Biggest Explosion in the Universe Found…Again!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of the largest explosion in the universe…again.
Don Lincoln’s video:

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  1. The Path That Rocks

    I think I see your computer lagging with that explosion simulation. Even the video capture for the camera.

  2. nekorain

    If every week from now on something explodes.. we are in trouble.

  3. jazz21977

    1:04 Ehm, isn’t an explosion just a rapid expansion event?

  4. richardfrieman

    Ophiuchus is pronounced “oh-fee-you-cuss”

  5. Alex

    Reminds me of a guy making KSP videos 😊

  6. wolvenar

    Anyone else think the reality bomb created by Dalek (Dr Who, Journey’s End)

  7. Shatter420

    Love the videos my friend. Keep up the good work!

  8. J.J Whitty

    I wish God would use a handkerchief when he sneezes.

  9. Kevin Opar

    Does the event have a name yet? “Galactic burst” maybe?

  10. Paul M

    Glad you’re doing well. Stay strong. This too shall pass.

  11. amykreilly

    Hello Wonderful Anton! you make me smile.

  12. Cathy F.

    Anton, if that’s even your name – LOLOLOL!! :D

  13. Dr Downtime

    I found your channel a couple weeks ago and I have to say your visuals are amazing and your info is outstanding. Thanks for the great work you do my friend

  14. Olegh Rozman

    50 bln.Supernovas?! Wow. This is really impresive.

  15. SnoopyDoo

    2:02 Anton, showing the universe in a flat 2D representation is kind of useless. Are there no tools available that let us visualize it in 3D?

  16. Sips of Hell

    i resent being called a wonderful person

  17. Klaus Bolvig

    Every day I can see you have more followers. Wonderful news I think. Hope this works for patrons also.

  18. Noob Moose

    It’s the Covenant! they activated a halo, they’re coming!

  19. Canadian Man

    More mass since energy is mass.

  20. theStonehouse

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… they had to test the new Death Star’s Superlaser

  21. Dr.Controversial

    Hello wonderful Anton! this is person.

  22. Chris Mangum

    I actually subscribe to the other guy as well and have watched his episode

  23. Daniel Rodrigues


  24. RuthlessGravity

    The link to Universe Sandbox 2 for amazon says it is “Currently Unavailable”

  25. Russ Brewer

    Great video Anton! I ain’t real smart but sometimes I like to pretend I am so I watch your videos. Thanks for the content.

  26. Michael Ward Jr

    I might watch this video again to wrap my head around it.

  27. takuの物理学研究所

    I am studying superstring theory.
    Thanks, this content enhances my motivation.

  28. Ryantube007

    I was always told it was pronounced O-fee-shus. Is it pronounced O-Pie-Icus ?


    The last one was the most powerful and now this s now the most powerful lol next month there will be another most powerful 😁☑

  30. TheElectra5000

    Such a huge explosion should have left very recognizable gravitational waves.

  31. Cavistus

    But wait, Anton, IF THAT’S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME, doesn’t my mind undergo the biggest explosion when I watch your videos?

  32. Robert Sparkman

    We may not know if he’s Anton, but we all know he’s wonderful!!!

  33. Kiyoi Meshibe

    I read this news on my local newspaper and I hoped you would talk about it! Thank you wonderful person!

  34. Jeffrey Fisher

    Stephen Baxter’s intergalactic wars of course haha.

  35. Tiamat's Chosen Daughter

    big bang, a sexy way to talk about the universe. Especially the Bang side of things

  36. EagerVision

    All I got from this was space volcanoes 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. HypersonicMonkeyBrains

    This is what happens when Aliens test their superweapons in WW10.

  38. Wilhelm K. Roentgen

    Well, they just had to find a way how to stop The Flood. ;)

  39. ypey1

    I love explosions… i’m a simple man

  40. Batman's Pet Goldfish

    Ahh I was confused. I believe it’s pronounced _oh_- FEW -_kus._

  41. Azrael Kanegaki

    Im more curious about whats left after the explosion did it reborn into another black hole or it evaporated completly

  42. Dushyant Prabhakar

    5:01 anyone else sees a face in the image in the back? Two eyes, a nose and mouth

  43. Metaldetecting tube world wide

    Like tosing an explosif in a burning oil well to put it out ….
    Makes alot of sense…dark mater explosion…white hole ?

  44. Stephen Thomas

    I love the Dr. Strangelove reference. You should create an animation waving your hat and shouting, “Yahoo!” while riding an object colliding with a planet.

  45. curbotize

    How long before we feel the impact from one of these explosions? Many years but what will it feel like?

  46. Andre Braxton

    I thought it was pronounce OH-FEE-YOU-CUS?

  47. Lyri Metacurl

    *Alderaan explosion* “We are the ultimate power.
    Nearby galaxy: BOOM (shock wave destroys entire Star Wars galaxy).

  48. Cezariusus

    Just wait for the alien life theories.

  49. who likes spaghetti?

    it took me 1 minute to fall asleap while watching this video, thank you anton my insomnia has been cured and all thanks to you

  50. Snippy Cutwell

    It was the Klingon moon, Praxis.

  51. w4ck0

    “WHITEHOLE” i call it! first!

  52. Nick Moraitis

    “Only Survivors”…to assume that is more impractical then believing there’s other forms of intelligent life somewhere regardless of where.

