Center of Our Solar System Found – It’s Not Inside the Sun!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that identifies the center of the solar system more accurately than ever before!

  1. Faceless Mask

    All hail the sun the beautiful and almighty.

  2. Aryn Golden

    Anton you’re so great

  3. Mike Dunigan

    Did anyone else catch that the sun’s activity cycle and Jupiter’s velocity modification to the sun align?

  4. pheotonia

    So that would put it right about the spot of the planet Vulcan’s 31 day orbit?

  5. Dark Madder

    `Center of our Universe Identified – It’s NOT Inside Your Head!

  6. Dan Gingerich

    Figuring this out would probably help us a lot in locating planets in other systems.

  7. Monika H.G

    They need to name some star or planet like wonderful planet in the honor of Anton!

  8. Noah Ludford

    You mean gravity works both ways…..I thought this was obvious.

  9. Lonely Lynn

    I love your videos and content but I keep getting US political ads that ruin it. I want to support your adsense but I hate it so muuuuvch.

  10. 0 00

    Center is earth, the sun is a light in a firmament. You are most welcomed.

  11. Osmosis Jones

    Something big heavy passed through our solar system. Tilting Uranus Pulling Jupiter and Saturn back out as they were moving in maybe absorbing some planets and

    As for pulling venues the work way. The math of how Venus’s rotation is correcting and the wind for or solar system to altered doesn’t math

  12. Olegh Rozman

    R.I.P. Solar centric system..

  13. Mark Ross

    Didn’t we know that the sun wobbles, like from Einstein?

  14. Ellison Hamilton

    I bet it’s actually in Zealandia ( aka Atlantis)

    Thanks Anton.

  15. Flavour Month

    I’m pretty sure that back in the day schools were telling us that the center of out “universe” was out planet. :D
    sorry, had to do it.

  16. megamanusa5

    how is this different from the doppler shift planetary discovery techniques for other stars?

  17. king p

    genius as usual , thx!!!

  18. Henchman Twenty1

    You are totally messing with my stellar feng shui! 1:48 – You are NOT the center, Bary!

  19. emf 1200

    I’ve had to tell my son “you’re not the center of the universe”.

  20. Count_of13

    Yes! The barycenter!

  21. Simon Sozzi

    I thought we always knew that it was somewhere between the sun and Jupiter.

  22. RicardoA BH

    Pulsar GPS wow!

  23. Dusty L


  24. Gamer Senpai

    In second grade I got sent to the guidance counselor over this question.
    I put ‘common center of mass’ as the answer to the question, “What does the Earth orbit?”
    LSU professor was called, my grade corrected to 100%.

  25. AKAstan11

    Could this be used to calculate the mass of the solar system by its pull on the sun?

  26. Alberts stuff

    Dude, this is a little late for you isn’t it?
    I’m sure I read this info a week ago.
    Still get a 👍🏼 as always

  27. General Zod

    Yes I am wonderful person!

  28. Erik Hasler

    This just in: scientists have decided that the sun is no longer a star. Stay tuned for this, and more….

  29. rick couture

    you’ve blown up so many planets and stars, your probably ban for interstellar travel.

  30. Spaceshuttle 536

    Error 404 solor system center not found

  31. Verdades Astronômicas

    Explain Binars Stars!

  32. Nicholas Heidl

    I only found out about this 2 years ago. My astronomy book I had as a kid didn’t mention this fact.

  33. Charles-A Rovira

    They *do* align in something called a *_syzygy_* which is when *all* of the planets align in their orbits. Needless to say, a syzygy is a very rare/infrequent event.

  34. Ken Scott

    This guy should have a how the universe works show on the History Channel!

  35. Rik

    Anton, please wear a Wonderful Person T-shirt in your videos.

  36. Xspot box

    Of course it’s not, our sun i revolving around other stars and so on. There might be no center, every massive object follow other massive objects in their vicinity, motion itself is universal property.

  37. Crixus Maximus

    Even before listening, I seem to remember that the Sun and Jupiter orbit around each other at a central point, and everything else orbits them. Am I right?

  38. Lucifer Mephistophilies

    Plus we are all in motion through space so the sun rotates around that also as it spins with us all in tow behind it

  39. schrödingerscat LPs

    More like “Center of our perception found.”

  40. Eddie 5Z

    Spence I don’t have any special to help me or anything I have noticed that the channel increases about 1,000 a day

  41. Roberto Oliveira

    we are confusing our perspectives and Measurements with reality

  42. ArchEnema 67

    But of course the Gravitronic coExtensional already knew where it was. And where it will be. Where it is can be a trickier question.

  43. John Kelly

    Sun to Jupiter “Your buzzing around me is making me dizzy and wobbly. Driving me crazy. I wish I had never spawned you “.

  44. Wayne Shirey

    This gives me a pain between my ears

  45. Hey I'm60

    Gulliver, we’ll never make it!

  46. nathan leach

    🤣🤣🤣 if one day we decided to become interstellar

  47. Paul Gradenwitz

    When I was 17 years old I was in a private conference about astronomy. Then one of the leaders there told me that some years ago they had proven with the aid of pulsars that the path of the earth is around the barycentre of the solar system and that this barycentre is not always inside the sun but depending on the constellation of all planets is close above the surface or below the surface of the sun. That result was published. I don’t know in what journal. But for me this information is already about 50 years old. Yet it is an interesting fact. That they revisited this measurement and did it with higher accuracy is great.

  48. 2fer one

    HERESY. Everyone knows the sun revolves around the earth.

    Oops wrong century my bad.

