Black Hole of the Most Distant Quasar Is Too Massive To Exist So Soon

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the most distant quasar ever found
Image credit, S Munro:
and ESO:
and NASA, ESA and J. Olmsted (STScI)
and N.R. Fuller, National Science Foundation

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  1. Frank Leih

    surely this is a candidate for a white hole

  2. Meteorite Mann


  3. 3nthamornin

    Every video I watch gives me an existential crisis but I can’t stop

  4. Jefuslives

    My bet is it’s actually a lot closer than they think it is, or some other thing along those lines.

  5. CleanerBen

    Primordial super-massive?

  6. rodgersericv

    If the density of the universe was much larger back then, the wind produced from the quasar wouldn’t stop star formation. It would initiate it. The galaxy isn’t surrounded by empty space like today. It is surrounded by matter. The quasar would push this matter together.

  7. onehit pick

    I’m telling you man — what we’re calling supermassive black holes start huge and get less massive over time as they lose angular momentum and material.

  8. DeterminedExpression

    Astronomers should stop using redshift as a measure of distance, problem solved.

  9. Rolla Coasta Ride

    far out, watching these videos makes me totally forget about countries and divides in our world, oil, wars, pandemics, all done by people to themselves, not wonderful persons.

  10. Jazz Man

    Totally my favorite physics channel! Thank you Sir!

  11. Super Geek

    Simple: It’s proof of primordial black holes.

  12. Ronnie Ellis

    His comment section always cheers me up. Btw, who would thumbs down his videos. Kinda creepy 😋

  13. Brian H

    I like watching just to hear that very nice intro. Time is all relative anyways, so we’ll see.

  14. Seth Rudfelt

    Gotta love it, Anton probably has the most “holy cow, look at THIS black hole.” videos on all the interwebs. Bravo, wonderful Anton 👏

  15. Vik Numbers

    What triggered the dark age hydrogen gas fog ionization and fusion?

  16. gabriel Rivera

    Anton is clearly a time warper. Man looks 25 but is much older.

  17. Cornelis Lucyus

    It could be a remnant from the previous universe

  18. Ryan Heaney

    I can’t believe we get to live in the time when all this science is done and ALSO that Anton distills it all for us. How lucky are we?

  19. Dylann calvin

    Light traveling at that distance probably doesn’t look like that now as we speak it’s probably very different

  20. JeKijkbuis

    Why baffled? I feel a bit this is like explaining all the differences between the same type of oak tree. There are a lot of different things between them. But it just is……………

  21. Steve Sloan

    “Dead” Galaxy without a blackhole… forming a blackhole and quasars…. 🤓🤓🤓😂

  22. Hunter Hall

    People who down-vote Anton’s videos are the same people who wear sandles and socks at the same time.

  23. Steve Sloan

    Maybe blackholes are more predominant and larger the further you go away from our location? Like a big blackhole soup.🤓

  24. Brad Dixon

    it always blows me away to think how early in the universe black holes were forming.

  25. Halbostfriese

    Quite amazing how much information we can get from a few blurry pixels!

  26. Tacticalwookiee

    Ooo more space mystery for me to geek out on!

  27. Cordatus Scire

    16 years ago, I suggested super massive black holes came before the galaxies, just from collapsing gas clouds. And also the idea of un-nova came from that as well. But it was all based on a misunderstanding of gravity at the time. It would be interesting if I was actually even remotely correct. I doubt that I am however.

  28. James Mccauley

    i really enjoy watching your video’s. i look forward to them when i get the notifications

  29. lxr

    1.6 billion x the mass of the sun… 🤯

  30. Brian Sherman

    Halton Arp.

  31. Gaurav Parab

    Can you make video on life cycle of galaxy from what we know about farthest galaxy and closest one?
    I am curious about how this old galaxies will evolve in to current (closer) galaxies.

  32. D1agram

    Person, wonderful, Anton, is, this, hello.

  33. john Jeffreys

    It’s hard to believe this channel has nearly a million subscribers because people I come in contact with, don’t seem to talk about outer space that much.

  34. Nikky sugar

    Mr.Anton, I’ve been viewing your videos for the past 4 months and I sincerely hope Elon Musk invests in you.

  35. J Shaf

    Could this be a primordial black hole? It sort of sounds like what I understand them to be ( admittedly a limited understanding) a black hole formed right after the big bang from a pocket of heterogeneous matter in the early dense universe that collapses to form a singularity.

  36. Subramanian Viswanathan

    Looks like the Big Bang theory is afterall not what we think it is! Universe perhaps finds a way to exist forever swinging between the Singularity and the Big Crunch or the Big Rip! God knows 🙏

  37. John Johansen

    “More powerful than anything we have seen so far”.
    Well. You’ve probably never experienced the anger of my wife.

  38. Thomas George Castleberry

    My Ex wife was from the Crabby Nebula. She came from a long way to make my life miserable. If I never see her again it’ll be too soon.

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  40. Jussainwuturthinkn

    Little 🫁 In A Great Big Werld

  41. Reclaiming Manhood Wade

    I think this and the methuselah galaxy give evidence that the universe is much older than we believe.

