Black Dwarf Supernovae Last Explosions At the End of the Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a hypothetical period trillions of years in the future when even the black dwarfs, the final types of stars, will start exploding as the last supernovae in the universe.

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  1. Pratap Patil

    We r predicting Future of universe , humans are great.. we can imagine beyond limits..

  2. RDE Lutherie

    Astronomy, no problem, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around “Beautiful Pug”!

    Oh cry me a freaking river!!! So I’m not always a beautiful person, so sue me!!!

  3. Breanna K

    Your so smart, I love your videos so much. Ugh your amazing

  4. cloudpoint

    I thought cold fusion was ruled out!!!

  5. Jabroni Salmon

    Thank you Anton! <3

  6. Apryl Van Ryn

    Humans are incapable of comprehend how time works…. 14.5 billion years on earth mean nothing in other places because of gravity

  7. Henchman Twenty1

    That title sounds like a a sci-fi B-movie from the 70’s.

  8. D.E.Sorvin.

    its still just prob a 0 point with quantum interfrance as multipule liniels as EM mass!

  9. Darren Krivit

    New Anton channel:
    What Da Pug 😁

  10. nauka

    (Black dwarf supernova = big bang) theory? 🤔
    Idk, maybe probably not

  11. Flum666

    very scared, Anton didn’t say ‘Hello Wonderful person’ the universe really is ending

  12. John Bastien

    I may also ask what will form from the byproducts of these detonations.?

  13. Zan B

    Love your channel and information. @melodysheep has an awesome video composed with harmonizing music about what might happen in the end of the universe. It’s very entertaining and makes you really think of how small we really are in this big universe.

  14. Jim Perry

    Thank you, wonderful person!!

  15. Richard Alleman

    Damn it! The only jokes I can think of are all politically incorrect.

  16. Priyanko Roy

    Hey Anton, you okay? Sounds like you got a cold or is it just me….

  17. JAMES Just James

    I’m still gonna be here! Subscribed!

  18. Erixoz

    New Stars/mass are created by energy m=E/c^2… they are so FOS.

  19. Shawn

    When a Tree falls (Black Dwarf explodes), does anyone hear/see it? sorta thing… it is unsettling…

  20. Breaux Segreto

    And here I thought there would only be black holes at the end … a few hundred googolplex years 🤷🏼‍♂️

  21. TheElectricOrigins

    No Expansion of the Universe: Universe means all what exists (by definition). All cannot be expanded!
    By the way, expand, stretch, spread implies something material (dictionary). Space, time or space-time-continuum (and flux condenser ;-) ) cannot be stretched (or bent).

  22. Allen Tac

    Love the bonus scene at the end!

  23. Andrew H

    I guess this explains how some things in movies randomly explode …. ;)

  24. chuckschilling

    Pretty sure the pug is thinking about one thing and one thing only: food.

  25. Jakop Kragslay

    You can’t fool me Anton. I know there’s a restaurant at the end of the universe.

  26. David Shaw

    So that’s when my Government Pension runs out

  27. Iaman Empoweredone

    Well, it has been reported that a new heaven and a new earth is going to be created.

  28. Matthew Turkmen

    Anton, you are just one wonderful person! Thank you very much for that! :)

  29. Massimo Esposito

    I wonder know if in the year 1 Googol will be still printed papers on astronomy. If the answer is positive, dear Anton Petrov, for to arrive alive to that time, keep in fit.

  30. Kenny Carter

    Stars expanding away from each other. Guess the big rip is enevitable given enough time

  31. japanese machine with min

    3:52 anton, black holes never go supernova, they are evaporating out

  32. Gary Lee

    I heard there was a restaurant at the end of the universe, a very good restaurant.

  33. James Noland

    Wow. Most depressing What Da Math ever. Thanks Anton.

  34. Wired Lain

    Black dwarfs are cute :)
    But They most likely have some health issues…

  35. G Wal

    At Last ! Something to look forward to.

  36. David C

    I’ve been really enjoying your content. Thank you!

  37. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Pugs ONLY think about black dwarfs true story btw

    “Black Dwarves will be the only thing left”
    — after the riots, yes only black dwarves will be left

  38. sststr

    Isaac Arthur has a fun, if short, playlist on civilizations at the end of time.

  39. japanese machine with min

    I didn’t learn something new about space, only, I’ve also finally learnt how to say this ^ nominant in english properly – it’s [to the power]
    you deserve a giant cup of milk coffee with a cookie, anton

  40. LaserGuidedLoogie

    This whole scenario seems highly unlikely considering that the “Big Rip” model that you are using for this claim would in fact rip the whole universe appart at some point, including the white/black dwarfs.

  41. darpinian1

    Can we get a video on why neutron stars would survive that long?

  42. Dave L

    That’s an epic amount of zeroes :O this is why I always watch your videos to the very end!

  43. Victor Smirnov

    During those google years, Sun’s remnant BD may adsorb enough mass to reach the Chandrasekhar’s limit from the surrounding space. It’s also a slow process, but, I guess, it’s much faster than mentioned tunneling inside BD’s.

