But What Is The True Size of the Universe? (A Lot Bigger Than You Thought)

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about what the true size of the universe could be based on observations of the last few decades.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1411.4180

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  1. Amos Cardoza

    Simply amazing! Great vid and channel my man!!

  2. Sam Harper

    This all assumes that the curvature of the universe and the rate of expansion are uniform everywhere.

  3. J C

    I ordered my Wonderful Person T-shirt!

  4. First Wiley

    AWW I wanted to be first!!

  5. DR.NEGA

    probally bang was so MASSIVE that can be seen accross entire universes close by ..even its huge number distance between bubbles ….but it massive enough for something died and lived so long

  6. Victor Torres

    They’re heading to the universal waterfall, going over the edge

  7. Ndow Roccus

    I mentally theorize/picture the edge, like this;
    My favorite visual of the universe and it’s edge is surface tension effects, in the kitchen.
    The edge is where light photons hit the edge. When a light photon hits the edge, it pushes the boundary a little more open. It is where light photons transform into actual space, from the collision with the boundary. Eventually, when light photons decay and their lighter photons travel into the boundary, sometimes it breaks through and creates a bubble of space on the other side, slowly merging into our universe.
    I have a whole thing about decayed photons turning into anti-photons and creating dark energy too, but it’s just daydreaming not actual science.

  8. Snyper1188

    When/if the JST ever gets into space, they should point it at the same location of the Hubble deep field and get a close up of the farthest galaxy we’ve ever seen, and what lies beyond it…🤔🤯

  9. CE

    Oh noes, flat Earthers just went “Universal”. Geez thanks!

  10. Bong Revilla

    Hey Wonderful Anton is Visible Universe will expand when we got more powerful telescope?

  11. Rheumix

    “Flat universers”

  12. LordKellthe1st

    It’s big, really, really, REALLY big.

    Don’t Panic!

    All you need is a towel

  13. Jasper Lawrence

    Oh, look, we are at the centre of the universe, again!

  14. Iscobibble The Alien

    1 sextillion light years across. According to an Alan Guth interview I seen. I can believe it.

  15. Raymond Tribunal

    I love the multiple observable universes theory. Thats where my miney is. I wonder if James Webb could be strong enough to sneak a peak.

  16. 400hud

    There must be in our own human body some beings looking up and wondering where their universe ends.

  17. Tweedle

    I am convinced the shape of the universe is a torus and in certain parts of it the speed of light is different than it is here and now.

  18. damyr

    Ancient people knew the universe has the shape of torus.

  19. Sam Haines

    wait, are you offering to sell us the shirt you are wearing right now? that’s kinda kinky, isn’t it-?
    Just kidding, it is a very cool design.

  20. Mosern1977

    When all “darkness” is gone from astronomy, when we have a well established and tested theory of everything, we will be able to give much better answers to this question. As of now, we can only gather more data and these things will become solvable in the future.

  21. Inkynebula Faye Retinioti

    Please make a video about dark flow and the great attractor one day! Your videos make our days happier 😊

  22. skaruts

    The universe is just one atom that constitutes something absurdly big.

  23. trouble with the curve

    This is a perfect example of the bizarre thinking that happens when you buy into the Jesuits lie of the Spinning ball orbiting a huge sun 🤪

  24. Promethor

    Love your content, been watching your vids from Montreal for a very long time now. FYI; I think its time you find some synonyms to replace ”in other words” :D

  25. Kang Thao

    Imagine our universe is just a nerve spark in a giant nerve system, in a unbelievably mindboggling huge entity.

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    Blessings to you! I like the quote Albert said! Muçh Blessings to you and your family ✝️🌹❤️

  27. Sylwia Plona

    I wanna know more about the Laniakea supercluster theory :)

  28. matt8863

    8:32 So…Based on that latest universe size calculation, and if to that scale…What would the size of planet earth be equivalent to?

  29. Michael Prozonic

    does the intersection point of the dark flow land within the 251 Hubble sphere estimate?