  49. Mogollon Treasure Hunters

    Amazing :D

  50. b_yoshi

    I actually thought about this once which is pretty cool I had faith in my thought

  51. Curtis Hill

    Love your channel Anton💯🙏

  52. Domino Diamond

    I was looking for a picture of my wife.

  53. Patrick McFarland

    Greetings from Atlantis! ;)

  54. Roger Gilbert

    1:59 What is that yellow that keeps popping up here?

  55. Demetrio ,

    I love your videos, but your title makes it seem like this is some new scientific discovery. We’ve known about Barycenters since Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion.

  56. Stan Ervin

    Anton, kindly explain the phrase “What Da Math?”
    Have been wondering for about three years.
    Thank You

  57. John Brasher

    Wow, this was a damn good video.

  58. 99guspuppet

    The center of the solar system and indeed the center of the universe…… Is me

  59. Neal Murfitt

    Love how you report on things no one else does.
    Love the channel

  60. mésange

    8:09 Shout out to D.J Nice, D. Good & T.T Pennucci

  61. Tragoudistros.MPH

    3:14 … our solar system is a sperm, and if we crash into a nebula, we’ll form new stars… …

  62. mcburcke

    Anton, you do the most amazing vids…you rock, man!

  63. MTB 2 SEA

    Does the moon have this same effect on the earth? I know the moon pulls tides, but does it cause a circling we do not notice?

  64. Andre Gulbis

    This channel rocks. Feel like I always know the latest discoveries. Thanks Anton!!

  65. a Kento

    I’m pretty sure the center of the solar system is in my belly. I can tell where the planets are just by rubbing my tummy.

  66. gunnerkobra

    So the center of our solar sister is a floating word in space?

    What a plot twist.

  67. WarpFactor999

    Anton this was one of your “nicer” videos! Well done sir.

  68. Ovi Haliuc

    Anton looks a bit tired in this video. I hope he gets enough rest. He makes so many videos and so much research every day. Don’t know how he can do it.

  69. swiftghost 03

    Jupiter has so much mass its pull on the sun and orbit are actually outside of the sun’s surface so technically Jupiter and the sun are in orbit of each other

  70. cnawan

    “…uncertainties finding Uranus…” snrk :3

  71. Danny Campbell

    Great channel Anton, always interesting sometimes fascinating. Keep up the good work.

  72. Richard Sleep

    Yes it sounds pretty important, knowing where everything is. Nice one Anton, thanks.

  73. The Great Hadoken

    Without watching your video, it strikes me that the centre of the solar system ought to be an area close to the sun, not in the centre of it. The Sun obviously orbits around a certain point as it’s tugged on by all the planets.

    Now, lets see how wrong or right I was…

  74. Silas Dense

    I love that I believe that I’m well versed on a subject and your in-depth videos prove me wrong.
    (you’re so cool)
    Thank you for your educational videos.
    I look forward to them everyday.
    👍 😉

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    Anton, thank you for my daily smile. Every time I here you say wonderful person, thank you wonderful Anton😁

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    Man, i so want to listen to that full intro and outro music. Is there a link to it or was it made by Anton?

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    Just found your channel today! Thank you so much for all this info! :D

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    Anton, I love the way you share knowledge. Keep doing it. Thank you!

  79. MC's Creations

    It’s like looking at the solar system from the outside. Fantastic!
    Thanks, Anton!
    Stay safe there, everybody! 🖖😊

  80. Chang Noi

    I’ve always thought it was around me.

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    I feel good when Anton calls me wonderful person

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    Imagine talking to Anton about space at a party xD

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    I’m excited to hope to smack that highly intelligent forehead of your brilliant mind!
    Your IQ must be super high!
    I’m confused just thinking about this stuff!
    Thank you very much for all the beautifully designed and scrumptious knowledge, that you feed our minds with and GOD shall bless you truly and dearly! :)

  84. Philip Z

    I am the center of the solar system!

  85. Dan Amyot

    Fascinating. Something I’d always taken as general knowledge has just been turned on its head. Damn I love science

  86. Michelle Peacock

    It made me smile when you said “tiny Jupiter”. It’s so huge compared to us, but indeed tiny compared to our beautiful sun.

  87. Andy Anderson

    300 feet is quite accurate,dang .

  88. John Keith

    Anton is located at the barycenter of my mind and my imagination…

  89. SikoMC

    HELLOOO wonderfull comment reader ! hellooo anton!! *wave*

  90. whozthisguy

    its like how the moon pulls on earth’s oceans.

  91. Flickable Bean

    Anton: Yo, my telescope is REALLY nice.

    ISS: ours is NICER.

  92. Scotty

    I literally had a random thought about this a couple of hours ago get out my head

  93. S̴a̴i̴l̴_̴b̴o̴i̴2̴4̴7̴

    I’ve been lied to my whole life

  94. wehavebeenenslaved

    next step, calculate how much the barycenter oscillates because of the gravity from sag A.

  95. Zo Fryer

    Here’s another one you didn’t know: There’s no such thing as watermelon flavoring. “Watermelon” flavor in candy is a combination of strawberry, banana, blueberry.

  96. Talha Barut

    Time to flex in science class, my teacher won’t see this coming!😂

  97. darrick steele

    huh.. wow, i would have guessed that the high percentage of mass that the Sun has over the rest of the system would have put the center very close to the center of the star. the more ya know!

  98. Kiréalta


    -This message brought to you by the Pope gang.

  99. Poncio powa

    So pulsars can be used exactly like GPS satellites. I wonder what precision is possible using multiple telescopes measuring distances between them

  100. JD Moto

    That’s so funny because I’ve met some people that believe they themselves are the center of the universe…… 😑🤣

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