  44. russellnc

    This episode reminds me of the lady that will tell your future for $5…

  45. LikeGG

    Hi wonderful person, Hope you have a nice day

  46. General Robert E Lee

    *The pug says:* There was no Big Bang, it’s expansion, contraction and collapse then repeat.

  47. Farhan Siddiqui

    Always look forward to your daily Astronomy videos.

  48. Happy Camper

    I felt overwhelmed at the information at Google. But I’m trying man. 😅✊🏻😎
    Thank you wonderful person.

  49. Storm D

    Speak for yourself, I intend to live for 10^32000 years!

  50. KoiSpain

    OMGNOMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGNOMG madonna python intercourse

  51. XhileX123456789

    Hey wonder man , what will happen to the astrophysicist imaginary friends ? The ”dark” matter and the ”dark” energy ? Arent they more than 95% of the universe ? I never ever watched or red anything bout them on anywhere which tries to describe the end of universe including your video . Strange isnt it :)

  52. TheElectricnoob

    Heres a theory: what if what we call the big bang was just a bogstandard super/hyper/kilo nova like those we witness out there today, and the remanent is the smbh in the center of the milky way galaxy ? To me, nothing else makes sense, the universe, stars, planets and life must have existed like forever in eternity. Theres no way what so ever that everything just blinked into existance from a infinately small singularity, and even if it did the vacuum of space and thus the universe must still have existed before then.

    And when it comes to black holes i don’t believe in a event horizon with a microscopic singularity inside either, im sure the black sphere against the backdrop of all other stars we’d see if we could get close enough is the actual diameter and surface of a physical object such as a black dwarf. Like how could the gravity of a star increase in a sn to the point where light gets redshifted into radio waves, shouldent the original star have had the same amount of gravity then = the star would have been a black hole in appearance even before the sn event.

  53. NelC

    _Black Dwarf Supernova_ is the title of my band’s next album.

  54. kind kender

    Thank you Anton. Omg that is beyond human comprehension.

  55. Chuck Gehman

    Man, I love your videos. A favorite go to source for information.
    Appreciate it.

  56. svampebob007

    10³²⁰⁰⁰ years? I think I can comprehend that.
    It would be around the day before the day that my dog lets go of the stick,
    the same stick she picked up and wanted me to throw 🤔

  57. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    Ah Anton! Who else would talk to us about the goings on of a googol years from now.

    I’ll have to get my PhD dissertation finished by then; but, for now, I don’t have to stress.

  58. Thomas Derek Veal

    You have to consider that hot and cold attract to each other and “The great crunch.” Once this happens you get another big bang.

  59. Peter Paliwoda

    “ Always look on the bright side of life “ Ok 👌 Brian….Good Luck …Peter P

  60. Nertz

    Will sit down at the restaurant thats at the end of the universe and have a double cheeseburger and strawberry milkshake

  61. ZeN

    Imagine if the universe we live in is a product of one ancient black dwarf exploding creating the big bang and we have no idea because of how our limited perceptive scale.

  62. Adymn Sani

    speaking of scary, hope you and the pug (imaginary of course) are safe when the typhoon passes..oh, I just noticed googol passing/scrolling by

  63. James

    Imagine if the Voyager probes survive until the very end of the universe 🤔

  64. Cole Dedhand

    Unless w < -1, in which case the Big Rip will destroy the universe at the quantum level before the black dwarves can explode.

  65. Tomas Sandberg

    Unless the Big Rip (The Big R.I.P.) happens before that.

  66. Johnathan D. Hill

    Star wars intro would sound way different;
    “In a Galaxy, Google’s away…”

  67. Curtis DeCoste

    That pug is taking a poop. Cute tho. 💩. Love the content Anton. YOU are a wonderful person! 😃

  68. Sébastien Berger

    Question, when the universe reach the point of every particle are isoled from time, space and radiation, shall we start seeing some weird quantum mechanics happening?

  69. Saint Jimmy

    But that would’ve lost much to the half life of mater due to trillions of years. Then the death of gravity as things just fades out.

  70. RashMonroe

    I love hearing you speak! You’re beautifully brilliant man!

  71. Ruben Manssens

    When a supernova happens, alot of matter is released, could this released matter eventually become it’s own star again?
    Meaning that normal stars will eventually start re-emerging

  72. Paradox

    Wouldn’t proton decay happen long before then. Effectively leaving only black holes?

  73. Paradox

    Wouldn’t proton decay happen long before then. Effectively leaving only black holes?

  74. TheGordo1996

    “Scientists” LOL

  75. April

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that the common thought in the scientific community is that all galaxies will be separated from each other, but each local group will have a strong enough gravity well that it’ll stay together and eventually all combine into one galaxy, but that galaxy will be the only thing left in its own observable universe.

  76. DME EMD

    10^32000… hey something that exceeds homeopathic medicine dilution levels! 😂

  77. REG3305

    “The answer to the end of the universe…” .. … …
    Come on, man! We all know the answer is really 42!

  78. Abhinandan

    10:58 oh my, that number is never ending. Maybe we should name it infinity instead🤔

  79. ElmwoodParkHulk

    I knew a black dwarf once , asked him for a dollar once , he said sorry I’m a little short .

