Carnivorous Plant That Has Memory & Can Count and Here’s How It Does It

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some of the new discoveries about Venus Flytrap – the most well known carnivorous plant.
Little Shop of Horrors:
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  1. Juan Martinez

    I read the title as the Coronavirus plant😂😂

  2. Corey S

    Insects are animals too!

    Jeez that sounds like a little kid protesting or something.

  3. TheElectricOrigins

    The concept of plants “LEARNING” is quite interesting. An argument favouring that memory is not physically inside any brain.

  4. Joseph Stalin

    When a plant is more qualified than me

  5. Mary Hedl


  6. Mark Jaikaran

    The most positive youtube science channel

  7. khyron6

    Yeah but Triffids can move about too. ;)

  8. fcsuper

    That’s one bright light on your right side. Like, looks like you are outside in the sun.

  9. Kevin Byrne

    Meanwhile, the philodendron in Anton’s living room is looking at him and wondering: “Hmmm … I wonder what Anton would taste like if he were braised in tomato sauce?”

  10. Thomas Chrombly

    My kid also has memory and can count and also eats bugs if I don’t watch him.

  11. Nathan Miller

    it is also good for cell regeneration and used to break up tumors.

  12. Kevin Byrne

    6:31 — Jasmonic acid

  13. Jasondurgen

    God save the Queen, they’re able to tally their kills. It’s a slow uprising, but one to be sure. Prepare yourselves

  14. drewbster69

    Beetle trap!
    Beetle trap
    Beetle trap

  15. Aurélien Carnoy

    I love it. Go passion!

  16. pineapple ikush

    You should do more videos on plants especially ones we could take to space 🌲

  17. Max Kronader

    So, the Venus fly trap apparently has more cognitive power than most of the people I attended High School with.😁

  18. Eva9000

    If it likes places with fire australia best watch out

    Fun as venus fly traps are we don’t need more invasive species

  19. Iaman Empoweredone

    All life has some degree of memory.

  20. Mike

    They’re becoming sentient! Get the flammenwerfer!!!

  21. Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fe

    wow, this is really cool!

  22. melvinISmischievous

    Anton! If you like little shop of horrors. Watch day of the triffids. I implore you to watch it as I believe you would enjoy the movie.


    Day of the Triffids just got one day closer!!

  24. Товарищ Валентин

    This was so fun to watch. Thanks, Anton.

  25. Cave Dwelin

    Possible second channel Anton? Loving all of your content!!!

  26. asassin asa

    Uhhhhhh, a channel meant for kids? I’m smart enough that I dont need to hear it 60 times -_-

  27. StillCloser

    The perfect plant for vegans…

  28. Osmosis Jones

    fly traps work the same way as Anemones Anemones blur the line between plants and animals

  29. XRP 747E

    Bravo Anton. I wish you a really wonderful and scary Halloween! 🎃

  30. valeria perez

    1:49 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  31. Allen Crawford

    I’ve grown carnivorous plants for years, both indoors and outdoors (I’m in NJ). Most if not all North American carnivorous plants–venus flytraps, sundews, bladderworts, pitcher plants–will overwinter outdoors pretty well, provided your zone isn’t too extreme. They’re pretty easy to take care of, once you know what they need: damp feet and a hot head, basically. Keep them in a damp sandy peat mix and give them as much sun as possible. Never let the peat dry out: that will kill them. Use distilled water or condensation from a dehumidifier or AC unit: tap water in most areas of the US is too alkaline for acid-loving carnivorous plants. The ideal introduction to growing them is The Savage Garden by Paul D’Amato.

  32. FetalKnievel

    Im glad all of my neurons usually cooperate. There’s only so much calcium and I can only eat so much soil

  33. Nathan Stephens

    Ahhh Anton my favorite channel! Always learn something here! Better than the BBC lolz 😂😵😂

  34. Gently's Channel

    Pretty sure they walk too.

    We’ll, I once read if they don’t like their position they can grow a new plant from their root and kill the original..

