Brilliant Discovery of a Planet in a Galaxy Far Far Away

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of a first actual extragalactic planet out there.
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  1. Scott Seymour

    Can’t wait for the James Webb it will tell us far more then wat we knw right now I can’t wait

  2. Lance Skelly

    This planetary transit began 23.16 million years ago and ended 3 hours later.

  3. Marcelo Saad

    I still need to get used to the fact that you are in HD now! Congrats on the new HD Camera it’s amazing :) Happy to see how much the channel has been growing for the past 2+ years

  4. Jim Smith

    3:14 where can I find this wallpaper? I had it in super HD but I lost it

  5. fat earther

    could be there a vacuum star? a star made entirely of vacuum where its core is made of ultra dense virtual particles?

  6. BEBAY

    Hello Wonderful Anton, This is Person. :)

  7. Deerdeer Deerdeer

    Just think that planet probably doesn’t exist anymore

  8. Hanna Mckenzie

    0:57 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  9. RDE Lutherie

    Oh oh!! Now the Grifgshgnitemblappzz’s noticed we discovered their planetary system and are going to send a planet vaporizer our way!!

  10. Stan Hemphill

    The video from the new studio is spectacular. The overlay is the cleanest I’ve ever seen. 👍🏻👍🏻

  11. Elousie

    It’s hilarious, you’re no longer blur!

  12. Dean Lawson

    Really fascinating video – Thanks for this Anton!
    What an interesting subject. It’s astonishing that we have the ability to detect objects with any degree of accuracy from that far away! Fascinating!
    Thanks again Anton! Your videos are really great since you’re now in your new location!

  13. Vuk Jovanovic

    Dude, your work is appreciated. Also, i wish you good luck in your new apartment!

  14. David Proctor

    Discovered your videos a few months ago and have been watching each morning ever since. They are always intellectually stimulating and exciting to think about. Great videos, keep up the good work Wonderful Anton!

  15. gil0seg

    I imagine Anton floating through space through space doing these videos the way he’s centered at the beginning and the tinny sounding audio. Love it

  16. Rain Thunder

    Have an odd question not related to this video but it was the first i came across. I am studying molecular biology and am currently taking a class on astronomy. In my astronomy class we learned about the spectrum of stars. I have an odd question that is a bit out there and thought you might be able to answer the question with all your knowledge. While learning about the spectrum of stars and seeing that our sun is created of some calcium and and sodium and it gave me a thought. In mammals we have specific ion channels within our cells and calcium ion channels are very important to brain function as we fund these ion channels mainly in the brain and organs. And sodium and potassium are the two other ion channels that are important to mammals development. So, with that being said is it possible to take the spectrum from stars and narrow are focus on habitual planets based on their “local” stars spectrum. Hope this makes sense.

  17. Luis Rogriguez

    1:17 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  18. Tupacabra

    I really wish Universe Sandbox didn’t cost $30

  19. lostie-case

    these vids make me want to play more Eve

  20. Sandor Daniel

    imma bit nostalgic, watching it in 240p

  21. PopeyeCove

    I don’t think that the U.S.S. Enterprise-D ever discovered a planet in another galaxy. This is amazing… Engage!

  22. Pat McDonald

    Discrimination. Rogue planets are just as planety as planets orbiting a star. As they “wander” more, possibly more so.

  23. Jonathan Holmes

    And all this happened 25 million years ago…

  24. Andres Rivera

    The camera upgrade is massively noticeable.

  25. Darren Strutt

    The new camera is working great, looks good. My wife thinks I’m nuts watching your videos each morning before work.

  26. El Guiñolo

    … but a few minutes later, a newly discovered moon suddenly shot a powerful laser at it, and the newly discovered planet disappeared. That was no moon.

  27. mf Flores

    Anton I’ve been watching you for a few years and your the wonderful person I like how u have stayed so unchanged when the youtube community has changed so much

  28. Pa HeMa

    Thank you, Mr Petrov. Well researched and presented, as usual.

  29. Michael Klos

    Another great video Anton. Always happy to hear hello wonderful person.
    Again, glad to hear you’re no longer homeless. Neither am I anymore.

  30. Jake Morley

    Good man Anton.
    Always giving me a break from the torrents of politics that normally fills my feed!

