Chernobyl Fungus and Rust Are the Future of Space Exploration

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about several new studies that investigate our options in creating a radiation shield for space travel out of materials produced by Chernobyl fungi and pure metal rust.

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  1. Tony B

    Very informative video Anton! Thank you!

  2. Admiral Bob

    Might improve the efficiency of the Plutonium RTGs

  3. Haim Ben Avraham

    That’s very interesting Anton. Perhaps too we will find radiation protection materials on the surface of our Moon.

  4. AndrewTGreen

    Respect, Best Regards and Best Wishes!!

  5. MrOldCrow

    – Mr. Putin, the Admiral Kusnetsov aircraft carrier is rusting away!
    – It just shields itself from radiation…

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    Just wanted to say I love your channel. Please keep the videos coming!

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    Dude, that is so cool. Fungi addapting to use radiation instead of V.L. crazy. Thanks for the post.

  10. ZEUS O.

    Instead of “rust” , iron oxide paint.

  11. NovorSec

    This basically means there must be life everywhere

  12. Globehead Gardener

    Excellent! Thank you Anton, your videos are always an informative and enjoyable experience. I needed some entertainment today, I’m recovering from a crappy eye injury. :(

  13. Pranav Baweja

    I love the way you always get straight to the point….
    no long intros
    no clickbaits
    just scientific awesomeness

  14. skg901

    When life gives you nuclear disasters…
    You use it to make cosmic subscreen…

  15. Metatron's Cube

    Humans used iron oxide in the form of ochre to protect their skin from radiation in the past.

  16. RSK

    “South Carolina”

  17. OnTheRiver66

    Thank you! Great update.

  18. disekjoumoer

    EVE Online: In Rust We Trust.

  19. ReMind R

    The Minmatar were right all along :D

  20. skaltura

    next; mold & rust covered spacecraft :D

  21. Oldfartpushingashopping cart

    This is great news , I’ve got all new plans for that 53 Buick in the back yard now .

  22. RipperYou

    See Chernobyl was beneficial after all :)

  23. K Bailey

    Pretty cool, a fungus suit to explore space.

  24. skg901

    Now the upcoming scifi space adventure series will have rusty space ships….😂😂😂

  25. logan catron

    Imagine we could genetically modify humans to absorb space radiation as food

  26. jommeissner

    Hard to watch fungi when having breakfast 😁

  27. MC's Creations

    That’s really interesting!

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    One of the most fascinating videos I’ve watched all year on YouTube – just wow. In my opinion, this is +1 for life being possible in the universe in almost any conditions.

  29. Mister Hand

    Let’s manscape so we can have smooth balls in zero-G!

  30. Rob Goodsight

    It remind me of the the best SF organic polymorph (ic) hulls of some spece ships…..

  31. Raoul Lammond

    Thank you for sharing. I am reading Red Mars btw. cool to hear about progress in real life .

  32. Squilliam

    I’m really more magnificent than wonderful, but thanks bro!

  33. Geoffrey Kail

    really interesting, finding things already in existence that will help protect us in the future. Thanks for the research.

  34. jeroen Zijlstra

    co-evolving, i like it.

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    Imagine what the aliens👽 will think of us when we become a spacefaring race in our 🍄fungi-rust covered ships😆

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    OMFG!!! So the Minmatar actually know what they are doing letting their ships rust!!!!

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    Mmmmm. Fungi grown with radiation instead of light. Now that’s good eatin’.

  40. Chris Clark

    And look how fast its adapted .
    Life is everywhere in the universe . This one video proves it .

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    Anton…you’re my guy but, naw buddy, not EVERYONE has plenty of melanin 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    WOW- new type of ecosystem

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    I am gonna patent a melanin sunscreen. Hold my chai.

  44. Andre Serras

    Damn, there goes all the race bullshit down the toilet! Melanin is actualy a future space shield, like a kind of super power! 😂

  45. Max Wilder

    It’s summer in the southern hemisphere and the results aren’t in. 😭😉

  46. Zeeadster TV

    Rusty space station! Hmmm that sounds like Rat Rod project to me hhh ☺️

  47. Erik S

    Generating energy in space from cosmic radiation using one of the most controversial and conflict related molecules on the planet.

  48. Ray Brodie

    Great news natural protection 👨🏿‍⚕️😎🖖🏿

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    after yesterdays video was expecting exactly this one or MATRIX the beggining :p

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  51. Mostly Dead

    I had a Girlfriend in Germany in the ’80s and I called her Chernobyl fungus, people didn’t like her at first but she eventually grew on them.

  52. Patric Hausammann

    🤔 I think we came out of “the same box”, and it’s “the same box” that poses the greatest danger to us.

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    Fungi that can withstand radiation. You know what they say, life uhh, finds a way

  54. David Rice

    I laughed even he was all this this and fluid im glob be too lazy 🤣

  55. Susan Doerr

    I read years ago that mosses took over after chernobyl. mosses. and there are certain mosses used in medicinals

  56. Evan Cobb

    The Chernobyl incident had to happen so we could explore the universe and its beauty

  57. Pasqual Itizzz

    *slaps roof of car*
    You can get so much radiation shielding on this bad boy!

  58. Kassetten Studios [Psychedelic Rock & Music Videos]

    5:01 We might very well have discovered a new type of scientist. I want this fashionable hipster sub-species named after me for calling it.

  59. dat vergil doe

    I went to school with the man the found this out. He was never a very fungi..
    I’ll see myself out.

  60. Kristian Fagerström

    Could we coat a spaceship in fungus, powering the vessel with background radiation?

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    3:06 middle row, very first person on the left. So pretty, I’m in love!

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    So wearing blackface now protects one in space? Justin Trudeau must be a genius. 😏

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    1:23 hey! i’m watching this from USC. Studying Aerospace

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    Friend explains the lesson be like:

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    I find it interesting
    that some things that are dangerous for us
    can be used in other ways to help us

  78. H4ck3r WeedSlayer

    I was waiting for this video ever since you mentioned it in your last video about melanin and research with it, and you have a really good way of explaining research from topics that are otherwise complex, I enjoy them a lot

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    Cover the iss with iron oxide red. Barn paint has found a new life. 😁😁

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    Bloomberg: Afrikans are Aliens. 🤦🏽‍♂️.

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    “Rustoleum” takes on a whole new meaning!

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    That is sooooo wonderful! Wow we are literally scratching the surface it’s amazing how we are finally tapping into some unique technology to protect us from Radiation.

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    Mars is made of rust so live underground there.

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    In rust we trust

  95. Cellmate

    They’re like the mushrooms that reduce your rads in Fallout, with the way they thrive in the rads.

  96. MultiCappie

    “To use melanin in the same way that chlorophyll is used by plants to produce energy.”

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    Melanin spacesuits? Rust-covered spacecraft? Protecting us from radiation? This is awesome information dude. Thanks for sharing!

  98. Ronan Kearney

    A flat-Earthers greatest fear is sphere itself :)

  99. Maddog3060

    1950s: “Radiation might create horrible mutants!”
    2020s: “Radiation has created helpful mutants!”
    Soon our bacterial mega-batteries will be supercharged with fungus-impregnated rust layers to power spaceships as we conquer the solar system.

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