  35. JBourkeArt

    Now I want a glown in the dark flytrap. I keep my flytrap out on the patio. It almost died until I switched to purified water.

  36. Menko

    The Venus Flytrap makes alien plant-based intelligent life much more believable

  37. Mike McGomer

    It’s like the joe Biden plant with the heirs that stand up when you rub then and you know the thing, c’mon man..

  38. Troy Fortsch

    Audrey 2 lives!! “Feed me Seymour !”

  39. Joseph Crowe

    in 10k, 100k years what’s left of humanity might have to deal with this.

  40. Jared Bly

    Genetically modifying carnivorous plants ? Sounds like a greeeeaaaat idea 🤔

  41. Jonethyn Meyers

    Here’s something that once u see it u can’t Unsee it Anton blinks really quickly Much love towards Anton tho

  42. Sritranceth SK

    Anton: Not only do I capture light refracted light years away, but also carbon based lifeforms capturing inter dimensional fellow beings 🌀

  43. Jose Oropeza

    Anton I am so glad I found your channel. I know one thing to be true, it takes a very intelligent man that understands the complex to explain it to a simple man like me in a way I understand it and enjoy the knowing something I did not know before. Thank You

  44. john Heiselman

    DUDE i got a b52 and a red venus fly trap coming in the mail. Perfect timing.

  45. Dan Pryal

    The right edge of the video has a small graphic that freaked me out. I though my computer screen was broken.

  46. Tim McConnell

    “Four isn’t enough! Six is too many!”

  47. Ryan Herst

    Please remember that the alien invaders in Invasion of the Body Snatchers were plants.

  48. Preston Pittman

    Amazing article nd I’m going to order a couple of these here in North Carolina. 👍😊

  49. Tracchofyre

    Probably it can even do Tensor Calculus and it just didn´t show it to us yet. Mark my words, before the End of 2020 we will be attacked by carnivorous Plants with the intellect of Albert Einstein. God help us.

  50. Paul Ross

    High quality and informative as ever. Thank you for your effort and dedication.

  51. Peter D Morrison

    Hello wonderful Anton. Always my go-to channel when I want to learn something new, random and amazing

  52. Leandro Pontes

    Oh. There are many “insects are animals too” comments. I can’t even pretend to be smart anymore. Too late to the party.

  53. Killjester

    Wow, thanks for the film recommendation you wonderful person. I only knew about the musical.

  54. FIRE STORM 3692

    That was a real mind blow man, that’s why I live science! It’s the workings of things that are soo interesting!

  55. NewbBeginnings

    Cool vid man, I’ve enjoyed your channel for a long time. Wish I could have given you some footage too. Love these these plants!

  56. Flavour Month

    the screaming root or w/e its called might be a good next plant look at :D

  57. Kicapan Manis

    0:15 *wants year to be less scary and more educational*

    *makes a video on an intelligent carnivorous plant*

  58. Scarlet Crusader

    My calcium ions activate every time i watch one of your videos. I may be able to harness this to lower my light bill. Will keep you posted! ;)

  59. Heavy Horses

    A perfect Halloween subject Anton! You always have great ideas and I ALWAYS learn something. 💗

  60. JTuaim

    Fire seems to be important to some plants and trees.
    Could you do one an orchid that imitates the mating flight of wasps to pollinate? It also needs fire. I saw one documentary years ago and found it fascinating.

  61. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if shows how memories are imprinted on our cells

  62. Herr Schmidt

    I just love your channel. Thank you so much for all of this great knowledge Anton!

  63. Ben Dover

    Actually, insects are animals literally. Props to Anton for making me feel like I at least know a tiny bit about taxonomy, yet I know very little about the cosmos still. Lol

  64. Adam Cifuentes

    OMG I want a green glow in the dark insect trap plant!

  65. kjell159

    Just run away from them. It’s not like they’re going to chase you like a bellsprout.

