Bacteria Survived Outer Space For Years Suggesting Panspermia

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the conclusion to the incredible experiment by the Japanese scientists on top of International Space Station that provides a lot of evidence for the idea of panspermia – transfer of life across space.

  1. danny obrian

    Picture a tiny bacteria playing xylophone on your DNA haha

  2. ran stid

    Panspermia is the only concept that makes sense. Almost inescapable to conclude life has moved around.

  3. Cory Miller

    STS-75 is evidence of “space life”.

  4. Christopher Jacobson

    Love you Anton! Thank you for being awesome!

    Edit: DANGIT. Second. Next time :-)

  5. Frédéric Nault

    If we can confirm life on Venus, It’s to wonder how legitimate would the theory that intelligent life messed up Venus to it’s current state…
    If Venus was like habitable Earth for over 3 billion years, even Earth was a hellscape for multiple billion years, I wonder if Venus didn’t bring life to Earth…

  6. Bastiaan Zoetaert

    @Anton, the ancient Greek came up with it first

  7. Dragonfire

    Alternative ways of communicating with alien civilizations using modern physics knowledge – that would be nice vid to make if possible (or how to discover them etc)

  8. OmegaProxy

    Every time a scientist has tried to say life couldn’t possibly exist or survive in a particular area or environment they’ve been wrong, without fail.

  9. MrTryAnotherOne

    ROFL We should check our own DNA for hidden messages.

  10. Richard Sleep

    Thanks Anton.

  11. Lorax Dave Walters

    By the end of 2025, I predict AI software will discover a minimum DNA requirement to sustain basic life forms with explanations why patterns outside a certain range is not life. This is on the premisses that viruses and building block DNA segments are not life. A chemical and electromagnetic process of creating DNA in the cosmos may be discovered, or may be outside our perception for longer than this comment will be saved on any server anywhere.

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  13. Iancu Ramon

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  14. Family Dog

    Another amazing topic that I am very passionate about !
    P.S. when I was at school and early University I thought panspermia was a nonsense, some mambo- jumbo similar to ancient very advanced civilizations who were on Earth before us or army hiding aliens on zone 47 (or whatever number) and other nonsense stuff.

    After I learned how early life begins on our planet and that life can survive for long time in space it completely changed my thoughts on it.

  15. simon courtney looms

    Storing info In DNA now that’s SIFi come true !

  16. Josh MacIntyre

    You literally had 1000 or close to new subscribers in a day Anton I was just lookin at it yesterday n u had 599k good for u brother 🤩

  17. Jussainwuturthinkn

    I try my best to like 👍 all your videos but it’s hard to keep up.

  18. FHM Consulting

    Just imagine, you have just found ‘life’ on Mars and you look at its DNA and it looks very similar to Covid…

  19. Jaskooner Singh

    Why has the bacteria on earth evolved such amazing radiation shielding?

  20. Dalton Power

    Comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  21. Experiencing A Significan

    The origin of life on Earth is not a mystery…

  22. Condom Hater

    U call it “colony” we call it “gang”

  23. PropRotor Nut

    Great video Anton. What did those bacteria eat to survive while they were on the outside of the ISS?

  24. hillary clinton

    Was this bacteria ever directly in sunlight? Curiousnof the effect of UV light on it

  25. Mister Hand

    There’s dark matter in my underwear.

  26. E T

    Panspermia, phosphine on Venus, extremophile archaebacteria on Earth, coincidental overlap of related news?

  27. Doug van der Hoop

    I really learn a lot here and always appreciate the time it took to put the video on youtube. This is definitely one of my favorite channels. From Granite Colorado, thanks for feeding my brain. !:- )

  28. doop00

    That’s very interesting and honestly good news.

  29. Mr. Rodrick

    Self-repairing DNA? Couldn’t we use this to basically cure cancer once and for all?

  30. SDaniel

    All life came from out of space at some point Anton!

