Channel Update – I’m No Longer Homeless! And Now in HD!

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Hello and welcome! This is a quick channel update. I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful people for the support over the past few weeks. I hope all of you are doing well and are staying strong and hope that this year ends well for all of you.

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  1. SeniorCharry

    Hay my dude is improving his game. LETS GO, Wonderful Science Guy!!!

  2. zon tarr

    When you said we are on HD now I felt young again, thank you .

  3. ilmarinen79

    Congrats on the new HQ! The actual substance of your work is so good that I am somewhat blind to the technical aspects of video quality etc. Very impressive how you’ve kept videos coming in spite of your relocation. I probably would have just declared a month off: “sorry :-)” (And I would definitely have understood having a break!). Your message and attitude is awesome!

  4. Hunkulous

    At least he’s not living in Armenia/Azerbaijan right now…

  5. Jion

    Oh man I feel like my eyes were blessed by such quality

  6. sunil chulani

    Hey Anton, I wish you all the luck and success! I lost my job since April and it has been super hard to survive. I know what it feels like to go through these past few months.. I am glad you are staying positive. That all we can do at the moment. Hope we all make it back to where we were before 2020. Be safe and God Bless!

  7. Hector Roldan

    Going through similar hiccups in life. Staying strong in Hope’s I can do shows like you and also be reunited with my 1yo son. I love that shirt too!! Thanks for the updates and may the Force be with you <3

  8. nick sausley

    Dude you should play “No Mans Sky” it’s all about space exploration.

  9. Michael Lee

    I just love your class! I told myself that I would learn something new everyday, and see its application to my whole life. I am now 58, so what interest me

  10. abhishek shandilya

    I was always so engrossed in your content that I didn’t even realise you were not in HD! Keep up the good work mate! 🤘

  11. Paulina De Luca

    That like to Dislike ratio though. Even the haters had a hard time disliking the video this time lol how can such a wonderful person end up homeless ?? You’re a strong man to keep your spirits up during these hard times. A great role model 💯

  12. Michael Bachmann

    Absolutely love this man, quality content with wholesomeness. Cant tell you how many times hearing “hello wonderful person” has made me smile

  13. Andy Short

    Being homeless sucks. Been there; clawed my way out. Glad you’re doing well! <3

  14. EmeraldView

    In my nearly five decades of life, 2020 has by far been the most miserable year.

    Glad things are looking up for you.

  15. ButterxxNuggetz

    this man rly deserves everything good that comes to him

  16. Gensci DuLac

    oh man, homeless during the pandemic?
    thank goodness you had the hotel. Thats such an unfair situation.

    Do you like the new place?
    Keep giving us videos please! Thank you for making them, especially when it’s rough.
    You’re definitely a wonderful person, and you make a lot of people happy dude ^_^

  17. no post

    A ‘wonderful person’ gets a new ‘wonderful home’. I’m happy that he’s happy. :-)

  18. Tybie Fitzhugh

    So happy for you! Thanks for not giving up and thank you for all the wonderful videos. The new visual quality looks SO GREAT, it’s really noticeable even in portrait mode on my phone. Like others have said, your audio is already better than many other channels. And still, I’m super excited and impressed that you’re taking the time and effort to make it even better! Your content has always been gold, and you deserve tech that’s the same amazing quality. ⭐✨ Keep it up, wonderful person! You’re doing amazing things in this world. 🌍💛

  19. DigitalMesh

    Hej Anton, congrats on getting your stuff together! Really good to hear u managed to stay on your feet :)
    I have a request or maybe a tip or somethuing – 1 thing I would really like to see you try is editing the video background & camera seperatly.
    I think the editing of your vids could get even better if you would just edit the camera & afterwards put background videos & images.
    Now the whole screen flickers from frame to frame and I think doing this differently would make a big change for future videos :)
    Maybe i’m wrong as I don’t have much experience in this stuff, but perhaps it could give you some new ideas.

  20. Kalbuir66

    The HD is amazing looking. Glad to hear you finally got a place. Being homeless sucks, at least you weren’t out on the streets.

