China Created World’s Largest Quantum Communication Network

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new paper that discusses the creation of the world’s largest quantum network in China.
Qiskit tutorials:
Quantum key distribution video:
Previous paper:
Credit: University of Science and Technology of China

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  1. Stories read aloud

    China make a lot of stuff up though, look at the US election

  2. Robert wood

    09:40 I thought there was a paper out there demonstrating the principles of how to hack a quantum network. I believe it works by taking a ‘sneak peak’ of the data rather than direct observation. This method leaves no trace that the data has been stolen.

  3. Parker Psillides

    How to instantly disable quantum network: send a observer into the code and every answer will simply be jibberish

  4. Greg J

    I’m not going to hold my breath when it comes from China, can’t imagine they would create a un hackable anything their whole society is based on spying on each other.

  5. Dan D

    When he says “help us” right before saying security and unbearable secure network I LOL because this wouldn’t be something that China of all places would share with anyone else if they did achieve it , at best they’d keep it to themselves at worst they’d use it against enemies

  6. eyemall ears

    I would have lost respect for Anton if he hadn’t mentioned bitcoin – but OF COURSE I was not let down.

  7. Panteni87

    Yeah, China has already surpassed the US in practically every way. Thanks Obama

  8. bochan207

    Quantum elections…So that means if I vote Yes, I might also be voting No.

  9. In Darkness

    Really enjoy your work Anton Petrov. Cheers to your health from Canada

  10. Juuso Ukkonen

    Usually hacks really happen in hardware so hacking actual communication nodes like normally would still be same.

  11. MyOther Soul

    How can an entangled particle travel through a computer network, being routed from one node to another, and not be “observed”?

  12. Vedant Yadav

    There’s that small black triangle again, I thought it was something on my screen, but the probability of that would be zero cause I just cleaned it 5 minutes ago.

  13. Umbrae Legios

    Now we just need Star Fleets “Hisenburg Compensator”.
    How does it work? “That’s Classified”.

  14. Nishad Kharade

    “Hold my beer formula” Loool…

  15. TodayPerson

    Wait so how exactly are the keys used if observing them causes disentanglement?

  16. James Lewis

    What software do you use for video production, particularly your greenscreen seems to work better than most.

  17. J Tra

    Hold my beer! Haha! I love it. Every time I hear that, it makes me laugh. I really enjoy your videos, and I’m glad you found a new place to live last year, because your videos have improved, and you look much happier these days

  18. Baleur

    4:50 thumbs up everyone who tried to get the smudge off their screen.
    Anton, this is the third video in a row where your greenscreen misses your top left corner. xD

  19. Fred Fry

    Do you want to develop interdemensional cable? Because this is how you develop interdemensional cable.

  20. ana Thediftofz

    Wow , quantum communication in China.
    That’s great as long as everyone has The same quantum thing to communicate.

  21. A. L.

    Those “dead pixels” in your video scared me for a moment.

  22. MrEiht

    And you think thats not hackable? Everything man made can be broken…

  23. Caleb Spriggs

    Damn it Anton couldn’t you have said quantum encryption instead. Wasted 2:30 minutes on something I already knew.

  24. mtcondie

    Some hacker, somewhere, pushes up their glasses with their left index finger and mutters; “Challenge accepted…”

  25. Skyra Hope

    Wow this is going to change more then we can imagine!

  26. Kon Berner

    US election just used quantum computing… the votes were both there and not there at the same time and it was left that way.

  27. Over the hill Dill

    This will put spying on a whole new level.

  28. Gumdrop Nose

    I think this man has the most you tube content tbh…

  29. Bo

    “quantum computing” being the *ultimate encryption device* (rather than decryption) is funny.
    edit: because we feared its power would obsolete all encryption/security.

  30. Phyx1u5

    so are we just quantum entangled beings in one of the multiverses?

  31. Neil ARMSWEAK

    ANTON, I am so curiosity for when NASA start TO SUPPORT your channel

  32. Son of Clay

    Watch with captions on.

  33. Sonia Thompson


  34. Derrick Lee

    I am sure this universe already have an interlocked network in such form (that’s why planets or universe is held together where they are) eg. electromagnetic, for us to move things around.

  35. CaligoNight

    Man these auto generated subtitles really make me want to manually sub all these videos

  36. power20841

    Anton: “This system is, in theory, impossible to hack”
    Anonymous: “Hold my beer”

  37. See Jey

    40k….well, remember how did Paypal was established.

  38. Richard Deese

    Thanks. I’m wondering what would keep someone from simply eavesdropping anyway, just so as to ruin secure communications between two parties? If such a thing became a common tactic, wouldn’t that alone cause problems? tavi.

  39. Captain America

    Anton: “hold my 🍺 ”

    “Virtual 🍺?”

  40. Joe Blow

    They used this in the USA 2020 elections. Someone tried to look at the quantum encrypted voter fraud and it instantly disappeared.

  41. Larry Llama

    News from China?
    Can’t be true

  42. To The GAMES

  43. Josh Bird

    I’ll start working on the quantum key. Lets go back and get ironman.

  44. Super Luminal Probability

    Aren’t all digital networks operating on quantum mechanics?

