“Chinese Hubble” Finds The Strongest Magnet In The Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the strongest magnet found in the universe – a new magnetar.

Video used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=MKVb4vX2ADM

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  1. FIRE STORM 3692

    Maybe aliens have really big fridges? You never know…

  2. James McHarry

    Maybe their magnetism can be converted into electricity and power of the universe

  3. David Henningson

    If you can crystallize spacetime… than that would suggest it’s amorphous or fluid otherwise. It has structure, energy and a mass equivalent to that energy. Perhaps we’ll be able to exploit that energy one day… a warp style interstellar drive, or for other means (immortality, possible time travel, matter fabrication, traversing a multiverse…) lots of possibilities for future minds to unlock.

  4. Paul Wallis

    That’s the sort of physics that explains so much, so clearly. Great video.

  5. Marco Flumino

    Magnetar: I have the most powerful Magnet!!!

    M87 Black Hole: Hold ma beer… ;-)

  6. Google can't see me

    The strongest magnet in the universe is in my kitchen. It’s so strong I hung a refrigerator on it.

  7. Chris Walker

    Literally mind blowing Anton! Very interesting as always, wonderful person

  8. Lee Armstrong

    Wow! the atoms themselves get elongated by super strong magnetism. Makes me wonder how strong the field would have to be to actual cause a fission reaction within atoms and what would that look like?

  9. Road Runner

    6:25 Nice you included a picture of the Dutch king.

  10. Lucas Boninsegna

    you’re such a wonderful person, Anton!

  11. Cory Wipke

    What the magnetar does to atoms sounds the same as spaghetificaton. What’s the difference?

  12. Krish

    Earth: Life survives because of my magnetic field.
    Fridge Magnet : Oh yeah *Giggles*
    Frog :*Quack Quack ma Beer 🍺

  13. MissFriscoWin

    Just try and say electromagnetic Anton. 🤬

  14. Jay Allan

    Ill be impressed if they put a man on the moon

  15. Doodoo Boy

    Magnetar: *exists*
    Vacuum of Space: You gon make me act up!

  16. Wanda Will

    1:27 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  17. ReinhardB100

    2:47 That’s a lot of Zhang’s.

  18. Red Bat Racing

    Elon won’t stop till has more than 1 beeellleeeooon

  19. Chris smith

    Do the magnetic fields effect relativity or the fabric of space time? You mentioned how it slows down the speed of light? What would it look like if one of these stars was close to a black hole?

  20. Jerome Prater

    9:04 Yes Linus the Great Pumpkin does exist.

  21. Frank Crawford

    I turn off videos and by pass them altogether when I see the word china in the description. Just like I always bypass harbor freight because it has a funky smell
    to it. Sorry, not sorry.

  22. Pro Rebel Separatist

    When you say a Billion Tesla, do you mean 10 to the 9th power, or 10 to the 12th power?

  23. kaiden8701

    Wow this is the strongest magnet ever in the universe- Anton

  24. John Ringo

    Wow, Anton! Thanks for telling about the amazing effects of strong magnetism.

  25. Skylancer727

    7:00 this image messes with my head. I keep seeing it spin backwards as if I’m seeing through it looking at the back side move but I can switch between which way I see it spin. That head to think about.

  26. mrs yetti goose creature

    I wonder if we can use the magnetic field from neutron stars to accelerate things towards it

  27. Matthew Cockfield-Hall

    I was literally just writing up my research on Neutron stars when this popped up on my feed! Really cool info, it seems crazy how the sun had a smaller mag field than a fridge magnet…

  28. Kaushik Ghosh

    In our solar system Jupiter also has very strong magnetic field. How much is the value?


    I like how their rocket was tearing down while launching, lol

  30. X32i

    Imagine what happens inside of this Star oO

  31. Scarlet Angel

    I miss the “and welcome to what da math” .. good work as always though

  32. Trevor Gale

    Levitating frogs, seriously you build one of the worlds strongest magnets and put it to it’s ultimate use.


    Anton has a magnetic personality.

