Betelgeuse Is Acting Up Again – Unexpected Activity Detected!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new observations and theories on what’s been happening to Betelgeuse and the recent dimming that began again.
NASA announcement:
Light plots:

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  1. Borat Sagdiev

    I want it to explode🤤

  2. I used to be slim, back t

    1:20 comet moew-wise ?

  3. Killkor

    Nothing to see there…

    It’s just type III Civilization draining Betelgeuse for some power to make a galactic jump to Andromeda.

  4. Arctic Haze

    I still think that in the weeks before going Supernova, a star should get brighter, not dimmer. A contracting star heats up due to converting gravitational potential energy to heat.

  5. david fasterer

    2020….. Its Probably an alien armada blocking light from the star. Hiding in plain sight.

  6. Anna-Maria Trikka

    Just explode already ffs

  7. Dig Dug

    ♥️ u Anton

  8. eddiebrown192

    We need to start a betting pool on when betelguise goes off . I got Feb 6 , 3043 .

  9. Tim Haldane

    Alright…. who said his name three times? EDIT: dammit, Anton. It was you!!

  10. Tom

    Better MAN the gravity wave detector 24/7 😂

  11. Oscar Mike

    Another interesting video! Thanks… I love your videos!

  12. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another great video!

    So Betelgeuse is ejecting large amounts of material. Like stellar burps?

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  14. SlowedMood

    ” Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice ”

  15. Rob Thompson

    Don’t you mean, was’ acting up again, hell the star may of exploded already!
    And we won’t find out for years to come.

  16. Jin Jin

    Ahhhhhh,, run for your lives,, super nova is coming our way…

  17. peter

    4:15 Stereo Behind and Stereo Ahead sound cool. I heard something about recent stereoscopic images but didn’t think much about where they came from.

  18. Galactic Rangers

    Betelgeuse WAS Acting Up Again – Unexpected Activity Detected! ;)

  19. SpacialKatana

    Betelgeuse ! Betelgeuse ! Betelgeuse !

    Uh oh…

  20. BustedLip

    Life has been so great lately!!!

  21. FSDraconis

    Ahem! James Webb, we need you! October of 2021 can’t come soon enough.

  22. LuckyLucyHi

    Just want to point out that contact was lost with Stereo B a few years ago so it’s only Stereo A that has been observing Betelgeuse.

  23. frank lazarewicz

    Hey your really doing allot of work I don’t know how you do it But I hope you keep it up./Thanks

  24. NicoD

    It’s counting down before the bang. 3, 2, …

  25. Bálint Takács

    Fun fact: the dimming of Betelgeuse is a morse code from aliens

  26. Carlos Santillan

    I once saw Venus, from Mexico City around 4:00 PM I verified It was Venus towards sunset.

  27. Euclides Zoto

    Remember those gravity waves that were detected from that direction.

  28. Robert Defusco

    Lie to us and say yes it’s going to go super Nova give us something to hope for also say aliens are real loosen up lol but as always great video 👍

  29. Vilius Grigolius

    Any anime fans here? For a second I tought this was a re:zero video

  30. RealityDeviant

    Betelgeuse feels lonely, it’s acting up for attention. We love you wonderful Betelgeuse, give us a beautiful supernova in our lifetime

  31. lordlycius

    Makes me laugh that they jumped to conclusions about it being fine (and that its only a phase (thats now over) and yet it still messes with their hasty proclamations… lol

  32. Mark Burch

    Part of me wants to witness it go supernova….the other part of me realizes that there could be civilizations within the destruction zone.

  33. Jonemnemonic just johnny

    Dude no you said his name 3 times SMH 🙁JK 🤣 👍

  34. Victoria Williams

    Hello Anton! Thank-you for your videos and your happy smile! You’re wonderful as well!😎

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  37. BIG BOSS

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  38. Kyle Kissack

    The star already went Nova.. we are seeing what happened over 1000 years ago

  39. Laurin Spiecker

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  40. Alpha Orionis 911

    It’s Showtime!

  41. Daniel

    come on 2020 give us the supernova – we deserve it

  42. I used to be slim, back t

    betelgeuse [gasps and smh]: anton, anton, anton …. [instantly explodes]

  43. Ricky Singleton

    Thanks for the update. I can always count on you for interesting information.

  44. Daniel Salami

    0:00 Beetlejuice has been said three times


  45. J.M Barlow

    Hubble images are so amazing to look at

  46. Podkova

    It’s like some cheesy sitcom… will they, won’t they?! Just blow up already Betelgeuse!

  47. Misterscout

    When we talk about events like this, can we put into perspective the time frame when it has actually started? Would add a different perspective and help new interests to understand observations.

