Black Hole Collision With An Unexplained Massive Object

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a strange collision between a black hole and something peculiar that scientists can’t explain.

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  1. Pfft As If


  2. Stan TheObserver

    Nothing like how Yahoo reported. They said said a black hole with 100 million sun masses had two other small black holes collide with the accretion disk of the supermassive black hole and THAT released all the visible light.
    They said nothing about Neutron stars or Quarks.

  3. lasarith2

    The mass gap could be the new Black neutron stars that they recently may have discovered (tbc) that sits in that gap.

  4. the x neo

    Anton, please let it be Aliens this time. Please.

  5. Rokabur

    Hmm… what if you took 2 neutron starts, accelerated them both to almost lightspeed and then impacted them head-on (like in particle accelerators like the LHC)?

  6. Tt Miller

    Be glad…Be VERY GLAD this does not impact your life directly Anton

  7. R Nacnud

    It’s rubbish disposal day for a Kardashev type iii civilisation,just fling it all in the black hole .

  8. Bas Finnis

    If a neutron star gets squashed through gravity why doesn’t it rebound out when there’s no more gravity squashing it?

  9. 70 Roadrunner

    Could this gravitational pressure spark earthquakes like just happened in Mexico??

  10. Katy

    even a giant black hole cant miss my fat thighs i build up during quarantine

  11. pavelavietor1

    Hello I think is small space 🚀 ship.saludos

  12. Osmosis Jones

    Can we use. Exploding black holes to open bubbles in space time to travel a distance without time. Or. Use spinning black holes to travel on accelerated space

  13. Jorge Velásquez

    PLOT TWIST, IT WAS A GIGANTIC ALIEN SHIP THAT WAS CAUGHT IN THE BLACKHOLE ‘S PULL… ok, enough scifi for today. :) thanks wonderful person.


    Quark star maybe?

  15. ataberkin

    you are quick !!!!

  16. Silas Pr1ce

    how many poop/fart/butt jokes are people going to make

  17. TV Man

    Aliens 👽

  18. Dan Harris

    I hear Black Hole Collision is opening up for Unexplained Massive Object Saturday Night!!!!!

  19. Adymn Sani

    Perhaps the collision was with Mister Brigg’s cousin’s ex-wife…Frau Brucker

  20. garry brown

    Hi Anton, a serious question here, What indicative markers would there be if extraterrestrial intelligent entities were at war with each other or somehow manipulating large scale structures/matter out there in the cosmos?

  21. Chief Kamakaze

    Wikipedia but for space.. space-i-pedia?

  22. John Conti

    Love your channel and will support ASAP. Small note, LIGO is (to me) as big as the distance between the two stations.

  23. Ceylon

    Hello Wonderful Physics breaking object

  24. jesper the happy black ho

    or maybe it was an alien instelar space command that got accidentally swallowed by a wandering black hole

  25. onehit pick

    It’s all just whistlers from our upper atmosphere, Jupiter, and some stuff from Saturn that matches the many, many model hypothesis. When something doesn’t match, we’ll get a whole new set of models soon enough. The real question is why are we seeing all these star deaths by a huge variety of stupendous techniques, when we have never, ever seen a star birth.

  26. joey padgett

    Can you please show a collision in 3d?

  27. Tommy Monday


  28. George Nelson

    A neutron star perhaps?

  29. Mary Marshall

    very interesting thanx for the video :)

  30. will2see

    There is not just LIGO, Anton. What about Virgo?

  31. Lyri Metacurl

    A chunk of dark matter.

  32. Walking Whale可

    how much fun for/if catapult effect smaller thrown

  33. Harsh Gadley

    Super massive Black hole, the goatse of the universe.

  34. Ильдар Бикбаев


  35. 0pyrophosphate0

    Would a pure quark star emit blackbody radiation?

  36. Troy W

    Question math data for the fabric and all the antimatter one it would be really appreciated. ☺😊😀😁😂5 Smile’s

  37. Stanimir Borov6


  38. 9bugPlayz

    Your vids are awesome keep it up!

  39. Martyn Notman

    Its that bloody car of Elon Musks…

  40. ataberkin

    a strange (quark) star?

  41. Lee Grass

    Looks like the Tao symbol!

  42. Chads Shadows

    I don’t know, but I love black hole so much.

  43. Alex Xela

    It looks like an orange sponge. A Sponge Star?

  44. James Aron

    Wonderful mystery collisions


    Thank you for sharing your research.

  46. artkaboom

    You always have a good comments section, well except for today….one good one: Its that bloody car of Elon Musks… the other a proposed experiment: … what if you took 2 neutron starts, accelerated them both to almost lightspeed and then impacted them head-on.

  47. Thedudeabides803

    I think art art blew the whole thing apart

  48. Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig None

    Can you make a show about how far we are due to dark matter 🎸😊

  49. wilson pickett

    interesting thx

  50. Diana Howell

    This is way above my pay grade…..

  51. Rebecca Freeman

    You’re beautiful and the content is great.

  52. Henchman Twenty1

    In order to know a Quark Star you must un-know about everything else.

  53. Andrew Salerno


  54. Lystic

    I love your videos. It’s more interesting than the news on the surface of Earth.