    I’ll see myself out

  45. nothosaur

    Meanwhile at Harvard: “2+2=5 is acceptable”

  46. Kenneth Olesen

    11:42 The black triangel appeares🙃 and it started as a small dot at 7:02. A quantum dot I guess

  47. kehvan

    So, how are these claims being independently verified?

  48. Saul Isai

    i am too dumb to understand anything you say in your videos but i feel smart watching them and i enjoy your content lmao

  49. John Smith

    Chuck Fina 👍

  50. Vilmos Palik

    Hackers bout to break the laws of physics to steal your moms credit card

  51. Matthew Suffidy

    I was thinking about how this worked and came up with a few observations. The premise is that keys are being given to decode data by a quantum link. 1) There should be a very low photon count so that sampling a small number in transit would register to the receiver still. 2) A test piece of information given to both the sender and receiver should be tested after the successful receiving at a set time. If the real information was given at this time, it would be decodable by a third party. 3) If the test information was decoded successfully, the private data should then be transmit.

  52. girlofanimation

    Thanks for the explanations of distinguishing between diff terminology involving quantum technology.

  53. Jake

    Great for military applications, and subjugation of an entire population.

  54. Rule Blitz

    Black mark on the screen i was like I got a dead pixel but its in the video!!!

  55. Xray Legends

    Anton said hold my beer? Yeah 2021s gonna be better for sure

  56. artkaboom

    Brilliant Anton, thanks for covering this and making it clear.

  57. helo void

    4:56 smiling laser

  58. Primo Zimo

    “Can somebody take grandpa’s keys away before he drives his into a ditch

  59. Cimon Kien

    I would like to know the year, month, date, and hour you were born because Chinese new year is coming soon as the metal ox.

  60. Cimon Kien

    wow! every big thing starts with small thing

  61. NachoPuppet


  62. gillbates21

    quantum ddos? – evesdrop on all the photos of the connection to make everything untangled

  63. Urrry

    – you got the key from this thing?
    – ask the damn cat…

  64. Bill Keck

    Military applications for sure.

  65. Eddy S.

    This kind of encryption in a dictatorship like China paints a rather dark scenario…..

  66. Bobby

    I’ve never heard Anton say “hold my beer” and I’m so here for it.

  67. SkankHunt42

    Thank you Anton! In this world of identity politics and cultural separation you alone are providing me with the brain stimulating material I actually desire.

  68. Sebastian The Hot Sauce D

    At the time of this typing, 40 people either
    A: Hate China
    B: Hate science
    C: live in Australia and meant to hit the thumbs up but it was upside down so they accidentally downthumbed

  69. B-Wulf

    Everyone in the comments is going to provoke youtube into taking down Anton’s video.

  70. bud thedog

    China: coming to a city near you.

  71. MClaudeW

    Yay! We have gunginir! Now if we can just figure out how to make that golden boar.

  72. Bryan Hensley

    Well dang, I didn’t know fiber “using protons” was quantum computing..

  73. Robin Blankenship

    Our new massas.

  74. Jesse Spencer

    I freakin love Anton… strictly platonic

  75. Yous Uck

    *mortal kombat techno

  76. JonesTonesGuitar

    They’ll never use it for elections…lol..that would screw up all the side deals

  77. Charles Bonanno

    Tomorrow’s news … mass riots in Nigeria. Scammers threaten to sue the quantum internet for lose of income.

  78. Jeff Borders

    You might not be able to hack quantum key pairs but you can jam their communications by rendering their own keys invalid through DDOS type attacks.

  79. Alix Paultre

    Where’s my damn Ansible!

  80. andrew carbine

    The laws of attraction?

  81. CD

    forget conventional passwords security and cash out your bank account meanwhile.

  82. Wayne A. McGuigan

    Wow, just WOW! Thank You as Always Anton buddy!! We hope all is well, and Please, Stay Safe!!

  83. eXP Horizon

    I get the big picture of this.. Incredible !

  84. TommyWashow

    Cant wait to leave all the ladies on read and unread at the same time

  85. Fearose

    umm. you just need one key. lol you’ll get it in a few minutes.

  86. TouringCarton42

    Scientists: This could be used to advance many areas of research!
    China, about to install a million new cameras with this: Wait what?

  87. Wayne The Seine

    How strange, particle entanglement….. “Damn,….. I told you not to look at it.”

  88. Meleeman

    welp i didn’t think id be stealing technology from china but. here i go.

  89. Saru

    It’s phenomenal but dangerous as well. Imagine illegal activity that can be only observed by sender/reciver… Its safe but not in all means.

  90. Candace Belter

    China: Has the best R&D teams on the Planet.

    Also China: Has the best test subjects on the Planet

  91. Classicracer Uk

    I remember dial up modems, although slow it was still a new experience to use it.

  92. Cameron Crowhurst

    The Quanternet? Surfing the multiverse?

  93. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  94. TEPSA

    the irony of the best anti-hack technology being owned by china

  95. Lee

    Damn I always miss first comment by a few minutes! Great videos, thanks for the content :)

  96. Conium Maculatum

    Ready for the Big Reset?

  97. Michael

    Thank you for your very well done videos. Peace to you and yours.

  98. OrangeCola Juice

    Maybe it can replace their railroad communication system, which depended on Adobe Flash.

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    Am I shadow-banned from r/astronomy?
    No one is replying to my comets.

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