Claims of Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the tabloid headline of NASA announcing the parallel universe where time runs backward.
Did it really discover that? Let’s critically think about it.
IceCube/Anita research paper:
Twitter explanation:
Ice Cube Press Release:
Image credit: Tim Warre of

  1. Kevin L Sims

    It Like trump Says Fake News! We heard about Democratic Russia Being A Threat to Our Way of Life instead of Communist China Being The real threat like Gen, Flynn Said! The News Media has Lost Their minds and Are Willing to report Anything to Get traffic to their Sites, Channels, etc! They Dont care how Much damage they Are doing To their reputations! If Government Grants Are involved The So Called Scientist are construing the Data to Fit A Predetermined conclusion! If They prove It False, Then Their Grants Dry up! Give Us More money to Prove Something they Already know Is Fictional! Such As Their Climate models that Are Off by A Factor of 10 or more! Then Watch their Wording Change From global Cooling to warming to climate change Then 90+ % of Climate Scientist to 90+ % Of Climate Change Scientist etc.

  2. Ted Makoura

    Anton parallel universe does exist…if you want we can teach you mysticism….by the way I come from Africa..

  3. David

    I’ll dislike each and every one of your videos that mention Anita. That name is death ^^ …

  4. Peter Shearer

    I don’t buy what you say Anton. Of course there is a parallel universe responsible for what is going on AND the Anton Petrov in that universe is saying “The nut-rhinos are not escaping from this universe to another one because in such a universe time would flow forwards! No way! How the heck could that happen? No, something in the Arctic ice is stealing our Nut-rhinos. Possibly, Arctic squirrels. So, until next time; if you want to receive one of our ‘More-or-Less Descent Person T-Shirts’ please order one now. Oh my! What I’m I saying? Time runs backwards here! You should already have one. Disregard that last suggestion. So until next time, which has already happened, Space out!”

  5. greg or

    Your intro sucks


    I don’t think this is what the data is showing. their interpreting it incorrectly. Many anamolies have been coming out of the center of Antarctica and surrounding regions. to make it clear, neutrinos are coming out of the earth into space, not into it from space..
    This is big because it means either their is something miles below the ice, or theirs something going on with the core of the earth and for some reason antarctica is the place wher ethe neutrinos seem to escape.

  7. belstar


  8. Booty Consumer


  9. K K

    So, why do neutral particles have to be so small? Why can’t neutrino-like particles be meters or even kilometers in size?

  10. Walter Walter


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  14. Soooby Rooo

    The regular news about this has been so ridiculous. It was cringe-worthy to hear so many reports of things being detected as going back in time. I really appreciate your thorough and clear explanation of this phenomenon!

  15. Stephen Lacey

    He goes to the truth of science. That’s why when he was asked About Bob Lazar when he was live, He didn’t even know who Bob Lazar is a factual Anton is. He does not speculate bullshit

  16. Faybrian Hernandez

    Time wont run backwards but astronomers can look back in time.

  17. vigorus

    hello wonderful anton you told us not long ago that matter behaves differently, but not in reverse, with space-time running backwards? remember? the 3 body problem? i may have misunderstood. but does that not imply that a parallel universe with time running backwards would have no reason to be a reverse of our reality? i may be confused. again. also, completely unrelated, i need another t-shirt like i need a hole in the head. please diversify. but not towels. i’d pay you not to give me a towel. same with hats and caps. but i’d buy a so called “wonderful person” coffee mug. i love your work.

  18. Andry Sqverill

    You feel thirsty, you want a drink. Coffee or tea? (you feel a bit lethargic so you choose coffee) you drink coffee – you feel awake.
    You feel awake, so choose to remove some coffee from your stomach and pour it into a cup – you slowly start to feel lethargic. Now you feel thirsty too.

