Channel Update – Still Homeless, But Hotels Are So Cheap! Also, You’re All Wonderful!

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Hello and welcome wonderful person. So I’ve been living in a hotel for two weeks and two more to go. All of my recording equipment has been recently moved here, so I started making videos again. New videos coming daily now and best of all, I found a new affordable place and signed the lease and will be moving there in two weeks. It’s old (by Korean standards) but the rent is so much more fair than before.
Hope all of you are staying healthy. I wish you all the best and enjoy the new content and (soon, but not yet) the new higher quality videos.

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  1. Toon van der Pas

    What about “Space Out!”
    Or is that already taken?

  2. Harlan Harvey

    !!!Anton, I was made in the 70s and I’m not REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD! 😂😂😂

  3. Procyon

    Hey Anton, Nice to have you back.

  4. White Night

    Your to smart there’s a Rainbow 🌈
    Keep looking !

  5. Cisco Terres

    new channel name: “Not Much About Math”

  6. SPADE

    I was wondering where you went jezz I guess that’s why glad your ok tho

  7. J Johnson

    I’m homeless too I’m in a hotel and It’s my last day I’m screwed and not getting any help

  8. Fred Wigham

    Just your name is memorable and cool. Thank you man, for all the great content!

  9. McNulty's Sober Companion

    Really glad you’re hanging in there, Anton. I admire your spirit.

  10. George Dunham

    It should simply be called “The Wonderful Person Network” a channel for people who love space & science.
    You can have periodic special editions. “What Da Math” editions for episodes that are math heavy.
    We your channel & updates very much irregardless of the basement tan.

  11. iMaGiNE

    Perfect Anton, I love your content your so nice. Anton have a blessed life ❤️ ❤️

  12. Nikki Grater

    Here in Oregon, waiting out the fires, thank you for all you do and your dedication. Thrilled to see a new video up, can’t thank you enough. Definitely a bright spot to my day!

  13. Thompson Schwabbel

    Hello there (:
    I’ve fairly recently “found” your channel, lowkey glad that it happened.
    You seem like a very good soul and I hope you get your stuff sorted out asap!
    Also: don’t listen to the ppl regarding “no colour” or “blurry” or whatever. It’s a bonus, not what it’s about after all. I and probably most of us really enjoy to listen to you, no matter what equipment you have on hand!!
    Thanks for putting all the effort into this videos, about the topic we apparently all love ^^^

    Love and best regards from Germany

  14. PreMeditatED Noise

    How about “Anton’s Universe” or Anton’s Sandbox”

  15. Vita

    It’s so good to see you Anton!! ❤️ we’re happy that YOU exist and we’re excited to know more about your observations.

  16. Christopher J

    I feel bad because im barely keeping my family housed and fed. I wish i could help you. I hope subscribing and hitting the like button helps.

  17. Sam

    0:06 whoa, did you’ve seen that?! This wonderful person just teleported himself into space! :0


    “Hello, Wonderful Cosmos!” sounds great to me. :)

  19. Rob Briggs

    Great job keeping the content flowing while experiencing those minor domestic turbulence’s. Happy again that your channel’s growing. I know you have your niche and you fill it well, but I wonder if you’ll ever do any pure or applied math videos again? If memory serves, I remember awhile back your channel branding was What Da Math. I don’t know if I speak for everyone but I’d love to see more math in your videos. Keep on trucking Anton, you’re riding that exponential growth train now and you should enjoy it.

  20. Carl Barrett

    Anton: I’m changing the name….
    Me: whatdafu….

    Thanks for the updates I watch everyday and looking forward to the next videos, keep up the good work.

  21. The Dude

    In my old life (2019) I used to design and furnish hotels. You’re preaching to the choir about the hospitality industry dying, Anton…ugh. Glad to see you though!

  22. Sober Yoda

    Anton’s “hello wonderful person” in his accent is so pleasant

  23. Greg Reilly

    “Basement tan” I’ve had that.
    As for the name and opening, I personally like all of it. I took what da math as wtf, like Adventure Time’s “math to that”. Also, what and math kind of look like anagrams. Whatever you change it to, I’m sure it will be fine. Your content is what we subscribe to. Thanks!

  24. obi666

    Good to see you on the up and up Anton.
    Couple of questions for you; where are you from originally? Are you just an amateur astronomer or professional and I know you said you teach mathematics but what else do you do? How did you get so interested in space, the planet’s and the universe?
    Love your videos. I learn something every time I watch one of them.
    Keep doing what you’re doing.
    Best wishes.

  25. Lissandro Danny

    I always wanted to know why it was called ‘What da Math’ lol
    ‘The Wonderful Person’ seems very fit

  26. Thomas Derek Veal

    Hi Anton, what about: To infinity and beyond?

  27. fname lname

    Become “Curious Bear”. Do a collab with Curious Droid and Curious Elephant. XD

  28. Peter Aarts

    I was actually thinking about a new name for your channel yesterday. Well thought of it before already, but never really thought of something good and catchy like ‘What da Math’. What I thought now is maybe also not super catchy but might be suitable for your channel anyway.

