  95. Brian W

    Is it running backwards or that’s just how we perceive it? Like looking into a mirror…

  96. Elder King

    It was pretty evident when the waves of articles hit that they were out of context and wrong, but I still wanted to see you do this one!

  97. ConTroller

    “38 seconds ago” and I click to 38 likes. It must be really hard being Anton Petrov where you are 💜

  98. Jo Reven

    Anton: “…hidden nuclear reactor under ice…”

  99. extremeblue psyche

    I can’t imagine going to the washroom if time goes backwards – its going to be messy.

  100. Anton Petrov

    Made a small mistake in the video, so I decided to reupload this one! Hope youtube algorithm forgives me :D

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