Betelgeuse Is Much Closer To Us And Other Surprising Discoveries

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries and explanations that redefine our understanding of Betelgeuse.
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    Can proxima centauri b have a moon ? which effects a moon might cause in proxima centauri b?

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    How many days, months, years ago did this dimming happen? What’s the difference between when it happened, and when we Saw it happen? 🤔

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    U know I don’t like that it’s closer than we thought.
    And hold a sec…I thought Betelgeuse was not very old less than 10 million years old now Anton says it’s an old star

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    Anton Petrov Someone with your Knowledge should have known that Betelgeuse before 1988 was Never referred to as “Beetlejuice”.

    Love your channel anyway! Thumbs Up!

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    Makes me wonder if any other civilisations ever noticed this phenomenon and studied it. Or might still do ! Maybe 200 years from now some other civilisation further away will notice it. :d

    We could have many common grounds with aliens like this assuming the distances don’t vary too much.

  16. Olmost Gudinaf

    It wasn’t a dust cloud. Or a giant star spot. It was a CME in roughly our direction, cooling down and dimming star along the way, until it moved out of the direct line of sight. You’ve read it here first.

  17. The Cosmos Imager

    Another Great Video Anton. Betelguese is Indeed The Closest Supernova Candidates. Iam Pretty sure It Will Blow in 100,000 years and Looks Like we Estimated That Betelguese Is as Big as Jupiters Orbit But it’s Not even Close To That.

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    we might have been wrong about alot of things about betelguese..and we still are. lol but thanks for the latest version.

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    Out of topic, sort of, does Betelgeuse have any planets in orbit?

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    Maybe the first dimming was a really massive planet and after some time it collided with the star and caused the starquake?

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    al jawza means twin, beit al jawza means the house of the twin/s…orion is al jabbar or the mighty
    for me it looks as if in the east that star belongs to the constellation of gemini

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    It is closer so was hoping you would do video on this

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    Did the star’s mass estimate change?

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    Hahaha! It has already gone supernova. We will not see it till 2037.

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    Honestly, I’m expecting Betelgeuse to not even be a star. I don’t know what else it could be, but every month our understanding of it changes drastically.

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    Anton, can you find something interesting about O type stars? They are the largest and brightest main sequence stars, but I never hear about them.

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    Never start with a drunken uncle joke.

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    What if there are at least two actions inside the star of different frequencies so as to produce a beat frequency, or if three a more chaotic looking output?

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    964 AD is rather medieval .. :)

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    What does this mean for all our other size / distance calculations?

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    Be interesting to know what Gaia’s best estimate (with tolerance) is for its distance. I’m guessing it’s too far and variable to get a more precise value using Parallax.

  56. Alex Bowman

    There’s a star in Perseus with the Arabic name Algol or ghoul in English. It’s an eclipsing binary the most variable star visible to us and it’s thought that Arabic astronomers knew it was variable but to say so would have been perhaps a capital offence so they hinted at it in it’s name.

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    Within most of this audience’s lifetimes, we should be able to image Betelgeuse as clearly as that artist’s rendition at 5:30 .

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    could you make a video on euclidian consortium – measuring devices of dark e and dark
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    both projects are planned for near future

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    I used to draw star quakes all the time when I was a kid … with my Deluxe Spirograph set!
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    Anton the oldest provable human concept is the constellation Taurus. There’s a 11,000 year old French cave painting of the Pleiades with a bull painted underneath with the Hyades and Caster and Pollux to the left. The Pleiades are painted so accurately that they can date the painting.

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