    The name I thought of, is ‘New Horizons’ after the space probe of NASA. Also for us viewers of the channel you let us broaden our horizons and learn new things about space and science. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    Oh… I also wanted to make a donation for you, but as I bought an apartment last month, I have to take it easy for a some months, but it will come. Just stay wonderful as always!

  29. Victor Unbea

    I’m somewhat of a branding expert. Those cows never feel a thing when I stamp them with that hot iron

  30. Timothy Gaede

    “I need my space” would also describe your channel and current predicament.

  31. chad owen

    name of channel “Give us more Space” or “give me some Space”

  32. LinkxUSMC87

    Basement tan! 🤣 Glad to hear everything is working out well man, hope you like the new place!

  33. MattypusPlatypus

    You’re awesome Anton! I’m glad you’re doing alright. I’m sure things will work out. Thanks for the awesome space knowledge!

  34. Maroš Goč

    2011: Adam Jensen – I never asked for it.
    2020: Anton Petrov – I never asked for it.

  35. MTS BOUR

    Increase rent when half americans lost their jobs
    that’s a scam to increase property value and scaming banks

  36. Alex Bowman

    Anton how can you be homeless you live in space so pick a planet there’s 8 of them or a moon there’s many.

  37. Leonox

    Now: a video of What da government

  38. Joshua Gabrys

    “Hello and Wecome to Whatdaspace”
    “WhatdaPlanet”? “Planet Petrov”? Endless possibilities.

  39. Sir MrProfessor

    Definitely gonna miss the what da math intro 🤧

  40. johnny gonzalez

    “I have basement tan.” 😂😂😂👍 good luck, can’t wait to see more videos. Stay safe!

  41. Runecrow

    “That’s what I look like” really made me laugh because I can relate. 😅

  42. SublimeSparo

    if the room service is included, stay in the hotel xD
    Glad you’re alright wonderful person.
    Basement tan lmao. make sure you’re taking Vitamin D

  43. Silas Dense

    So happy to know you aren’t on the street.
    Take care, my friend.

  44. Dancing Rain

    Anton, it’s YOU who are the wonderful person.
    And I’m so glad that you have a cheap hotel to stay in. I was homeless once and had to sleep in my car.
    I hope your move goes well and your new space works out.

  45. Robert Lee

    “ok. that’s how I look” – anton
    LOL, literally. you are too funny Anton 🤣

  46. GlitterJuice


  47. N7 Biotic

    I Wish you good luck Anton ,stay Safe and positive ,greetings from Germany

  48. Odd

    “I have basement tan” DYING! LMAO!

    Anton you are my favorite YouTuber.

  49. DjMaginity

    “It’s how I look! Ok?”

    Bro! I know exactly what you mean!


  50. Damien Jeremy Weir

    I actually really like the WHAT THE MATH intro

  51. ehsnils

    “What the math” – that could still go when you have an episode that’s math heavy. For other videos “What the flower” or something.

  52. Dragnoxz Zanox

    Just move in to my place, lol. Actually, I’m staying in a hotel. I need a new home 😢.

  53. Mirrorgirl

    Love and best wishes to you wonderful person.

  54. Łukasz Sobków

    good to hear you’re not living “under a bridge” and have prospects for accommodation :)
    best of luck!

    btw. “What Da Space” ? xD

  55. Neil K. Astrophotography

    Hello Anton , Wonderful Cosmos perhaps?Stay well & Thank you so much
    for Your insights into the Universe.💫🌿💫

  56. sheepco

    “96′.. the professor i worked for..” Dude i thought you were like 30ish. So unless you were 6 at the time (wouldnt surprise me), i guestimated way wrong.
    Good to see youre keeping your chin up man. Nothing but good vibes from here!

  57. Major Helmet

    Have you thought about because science’s style, where they have that electric white board in the background?

  58. UncleEric

    Anton, how about “Wonderful Universe”?

  59. Bruised Helmet

    Ha! Basement tan!
    Could have said “Lived on the cold side of Mercury”
    I am sure someone already suggested this: “What da Space”, or how about “Tanned on Mercury” – as a eternal joke

  60. Renee Douglass

    “What de Space?” Lol

  61. fred orange

    Stay strong Antony, I lost my job due to Corona 19!
    God bless you all!

  62. Scarlett O'Tara

    He said “first of all that’s just how I look”. 😂Tell then Anton! You are OUR kind of fun mister!! Thank you for your videos. Stay positive. Your voice and videos make my days better. 😁

  63. Demir Cruz

    This news hurt me Master Petrov, but your smile and carisma makes me feel better. I wish you de best, good luck.

  64. Yah

    I can’t wait till he reaches 1 million subscribers :D

  65. Sonny Olmstead

    “That’s how I look.” I just spit out my coffee

  66. Peter Piso

    anton i liked the” what the math” please keep up the great content

  67. William Fellows

    “thats actually how I look, its a basement tan.”