  42. Chrispy Jojo

    I stumbled across your channel several months ago,, and I have been hooked ever since. I love the way you explain things so us normal people can grasp it. Keep up the great work Anton you wonderful person 👍👍

  43. Joachim Trollius

    “video on sm bh J0313 that is 670 million years old and has 1,6 BILLION solar masses
    it’s defying the principle of current cosmology cause nobody knows how the bh got so sm and so quickly

    also the aphys. jets have britness of 37 TRILLION suns
    guess people there are wearing hq 😎”

    my comment from 21st of January, anton is reading the comments

  44. Ali80076

    Imagine how big it is at the present moment, wow

  45. Keith Knauber

    Amazing and exciting video! Finally bought 2 wonderful person coffee cups in celebration. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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    This is becoming one of my favorite Youtube channels…

  47. Alex Heywang

    I’m trying to get into physics and I’m planning to go to college for it, I’m currently a senior in high school, any tips or guidance?

  48. CloudMusicCompany

    The velocity vector of a photon in spacetime is 0, right? Well, if it was HD, Hubble’s law, then the motion of a photon would mimic expanding space. But space wouldn’t really be expanding.

    That would give this black hole enough time to form.

  49. Eastern Woods

    If it’s that big then, how big is it now

  50. Olórin Martinez

    Thanks, my guy, always love your videos. How ’bout those Chiefs?!?!

  51. Erich Diehl

    Where did the hydrogen come from?

  52. Matt Horwich

    Is it also the oldest quasar we’ve seen? And not a blazar?

  53. Markus wolfe

    Great vid Anton, very interesting …..

  54. Chris Barker

    I love your show Anton.

  55. BlackMasterRoshi

    Another timeline issue in the standard cosmological model. The plot thickens.

  56. Mike Laffoon

    I’m old and full of gas too. I sympathize with these galaxies. There’s nothing you can do about it, so accept it.

  57. mike morris

    Well, that’s stinks it’ll be a dead galaxy after producing all of those beautiful stars 🌟 All good things must come to end, tho.

  58. Here Be Dragons

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person.

  59. ColonelSanders17

    When I think, “Man, we have a handle of the scope of things, we are a BIG deal!” I then watch stuff like this. Really puts things into perspective.

  60. Zeta Belotto

    Boy those primitive black holes are sure enveloped in a thick layer of wonder

  61. NoVaDVRK

    What if the universe came preloaded with black holes, wonderful person?

  62. VulpisFoxfire

    …Given the distances/ages these things are at, are we still sure black holes are the *end* of life of a star?

  63. Ego Alter

    Anton goes for a creation for a second 4:38 I am really sorry, I do love your content

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    Always look forward to Anton’s daily Astronomy videos.

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    That outro music always gives me nostalgic feelings, probably because i’ve been following this channel for so many years now, thanks again Anton for your amazing content, i’ll see ya tomorrow!

  66. wolvolad25

    You would expect early black holes to be huge, things much denser and within reach. Bizarre

  67. David Bruno

    Anton could you describe what likely happened to that Quasar in the meantime (13bln years) what would it look like today if you were out there?

  68. Guy Tetreault

    Please unable English captions


  69. Simon Sozzi

    670 million years old? No more than? Is that right?

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  71. Sam A

    Atomic hydrogen *_is_* transparent …

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  73. Real Courte

    I am Sinistar! :)

  74. PropRotor Nut

    Imagine swallowing 25 sun-mass stars every year for millions or billions of years. That is a hungry black hole, and a big monster too!😉👍

  75. Yas

    My question is, what would someone see if they were looking toward us from a planet in that quasar galaxy? Would the Milky Way even exist through their experience? If we are looking at them, and we see their past, they would either see the Milky Way’s past, or they won’t see it at all, right?

  76. Nordic Drake

    Could this not be a White Hole?

  77. GoMads

    Sooooo, you need to travel at the speed of light, for 30 billion years to get there????…….. how big is this universe??? Wow, Anton, mind blown!!!!

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  79. MaxBrix

    This reminds me of when the universe was predicted to be 9 billion years old and we started finding stars that were older than 9 billion years.

  80. alfonso payra

    I wonder how ppl talk about a universe starting… How could any of us know anything about it?

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    My phone was locked when I got the notification so part of the text was cut off. Showed as Discovery of the Fart lol

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    Thank you wonderful Anton

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    GOSH DARN FOREIGN FARTHEST QUASAR EVER! There seems to be a LOT of black holes out there in every direction.

  85. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  86. Internet Jesus

    8:55 “We would probably need some sort of Earth-sized Telescope which SCIENTISTS ARE DEFINITELY WORKING ON”

    Wait WHAT

  87. Planet Earth

    The black hole has certainly been packin honestly

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  89. Terra Rain

    If it is so far away and would become a dead galaxy in a few million years its actually one now right? 🤔

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    Ever wonder whether or not the force exists? It’s know as dark matter! For nerds of course.

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    Arecibo is missed… but the exploration continues.

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