  21. skyler bowerbank

    HD doesn’t matter to me, i just listen while i do whatever

  22. Francois Leveille

    I must strongly compliment you on your choice of t-shirts.

  23. Ken Smith

    The sound is good enough. I can understand you just fine.
    The content has always been very good and that is what matters.
    Mostly I don’t care about HD video on youtube because by time it gets through the monitor and my eyeballs, it isn’t HD any more.

  24. Lars la Cour Poulsen

    Anton has always been in HD because of his personality 😁

  25. Vlad Drakul

    We are all so happy for you. Let’s hope you will soon have a permanent home and don’t even need to worry about this. You do not need to worry about things like rent. You have been wonderful and we all need to be as positive as you say. I have lost half my family in just 9 months. But the younger surviving ones need us older survivors to live and be an example. Your video helped me survive DESPAIR as I had to be totally isolated (still am) having no immune system worth talking about. Lost my father, mother in law and father in law (just last Wednesday, I wrote his funeral speech yesterday and my oldest childhood friend died from a drug overdose, he stupidly took as despair made him fall back into the heroine habit he had broken 25 years before after he lost his parents to this disease and then his job. My mom survived because she is in the US and not infected.
    I am trying to not die as well. This year has been like a World War for me. Unbelievable! Your videos everyday keep me sane. Thank you Anton!

  26. Robin Blankenship

    The slight bit of resonance in the sound actually makes you sound more, well you know, more universal!!

  27. Edward Gonzalez

    Yay, no longer homeless. Where can I get that Christ v Lucifer fighting t=shirt? It’s awesome.

  28. Xej Plays ML

    you deserve this man,
    Remembering your old intro.

    hello wonderful person this is anton and welcome to watdamath

  29. avon neave

    Wonderful beings such as yourself Anton will never be homeless in this Universe, nice to hear you have established an accommodation as a launch pad for your brilliant and most informative work. It’s nice to be able to relax secure in the knowledge all is well as I hope it is for you. Love your message to the world. All the best from here in West Australia

  30. FiercedeityBrad

    Truly a wonderful person, you remind me of my high school science teacher. I loved going to his class every day and learning about things. We had to hand write 5 or 6 pages of notes every day for his class but we all did it very efficiently, he didn’t have any problem students or anything like that because he was such a good teacher. I remember watching a shuttle launch live in his class and he brought snacks and soda for us while we watched.

  31. Maryalee Scarlet

    Idea: A Halloween stream of you playing “Alien Isolation.” <^0.0^> We are all blessed that you love what you do, and we love watching you do it.

  32. TheFauxbulous

    I know that feel man. I can’t do scary games either.

  33. 袁是帅

    Anton, would you consider verifying your channel as a “Brave creator account”, its an extra source of revenue for your channel.

    I would love to support your work, but im too broke for Patreon lol

  34. Anthony Narozniak

    Dude, with all your fanbase out there you’ll never really be homeless you got too many people that care…. thumbs up to you and keep making those videos

  35. Peter Rabbit

    Did it bother anyone else that the Coriolis Effect is wrong on that planet in the background?

  36. Zac Higgins

    Cheers Anton!! Glad to hear you found a place to settle in. The new camera quality is awesome, and I didn’t notice any sound problems at all. I love your videos, keep up the awesome work. You provide a truly amazing resource sharing and explaining the studies and experiments that are going on with us. It’s so interesting, and you do such a great job explaining and showing the details and examples 😀

  37. TheLag

    Me: I have AIDS. Anton: Stay positive!

  38. jfrader

    Dude, Alien: Isolation is the best fucking single player game I played! Would love to see you play.

  39. The Grand Minority

    Eyy, no longer homeless! thats great!

  40. sabin97

    nobody else calls me a wonderful person.
    i’m glad you’re not homeless. it sucks not having a home.

  41. DaveFromColorado

    I love this channel, I love it videos, and I love being called a wonderful person.