  31. guamacho tobertuo

    0:19 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  32. Carmine De Santo

    We’re finding a lot of exoplanets..but no one to have a conversation with 👽

  33. Barry Healey

    I miss your intro to your videos, “And welcome to What Da Math!”

  34. Cheburushka

    Im not even watching this. Best telescopes have a resolution of 1000 stars per pixel of another galaxy. Good luck finding a planet.

  35. Drew Coghlan

    Tbh I kinda miss “Welcome to What Da Math” but regardless love me some Anton.

  36. Sean Haggard

    Even the 9 dislikes are wonderful people too

  37. Chris Regman

    I can’t wait to see humans landing on that planet 6 billion light years away. No, really, I literally CAN’T wait.

  38. bllourias

    Anton, I sure do like your hair better with a little length.

  39. Ian Wilkinson

    This “optical” technique that they use to discover planets crossing in front of its parent star will only work as long as the said planet does in fact cross in front of the star, in some orbits I can envisage that some planets will NOT pass in front of the star. In a perpendicular orbit for one, the planet(s) will pass above and below the star so remain undetected, the same goes for any angled orbits which do not cross in front of the star. Why should we assume that all star systems we observe are in a convenient plane for observation from Earth ?? We are only scratching the surface in this respect.

  40. Silas Dense

    It still surprises me that we are able to observe objects at such vast distances.
    Another great video !!
    Thanks Anton.

  41. Babak Sadeghi

    I’m working on a film script, I’d love to see if you’d be interested in the concept, and possibly give some beneficial suggestions.

  42. LiverHook Placed

    Other galaxies have stars with planets orbiting them. In other news, water is wet, fire is hot, and space is really really big.

  43. DirtyBird760

    ok we figured out how to see stuff millions of lightyears away, how about we focus on getting there.

  44. ✪Hidden

    Sad that we won’t get close in our lifetime :(

  45. Joey Schmidt Audio Produc

    Hey man, your visuals look great again, but it sounds a bit “boomy”. To me, it sounds like you have the rear of your microphone too close to a wall maybe. Top notch content, but slightly off on the audio side.

  46. Alex of the way

    Absolutely incredible, what a distance for such an observation about a planetary object.

  47. W Winterheart

    The transits of planets are only clearly visible when the ecliptic of a solar system is “edge on” to our point of view.

  48. Mellow Fellow

    Just amazing – detecting planets on other *galaxies*

  49. sada das

    “we found a planet”….THAT is a news?
    And I am shitting on it so hard. One year ago they say they found a black hole, fine- you find it. I mean there is no proof about it( scientific proof, not proof for masses) but hey- it could make money go from army towards space. So fine.

    Now they are talking about finding a planet, which looks like this- 2:33, which looks very much the same as that “picture” of a black hole…maybe you guys should calibrate better or sent some cleaning lady to do cleaning of the lens for you.

  50. illusions productions

    Anton I just want to take a minute to say thank you. The content you create inspires me to look up and wonder what’s out in space, thanks for all the hard work glad to see you are in a home now.

  51. Brahmahum

    Possible “gas giant”, mmm, better call it: “yang planet” 😀

  52. thepeff

    Anton has positioned himself in the Host part of the frame rather than the Pew-De-Pie corner

  53. MacGyver at large

    In other words, they just located Coruscant.

  54. Combed Autumn

    I can tell you something about the planet… it isn’t habitable, by human beings anyway lol

  55. A Wh

    “In a Galaxy far far away…” 😂

  56. arkdark555

    Finding a planet is no news anymore, Anton. We’re after it’s inhabitants. You got any?

  57. Jordan Eggerman

    I wanna see someone make a “PLANETS!” Georgio Tsukalos meme.

  58. sol rayz

    very diplomatic to refer to our neighbor, Saturn, as “beautiful” …
    you never know who’s listening ! ;-)

  59. Roger Gadley

    What would earth’s planetary dip look like from the distance of the Centaris or the Luyten star distances? How long would it be?

  60. Holbrook Stark

    Like finding a needle in a haystack on a whole other continent you’ll never set foot on

  61. johnny deeep

    The Slavic King of Earth is now in HD.

