Betelgeuse is Dimming, Is It About to Go Supernova?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent announcement about unusual dimming of Betelgeuse and discuss whether it’s going to go supernova.
One of the recent papers:

  1. Anthony Bingham

    Excellent, at least I’ve got time for a quick pint!😂😂

  2. Dwight Behm

    Thank you for the info very interesting


    Before I view, in how many MILLIONS of years? 🖖

  4. Barb Wellman

    Wonderful Person, I received your T-Shirt for Christmas!

  5. Island Nug Hunters

    “Nice f*cking model”

  6. Tango Jones

    It might have already happened…gone super-nova, but the light hasn’t reached us yet. Maybe next week, next month, next year?

  7. Clair Pahlavi

    Love Anton!
    Best presentations of The Standard Model of Cosmology and Astrophysics on the internet.

  8. Steven Coghill

    Maybe it already has since it’s over 600 light years away

  9. i 13

    Blows up this year

  10. Eddy K

    “Welcome to what de meth” 😂

  11. Fractal pie

    Thank you Anton, we should always find time for our nearby stars, a visit, some mention, some reflection on our position in the galaxy. Always a joy to tune in! ml, 💕

  12. Kamlesh Sable

    We are interested for a death of star woah

  13. Theresa Rose

    Blessings to you and your family ✝️ 🌷

  14. eclipse -

    Why am I watching this at 4:28 in the morning

  15. Junaid Farooqui

    I’ve been waiting for this episode! Thanks!

  16. Kelly SHOWELL

    the spelling though…totally threw me for a loop…sounds like a troll name. 🤣

  17. Bucky Barnes

    So basically Beetlejuice is a strobe light from the 1970s

  18. MeanGreen

    I’ve always hoped it would blow in my lifetime.
    Fingers crossed.

  19. Mad Jack

    I have only one question!

  20. penn707

    We’re all doomed!!!!!!!!!
    In a hundred thousand years

  21. Alpha White Male

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  22. John Perry Barlow Declaration

    Legit I clicked thumbs up because he called me a wonderful person.😆

  23. Elliott Ridgeway

    Hey man. Love your work!!
    Has anyone ever worked out the effects on the earth if the moon did spin? If there would be any at all??

  24. Kasey-Ray Urban

    I thought subaru already killed him

  25. Amachetay Cybo

    Its blown better image it while u can n it will affect us but in a good way helping us ascend n move closeer to fun stuff likd global open contact n many stuff

  26. Marcus W

    Well maybe it’s just having a little rest, you try being bright constantly,
    It’s having a nice little sleep

  27. Matthew Smith

    I’m so glad you covered this! It’s been a story for about 10 days now. You give a very good treatment on these topics

  28. 橋本絵莉子

    Beteigeuze will end next week, I saw him there in Orion, he is going to kill all the little babystars.

  29. parman01

    If it went supernova anytime soon it truly would be an event of a lifetime! It’s apparent magnitude is said to be comparable to full moon – it would be amazing sight on a night sky.
    It bothers me that on cosmic scale “soon” might be in 10 years or 10000 years.


    I hope I will witness the supernova in my life <3

  31. Circle dude236

    10:47 You know, the name Betelgeuse sound alot like Beetle Juice.

  32. Dylan Colby

    “It’s showtime!”

  33. Buzz Bolt

    Greetings Anton! I’m in two minds. I would love to see a supernova in our neighbourhood but it will blow a dirty great hole in my favourite constellation!

  34. LookAtMyZombies

    idk if its placebo effect but i swear i was trying to show my friend betelguese and i couldnt find it as easily as i normally could cuz i was used to it being so bright

  35. Variecs

    People who aren’t wonderful: *TRIGGERED*

  36. barbarian jk

    3:24 oh no, another HUGE filter for intelligent life out there u_u

  37. Wayne The Seine

    Great presentation as always and thank you for showing its exact location in Orion… I know.

  38. Snippy Cutwell

    Cm’on Anton, admit it…… it’s aliens…..

  39. Nicholas Mills

    Wondering stars A significant danger, particularly when they’re the size of betelgeuse.
    Supernova in about 100,000 years.

  40. polyrhythmia

    Imagine the neutrino flux we’d receive.

  41. Milind

    Happy New year to you Anton and to your wonderful viewers in and around the Milky Way Galaxy :-)

  42. John Bane

    When scientists claim they know something for sure I get nervous

  43. Hoosier Daddy

    I use to go supernova when I got my cable bill until I cut the cord.

  44. Olegh Rozman

    UY Scuti is like: “Awww. So cute.. little star”

  45. kokos742

    I was just wainging how long it will take before he says it three times :D

  46. John Hart

    Boooooo . . . I want to see a supernova in my lifetime! Stop crushing my hopes with facts and science! ;)

  47. Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring

    If I remember remembering right this wasn’t the first star that went through its supposed life cycle faster than expected.

  48. Bulbous Cock21

    I want it to explode sooo bad. Seeing a supernova would be a crazy experience.

  49. Taco Truck

    It went supernova a long time ago. We just haven’t seen it yet.

  50. pandawarriah

    Space incidents like this scares the living shit out of me, even though the risk of my short life span experiencing something like it is super low.

  51. Bill Bird

    Betelgeuse has gone Supernova, the light of that event just hasn’t got here yet.

  52. NicolettaNY TrumpyBEAR

    Your super awesome Anton
    Like the Beetlejuice the movie
    Interesting !

  53. Rico

    It could have exploded 700 years ago and it’s lights has not yet reached earth

  54. smiley

    The one good site I can go to get a good feeling. I’m learning neat stuff.

  55. espinosayoung

    Happy new year Anton! Can’t wait for the 2020 space vids

  56. Link

    05:50 Our Sun will not become a red supergiant, but rather a red giant.