  34. Abe Giesbrecht

    I like how the Chinese rocket 🚀 was falling apart as it was taking off

  35. Денис Лямец

    I thought, Earth’s magnetic field is pretty strong… So, is it possible to create artificial magnetic field (capable of stopping solar radiation to harm those on a surface) around a planet with no natural magnetic field? What do we need to do that?

  36. Christopher Roberts

    That’s fascinating about what you said with light moving through space near a magnetar!!! As if space itself takes on crystal-like properties (for photons)!! Weird!! 😅

  37. John

    meanwhile, we still can’t explain how magnetism works

  38. Chris Christopherous

    I wonder which country they stole it’s design from?

  39. Dāvids Stalidzāns

    So a possible future death penalty in space will be to set course for a prisoner ship towards a neutron star and let gravity and magnetic effects to do their thing.. what a time to be alive it will be.

  40. suqma dique

    the strongest magnet in the universe is my head when i play counterstrike

  41. Adam Jones

    Put a giant coil around it, make it spin around the magnetar = Hella energy.

  42. Musky Elon

    Chino Magnets, order yours now from AliBaba.
    (Made in WuHan)

  43. Mike Millington

    You mentioned how this discovery could lead to better technology in the future. Maybe anti-gravity devices. Maybe time machines. If even light acts strangely when near one of these magneto stars, might that call into question the actual age of the universe?

  44. Denes Szerdahelyi

    …watch those credit cards. And your hotel swipe key. 🙃

  45. Rudy Flores

    That frog was like” ALL HAIL HIPNOTAOD!”

  46. podunkest

    You’re a wonderful person! Makes me smile every damn time. This might be my single fav YT channel. Thank you, Anton, keep it up my dude.

  47. freeman239

    2:45 That’s a lot of Wang’s.

  48. Stephen Thomas

    I remember when they levitated that frog. I recall they also levitated a spider in the same group of experiments.

  49. Brisingr Sverd

    I keep thinking he’s about to say “and welcome to what da math” and then he doesn’t, please bring it back

  50. Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    I thought you was talking about a black hole.

  51. Aaron Greenfield

    No, the strongest magnet in the universe is the one that pinches your finger.

  52. Robert Grant

    So if all chemical reactions stop in such a powerful magnetic field does a human enter a true state of suspended animation?
    I see some interesting possibilities.

  53. Duane Dibbley

    so how are magnetic fields created without a moving charge also known as a current?

  54. Mississippi Squirrel

    Maybe it’s what they used to destroy the evidence.

  55. DontMaskTruth

    I just love how the electromagnetic fields when viewed together look like an apple. The apple that fell on…

  56. U.V. S.

    2:49 A typical list of Chinese authors. Somewhere around the tenth Zhang I started to lose it ;)

  57. Inhuman Filth

    Death magnet!!! Now thats freaking metal bro

  58. Gregory Parker

    No, that Frog learned “Yogic Flying” from Canadian Doug Henning!!!

  59. Merlin’s Attic

    If you like Anton , you might like the THUNDERBOLT PROJECT : ELECTRIC UNIVERSE videos……

  60. Geoff Strickler

    Magnetic spaghettification of atoms? Cool. First I’ve heard about it.

  61. whitehorse1959

    I felt a strong attraction to click on this video.

  62. JohnSmithZen

    4:53 that “stained-glass-window” look of the sun’s surface — is that real? (I mean “1000’s of small irregular pieces” look)

  63. sugershakify

    It’s got a magnetic personality !

  64. Octavylon

    7:30 How can light move slower not due to a medium? Isn’t that impossible

  65. Krish

    China will now say, this magnet belongs to us since ancient times. And we have non-expansionist policy especially for viruses. 😭😛

  66. JudeTunes

    My magnetism to things going wrong is this more powerful than this

  67. Dr.Shawn Berry

    This would be a handy object to have parked in the L1 Lagrange point of Mars.

  68. Teresa Calarie

    Hello Anton! I hope you are doing well!! I’m a fan from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA!! I love your content!!! Nice to see younger people interested in these things!!! So fascinating!!