  30. schontasm

    Incredibly interesting, thanks Anton.
    Could you include the 12 yo dark flow reference please.

  31. Joseph Godfrey

    Aww Geez! Not only do we have to deal with “Flat Earth” trolls, NOW we gotta deal with FLAT UNIVERSE trolls!!!

  32. PITT LORD Liam Pittau

    “alot bigger than you thought”
    But what did i think.

  33. appleiphone69

    We’re going to the great cosmic drain. All mater will be recreated anew.

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    Got a package from amazon today, i cant remember what I ordered so I call it the dark box.

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    Yes 4th like. I have never been that early despite watching all Anton’s videos. And once again a great topic ! :)

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    We need some dark physics and dark technology 🙄

  37. OmegaVideoGameGod

    Thanks again Anton, I still believe the Universe is infinite, and there are infinite things out there. :D There is no beginning no end. :D

  38. ejd53

    Don’t forget the most famous dark of all, Dark Helmet.

  39. PD5K

    It’s low flow. I see that slow swirl every morning.

  40. George Tillman

    Still trying to scoop my brains off the floor…good job 👏

  41. Frederick Woof

    How big is the universe—– “in a nutshell”—— big. I like that phrase

  42. sidefish

    4:42 “beyond the horizon”.. what does that even mean?

  43. Jdskjddnksoxwkdmxm

    I was literally listening to Hardbass till you upload xD. Great job. Keep it on.

  44. Anupam Chakrawarti

    Universe got destroyed, we are just waiting for the event to hit us.

  45. Maximus Malcolm

    The universe is so big our earth is like a grain of sand

  46. FPL Maestro

    That got really deep when you said in 1 trillion years all we would see is our own galaxy. That’s scary. It’s a good thing I won’t be here to see that happen.

  47. Orlando Saint-Sebastien

    1:36 Wow , the universe is inside a nutshell. Whodahthunk : )

  48. Kelly Robinson

    I love watching these videos but they do make my brain hurt 😂

  49. Kon Berner

    Maybe we are getting a lot smaller than you thought and the universe size has never changed.

  50. Misaka Mikoto

    JerryRigsEverything: Bubble is bubble, and bubble will pop.

  51. gary james

    And the universe is the “core” of multiple layers of universes and they think its parallel universes

  52. Erect Penis

    Thank you for creating this video, I was literally thinking about all of this a few days ago and had so many questions, which you answered, thank you thank you

  53. Dylan Childs

    Thank you Anton! |

    The sooner we can eliminate the mysterious fog that is Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Dark Flow the better! Deer friends find each other close in dark waters!


  54. patrick Walsh

    It’s huge. Enormous! You can’t even see a decent portion of it with the best telescopes. Beyond imagination.

  55. 750 kV

    07:17 – Small correction: lasers would converge in case of a hyperspherical space, that’s on the right hand side, and they would diverge in a hyperbolic space, on the left hand side.

  56. Stutz Stutzman

    This one of my favorite YouTube channels.

  57. Pastmasterdan

    Contemplating the magnitude of eternity, I am left with a deep sense of awe and humility. 👁

  58. The DORUK

    The Thumbnail is a *nod* the Several Universe’s co-existing as multiversial ”bubbles’ ? :]

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    There is no demonstrable difference between the true nature of the universe and Wonderful Anton’s hair.

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    Attracting all that I see
    My need is such I attract too much
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  62. Claptrap Claptrap

    The reality is that we are tiny, teeny specs on a carpet and: what we observe as galaxies is mere fluff and dust flowing towards a big vacuum cleaner in the sky.

  63. PplsChampion

    10:27 witness anton’s cursor travel 23 trillion lightyears and back again in under 2sec

  64. Manny Irrizarri

    I’ve learned so much from this channel. Thank you Anton for posting these awesome videos… God bless.

    I’m little confuse.. if the Big Bang is true.. we should be able to see the first stars or the first since at the beginning it was a single point in space.. which came first time or space? How are they the same thing?

  65. Tig Dogsbody

    How does god figure in all this “bigness?”

  66. Dylan Childs

    “total universe” really needs some unimaginably large air quotes.

