Brilliant Proof of a 90 Year Old White Dwarf Theory

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  1. Jonah Benchek

    That’s so cool

  2. Aaron Lowe

    Anton – can you talk about SPT0418-47

  3. Dragrath1

    Don’t you mean a few trillion years? Or are you discounting Red Dwarfs which last for trillions of years before they become white dwarfs?

    Technically As I learned in my graduate level statistical mechanics we do actually have electron degenerate matter on Earth we call it metals which are a special case where the electrons want to drop into lower energy states due to the “low temperatures”/Pressures on Earth . The electrons are considered to be a Fermi gas (sometimes called a fermi or electron sea) but the atoms themselves are able to be solids, liquids, gasses etc. this is a somewhat confusing distinction essential for really understanding what a metal actually is. In gas giant planets and brown dwarfs electron degeneracy kicks in long before nuclear fusion could ever initiate and in the case of the latter serves as the distinguishing factor between whether a low mass protostar can develop into a true star or just cools off until the heat death of the universe.

    It is also a mistake to assume white dwarfs are gaseous as a few years back they were able to confirm that as White Dwarfs age they undergo a phase transition into a solid resulting in moderation of temperature changes with age as the stars begin to crystallize. At this point in our universe’s age they are still mostly gaseous but the older the white dwarf the less true this will be.
    The gas in this case that may be confusing you is the fermi electron gas mentioned earlier and thus likewise the nuclei are non degenerate and can transition into more familiar phases

  4. Rubber Chickenwings

    NASA confirmed white dwarfs will now be referred to as little people stars of the caucasian variety.

  5. James Aron

    Wonderful Chandrasekhar white dwarf mass-radius relationship theory

  6. Anton Telegin

    In a few billion years it’s gonna be nothing but white dwarfs? How about black holes and red dwarfs beautiful person? 😊😊

  7. Time End

    Question. Where are they getting more mass?

  8. Jerry William

    Their method is very clever, and kind of obvious, why didn’t I think of that?

  9. Alexandr krinitskii

    It seems that your speech become a little bit slow bro

  10. Mugwump

    Congrats for attempting to pronounce Chandrasekhar’s full name.
    So if a white dwarf redshifts its own light, it’s not really a white dwarf anymore. Let’s call ’em pink dwarves!

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  12. Thomas Anderson

    I am wondering if you are doing all the research yourself or do you have a staff of people? Quality content though.

  13. I’m already Sans Undertal

    How will the universe die if stars form constantly?

  14. Robert Oehrlein

    I understand that the trapist star system is moving towards us. What will the interaction be like when m our 2 solar systems get close to each other?

  15. Tweedle

    that is absolutely BRILLIANT!! before you even got to the end I was thinking that the amount of gravity would be slowing down the speed of light and red shifting it. and then that’s exactly what you explain was proven by this paper and it’s observations! and to think it was theorized over 90 years ago and just now is being proven… I hope it doesn’t take that long for the theories today to be proven, especially the ones about saving the world – we don’t have that much time!

  16. warpigxxxl18

    I don’t think I heard “in other words” at all!

  17. Rene Ismael Cochran

    I wanted a Super Nova but got a Cutlass Supreme 😡

  18. slicerjohn 189

    In about 5 billion years the our galaxy will be swallowed by the Andromeda galaxy, but by that time the earth will be a lifeless burnt rock and the human race will have been extinct for almost 5 billion years, but it’s still interesting to see what will happen long after we are dust 👍.

  19. Dan Nechita

    i thought a nebula is same as supernova…. is any difference between?

  20. Sam

    Lol one human barely lives 100 years and we keep thinking about years later as if it is soon

  21. OMG DUDE

    another great video bro

  22. John Gleeman

    So often astronomy says “we’re not sure.” Nice to be able to occasionally say, “our confidence in this hypothesis/theory has increased!” :3

  23. PropRotor Nut

    Another awesome video Anton. Thanks.

  24. ranga rajan

    Subramaniyam Chandrasekar is from South India, We indians so proud of him and his contribution to cosmology..!!

  25. Doodelay

    There’s an estimated 50 billion or so red dwarfs in the Milky way and they can live trillions of years, they are the most numerous star after brown dwarfs. So a few billion years from now we will certainly not have nothing but white dwarfs in the galaxy. And our merger with Andromeda may set off even more star formation.

  26. Glen McQuirk

    Great work Anton

  27. Arfonfree

    Back in the mid-70s I had the honor of working with Chandrasekhar. Well, that’s a bit strong. I was working with a professor who was working with Chandrasekhar. As for me… I was just trying to keep up.

  28. Michael Andrews

    Did anyone else notice that the brown dwarfs turn into Anton?

  29. skin

    why is the white dwarf with more surface gravity more red-shifted?

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    Thank you Anton you are doing a great job as ma communicator!

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    Anton time!

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    space is fake..this is the Wal-Mart greeter of the fake ISS

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    Billion years is too long for me!

  35. The Dark Moon

    Anton, please can you provide scientific evidence that our sun emits any visible light or heat?

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    Anton, I watch you every day, but I don’t know whether you have another teaching job nor do I know where you got your education.