  66. Lost InTheDark

    Im reeeeeeally early this time yay! Hello wonderful Anton!

  67. Preston

    I’m a carnivorous plant grower, and flytraps are my favorite species. The general public believes a lot of misinformation about flytraps, so it’s great to see a video that gets the details right. Thanks for doing your research!

  68. Jerry Spikes

    Dude you’re the man, love to watch your videos when I can catch a break from engineering school

  69. Mark Kaidy

    “memory” and “count” are anthropomorphisms for purely chemical processes, Im sure.

  70. Chris Tremelling

    love the confession at the end.

  71. Roshan Sri

    Carnivorous plant? Sounds like my girlfriend…

  72. b888

    4:15 Insects are technically animals, they come under kingdom animalia

  73. Combat King 0

    Man eating plant?
    Maybe not as impressive, but I’ve found a plant eating man!
    Behold as he devours vegetation.
    Truly he is terrifying to fruits and vegetables everywhere!


    I love this plant, I keep carnivorous plants on all my windows. Brilliant video and great to get this knowledge out there!! Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  75. sunil s

    0:06 since it has been really scary year already …, lolz and so1:20

  76. Daniel Cooper

    10:23 “billions and billions” This catchphrase is taken, Anton…

  77. Olegh Rozman

    So.. It’s time for reading of “The Day of the Triffids” (1951).

  78. Stewie PID

    The moment Carnivorous Biomes are featured, I’m watching!

  79. AJBAXTER7677

    Man, I remember finding out about SpaceEngine for the first time through you, and now I’m learning about counting fly traps. Thanks for the adventures wonderful Anton!

  80. Joseph Grant

    I love Astronomy but as a Botanist I am very happy you covered this! That you wonderful person!

  81. Vicente Gambini

    Anton is the type of person I could listen to no matter what topic he talks about.

  82. 247tubefan

    Your telling me that’s a blood thirsty plant that’s also antisocial towards other plants and loves fire too. 😈🤘

  83. Jace King

    3:45 insects are animals

  84. Henchman Twenty1

    13:54 – Anton “blacktumb” Petrov

  85. Brandon James

    This year has messed me up so bad that I read the title as “coronavirus plant” and thought yeah that makes sense.

  86. Pete Adam

    @3:45 I think insects are animals. Awesome video nevertheless.

  87. Todd Colberg

    They’re from space. Where they were found in NC was the site of a meteor hit.

  88. JAMES T. not kirk

    How the heck! I was just thinking about the lil shop of Horrors!!

  89. Andrew Rodriguez

    Yesss man finally carnivorous plants. I own nepenthes(tropical pitcher plants), dionaea(Venus fly trap), and sundews. Love them, thank you for covering a video on them!

  90. rrobertt13

    7:18 well that’s the most liberal use of the term mammalian I’ve ever seen 😄

  91. Jim Morrison

    What blew my mind was that the Venus Fly Trap was only found in the south east USA. I thought for sure it would have been from Brazilian rain forest or something.

  92. Omizuke

    Im interested in the florescent version. Also, this plant and other carnivorous plants. What we’ve learn about plant “screaming”, about forest getting depression. And so on. How long till the vegans have to settle for licking rocks? XD

  93. Very Angry Citizen

    Imagine an alien species that were plant based? An intelligent organism that grows from the terrain.
    How cool would that be?

  94. RDE Lutherie

    My rubber tree is looking at me really weird! (<:

  95. Shredcini Two

    Awesome, now, I have a new excuse for my poor short-term memory, since the goldfish-memory comparison is obsolete.

    “Man, I have the memory of a venus flytrap.”

  96. The M25

    Crazy how this plant is more advanced than the brain of the average tiktok user

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  98. Roshan Sri

    Plant intelligence is a field that needs more research for sure

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    Carnivorous vegetables with simple counting abilities and memory? Looks like i found my ancestors

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    “I know I normally do astronomy, but how often do I get to talk about carnivorous plants!” – Anton

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