Biggest Extinction Event in History Is Linked to Burning Coal

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the biggest extinction event in Earth’s history and the what we now think probably caused it.
Ian Webster Earth map:

  1. Random scheisse

    did you sell out to somebody.?

  2. Paul Frederick Jr

    Anton if you really investigate climate change you find corruption in the academy, altered data, and ridiculous theories. All dissension has been rooted out through ruined careers, corrupt peer review, and control of publishing. If you really dig, you will find it.

  3. MultiCappie

    Hear hear!!!

  4. DSM 5D

    I always wanted a Tuatara.

  5. kmt5150

    Love your work, Anton!

  6. Brandon Wood

    Flood basalt eruptions the biggest eruption u can get amazing

  7. James Shaffer

    I’ve always hated ppl that say < I live in the now>. Well I hope them ppl don’t have children and grandchildren. This is an issue that should be of great concern to every govt. On earth. Unfortunately mankind has gotten too greedy, a. What about me society. Ppl think they are entitled to things. If you want entitlement, work for it. Otherwise its useless anyhow. I do care if the human race exists for as long as possible. Forever maybe. Unlikely but nice to ponder.

  8. kestutis nikolajevas

    🤣🤣🤣 right, based on what isotrop dating

  9. Pfft As If

    >coal burning linked to extinction

    Nobody tell pol

  10. Forever Trill

    it became political when oil companies started lobbying politicians. youre welcome.

  11. Greg Lloyd

    Always wondered about perturbation in the earths rotation due to the dramatic imbalance in distribution of land masses and ocean. Probably silly though, right?

  12. Beavan Family

    1.5 billions tonnes of carbon a year for 2 million years with parts per million being north of 1,000. Led to a massive explosion in plant life. This intern allowed the dinosaurs to thrive until they to became extinct. Then the stage was set for us. I’m certain carbon will not kill us. Looking back over the last 100 years or so we are doing the best job of killing each other. Man will probably be the first species to extinct itself. Lol

  13. abhi r

    3 Thousand chickens liked you mentioning their dinosaur ancestry

  14. hoplite centurion

    I need to ask this guy to talk us about the carbon starvation and the roll of the oceans in the carbon cycle.

  15. John Sobel

    Can you do something on if tectonic plates started moving faster? What would happen?

  16. hanikrummi hundursvin

    so, just stop making more CO2. Not ? Ok, have a nice afterlife :)

  17. TechYK

    Do you mean to tell me I had General Tso Dinosaur for lunch?

  18. SameerSlash

    Anton I just realized that you look like Elon..

  19. Chris S

    Hello, Wonderful Person.

  20. David Coley

    Based on thermodynamics how much carbon in the atmosphere does it takes to increase the atmospheres temperature by 1%. The last time I looked at any studies about this it would take a multiple of the current amount of CO2 just even get 0 1% did that data change?

  21. Dr. J. LaTour High Priest

    Co2 Enrichment ?

  22. mamatuja

    Can you let me save a few of your $?

  23. F Ma

    The pandemic at least helps reduce the use of fossil fuel.

  24. A. Q.

    Where does the mass come from that makes all those planets?

  25. A Gator

    Don’t worry, the Fed will print 3 Trillion carbon credits 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Robby B Good

    When your co2 graph covers 800,000 years you see a high point. If you look at a 500 million year graph co2 is still at a low point.

  27. Yankee Jim

    Not sure if you’ve had a chance to read the book extension it covers your stomach really well

  28. Dré Elias

    Hello wonderful people :)

  29. Steve D

    In 100m years. ” hello wonderful dynosaur. We are talking today about when our species had a second chance after an unknown mammal rose to dominance for a short period of time…”

  30. Captain Quantrill

    Reeeeeeeeeeely scary!!!!

  31. coldP izza

    You said
    I don’t know why this subject is a political thing.
    lol Come on man.
    Don’t be so naive.
    We all know exactly why.