  37. Petra Kann

    Certainly more supporting evidence has been added to the original theory describing white dwarfs, but conclusive proof still needed.

  38. Ethelred Hardrede

    A FEW billion? How since our star will take more than that.

    And red dwarfs take VASTLY longer.

  39. Black Hole Generator

    Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  40. RicardoA BH

    Any idea at what speed it will collapse? (When it goes nova)
    In term of c

  41. Ed S

    Several trillion years from now, some of the current red dwarfs will turn blue before becoming white dwarfs. And we are still in the early phase of the star formation era.

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  43. Duane Williams

    Wanted you to know this, and put it on an old one so try here!!!! Wanted you to know my discovery yesterday…Shocking!! JPL ran a pic of
    Jupiter’s Great Red Storm, and I took lots of pics, but two moons came
    over, and as their shadow was going through the storm, I looked to see
    ho much the earth was moving around those shadows…NONE!!! Then I
    enlarged a pic of the storm by 1/3 and saw many many more buildings and
    houses all through it, and there is no storm!!!!!

  44. Anthony Ruddy

    Hi Anton, thanks for all of these great videos you produce.
    Question – I may have missed something, but do they take “apparent” motion into effect when they are observing celestial bodies? As we (Earth) rotates around our sun, there will be times when “we” are moving towards a body & 6 months later we will move away. This must also be happening with every other solar system, right? Stay safe and well :)

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    i painted Serius A the image just excited me

  49. TheConscious Nutshell

    REDSHIFT can be caused by several factors which the researchers evade.
    Wolf Effect 1987: Two sources that emit energy can interact in a way that causes a change in the spectral lines (resonance as in tuning forks).
    Brillouin1922 dispersion: interaction with material waves in an object.
    Raman scattering 1922-1928: scattered photons have E / ν different from incidents (contrary to Rayleigh that have the same energy)
    Compton dispersion 1923: photons dispersed by electrically charged particles, yielding energy to these. In the reverse dispersion the ions yield E to the photon (blueshift).
    Intrinsic Redshift 1967 age of galaxies (mass is a variable of charge) H. Arp discovered matter bridges between galaxies with very different redshifts.
    Quantized Redshift 1991: While not a cause, the fact that displacement values are discrete and not continuous, they relate it to electromagnetic causes (impossible that they are gravitational)
    Flybys anomalies: Speed acceleration satellites near planets (measured by redshift) of up to 13 mm / s. It doesn’t really change your vel. but the redshift.
    Chemical redshifts: The membranes of some bacteria suffer from detonation (transmission of H + protein / enzymes). Acids (more electronegative) yield protons and the bases capture them. That produces redshift of the captured light.
    Interaction with Plasma 2005: hot and scattered with photons produces redshift. Has been reproduced in the laboratory
    Photon interaction These would be hypothetical light scattering by collisions with particles (fields) in its path. I understand that they are not yet unknown particles represented in the Standard Model.
    Simin Effect due to light pollution and atmospheric effects of Milky Way nearby gas.
    Corrected Redshift: Some redshift are misinterpreted, as is the mass estimate in some galaxies of distant clusters. Because astronomical observations measure through a single filter, the observer measures a fraction of the total spectrum, run red in the observer’s frame.

  50. itsdonaldo

    I used to be a theory but I can’t prove it.

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    White dwarfs, black holes, URANUS, space is crazy,!!

  52. Misanthropic Humanist

    A person on the surface of a white dwarf would not experience anything. Their existence would end before they could do so. ;)

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    Great teaching as always Anton, but uhhh… 5:43 “this is what we call Genoreletilimlmlmittes”

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    Darn! I thought you were going to say they found a giant diamond in the core of a white dwarf.

  59. DeathsHead Knight

    Thank you Anton, very interesting. Now I want to see Suspicious0bserver’s views on this paper.

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    We might end up being a beautiful Planetary Nebula. That’s great.

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    Thank you for the post/subject in any case as always.
    The universe is truly a place of wonder and majesty.

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    Hold on i thought our sun has 13 or so billion more years i know you along with alot of others have said way more than a few billion years.

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    en we see green to jello if we opsurve from outside.

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    white dwarfs turn in to Anton. @1:25

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    at the end, the space is cold
    so did the Anton to stay cool

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    Anton, is the “redder” light from more red-shifted white dwarfs due to gravity making the escape of photons harder? In other words, does increased surface gravity mimic the stretching of red-shifted light waves?

  76. Miss Lawless

    I love that we are confirming theories from a long time ago, it shows that we not only have gotten so far but those people who came up with it were so incredibly smart

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    white dwarfs are mega diamonds, below the atmosphere of white dwarfs there is a 50 kilometers thick crust and inside the crust is a pure crystalline lattice of carbon and oxygen atoms
    diamonds are crystallized carbon

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    FYI in a few billion years there will still be other types of stars in addition to White Dwarfs. Red Dwarfs can last trillions of years.

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    The Anton of the pancake white dwarf people:
    Hello wonderful person! Today we are going to talk about a confirmation made by our fantastic scientist decades ago. It seems that below a certain mass things actually increase in size with mass!

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