  69. arson338

    How much you want to bet this is proven to be a lie in 6 months when someone outside of china gets a look at it

  70. Scott West

    I don’t think we can trust China on anything

  71. S. van Heijnsbergen

    Plot twist: white dwarfs are actually planets made out of fridge magnets.

  72. Robert M

    “BEHOLD – All must bow before MAGNETAR !!!”

  73. Paul Bertrand

    Everyone thinks blackholes are the coolest, but neutron stars are far more intriguing.

  74. utube4greenfuture

    I’m pretty sure China has a lot more things on its mind right now since they’ve been caught attempting to drastically reduce mankind population.

  75. Joseph J.

    1:11 i like how its shaped as a pumpkin and color like one too. So festive and powerful

  76. David Lanham

    What, so they copied our Hubble, too? Sounds about right.

  77. Naimul Haq

    China enters astronomy with a bang. And the wonderful person gives a rather chilling account of the effect of a strong magnet, with a breathtaking picture of a hydrogen atom. I didn’t know China launched an x-ray detector. Next we will see other types of detectors, finding more information about the universe, like Hubble. Cannot wait.

  78. Memes Made Good

    They have successfully levitated a phrog 🐸

  79. FranBunnyFFXII

    Not going to lie, I miss “Welcome to What Da Math” It’s so weird not hearing you say it :<

  80. Flowmaster925

    the magnetic field around the fridge-magnet factory must be insane

  81. mostPopularrock

    That’s Borat in his brand new car

  82. Dregoth

    Hello wonderful people, stay safe❤

  83. Dowhat Iwant

    I’m to the point where I hit my bowl when I see a new video ,and then I say “hello wonderful person” before he does.

  84. William

    He look’s like the guy who said Australia doesn’t exist.

  85. thatsnotmyname

    So sooting to know that when you stand next to it, it will shut down all your chemical reaction therefor it wil mean instant death for you ☺️.
    Nice start of the vid. Lol

    Ok so much for plans to wander deepspace.

  86. Entropy Generator

    Stretchy atoms and crystal vacuum.
    I need a cup of tea.

  87. John Irby

    I saw an electro magnet at a junk yard, strong enough to pick up several Teslas.

  88. Shaheena Evelga

    Since Elon shot a Tesla, like a whole fullsized one, in earths orbit, does this mean our Magnetosphere is now 1 Tesla strong? Not just a couple Micro-Teslas?

  89. Brexit Refugee


  90. Ellison Hamilton

    Of course I’ll come back tomorrow to learn something new.
    I can’t help it. It’s your magnetic personality.
    Thanks Anton.

  91. James Roberts

    When Anton said “Fascinating”, did anyone else visualize Leonard Nimoy in costume on the bridge of the Enterprise?

  92. Ender7j

    If you can ‘crystallize’ space with a magnetic field, could you ‘un-crystallize’ it in some similar way and increase the speed of light beyond its normal value? That would allow for a different kind of warp drive from Dr Alcubierre’s design, potentially…

    Then we’d have a real Fluidic Space drive!

  93. Peter Rutherford

    Imagine walking past a giant magnet and just not be able to breathe because there’s no chemical reaction.

  94. TheSunExpress

    If the human eye could “see” magnetic fields, Jupiter & its magnetic fields would appear to be 5+ times the size of our Moon.
    The scariest thing about neutron and/or magnetar stars is star-quakes.

  95. Curtis DeCoste

    Empty space starts acting like a crystal… wow that sounds awesome. The true “Dark Crystals”.

  96. Jon Adams

    “Obviously, if you made the entire earth out of fridge magnets…” I’ve got a dozen or so around the house. Happy to donate them to the effort – who’s with me?

  97. blah blah

    Hello wonderful Anton.

  98. Pro Rebel Separatist

    “A typical magnet that you’ll find on a fridge, a fridge magnet in other words….” Actually made me giggle then..

  99. stephan mantler

    Super interesting. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about strong magnetic fields having an effect on vacuum space. I see a few hours of googling and reading ahead 🙃

    Thank you!

  100. Juniper p

    “Ridiculously Powerful”-Anton

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