    Oil and gas equals money.
    Money equals owning politicians.
    Paid for politicians will say anything you tell them to.

    If you don’t have the spinal cord to say it, I certainly do.

  32. Andrew Raphael Lukasik

    Phew, good we’re burning oil and not coal!

  33. David MacD

    I look forward to the return of the global climate optimum.

  34. patricia nuke

    Thanks for doing your part to help our world. And keep up the good work.

  35. zztop3000

    11:27 What’s this music?

  36. tim wrigley

    I’ve always wondered, how do we know that there wasn’t some kind of land mass or volcanic island chain on the opposite side of Pangea?

  37. sunil s

    Just one of the wonderful extinction

  38. spawn142001

    I like your videos alot. But the intro line being sped up is really detracting from the video. We want to hear it at normal speed.

  39. James Aron

    Wonderful Great Dying

  40. Bryan Smith

    Hello wonderful person. Since when does correlation equal cause and effect?

  41. Thetinebroken

    At 3:55 the eruption switches hemispheres and continents etc

  42. Jacob Bøge Andersen

    Right on. Well put.
    Lystrosaurus was one of the lucky species, that managed to live through the mass extinction event.

  43. T C L

    The controversy isn’t about the environment, it’s about the legitimacy of the studies used to make social policy.

  44. Imperial Dovahkiin

    “And the dinosaurs are gone!”

  45. Iain Harrison

    Brilliantly said. Thank you.

  46. Emmet Ray

    I instantly thought of Silent Hill and those coal fires out in the eastern US that have been burning for decades.

  47. Doug Golde

    CO2 is the life cycle of the planet. Life stops at 160 ppm. Humans evolved at 5,000 ppm. The earth is greening up fast with current levels. Follow the science, not the politics.

  48. BraydenFilms

    Hey man I enjoy your channel and see your bids everywhere and I was just wondering, do you have any sort of scientific background? Just curious because you talk like you know what you are saying no offence meant just curious what you know and have studied.

  49. Stuart Wallace

    Here is hoping that the intro and logo never changes!

  50. Ken Crawford

    It is political because there is money to be made. Politics is always about wealth, and who gets it.

  51. Mitch Crane

    Oh man, I’m famished! I would really love a bucket of dinosaur right about now.

  52. Robert Griffin

    Anton , look up William Happer he knows a bit more on this particular subject .

  53. Psyberklown

    sounds like anti clean beautiful American coal propaganda to me.

  54. NisseHult101

    Thanks for making a well-made and very interesting video on this important topic! I fear you’ll receive some back-lash and negative comments from a lot of “scientifically confused” people for it though. Try not to let them get to you.

  55. Robert Anderson

    Nuclear appears to be the best option.

  56. AgeOfChange

    Hello Mr Anton Petrov you wonderful person. I am on my Chanel exploring stars in ways you have never considered, funny tho some of the things you talk about work in my situation.

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    What year are we gonna die cause I need to finish my anime list.

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    So Very Timely, … i can not thank you enough for putting all this TIME together for someone like me to absorb

  59. Steven Perry

    Thank you Anton, we appreciate your honesty and clarity.

  60. James Fisher

    Why does so few seem to understañd the GRAVITY OF THIS EXTÌNCTIÒN event?!!


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    _An incidental:_
    I like the subtlety you use when flashing up the subscribe button. Nothing jarring. Ta!

  62. Keto•tic

    We need to start building O’Neil cylinders… now.

  63. RayRay 711

    Anton, I know what you mean about to stop trying. I deactivated my Facebook page several weeks ago because I got sick and tired of the ignorance toward science.

  64. mark m

    Haha, we have this super carbon low energy source called nuclear. Environmentalists reeeeeeee. Ok we will burn coal

  65. willis mckay

    the huge pun in the title makes me crack up LMAO

  66. James McDonald

    When the topic of discussion shifts from what is happening to who should do/pay for what; that’s when it gets political.

