Black Widow Pulsar Destroying Something Undefined In Its Orbit

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of what seems to be the strangest black widow pulsar we’ve ever found.

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  1. blown mind

    If a very heavy Neutron star encounters a very heavy Black hole and reaches incredible speed like 0.9C and spinning very very fast Would it turn to Black hole?

  2. James Aron

    Wonderful black widow pulsars

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    New camera?


    I’m a neutron star.

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    Einstein at home is just bitcoin mining

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    Sounds different

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    it almost sounded like einstein@home was a sponsor

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    Can FRBs be neutron stars that fall apart because of spin at some moment?

  9. Laibaspacebotxox

    Ah yes a tatooine reference binary stars.

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    Deep space story time….

  11. Jagzeplin

    how could dust block radio waves but not gamma? i always thought low frequency was better penetrating

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    the 500hz oscillation prevents harmonic content that multiplies into radiowaves of wide bandwidth. this is able to be demonstrated here on earth with minimal equipment, simply beat frequency phase cancellation. x+y/1000×.999

  21. BriarLeaf00

    This is very cool. Almost sounds like one star spinning up another like a top where you have a string wrapped around it. You spin it out until there’s no string left, just a fast spinning top making its way down the sidewalk.

  22. Eden Grey

    Great numbers! (J1653~0158)(J/11(6+5=11)~First2’11(113~311).

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  25. DoBe


    A White Dwarf feeding a Neutron Star…kick ass!!!
    Now, is it possible to find a Neutron Star feeding off a Magnetar Star? Or would it feed the Magnetar Star? I’d love to use it as an idea in a friends custom game.

    Alternatively, how do you destroy a Super Massive Black Hole? This is needed info for his game. All ideas are open as magic is open to use along with Technology, Godly abilities & Craft ability. -Wishing it gone is not an option.

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    Why dont we have satellites in orbit around the planets fulltime? Wouldnt a sterling engine on the electronics always provide juice?

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    Excellent video – fascinating 🙂

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  30. primoroy

    My guess is that all of this ionized material from the white dwarf forms an electrically conductive plasma cloud around the entire system and functions as a Faraday shield to obsorb radio emissions.

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    Space is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. 😁

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    but why low magnetic field. so strange

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    This is like when a fox befriends a duck, isn’t it?

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    I have four i5 workstations working for Einstein@home, I wonder if I contributed?

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    Is there any energy of a higher frequency/more energy than Gamma Rays?

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    It’s wonderful that discoveries of gamma ray sources are being found.
    It’s presumptuous to say that they are caused by “neutron” stars, which don’t exist. Dogmas die from “evaporation” in the light.

  44. jimbo

    I recently watched a video postulating that physics allows Light to travel INSTANTLY when it is reflected (or on its way back) to the observer. And that there is no possible way to measure light in one direction – only TO and FROM. My whole world shattered at that point. Everything is a lie. lol

  45. Uden One-Eye

    In reference to the Einstein @ home, SETI has a similar program where u can let them use ur computer to help them sort through data from… somewhere. Called Boink I believe? Or Boing? I can’t remember.

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    Neat, I have Einstein@Home (among other scientific computing projects) running on one of my computers so it’s nice to see what results we’re getting from that.

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    Twice the mass of the sun that spins at 500hz.. How the hell it doesn’t rip itself apart..

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  74. Dragrath1

    Actually given that Neutron stars emissions typically come from literally “burning” their magnetic fields away in either intense jets(Pulsars) or enormous gamma ray emitting magnetic outflows (Magnetars) I have to wonder if this is just a far older Neutron star than we have normally seen before.

    With the companion likely being the remains of a white dwarf, it could presumably have occurred long ago perhaps the interaction between the two might have been due to gravitational waves sheering away the distance between them leading them to directly interact and “reenergizing” the Neutron star.

    The lack of a strong magnetic field would also play a role in the weak radio emission as the magnetic field is usually one of the major sources for that field

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    Every video sends me running for my texts and the internet. As a maths major it gives me heartburn just trying to parse all the info. Not complaining–it helps me keep alert and to bore my grandchildren. Blessings from New Orleans.🤯

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    What would this look like if a human was to be in space and see this part of the galaxy?
    You said visual light to us. But this was taken by a telescope that can take in light for longer than our eyes can. So, would it look just like this if it were possible to see this image from space with the naked eye?

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