Betelgeuse Final Update: Here Is What The Star Is Doing Now

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the last major update on the star known as Betelgeuse.
Let’s find our what it’s been up to since early February.

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  1. Gambit 13

    So you’re saying it was definitely aliens!

  2. Deborah Allen

    I drive to a very dark place in the mountains of Montana and I have seen this!! Never knew what it was!

  3. sail027li

    Thank you, Anton!

  4. ツMichael


  5. Joshua mowdy


    Thank you. I am a wonderful person.
    Because im good enough.
    Im smart enough…
    And DOGONIT,
    People like me,

    Daily affirmations
    With Anton Petrof

    Good luck.

  6. reculture

    Одличан садржај Антоне! Све похвале!

  7. batman

    Just a quick note all this happened 642 years ago :)

  8. Sparky Vee

    Can ya imagine what the sky clarity was in Ancient Times, hmm

  9. TheCatherineCC

    Final update for Betelgeuse, more videos about SN2020something coming soon ;)

  10. Jerry Abram

    everything they see today happened over 300 years ago if it blew up yesterday we woundnt know it for 300 years

  11. Hockeyteeth

    Look, we even shop at the same store!

  12. Raymond Eldridge

    But is what we’re seeing happening a few million years ago

  13. SPECTORMAN1973

    Anton Petrov baby, could you please stop saying “this is happening right now” and be correct and say ” this is what is happening 645 years ago”.

  14. VeggyZ

    Finally, someone who talks about interesting space stuff I don’t hear much about elsewhere – thanks Anton, keep up the good videos man. Very much appreciated by us space addicts ;)


    I always notice your vids when I’m surfing YouTube.
    Sorta my go-to guy on space happenings.

  16. Alex George

    It was in lock down mate, feeling sad and gloomy and it went dim for a while :P

  17. John Suarilla

    Dust cloud, or spore cloud?
    Tyranid, orcs, zerg, flood?

  18. Raymond Jones

    Cool! Thanks Anton!….I appreciate it 😊😊

  19. Michael Deadman

    Man im still gutted it didn’t blow, that would have been awesome!

  20. Peter Moygannon

    I’m still confused to if it explodes now .was that explosion 10 years ago or more.

  21. christy estep

    Thank you, I enjoy each of your shows

  22. Digamas

    Thanks for the update, everyone is talking about this giant mega star lately, but I guess hoping it would explode

  23. Jeremy Cole

    Can we get some good news this year?! I wanted to see a supernova!

  24. Dan Casey

    Betelgeuse doing its own V shaped recovery, must of had a virus!

  25. Tiago Pesce

    “Our vast mighty armada covers a third of the visible light of our sun” the tiny people Empire
    “Just dust” humans

  26. General Technology

    Thank goodness, I thought the Orion constellation was ruined!

  27. Mad G

    I like how we named the star the devil(one of the many names).

  28. John Irby

    and all this time, I thought it was city lights over the horizon.

  29. Cancel19

    Ahhh Man! I wanted one helluva supernova!!!

  30. Andrew Dupuis

    I been hearing about Betelgeuse for meany years

  31. Xaddre

    Dyson sphere? Nope dust cloud
    Alien life found? Nope dust cloud
    Alien space craft? Nope dust cloud
    Betelgeuse going super nova? Nope dust cloud

  32. NIBS

    Thank you for the update…after the original stories, I wasn’t hearing much on Betelgeuse. It is nice to know what is actually happening.

  33. SatsumaWorld

    I’ve viewed it every evening past few weeks when I take the doggo out. Such a beautiful red star in our sky. Didn’t even notice it was dimming :D

  34. paradigm respawn

    Thank Heavens there are still Mysteries to Discover!!! Go Anton!!!

  35. Dr Gunsmith

    That gas cloud came from me ex, she gets about a lot 😂


    Good morning Anton 🌹 Thanks for your lessons, very well done my friend

  37. Martyn Notman

    Dont be saying Beetlejuice three times Anton!!

  38. joetca

    The star got brighter because the alien ships were done refueling from it on their trips 🤷‍♂️

  39. Todd Tornow

    “Do you remember Betelgeuse?” Nope!

  40. Ben

    If stellar lifting was done on one of theses 10 million year life stars how long could the life of the star be extended?

  41. NDS

    Thanks for the update, Anton. Believe it or not I’ve actually been wondering how Betelgeuse was doing, despite all the craziness going on in the world lately.

  42. Peter Ruby

    Knowing it started dimming towards the end of 2019 and expecting to gain back its brightness by the end of May, one would almost wish it was some sort of “sign” from heavens, relating to COVID-19. 😁💥

  43. Ken Kuzminski

    That graph looks like the potential COVID 19 cases after restrictions are relaxed. But at least it is a smiley face

  44. Max Pheby

    “Its a mass of pure energy Jim”

  45. RelentlessRacing

    Correct me if I’m wrong but what ever is happening “now” has actually already happened….a long time ago…

  46. The Keeper

    Aww man, I was hoping that it would go boom.
    Damnit man, all I want is to see a supernova with my naked eye just once in my lifetime.

  47. Top Flight Digital Media

    Hey bud, it sounds like you’re coming down with something. You should get that checked out.
    – A Wonderful Person

  48. Steve Sloan

    Probably the same thing That’s effecting our sun. “The Thing”

    Less energy 🐇🇦🇺🥚

  49. Steven Leslie

    This just in, Betelgeuse just went supernova 645 years ago! Uh, wait…

  50. Rick Bretado

    Betelgeuse came down with a case of coronavirus but is recovering now. Thanks for the update.

  51. Marcio Santos

    “Betelgeuse Final Update: Here Is What The Star Is Doing Now”
    “Betelgeuse Final Update: Here Is What The Star did 642 years ago”

  52. thzzzt

    I’m assuming “now” in the title means 642 years ago.