  67. Mikolaj Dulinski

    3:56 wait, why does that yellow cloud look like a chinese dragon?

  68. Vince Klortho

    Has anyone looked into the possibility that the Chixilub impact sent a shockwave through the Earth that blew out the other side (more or less) causing the Deccan Traps?

  69. Suzanne LeBizarre

    And yes, the effects of plate tectology have changed the look of this planet from Pangea onward…a number of times…and its still taking place…slowly…

  70. DJCuruptedVEVO

    Let’s go!!!! I’m playing ark survival evolved right now love the Dino videos buddy! Keep up fighting the good fight!

  71. Chris Griffith

    I agree with you 100%. Keep telling people about it.

  72. Radhakrishna Mohanty

    Just to make the Flat Earthers happy.

  73. Tim Othy

    Siberia: Exists
    Admiral Ackbar: It’s a trap!

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  77. L- Flux

    “Because, unlike politics, this is not something you can re-elect every 4 years. This is something that’s going to stay with us permanently.” Amazing Quote.

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    Such an interesting topic.
    I really enjoy the way you presented this.
    Thank you, Anton.
    You wonderful person.

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  80. Genevieve MacBride

    I’m on your side. Facts are facts. Keep up the good work, Anton! 👍🏼

  81. PythonPlusPlus

    Wasn’t there a larger extinction event caused by chloroplast?

  82. kevin carl ecle

    5:19 thank me later

  83. JD Mason

    A big cme from the sun could do that

  84. Jeff McNally

    P-Tr extinction: “I killed 90-96% of all species on Earth” 👻

    Holocene extinction: “Hold my beer…” 🍺

  85. 470K

    “The opposite.”

  86. ThaRealUnknown

    i have dinosaurs in my back yard :D “technically”

  87. Bart Ermens

    So for now we are at: an asteroid impact into a mega volcanic eruption into massive forest fires into bacteria imbalance killed the dinosaurs.

  88. The Lynx Unseen

    The greed of the few will be the undoing of us all.

  89. kant stop

    This may sound tragic but I really appreciate the “hello wonderful person” at the beginning of each video. Its always nice to hear.

  90. Thomas Speliers

    0:50 is this some kind of diplodocus soccer game ?

  91. sol rayz

    3:10 ” a lot more things were happening back then. ” You Tell ‘Em, Anton ! Kids today just don’t understand, Man ! If You Remember The Permian-Triassic Period … Then You Weren’t REALLY There ! B-)


    Politics? I’m voting for giant asteroid.

  93. Mike Burns

    Multan Salt Reactors, has cheaper fuel, less waste, and much safer than conventional. It can use Thorium and nuclear waste for energy.
    Please do a show on this topic.

  94. Gavin Watson

    Let’s solve the Climate Change issue.
    We have a solution. We have had a solution for well over 30 years which is a solution to the CO2 issue and the energy issue. Nuclear power is safe and energy-dense. If we would stop the politics, we could build safe nuclear reactors and have abundant cheap fuel That would enable cheap energy for recycling. Without all the politics we would have had this resolved a decade ago. Look at the fiasco of Germany when it closed its reactors. Take the example from France’s nuclear program. Germany buys its electricity from France.
    Again, We have this solved. Stop the politics!

  95. Carol Lane

    I own chickens-they are most definitely dinosaurs

  96. Alexander Keith

    Well, you’d think wearing a mask in public wouldn’t be a political issue either, but someone decided to release the crazy.

  97. Dusty Plasma

    Centralia coal mine fire has been burning under Centralia, Pennsylvania since 1962

  98. Pyro Gaming Inc

    Hello wonderful person. Today we talk about death. Lots and lots of death.

  99. archie wilson

    What about the periods with high amounts of carbon in the atmosphere where there were no mass extinctions? What is the difference?

  100. kyleplier

    The volcanic eruptions you were talking about are called flood basalts. They are so massive, they make a cauldera look like a small sparkler.

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