  53. Osmosis Jones

    At light speed it would take thousands or millions of years for the explotion to Destroy a Galaxy

  54. Visual_Vexing

    The milky way seems more wonderful the more we learn about the universe.

  55. Gregory Parker

    I ate “Gas-Station” meat loaf one night, the energy release in my colon later was truly out of this world, could that be what they detected???

  56. Mortimer Hasbeengud

    Why is Petrov always covering for the failures of the Empire? You know, when the Death Star got blow’d up real good?

  57. Sorrz

    hello wonderful anton! love your vids!

  58. Bran Stark

    0:40- Lol! Didnt expect for you to throw a funny in there

  59. Matija Perčec

    It’s obvious “The Omega Directive” was not followed there.

  60. Lem Sted

    Buy wait Anton, if that’s even your real name! Hahaha nice one!

  61. PsyintZ

    Can something really be considered an “explosion” if it takes place over millions of years? It almost seems as if “emission” would be a better label for something like that.

  62. Brent Keller

    It’s not my fault, just want everyone to know that.

  63. 50k3r2

    The fact they used “sloshing edges” as a descriptor had me laughing hard.

  64. Kenneth Hicks

    “When we bumped into our neighbor Universe”

  65. Rickard Bergelius

    The new super weapon in the future Star Wars episode 45.

  66. Lilo Emyoung

    Me : Hello wonderful Anton 😃👋🏻
    Anton : Biggest BOOM in the Universe💥🧐
    Me : so glad I am on tiny🌎 😰

  67. Chris H

    “If that’s even your real name..?”.. CAN ANTON OR SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT THAT WAS ABOUT??? LOL

  68. Ellison Hamilton

    When events become this big superlatives break down.

  69. Rene J

    Would have been a good video to include a “your mama joke”

  70. Daniel Burroughs

    Is Anton your real name 🤔, we may never know.

  71. Gay Transgender Dilophosaurus

    Goddamnit Broly, we’ve been over this.

  72. JorgeAraujo97

    Sounds almost like a miracle that we exist.

  73. pruna blue pepper

    Lol, I was thinking “again?”- right when I read your titel.

  74. interesting.

    Remember ,by the time light reaches you a new planet and life has already come into existence and replaced the blast.

  75. JRR31984

    Just wanted to say I been seeing your recent video uploads and you’re killing it! Keep on keeping on Mr. Petrov.

  76. Martyn Notman

    I wondered when i forwarded you this on twitter if you would cover it.
    You are a star Anton x

  77. Mike Laffoon

    Just when you’re sure you’ve seen the biggest explosion ever, along comes a bigger one. “Just goes to show you, Jane, it’s always somethin'” – Gilda Raddner, SNL

  78. H Zilla

    Now we’re getting somewhere. Because when everything is measured in exponents, linear 5X larger is “nothing.” Standing by for this to be beaten by x^5!

  79. PopukoFan

    Awesome! It’s amazing just how much activity is going on in outer space.

  80. Roger Wilco

    This stuff is so amazing. I hope I have the ability in my life time to stick my brain in a robot body so that I may explore some-where else in Space. GET ON IT ELON!

  81. Alberts stuff

    “Wait Anton, if that’s even your real name”
    Dude, that was genius comedic timing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂

  82. Se

    Love the daily uploads, gives me a ton of interesting stuff to watch whenever I want!

  83. Jibbie49

    Thank you for mentioning Dr. Don Lincoln and Fermilab, one of my favorite channels, because like you, he can take the most difficult material and explain it in such simple terms.

  84. It wasn't just a flu

    I’m glad we’re here and the explosion is all the way over there.

  85. Henchman Twenty1

    Last words heard before Biggest Explosion in the Universe: “What could possibly go wrong?”

  86. TruthNinja •

    “This is madness.”
    “This, is, Sparta!”

  87. mikethespike056

    “Tell me, Chakas, if this was your choice, after all we have seen and survived… would you fire the rings?”

  88. Darren Krivit

    The power of 50 billion supernovas, uh…, I need to sit down and ponder that🤔

  89. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    So it was about 390 million light years away, that’s far to say the least. The size of this universe is incomprehensibly large.

  90. Martin Barr

    390 million light years, phew that was close……again Anton, if that’s even your real name 😂
    Thanks Wonderful Anton!

  91. DemoGorgonZola

    “No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody’s got to have some damn perspective around here. Boom, sooner or later… boom!” – Ivanova, Babylon 5

  92. The Exoplanets Channel

    The amount of energy released must be unbelievable.

  93. rJaune

    Anton’s real name: Wonderful Person III

  94. Doc Farmer

    In my own defense, it WAS Taco Tuesday before the “explosion” so…

  95. ]-〉ΣΔ†]-[

    “Scientists don’t know an explosion that big is possible.”
    Me: “I’m telling you guys, it’s probably some anime protagonist protecting the universe by fighting a galaxy busting, galactic overload. Maybe it’s the Anti-spiral.”

  96. Duchi

    *Plot Twist:*
    That was just Michael Bay directing his film

  97. Tubeman 777

    Damn Aliens having a huge war……

  98. Chris smith

    Shaggy unleashing 2% of his power

  99. Papa Grounds

    Fun fact: We all died in that explosion but we don’t know it yet.

  100. TOMAS

    ” IF THAT’S EVEN YOUR NAME ” !!! Anton that’s the best line I’ve heard on any vdeo !

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