  55. Grey Troll

    Yay! Quark Stars! But keep them far away if it is strange matter.

  56. Tim Black


  57. Spruce Wayne

    Bruh since when did you have 500k!? I use to watch your Universe Sandbox videos. Congrats!

  58. andy low

    whatif gravitational waves reflected from something? than light may be at different space and time.

  59. Arnþór Gíslason

    dark matter hole, err.. dark hole

  60. Daremo Ten

    The simplest explanation is a large mass accumulation in in the accretion disc clumping together and falling into it’s black hole all at once.

  61. scott miller

    you used to talk about the “single parsect problem” that i never really got my head around, but we see BH collide with literally everything NP.

    So is it still a problem? Or not?

    quark star or primordial BH? what is the range on those size wise?

  62. rodylermglez

    Speculation: It maybe collided with a cosmic string?

  63. Mark Wildman

    So impressed watching you break these topics down. If you don’t mind, Anton, what is your educational background?

  64. John Rettig

    Anton …..

    There is one thing that I have wondered about over the years .

    1 : Fact . We have several very large to gigantic Black holes in the center of our Galaxy .

    Question that I have contemplated over the years is this .

    What if our entire Galaxy is actually the ” Event Horizon ” of these Black holes .

    This is just a consideration for thought .
    Along with the information you gave us that ” The Milky Way Galaxy ” and the ” Andromeda Galaxy ” are possibly are all ready colliding on your outer edges

  65. wdbressl

    What would happen if an observer was close to this type of collision?

  66. Tremayne Brown

    Idk man I’m no scientist but I think something is coming through it. Into our universe



  68. Vik Numbers

    I got hit by a gravitational wave once. Didn’t hurt much.

  69. Just Vienna

    Quark stars are like my new obsession

  70. Roland Pihlakas

    If it was not a quark star then maybe it was a string star? :p

  71. freddan6fly

    If the quark star was made of strange quarks it would indeed be a strange star (pun intended).

  72. ran stid

    Information packed
    Good stuff Anton. Quark stars. Astrophysics seem to see new stunning events weekly. This is the golden age.

  73. jason morgan

    When i die and I ask God “what’s that in the center of each Galaxy “?im gonna be so pissed to find out the center of Galaxy’s are just really big toilets🚽.

  74. bumboybandit

    hi anton! new fade needed i see, starting to look like a hobo lol :) thanks for the vid man

  75. jesper the happy black ho

    it was detected by two gravitational wave detectors
    one in Italy and one in the us

    also it was probably a quark star

  76. Airplane Mxde

    It’s an intergalactic race, summoning cuthulu to destroy earth for its comically stupid current state of affairs

  77. CRAKKA

    i had to keep rewinding the video, i was hypnotized by the background lol

  78. skillful77

    Is Anton endorsing Coke?

  79. halogenic

    We’ll have to wait for a Quark Star / Neutron Star merger

  80. googleyoutubechannel

    Like Sabine, is anyone else starting to become a bit concerned with the ongoing failure to corroborate any Ligo detections with _clear_ EM spectrum data?

  81. xXGoldenSun

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person.

  82. A D

    I’m always spaced out

  83. Frank Pitts

    I appreciate your content and work. I also must admit it’s nice hearing that I’m a wonderful person lol.

  84. Reazet

    I love everything about this channel. The topics are fascinating, the explanations are easily understood and the host is a wonderful person.

  85. OzimekPL

    Lol, i turned captions on and it was saying “and welcome to anime” lmaooo

  86. Steven Turano

    How are you wonderful person? Dude, you’re so kind and you keep it interesting. I hope you continue to do well.

  87. Edhi Kurniawan

    Enjoy coke t-shirt again?

  88. Scott Taber

    Just when you wrap your brain around Quark Stars, out of nowhere comes Dark Stars!

  89. BigCrow's Videos

    I recently discovered this channel, now I’m hooked on it. Keep it up, great work

  90. Vinay N

    it could be an elephant, your obese uncle Joe, or a Hippo, that’s my guesses.

  91. Nathaniel Mathews

    Quark stars seem to consistently becoming more and more likely.

    It would be amazing if we could find a electroweak neutron star

  92. Psyberklown

    Tim Pool: Physics breaking objects found in space, does this mean civil war?.


    Living in a very slow big bang exlosion sounds sad.

  94. Mike O'Keeffe

    You emit more content than a Pulsar – and like a Pulsar, its never dull. Thank you very much, Anton; aka Wonderful Person.

  95. T.C. Bramblett

    That was my bad, sorry. I was driving the black hole and I didn’t check the side mirror

  96. Deathro lockdown

    In a nut shell, so called”good video”

  97. Muhsin Ali Hadi

    0.6 masses of the sun converted into gravitational energy.. can’t even imagine how spacetime will be like in vicinity of the collision

  98. Ayatollah Sha’Nay-Nay

    Antons favorite topics are those involving unknown objects undergoing indeterminate processes resulting in undefined outcomes that we just dont have good detectors for yet and which raise more questions than they answer.

  99. The Exoplanets Channel

    *_I only know that I know nothing_*

  100. E̷n̸u̵o̵ A̴k̶a̴t̵s̵u̵k̶i̴

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