    I’m very happy to hear that you are no longer homeless and you have a new wonderful camera and I can’t wait to see what new videos you will be putting out from your new home. I wish I could do more, donate or be a patreon on or something – but I am still honored that you let freeloaders like me who subscribe to your channel, to have the ability to watch your content.

  42. Brisingr Sverd

    “And remember to keep looking up”, NDT

  43. Paradise Decay

    Anton you need to experience Alien Isolation in VR – You thought it was scary pancake mode (playing on a flat screen). It’s even more scary in Virtual Reality.

  44. Sonorous

    If anyone deserves a nice studio in a nice home it’s you.

  45. Chris

    Dude, you bring such a Great Energy! Also: THAT SHIRT! HOW ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DRIP!!

  46. Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz

    LMFAO literally the second he said “full HD” my resolution dropped to 240p 🤣

  47. Juan Pedro Mariano

    You’re among the reasons why I haven’t off-ed myself this year.

  48. Kevin Byrne

    Good to see that things have worked out well for such a nice guy.
    Dear Everyone, Get revenge against this virus — Stay well.

  49. JoshAlmighty

    Someone please fund this amazing person! If I was a rich man neither of us would have any worries my friend! Thank you for the amazing content Sir!

  50. Kashawn Chavies

    That’s amazing I’m so glad you was able to find a place you can call home. And the fact that you was making videos while going thru a rough time you earn major respect points!

  51. Odoacer

    I’m new here is Anton Christian ? His Christ vs Lucifer shirt gives me a Christian vibe ! :)

  52. xm11

    Hello wonderful Anton! Welcome to your new home!! So glad you’re there!

  53. Piotrek aka Pan Nieba i Z

    holy moly thats so clean! really cool but anyway we are here because of knowledge you are giving us and they way you do this

  54. fat earther

    0:01 anton: I’m not longer homeless, look I live in the orbit now…

    good, riddance…btw. happy for you that you’re all right, stay strong, stay safe and most importantly stay happy as you have always been

    and your new channel look looks wonderful…

  55. Waylon K

    Grrr I don’t like how the planet in the background shifts suddenly whenever he makes a jump cut. Congratulations on getting back on your feet!

  56. Jacmac

    Sound is fine, I don’t hear any echo and I’m using some high end headphones.

  57. Kevin Hanley

    Glad to hear you have a home. No to solve the last problem: being in between razors. :)

  58. Billy_Herrington1969

    You in HD look like another person, lol.

  59. Lemon Lady

    Congrats! I’ve given up all other social media, but I can’t give up YT just yet (we knows who owns them…) and you are big reason. Cheers and hope things improve from now on!

  60. Sander Ananas


  61. Phill M156

    2020 reminds me of billy Joel’s old song “pressure “

  62. zibbity bibbity bop

    I am completely distracted by Anton’s awesome shirt.

  63. Neil T

    Even without the soundproofing, Anton, your audio quality is better than a number of other channels. Thank you for these videos, I look forward to seeing and learning more!

  64. Leland Shennett

    This isn’t even my favorite channel, but Anton may very well be my favorite creator. His passion is second to none.

  65. thersten

    He’s really milking this “homeless” angle. 😂😂

  66. United Space Pirates

    Build a spaceship you can live in and you’ll never be homeless again… That is unless space pirates need it more than you do.

  67. DarkyBoode32

    I didn’t know Anton was homeless.

  68. Josi Atokirina

    Anton, you are a sweet gentle man! If only most men on this planet had a demeanor more like yours the world would be a better place to live in.
    Thank You for being You and sharing your special gifts with the world. You bring so much interesting ideas and knowledge to your videos, it is inspiring.

  69. SquadraCorse

    Glad you are doing better. You know there’s a VR mod for Alien: Isolation…

  70. Paddy Mcdoogle

    Dude there was an incredible thing that happened whilst you were talking… A star was moving very fast behind you.

  71. Justina Stockings

    Much love Anton. Positive thoughts are much needed in the world.

  72. Socks With Sandals

    Glad to see you’ve moved into a room on the International Space Station, Anton.