  80. Konzept Werks

    Do you have the “STELLAR LIFE CYCLE” flow chart as a POSTER that we can purchase !??!

  81. Carl Gauss

    1:29 Actually, if we assume that the density of dark energy stays constant (which looks like the most likely scenario now), Local Galactic Group is going to stay together. Though during a googol years most of the star remnants will probably live it anyway by changing their orbit during some random interactions with other remnants.

  82. S C

    Long live the Republic!

  83. Ahsoka Tano

    These videos actually makes me learn things, unlike school…

  84. Tchagg Bruin

    “We dont even know if the universe is still going to be around at that time” – my first like for this satiric statement

  85. Daniel Pirela

    Anton Petrov: “What is going to hapen in the end of the universe?”

    The Sovereign: “You exist because we allowed it, and you will end because we demand it”

  86. Fred⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    *Here are my random thoughs but what do you think?:*
    A googol years seems so far away but it really isn’t if you think about it. The end of the Universe might as well aready happaned since time is only experienced by conscience beings who can comprehend the concept of it. When you die, a second might as well be an hour or 100000 years might as well be a second, a googol years might be over in a heartbeat. It doesn’t matter in the slightest since there is nothing left of you that could notice. In a way the universe ends with your death, since the end of it all is inevitable and to “nothingness” the end of the universe might as well be instant.

    At this point the most likely true theory might be, that the universe resets itself in some shape or form and the cards are simply shuffled. Maybe there really “can’t be nothing” and the big bang is a result of trying to devide by 0 which causes space to explode everywhere at once but who knows? If the universe didn’t come from nothing then there must have been something before that? And since something can’t come from nothing then there must have been something before us. That would mean that this timeline right now is also the something to the something that comes after it. If that’s the case then the existence of life is basically a given.

    Now this might sound crazy:
    If life is a given then maybe “reincarnation” really IS a thing but it’s not in the same universe-timeline and not in the same way. You die and you “wake up” in a new universe. Maybe the next time I am you and you are me and we would never know. But you couldn’t even assume that because in “the next run” it will be like as if our old selfes never existed in the first place, so we can’t ever be reincarnated as our old selfes no matter what.

    A googol years is such a long time that no life emerging during that time would be less likely then no life to emerge and our existence right now is the best proof of that.

    But here is an argument against reincarnation:
    Why would you be reborn as your old self and relive your life in a loop for example or as somebody else in the same old timeline if there are basically infinte lifes that could have been but never were. Why would the universe revolve around your specific conciousness since it would have to revolve around YOU and solely exist arond YOUR existence to form the exact same “you” every time. There are simply too many factors.

    But what is life anyway? When you get down to it then a human life isn’t anything special compared to the life of an ant since we all fall into the void in the end. The life on an ant revolves around being an ant and it understands itself as such. The only difference between the life of an ant and the life of an human is the fact, that we are seemingly more selfaware and we know that we are (in fact) NOT an ant ourself… but how does that make us better or more special? The ant never asked to come to life and live as an ant. Neither did we decide to exist as humans. Maybe the next time around YOU are the ant and somebody else steps on you without even knowing and you wouldn’t even be concience enough to notice! The circle repeats. What is life at this point?!…. damn

  87. King Geoffrey

    Anton knows his stuff. You can learn alot from him. Plus he is a wonderful person. 😉

  88. sushanalone

    The life story of the universe is like a Michael Bay movie, full of explosions even when there is hardly anything around to explode.

  89. Lee Smith

    Sounds like a red dwarf TV sequal, bring back the Cat, Rimmer, Dave and Kryton

  90. Yaldabaoth

    Black Dwarf Supernova somehow sounds like an amazing band name.

  91. Shannon Love

    Nah, in google years all matter in the universe will have long since been converted into vast artificial structures.

    Assuming it all isn’t converted into paper clips.

  92. Dubious!

    Fun fact: Google accidentally spelt Googol incorrectly when the created the company but decided to stick with it.

  93. dead w0lf

    Just make sure safe search is on when you look up black dwarfs..

  94. Park Walker

    I skipped back to the beginning three times, but you didn’t say hello wonderful person. I lost all hope for humanity.

  95. SlavMarine

    Me: well, I’m glad I’ll be loooooong dead before that happens.
    Plot twist: Reincarnation exist + somehow, somewhere, reborn at the end of the universe.
    Me: … damn it.

  96. C-S featured

    That’ll be a depressing day when it comes. It’s hard to imagine. Then I’d be nonexistent for trillions of years, what happens now all in the abyss of the long past. At that time it’s all darkness and cold. What’s the point?
    Life. It’s fun and real while we’re in it.

  97. Paradox

    We’ll get to see a Black Dwarf Supernova before we see Half Life 3.

  98. RedPalkia06

    “Is this what this pug is thinking about”

    Umm… maybe?

  99. Adam Badali

    The fact Black Dwarf translates to black puggo in Google is the sign AI isn’t evil!


  100. Poes Law

    Now there is a theory that will take forever to prove.

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