  57. CapnPicard

    I hope it doesn’t go, Betelgeuse is my fav star – besides our star of course. ;)

  58. onehit pick

    People have learned to go into caves, and forget, every 12k years or so.

  59. Channelchen

    Is Anton making these videos by himself or does he have a team?

  60. Javi 12042005

    If Betelgeuse does start to explode a few years later, I’ll stare at the beautiful supernova in the sky

  61. CatMC1

    How do English spell “Betelgeuse”?
    “Beatle-juice” lmao

  62. Anonymous

    “Hello, wonderful Anton!”

  63. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    Just curious are you Albanian or Russian it doesn’t matter either way it’s just one of my friends is Albanian and you kind of have a similar accent as him!

  64. The Exoplanets Channel

    Would love to see the explosion through my telescope!

  65. Leandro Pontes

    Sure is, we just have to wait a few tens to a hundred thousand years. RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. XD

  66. 1960's Clint Eastwood

    It’s my favorite star :(
    The worse thing is, it might have been dead around 650 years ago, and we’re still seeing it shine in the night sky.

  67. Fubar :

    I don’t want to lose Beatle Juice

  68. Ebon Collins

    Hey explain to the beautiful people something so easy.
    Like how did the shadow of the last eclipse move across the United States from west to East:? When the earth supposedly spins in that direction.
    Example; the sun is fixed.

  69. Dmenace

    ‘I done shot the Guise – lottsa times!’. I was a navigator’s assistant in the Aussie Navy, back in the ’70s/’80s. Sextants and paper charts, none of this GPS nonsense. Morning and evening stars every day.

  70. Lemmings gotta Go

    If 100 trillion lifespan equates to 100 year human , our universe is now equivalent to a 5 day old baby. Its very young

  71. Josh Elam

    What I heard…
    “We need to ban Supernovae for the sake of nocturnal animals.”
    Quick, PETA, get right on it. You could probably get AOC and Adam Schiffhead on board.

  72. Amachetay Cybo

    Theres many things we don t know of yet n 100% certain are larger stars we barely begun to explore our umvierse let alone multiverse

  73. MrRedeyedJedi

    I’ll be so happy if I get to see a star go super nova in my lifetime.

  74. Andrew900460

    Me at the beginning of this video: I hope it doesn’t explode soon.
    Me at the end of this video: damn I wish it explodes soon!


    Didn’t pay the electric bill probably.

  76. Chadason McGraw

    Why don’t we just send someone out there to check it out?
    (This is a joke)

  77. Garrett Van Cleef

    I just went out side to have a smoke. Looking at Orion. Betelgeuse can’t even be seen. This biotch is going supernova. Now.

  78. Red Griffin

    If it is , it already has, a long time ago!

  79. John Randle

    We must remember just how small amount of time compared to the life of the star we have been watching . We know almost Nothing about its cycle of its life. We are barely scratch the surface of knowledge and experience to understand.

  80. Amachetay Cybo

    Hope so maybe i should buy a telescope soon just in case

  81. Ojama Black

    It’s already exploded. We’re only seeing the light that has reached us.

  82. Danny Dazzler

    Yes it is, because I saw a stag beetle in my kitchen, I stood on it. It exploded a lot of beetlejuice.

  83. Canadien Dad

    “Hello wonderful person”
    Everybody “Hello!”

  84. Metanom Anon

    Since the light comes in waves, when a tsunami is coming the waves recede from the shore first. On the cosmic scale that may appear like dimming. Is it possible that it’s already gone supernova and the light just hasn’t reached us yet?

  85. Jesus Vieira

    When I look at betelgeuse I can clearly tell it is a lot dimmer

  86. yossarian1633

    Variable star. Never knew such a classification of star existed.

  87. Slasrath

    Betelgeuse has gone dimmer
    :meanwhile, in connecticut:

  88. Ian Mcluckie

    I found that very interesting wouldn’t it be great to travel there…

  89. ocean buoy

    I walked in at this point and thought Anton was about to be run over by a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. 2:02

  90. Dalis918

    He finally encountered a sandworm.
    also, our sun is a good boy.

  91. roidroid

    Beetle Juice would be a –good– name for deodorant.
    _”Put it on your pits.”_

  92. AA Sharp

    “About” in star time is quite a few lifetimes in human time.

  93. Leonard Tubbs

    “Lets wait and see what happens to Betelgeuse”
    2020… i’m waiting
    2120.. my great grand kids are old.. Betelgeuse is still dying
    2220…. Betelgeuse is still on life support
    2320…. News Flash “Betelgeuse is at its brightest… is it going supernova?”
    2420…. My family line has risen to rule the Earth
    2520… My family line has been extinguished
    2620… Newsflash “Betelgeuse has entered its lowest light phase… is it going supernova?”
    2720… Earth is no more as they destroyed themselves…. In other news.. Betelgeuse is doing just fine”

  94. David Kutzler

    Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Beautiful Corpse–Betelgeuse.

  95. fraginz

    “tens to a hundred thousand years”
    Brain: that’s not a really long time in galactic proportion. Cool.
    Also brain: Max. accepted human life span is 120 years, average globally about 72 years. *existential crisis at 25 years old*

  96. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    Short answer: Yes
    Sad answer: not in our life time 💥😥

  97. Harsh Raj Always free

    where were you when betelgeuse died ?
    I was at home eating moon flakes
    when phone ring
    “bettlejiuce is kil”

  98. Raptor302

    It was dying when mankind was still living in caves, it was dying before I was born, it will still be dying after I am long dead. Crazy.

  99. Jack John

    Imagine when it finally happens: “Betelgeuse has just exploded… 642 years ago”.

  100. David Bland

    If you say the stars name three times will that set it off.

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