  73. 455 rocket

    Glad you’ve got a new home, let’s hope everything keeps look up for you. You do a great job bringing science to the masses.

  74. Claptrap Claptrap

    The sound is good, I didn’t hear any echo, at least when watching this on my phone.

  75. Dark Owl

    I love how when he’s discussing his trials in finding a place, there’s a middle finger-looking overlay object spinning by on Earth. Nice. Big fan, take care

  76. Lil Overdose

    That HD is looking real crisp my space friend

  77. Darrell Wright

    I see you kept putting in work even while you were “homeless”. 💪🏻 We appreciate all your hard work Anton! Congrats for getting into your new place! 🎉😃✌🏻

  78. IV EV

    Christ, Anton, I read “Im no longer” and thought for a split second you’re gonna quit the channel. Would fit in 2020

  79. hexahedron

    The new ‘wonderful person’ person, no longer homeless and in HD!

  80. Imagine A World

    Being homeless sucks, but having a job you don’t like is a lot worse. This time has proved Anton liked his job.

  81. Gamer X

    Man, he is a front-liner when it comes to science in YT

  82. Tsucasa

    I have watched you for years and my son has been watching lately as well ( he is 9 and loves this stuff). We appreciate all your work and wonderful words! I am so glad you got your situation figured out and you are looking good with the new equipment!

    Don’t hesitate to reach out for more support and you have a whole family in all of us that would do so gladly!

  83. kronos2k

    legit this man deserves so much more just give him a like and sub already so humble thru all of this and still remaining himself truly a wonderful person he is

  84. MrZentrierer

    Congrats on getting settled in again. Gotta say, was pretty impressive how you kept your upload schedule mostly intact during moving. Looking forward to more content from our wonderful Anton who now looks even more wonderful with his new camera :-) Keep it up! On a side note, didn’t notice any echo regarding your voice.

  85. Red Wiltshire

    I gotta say this guy is dedicated to his channel I respect that

  86. Half-a-Gram Stan

    I’ve been homeless before, and not just living on my friend’s couch homeless either. Congrats on your new pad!

  87. Sandy Ford D18

    Oh no, Anton is now is Full HD, we can see all the cracks, craters and crannies! LOL, keep up the great work!
    Now we have to wait until you upgrade to 4K!

  88. D W

    I’m sure some of us would have taken you in. Your giving us a priceless education. You’ve got a blessed personality, may God bless you.

  89. kris catlin

    Who are the “not wonderful people” that keep leaving thumbs down? Glad to hear you moved into your new place and the new HD and ideas sound great Anton, we’re looking forward to great new content.

  90. Sgt. SLaughter

    “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”
    – Keanu Reeves

  91. BigBrotherMateyka

    AP: I’m no longer homeless!

    Me: *(sheds manly tears)*

  92. Risto Paasivirta

    “Games can now be played at 8k resolution!”
    Me: meh…
    “Anton Petrov is now at High Definition!”
    Me: finally the technology is here!!! \(^-^)/

  93. stockholm17

    Hoping the World will become as stable and positive as Anton.

  94. Hristina Trumpić

    As Apokalypze Kozplay said in the comments below: “Anton is like the best friend I’ve never met…” I feel the same!🤗
    Thank you, Anton for being the way you are, real wonderful person!🥰
    I am so glad the things are better for you now ☺️

  95. Carole Baskins Husband

    “I’m no longer homeless.”
    …Looks like Anton has bay view window from a orbiting space station…

  96. Digital Sutoraido

    The audio sounded just fine, no need to rush on soundproofing the room.

  97. Akharus of the Black Legi

    Anton: “I am no longer homeless!”
    [Everybody liked that]

  98. Mr R to the B

    This guy is so dedicated I didn’t even feel he took a break 😅

  99. Cosmic Contrarian

    Thank god and god bless.

    You don’t deserve to be out on the streets, your videos are informative, pleasurable and consciousness raising.

  100. ElReyMaravilloso16

    Glad to hear you aren’t homeless anymore wonderful person

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