Betelgeuse Update Explains The Dimming – Huge Starspots!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new update about the Betelgeuse dimming of 2020 – potentially huge star spots.

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  4. Dolly Dupee

    Not all stars die a supernova some of them just slowly just fizzle until there’s nothing left

  5. jaspal raina

    If like the sun & planets, the galactic contents r also in a gravitational balance could we postulate the changes in the position of all nearby bodies if any star goes supernova🤔

  6. Ralph Walters

    The plot reveals a brightening rate higher than the dimming. Mysterious.

    What was the conclusion made by the Advanced LIGO team of the detected gravity wave anomaly ?

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    Seems logical, wasen’t it just a few years back, our own sun had a huge sun spot taking up like 40% of the surface, correct me if i’m wrong.

  11. garrison g

    Although I have no doubt there are extraterrestrial civilizations out there doing amazing things, I would find it difficult to believe this dimming is caused by a Dyson sphere just because of its sheer size. That being said I would have no idea what their capabilities would be. But a Dyson sphere on this scale would seem to be an impossible task.

  12. Helder Almeida

    Q: Anton on other video about black holes, my question is are black holes a sphere or just flat and black?

  13. Shirley Munro

    Starspot? That cant be good. So magnetic fields from the sunspot polarizing the magnetic domains of metals in the dust so it alters the angle of photons?

  14. William Cox

    Two stars for the price of one? What a deal!

  15. Jeremy Christopher

    That’s called a micronova

  16. M L R

    is it possible B’ consumed something? what causes Spot cycles in such a huge star?

  17. Mr Rishi The Cookie

    Has beatelguese tried accutane for their spots?

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    Are Ford Prefect and Zaphod Beeblebrox OK with this? :-)

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    So thats why I have those dark floaters in my eyes.Thanks

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    I’m going to have to reread Velikovsky again to be sure but I think this sounds very much like an idea he proposed.

  22. Robo Dobo

    That picture with the big spot reminds me of the picture they claim is a black hole

  23. Vamshi Kanamarlapudi

    Could a planet be a reason for such dimming?

  24. Socks With Sandals

    I guess Betelgeuse must turn slowly to avoid centrifuging itself apart.
    Staggering that a sunspot can be the size of our inner solar system.

  25. Michael Wodyka

    The spot was caused when space Hitler’s space final solution involved this star and a whole bunch of space train cattlecars running right into it.

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    Could this also possibly explain the unusual dimming of Tabby’s star?

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    Legend has it If you say Betelgeuse 3 times the sun will go supernova.

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    Could it be the same with HD 139139 ?

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    Thinking about how big that star is blows my mind

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    Alien mothership was just passing by gulping up some fuel

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    I still suspect it was planet 9 (Nibiru) getting in the way.

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    I thought if two stars merge it would cause a supernova

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    I still think Aliens is the best explanation!

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    If the early phase of going nova was an expected explosion blowing off the outer layer…the orb had a week blew out a wall and a horn shaped cloud vented…moistly twords us.. A coldish spot …well might have not collapsed at the get go…causing a uneven zone/ area.. Ok wonderfull person what do we expect to see if bealtejuice blows?

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    This year is a history
    Next year is a mystery-
    We really don’t know what will happen next.

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