  62. ebayerr

    It was only in the last hundred years that man learned that the universe extended beyond the Milky Way galaxy.Up until the 1920s it was presumed that everything in the universe was contained in the Milky Way.
    Edwin Hubble changed that view,when in 1925,he declared that the universe was far more vast than previously thought.
    Amazing how much has been learned in this past century compared to all the millennia before it.

  63. Davids Videos

    Where do you get all of your ideas about videos? I mean, your videos are always so successful and about super specific topics. How did you do this and how do you have the time to do it?

  64. Dogs n Motorcycles

    I really like the new format of no intro and just getting right to the content. Excellent!!!

  65. AtomicDoorknob

    damn HD camera indeed lol also viewer #5

  66. Jimmy Andersson

    So we finally found out where Han Solo lives…😂😂😂

  67. SilverSage

    “… just a few million light years to…”

    What’s a few million light-years among wonderful persons?

  68. Jeffrey MacMullin

    Technically speaking, we were the only galaxy known to have planets up until now.

  69. magicsinglez

    Claiming to have detected a rogue planet 6 billion light years away is fairly incredulous. For one thing, there is no way to repeat the finding/experiment.

  70. jhon nopoint

    Why is there dislikes on this video all he is doing is sharing his knowledge and helping people understand the cosmos.

  71. SKD

    Love the videos man been a fan for awhile now. I also have the love for science and what holds for humanitys future. Crazy how far we have come in even the last 20 years. Keep doing you man the passion and the drive is amazingly refreshing! Keep it up man!

  72. Christian Alexander Gutie

    I can’t wait until my future intergalactic honey bunny pulls up over my house to beam me up so we can go check out exoplanets to find the perfect one, preferably within a binary star system, to settle down in and start an inter-species family of our own

  73. Heccin Paragon

    The exoplanet project is evolving so fast. We really want to leave earth dont we. I fully support our mission, LETS GO

  74. gday mate

    G’day Bonzer Bloke. IQs jumped up a few more points again. Cheers from Oz

  75. Charles Pearce

    Going HD was a good move, its much better, looks great. I love the daily content. There’s something to look forward to every day. That can’t exactly be the easiest thing to do… Thank you Anton, you’re wonderful!

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    “In a Galaxy far far away”…(StarWars intro theme) 😁👍

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    The down vote must be a Flat Earther. I can’t imagine anyone intelligent not like Anton’s videos.

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  84. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    And amazingly enough, this measurement is of the transition of a planet some ~23.1 million years ago.

  85. Curtis Mugridge

    damn 1 view never been this early

  86. Charles Dorris

    Anton, you’ve truly inspired me to delve into astrology more than I ever thought I would want to. I used to get an almost anxiety thinking about how missive the universe is and how truly small we are I comparison, but watching your videos has helped me overcome that anxiety and love space like I did as a kid

  87. Shane Clark

    Flash 5 years into the future: “We did not find a planet in another galaxy”

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    You’re such a wonderfull person yourself in HD, Anton! Love the new setup.

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    I couldnt help but notice that somebody disliked this video. I’m hunting them down

  90. AE

    never been this early 38 seconds ago

  91. Takahashi Shimo Mo

    I find it absolutely genius how they determine the size of a celestial body by measuring the absence of emissions and comparing it to our neighboring celestial bodies to determine the relative size of a planet in another frickin galaxy millions of light years away. Absolute genius man

  92. Hunter Fox

    Got here too early to have already watched the whole video but I already liked because all of Antons videos get a 👍

  93. Judgment Hammer

    HOLY MOLY! You were not kidding about the new HD set up. I watched the earlier vids on my phone, and I got to see this one on my PC. Video looks very clean. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the great videos.

  94. Austin Trammell

    Discovering such a small thing so far away that just happens to be passing in front of its star relative to us is incredible. The rouge planet is cooler imo though because discovering a planet flying through intergalactic space in front of a quasar is even more incredible.

  95. The Devil

    I can’t wait till the year 2059 when the James Webb goes up there

  96. mudgetheexpendable

    Maybe the dislikers think “rogue planet” sounds way less cool than “Planemo”

  97. Adaept Zulander

    Humans, discovering the universe just by understanding the properties of light.

  98. Pascual Strømsnæs

    The one dislike must be someone who really dislikes exoplanets.

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    This better not be another kind of Star Wars discovery…

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