  19. Ryan Johnson

    I bet this video will hit 1 million views

  20. Gordon Dry

    Most “polar” or let it call “dualist” systems are in reality not “one and an opposing other” – they’re “an energy/effort or the abscence of such”.
    So light vs. dark means “either light or no light”.
    That also means that the opposition of love is not hate but fear – because fear is the abscence of love.
    The lack of knowledge that does not exist is nescience, the lack of knowledge that exists is ignorance.
    To come to the point – backward is not the opposite of forward – it’s the lack of forward in a relative point of view.
    In an absolute point of view there is no such thing as forward or backward.
    There just is.

  21. Matthew Bittle

    Number 11 on likes number 9 on comments, this is cool shiz

  22. Snippy Cutwell

    Notna Suolucidir s’taht

  23. cornebistouille

    ! TSAL

  24. Kx53

    I thought time can’t even flow backwards to begin with?

  25. Oddness

    Just because we don’t (or can’t) know the rules that govern quantum mechanics doesn’t mean that there _aren’t_ rules.
    It certainly doesn’t mean that every time a “random” event occurs, a new universe spontaneously comes into existence
    to account for both outcomes. I honestly don’t know how you can be “pretty sure” that there are parallel universes…

  26. Imagine A World

    Maybe we are the universe that’s running backwards… low to high seems normal to us, but…

  27. JJhumanbeing1st

    I don’t believe you are right. This would be a very good explanation for things like premonition, premonitory dreams, etc. And antimatter which would by definition, fit with reverse time. Antimatter~anti-time.

  28. Đeath Vader


  29. Osmosis Jones

    Has any tried to see if bactira. With some dirt to retreat to but often blasted with X Rays could they develop immunity. Maybe trade and recombine genes more often

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  31. A Barbarian Horde

    Universe gots that Benjamin Button’s disease

  32. ochai

    Good shpinkel slugen!!

  33. Alan White

    Very good, Loved it

  34. No Left Turns

    Time runs in only one direction – Forward
    now forward can be any direction but never backward
    So time-travel is impossible
    As to parallel universes – there is only one 3D universe – we are in it, only one 4D universe – it controls our 3D universe
    and so on

  35. Eric Imfeld

    I think we slipped into an alternate universe lol

  36. James Aron

    Wonderful Multiverse

  37. swampzoid

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  38. Absolute Death

    Is it true you ate your dog yoda?

  39. Osmosis Jones

    If we figure out what dark energy is. Maybe a product of s sub atomic quarks . Could this be made into a tecnology.

    And could dark energy be negative mass

  40. Salvation

    Sounds like a Red Dwarf episode..

  41. Ethan Xavier Piety

    How have people already disliked the video? They haven’t even had enough time to watch the entire video.

  42. Zo Fryer

    It was bad enough they kept inventing new kinds of moons for months. “The Chicken Dance Moon!” “Information on the upcoming Cobbler Pie Moon!”

  43. TheSophiaQuestor

    Thanks Anton

  44. Robert Chase

    I don’t think that the explanation relates to COVID-19; most of what is now described as journalism has little to do with journalism and supposed journalists are generally as well as scientifically illiterate

  45. Sorrz


  46. RitaSparita *

    I think this comes down to a good old case of scientists not actually knowing much atall😅

  47. Mike Burns

    Anti entropy? Alien communication?

  48. Markus Pfeifer

    Because Science (another channel) calculated that near a super move you would actually be grilled by neutrinos before you even see the explosion, so many neutrinos are emitted by a super nova. There, people would be neutrino detectors.

  49. Somali flame

    Imagine getting born as old man and dying as a baby. 😁

  50. Laffing Disease

    The media said something completely false? NO_WAI

  51. Nature AND Spirit

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  52. Kevin Richerson

    It would probably be our own universe on its way backwards through time to the point of the big bang.

  53. Caden Rolland

    It’s aliens.
    Underground aliens.
    This will be on the History channel as proof.

  54. Oliver C

    Been waiting on this video from you

  55. pentagramprime

    Reports of a nuclear reactor under the ice being the cause of Covid-19.
    Critical thinking is becoming a partisan issue.

  56. Bassotronics

    April Fools Day again!

  57. 50k3r2

    Crazy. I didn’t think Anton’s weakness was particle physics considering how much of astrophysics centers around it. No wonder you didn’t want to cover this one!