  53. Desmond Ellis

    I don’t want Betelgeuse to go supernova in my lifetime. The Orion constellation would be ruined!

  54. Silver snow

    So by final update, does that mean no more updates until anything major happens to Betelgeuse?

  55. Susan Doerr

    the solar system has dust bunnies

  56. Ken Kuzminski

    Oh NO! Don’t say it is final. It is one of my favourite stars out there.

  57. Squilliam

    Betelgeuse: “You’re turning your back on me Anton?😔”

  58. Gordon Chin

    10:01 club reporting in.

  59. Porsal

    “It didn’t explode.”

    *Oh BoI wAiT fOr MaY!*

  60. Denise11Schultz

    It makes me laugh 😂 that you said ‘final update’ as if something of astronomical age has human-scale timing. It is good that you place tiny humans in context with giant universe, it is a relief. I just can’t possibly take things so seriously then. 😂🔭🐿✅

  61. Keef Junior

    Makes me wonder what would happen if our system traveled through a huge field of hydrogen.

  62. 손영훈

    And UY Scuti: I’m smaller than betelgeuse now
    Betelgeuse: lol hahaha

  63. Danny Trent

    That graph giving us quite the smiley- face: everything nice and shiny!

  64. Antonio Basiligate

    Every time Anton says ‘Hello, wonderful person!’ I turn around and look behind me.

  65. thirdeyeshine

    This channel is one of my top favorite on all of youtube, tied with Joe Scott’s channel.

    Super legit, keep it up!

  66. Martyn Notman

    Your videos are actually the highlight of my extremely boring days Anton. Thank you very much 😊

  67. Veronica Voehl

    ” Shredded Asteroids ” would be a good name for a metal band 🤘

  68. Craig Nickerson

    “What The Star Is Doing Now” is actually what it WAS doing 640 years ago.

  69. Cha Kra

    People of Earth: “Betelgeuse is about to explode and is changing shape!!!!”

    Betelgeuse: *Passes gas* 😁

  70. usy 09

    I want future Anton upload: *Never Mind, it’s Gonna Explode After All!*

  71. Daniel Prendergast

    no one:

  72. Alex Ritchie

    Earth: What’s happening to Betelgeuse!?

    Betelgeuse: *BURP*

  73. Ronald Fontana

    How awesome is it that we can actually tell the temperature of something 700 light years away?

  74. Jim Glass

    Well, that’s less ominous than, “Earth final update.”

  75. matyourin

    If it was dust, couldnt we find out what it consisted of by analyzing what part of the stars spectrum Was blocked out?

  76. soothsayer11

    Layman question: How does such a massive cloud crosses in front of such a massive star in just 4 months? It would have to be travelling at about 500000 km/h relative to Betelgeuse, right?

  77. White Castle

    Here Is What The Star Is Doing Now: “…we will never know”!

  78. Kris Cadwell

    Now I’m just waiting for the conspiracy types to claim that Betelgeuse was the cause of covid.

  79. Jeffrey Smith

    just started the vid… give me some good news, beautiful person. This is the one thing I want to see before I die.

  80. Hard R

    you sound like you have a bit of a cold again, how are you feeling?

  81. Anthony Mcdonald

    I bet Zaphod Beeblebrox has something to do with it !

  82. SentinelGhost

    I was looking forward to seeing it go supernova.
    Hopefully we will get to see it pop in our lifetime. That would be amazing to witness

  83. Hilmar Zonneveld

    Zodiacal light: I saw that fairly often, in my youth – when living in a region without much atmospheric contamination. It can easily be confused with the light of dawn and dusk – but there is this pyramid, which is usually inclined, more or less in the direction of the Ecliptic. That’s a dead giveaway.

  84. James Knauer

    This all happened during The Renaissance. We’re just getting the news about it now.

  85. drew pedersen

    “It’s SHOWTIME!”

    (I know, wrong spelling)

  86. Thomas Chrombly

    I would like updates on changes in Betelgeuse in regular 10,000 year intervals.

  87. Ovi Haliuc

    I love this YouTube channel. So glad Anton is a thing during my lifetime.

  88. MC's Creations

    I totally understand, Betelgeuse… I’m allergic to dust as well. 😬

  89. jbelme1

    I was very upset about the dimming if Betelgeuse. It’s one of my favorite stars. I was very happy to see it brighten. It was every bit as dim as Bellatrix.

  90. Jason W

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
    Go ahead, make my millennium.

  91. Jibo Da Grey

    according to the law of perpetual irony, betelgeuse will go supernova very soon just because the title of this video exists.

  92. Curious Madcat

    Me just randomly coming across this: FINAL UPDATE?!
    Betelgeuse: It’s showtime!

  93. Matt McGale

    I’ve been following Betelgeuse on Twitter for a while and wondering how bright it would get before someone would give an update. 95% its usual brightness; Anton first to update. Excellent.

  94. Tamha

    Anton you are an assembly line of science. Where do you find these superpowers to make videos at such pace? Dear lord

  95. Dana Herron

    perhaps another anton far in the future will give us an update on Betelgeuse.

  96. Shane Rooney

    “final update”
    That sounds ominous.

  97. jgwinnel

    Shouldn’t it read: Betelgeuse Final Update: Here is What The Star Did 645 Years Ago

  98. decentradical

    Not gonna lie. I expected a count-down timer after the update.

  99. A Quarius

    scientist 1: “it is going to explode”
    Scientist 2: “quick tip. Clear the lens”

  100. Anton Petrov

    Ok, it’s true, maybe this is not the FINAL update, but it is for now at least. We’ll probably talk about other supernovae later as well oh and here is a similar video that discusses a potentially next supernova that you MIGHT be able to see one day:

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