  67. Basketball Guru

    When I was a little kid I told to my grandma that I have plans to become an astronaut and see all those planet’s, she answers: if you go and doesn’t return I’ll personally drown you in the river by the house 😂

  68. FartingASMR

    I cant tell if that “dark flow” thing is more creepy or fascinating. I wonder what’s over there

  69. futurestoryteller

    I wonder how scientists would react if something new just appeared at the edge of the observable universe, like it was drifting in from the outside.

  70. Cheif Jericho

    You mentioned that we have the minimal size, is there an upper limit or has that not yet been calculated? Or is the upper limit simply infinity?

  71. J. Neff


  72. harry camper

    *”The universe is flat”*
    Is it flat in every direction or is it considered like a disc?

  73. vdiitd

    I wonder if galaxies can bend the space-time, then the universe as a whole might be able to bend the space-time completely into itself. Meaning it might not be infinite after all

  74. Link Age

    The instant we measure the Universe, within and possibly beyond the visible part, the true result would become so much larger than the result at the time of your measurement that the true answer would likewise be very inaccurate.

  75. Russell Alson

    “This is not what reality looks like, it is just a simulation.”

    Alright, that’s all I need to know. Toodles!

  76. Marthlake [Quit, read my about page for info]

    I thought the Universe was Infinite, and it’s bigger than I thought, so the Universe is Infinite since Bigger than Infinity it Infinite.

  77. John Keller

    I wish I had this concept back in high school, I could have just said it was “dark math” when I didn’t know the answers.

  78. danthe RPGhero

    They’re all headed towards Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Douglas Adams had the answer long, long ago.

  79. Count DaMoney

    When I was 6 years of age I used to climb up on the roof of our house, lie back and stare up at the stars, thinking about THIS QUESTION ENTIRELY!!!
    This fantastic video speaks to that little 6 year old.
    Thank you.

  80. David Soll

    Just when you realized how infinitely small we really are, it turns out we’re even smaller than that …

  81. kotov dot in

    Антон, everyone MUST check out Wolfram Physics

  82. JeuϟPater

    When you think about it,
    there is no difference between the universe expanding and us shrinking

  83. Gruff Tor

    I always thought the universe was really really really really really big. But now it’s even bigger than that.

  84. who likes spaghetti?

    but remember, this is not how reality looks like, this is just a simulation
    anton do you speak about the universe? 😧

  85. Turkentorque

    Scientists: The universe is flat!
    Flat earthers: The universe is a sphere!

  86. Randomizer

    The James Webb telescope will zoom into the region of space where the great attractor is…

    It’s the goatse guy spread wide, nothing can escape that gaping black hole of doom.

  87. RuminInLove

    Fun fact, space engine renders everything in a giant cube. If you turn exposure to maximum and zoom out all the way, you’ll see a magnificent cube of galaxies. And an overheated computer.

  88. Riko Saikawa

    A simulation of a simulation within another simulation and that’s stimulating

  89. David Catanach

    Anton: The universe seems to be flat.
    Flat Earther: Like I’ve been saying!

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    I’m afraid if you learn any more than this, the ascended legion is going to take extreme measures.

  91. PalimpsestProd

    “Dark Flow” should be a new kind of Dub Step.

  92. Christoph Michelbach

    The behavior of parallel lines was wrong. In an open universe, parallel lines diverge. In a closed universe they converge. Just picture longitudinal lines on a globe.

  93. Matija Perčec

    Girlfriend says: “well, at least something’s bigger than you thought”

  94. ShotY! ŁobodY!

    Hope james webb telescope will be launched finally.

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    Headline within 10 years:
    “Universe is bigger than we thought”

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    In the future, “Flat Universes” will be ridiculed mercilessly.

  97. macsporan

    In the beginning the Universe was created: this made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.

  98. Rad Derry

    “Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”
    Douglas Adams

  99. Haim Ben Avraham

    We’re like that sand flea on the beach trying to figure out the extent of his environment. And some of these fleas wrote excellent papers.

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