    The best article I found for it was from January 2020. Whatever caused it is an unknown and the main result was that it’s on the same order of crazy as X17 particle.

  58. Husnain Faisal

    cool, love this channel

  59. Molly_music band

    I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  60. Visual_Vexing

    Anton is a science communication MVP

  61. Keith Douglass

    👽🌏🐨 good videos Anton ask the aliens. been doing energy types of travel for eons . Keith Australia

  62. Zo Fryer

    I made very snarky comment on this one, and they removed it on the original story.

  63. Serious Maran

    Anton Petrov discovers massive new neutrino sauce in Antarctica. Recommended for No-bell on his bike prize.


  64. Sans Nom

    In Canada ontario the have one deep in a mine

  65. Trevor Taylor

    You know how you go back in time…you take the enterprise and fly around the sun at terminal velocity warp 10 and end up in the 80s lol…

  66. Dave Dogge

    It’s not fair, I submit my university project and then a week after the professor asks me to commence work on it.

  67. Valentin Degenne

    what if we are backward and the big bang is actually the universe death ? 😎

  68. Brad S

    Debunks are always appreciated. Great job!

  69. MC's Creations

    This video didn’t show up for me in my subscriptions list. 😔
    Watching now!

  70. Mark Bothum

    Yay! All the “Ancient Aliens” channels will finally have some new material to misinterpret.

  71. Dawid Trapp

    What if there was a nuclear reactor in a submarine under the ice? ;p

  72. Eegore Beaver

    I’ve been waiting for this video.

  73. Graviton Thongs

    1:35 Weak gravity[nuclear] force?

  74. Bokmoh

    Nice! This is interesting. Thanks!

  75. Keith Douglass

    👽🌏🐨 it is good to look at many things in many ways . this way we find out things we never thought of .discover new .Keith Australia

  76. Rob E.

    Thank you for this observation! This is very interesting and I’m glad to have the talent of a brilliant mind like you to go straight to the facts. Thank you!

  77. Robert Chase

    Kudos for calling out the story as false.

  78. SN S

    I already saw this segment 2 weeks into the future

  79. Stop the Philosophical Zo

    Does anyone know about this ‘massive gravity’ hypothesis? Seems bogus to me, especially because gravity waves have been measured to have the speed of light.

  80. K K

    Maybe because backward time is still in a bottle…..

  81. Veggi

    The Video did not appear in my subbox, i only found it because of the notification. You should check this out

  82. Maiden X

    Thank you for setting the record straight! :D

  83. MC's Creations

    Well, if a universe like that really existed it would explain where’s all the antimatter. Who knows.
    Great video, Anton! Stay safe, everybody! 🖖😊

  84. cornebistouille

    ! LUFREDNOW (:

  85. Trevor Manns

    I requested this topic yesterday so THANK YOU for making this video and for your insights !

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  87. roberto colanzi

    So in the spirit of the thing, I started watching this video from the end and watched it in reverse

  88. Adymn Sani

    Breaking News: a grain of salt was found but someone took it.

  89. Spaceflight Spartan

    Epic, been seeing this everywhere recently

  90. The Kito

    So who made up the reverse time universe part?

    This has literally nothing to do with neither

  91. MIKAL

    Media always use headlines that have almost nothing to do with the actual story. That’s why everyone hates the media.

  92. John Walker

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  93. Laser Unicorn

    A tip for life: if you see an article about something scientific in any news site or news paper, take it as a grain of salt and look for the original research if you can. I’ve lost count of how many times this “journalists” distort things for clicks and views.

  94. Pup314

    The parallel universe wasn’t discovered by NASA but rather it was discovered in the alternate universe by ASAN.

  95. Markus Pfeifer

    My theory is that the neutrinos come from a fusion reactor the reptiloids put right below the entrance to the hollow earth (which is located in Antarctica).

  96. R

    Can you talk about UY Scuti? It isnt the largest star anymore. The radius was corrected and is now below 800R making it smaller than Betelgeuse. The current record holders are Stephenson 2-18, HV 888 snd WOH G64

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