  48. gprivat812_my_selection

    Why not consider the idea of a “micro nova”, eventually triggered by the expected galactic wave (being exposed to by crossing the galactic equator). First indications of the arriving of this wave could be the massive loss of atmosphere on Pluto and the bright hexagon that recently appeared at Saturns pole. And there are more unexpected changes in our solar system.

  49. Silas Dense

    Betelgeuse one of my many favorites.
    Thank you for the update Anton.

  50. DerWunderbar

    I got my “Wonderful Person” Shirt today… It’s Awesome!

  51. stevierv22

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    When do we want it?

  52. Skryf

    I read this as bazelgeuse is acting up again and I was very confused as to why you were making a monster hunter video

  53. Benjamin McCann

    I almost thought you weren’t gonna call me a wonderful person when you started shouting about betelgeuse.

  54. JTuaim

    My belly did the same thing when I drank a glass of beatle juice.

  55. QuantumX YT

    “Its acting up again” nice

  56. Carl DiFrancesco

    You better watch out buddy!!!
    NEVER say that 3x’s!!!🤦‍♂️🤫

  57. WarGamer2099

    You mean Betelgeuse was being weird about 300 years ago 😏

  58. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Omg, could he be any more adorable…beginning this with saying it 3 times! Love this guy.

  59. Raccoon Resident

    When we see birds flying strait up and singing so long and thanks for all the fish!

  60. Steve Withers

    Whatever ‘is’ happening on Betelgeuse, it happened 700 years ago. :-)

  61. C-S featured

    Now the community is acting together to jinx this amazing event from ever happening.

  62. Special EDy

    I can’t subscribe 😭 I already subscribed years ago😀

  63. ᴀʀᴍᴀɴɴ

    If it does supernova it’s going to be a pretty colorful distant cloud day and night. I don’t think it’s close enough to kill us with the radiation or the nova shockwave.

  64. MrSpankMan

    Every 420 days

  65. Joey BoX0RoX

    GREAT JOB ANTON! Thank you for the update. I believe that something big is about to happen.

  66. Drej 101

    You said it 3 times! Never say it 3 times!

  67. James Aron

    Wonderful pre-supernova manifestations.
    Let’s face it, it’s EOL for this big dude.

  68. Chatsworth1979

    Ah, some news about everybody’s fav red giant star, now THAT’S a vid I can like! Thanks. : – )

  69. John Marksman

    If it goes off this year it actually went supernova in 1378

  70. Terrance Roff

    On the other hand, if it does go boom.. we’d likely learn a very very great deal about how stars work.

  71. Ralph Stewart

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  72. Strigos Andreas

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    wæs þu hæl

  73. Chris_Wooden_Eye

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    Betelgeuse has to stop teasing us and finally decide to blow up !

  74. Duane Glower

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  75. Rancid Killjoy

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    Michael Keaton somewhere off in the distance: “It’s showtime.”

  76. The Memes of Destruction

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  77. Lestat Angel

    Maybe we finally pissed the aliens off enough….

  78. الأسود العنسي

    Hopefully it goes supernova in our lifetimes, that would be spectacular.

  79. The Kota

    Something acting strange in space?
    Obviously just a dust cloud.

  80. christosvoskresye

    6:50 I think you meant to say, how sometimes you can see Venus in the DAYTIME sky. I saw Venus just after solar noon once, when it was VERY bright in the morning sky and halfway between the sun and moon, so I know where to look for it later, and (finally) when there were basically no clouds and even no meaningful humidity.

  81. Twilight Princess

    I laughed out loud at the title haha

  82. Doc Holiday

    Anton is the best! Love his videos!!

    I predict that Betelgeuse will appear as a supernova in less than 10 years.

    Just a gut feeling. From an autistic savant.

  83. Sedated By life

    I’m waiting for aliens to land and Skynet to come online and the planet be taken over by T800’s. At this point, those are the only things that would surprise me in 2020

  84. Daniel Moolman

    “2020 cannot get any worse!”
    NGL it would be absolutely epic.

  85. Plantlover Jay

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  87. Rust in Peace

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  88. david schneide

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  89. The Keeper

    Soooo, it basically made the stellar equivalent of a massive Taco-bell “emission”..?

  90. Tank Dempsey

    Maybe something cool will happen in 2020 for once :O

  91. Andreas

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  92. Pyxis

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    Anton: Hello wonderful person.

    Beetlejuice: Wut?

  93. The Platinum Tugboat

    So essentially what you’re saying is, Betelgeuse “lights up” every 420 days?

  94. Greg Gonzales

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  97. Brolanna

    Betelgeuse has always fascinated me ever since I first learned about it as a kid 😍 well all the stars have but Betelgeuse was special to me cause that was one of the first giant type star explained to me at the time and it blew my little mind lol. I was lucky to have very enthusiastic astronomy teachers throughout my school life.

  98. E̷n̸u̵o̵ A̴k̶a̴t̵s̵u̵k̶i̴

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