  68. Mark Fergerson

    I’ve been “really” homeless as in living on the street.
    I’ve also couch-surfed and had to stay in hotels between actual homes.
    In any case it stinks having your life turned upside down.
    I can’t afford to donate to you, and I’m very glad to hear that it’s not so bad that you’re looking at living on the street.
    I just wanted you to know that some of us have been there and done that, and that’s probably part of why so many people reached out to help, because sometimes there was nobody there for us.
    Hang in there man, we’re all pulling for you and will wait patiently for you to get back to producing the videos you love to make and we love to watch.
    Per some other comments I really like “What da sky?”.

  69. justin wolf

    Hello wonderful Hotel Room!

  70. Vickie Carnes

    I can totally understand. I was flooded out my home and it’s been a long hard road since. I’m
    So glad you have a roof over your head and will soon have your own place again. I wish I could do more than just say I wish u the best but unfortunately right now that’s all I can do but I mean it. Love your videos keep up the great work

  71. Tony Garcia

    Just change it to Space out. You found the name years ago :P

  72. Seldom Prodigy

    Genuine men like this deserve the world. Stay strong Anton.

  73. Douglas Williamson

    It takes a Wonderful person to bring out the Wonderful person in other Wonderful persons😇

  74. Pincho Paxton

    Well if anyone deserves to be helped it’s Anton.

  75. Garance A Drosehn

    “What the Science”, “Astro/Science Papers Review”, “Planets, Stars, and More!”, “Wonderful People Science”
    Disclaimer: I am not a “branding expert”!

  76. Terry Multon

    ” What In The Cosmo’s “

  77. DeusEversor

    What the space? :D What the science? :D also, good luck Anton!

  78. Kari

    *Basement Tan!* Lmao! 😆 OMG! That cracked me up.

  79. Abhinandan

    6:50 maybe you should name it wonderful universe or what da universe

  80. Chill_Mode_JD

    I am a proud Dad and Patreon supporter! Your daily uploads inspires me and my daughter. Showing her how cool learning can be is priceless! So glad to help support during these crazy times and glad it’s going to an educational content creator like yourself! Stay wonderful Anton!

  81. Mojofier

    Hey congrats on finding a new place! I haven’t been “in touch” with your channel in a few weeks due to my own personal issues but damn, I think I remember seeing something about you being homeless but I hope to find out more in a previous video of yours or hopefully I might learn it in this one.

    But I’m happy for you and thank you for being so cool to us fans~! :)

  82. Fausto Botta

    “Wonderful Stars”
    “The Astronomy Report”
    “Anton’s Space News”
    “Space Wonders”
    “Red Shifting Report”

    I hope you find the most wonderful name for your channel!

  83. Nick Scatigno

    “Wonderful Universe” or something similar seems to suit you pretty well!

  84. Bassotronics

    Name the channel:
    “Wonderful Cosmos”

  85. BuffaloPilot

    Best wishes Mr. Wonderful person!

  86. Zygfryd Homonto

    “a channel for wonderful people” – this way you will make EVERYBODY happy ;-)

  87. 2nd_place

    Can we get this mans over a million subs so he doesn’t have to live in a run down 1970s apartment? Let’s go!

  88. Lawrence Parkes

    Thank YOU, Wonderful Person…all the best.

  89. RyllenKriel

    One day you will find your own “Space” Anton! Keep your chin up my friend.

  90. Robert Lee

    “the world needs more people like you” – Anton
    Anton, the world needs more people like you.
    This may be some “gig” that you threw together because you enjoy the subject.
    For me, it is food for my mind. Your service is invaluable. thank you for all that you do.

  91. katekrissana

    Congratulations! How about calling “What a Universe!”

  92. binomalia

    What da Science?

    “out of space” would be funny. ha ha.
    and have meta in it.

  93. Deakin McGinn

    “Anton’s Orbit” inferring that you are all around the subject in the matter of fact!

  94. Arob99

    Obviously your new channel name should be “Current events in Anton-omy” ;)

  95. BrannDailor

    “whats with the lack of color?”

    “I’m just naturally desaturated 😭”

    Poor anton, glad to see you’re doing well and healthy.

    Can hardly wait to see what you the future brings your way.

    Much love.

  96. Luvirini

    As for channel name I would go for “wonderful universe” or similar or if you want to keep closer to the previous “what da universe”

  97. Professor Trog

    What the math -> what the sky
    That is the easy fix.
    But something like “Wonderfull Cosmos” sounds pretty good too (and connects with Wonderfull People as a bonus)

  98. pruna blue pepper

    Ah, so nice to see Anton well and happy.
    And to all the people in the comments:
    Have a wonderful day!

  99. Revelacion Humana

    Anton, take care🤗🙏🏼❤️🌎⭐️

  100. Heliohenrique

    Likes to dislikes ratio 1.5 thousand to 1, nice…

    Edit1: 3.4 thousand to 6, still nice

    I don’t know why someone would dislike this video.

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