  31. RuneRelic

    The other aspect of this no doubt, is with potential gene therapy and the dangers of radiation with space travel and colonisation.
    A proper robust self repair mechanism, rather than just immunology, would be essential.

  32. Fred Glaeser

    the best spin on the Ancient Alien theory yet.

  33. jp12x

    Thank you, wonderful person!

  34. ZebraUp

    Wow! It repairs it’s own DNA ?!? That means the process it uses is the Key to Immortality!! (or at least longevity)

  35. Declan 6914

    Extra terrestrial planet somewhere: “Our head scientist said there’s some kind of song encoded into this space bacteria we found, let’s play it” 🎶Hello ET – we’ve come to de-ci-mate your bio-sphere🎶 we’ll have you-all dead inna jiffy 🎶.

  36. Gaemlin Sidoharthi

    If those bacteria ever evolve into something that hurts us, we will have no way to stop them.

  37. timkbir chico

    If the chemistry is right on any planet that interacts with meteorites containing basic organic compounds life will appear.

  38. Yes

    Already 600k holy moly anton, grown so much

  39. redmeat4vegans

    It must not have been your channel (or I think you would have mentioned it) but I recently heard that numerous types of amimo acids were found in space and actually needed the lack of gravity to form. This was not from organic sources. But just like we believe water came to earth from comets, there was some speculation that these amino acids also came to earth and were needed for life to form here.

    I see that as implying that there might not be anything unique about earth for life to form. And that gives me hope that life is more plentiful throughout our universe than the fermi paradox might imply. Of course, the fermi paradox does not really make any implications about life – just highly intelligent life. (if we are ‘intelligent’ – see the current political stupidity, the destruction of our living space, and many internet comments :D)

    But then there is Anton – and maybe there is intelligent life on earth after all.

  40. 10dogs2cats1donkey

    It’s almost impossible but that all sounds a bit rude.

  41. 2nd_place

    Maybe COVID-19 came from Oumuamua, lol. It sprayed the solar system to control the pests.

  42. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!
    Fantastic video, Anton! Thanks a lot!
    Stay safe there! 🖖😊

  43. Hoganply

    Love your channel so much. You communicate science news so comfortingly and earnestly.

  44. Berserk Berserk

    if scientists have encoded music in bacteria’s dna, then i want know how my dna sounds like !!!!

  45. jonepomuk

    I wonder if there are any hypotheses about how these bacteria would actually get into space and how they could survive entry into the atmosphere? Thanks.

  46. EqualLandRichPeople

    Didn’t they find bacteria growing on the space station.

  47. Bruce H.

    We’ve seen the movie. Leave the space critters in space.

  48. Aaron B

    My gosh Anton I never heard of the experiment about the coding a song into DNA and then retrieving it. That’s fantastic.

  49. mad at

    Hello, you are also a wonderful person! Thank you for all your hard work.

  50. What's Next?

    No one’s ever heard of BIOMEX i see, how sad…

  51. Dana Holm

    All life in this galaxy came from Arisian spores as reported by E.E. “Doc” Smith in the Lensman series of books.

  52. lexpee

    Anton i like your sort interesting video’s.

  53. neptune the blue giant

    Whos here bcze of his soft voice?
    I listen, but he has a very soft voice. I like it.

  54. David Fierce

    I hardy ever comment, but I just wanted to say I love your vids brother… keep ’em coming.

  55. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    Life did not start on Earth, it falls from space to Earth everyday.

  56. Oliver Hancock

    What confuses me with this theory is this: how could the bacteria survive entering the atmosphere on an asteroid, and furthermore, how could it survive impact? I’m not saying it’s impossible, I just want to understand where our hypotheses about that are at the moment.

  57. sexkrazedpanda

    I bet the chernobyl radiation eating fungus can also survive in space.

  58. ]Lord-Anubis[

    Of course Tardigrades can live in space, this was proven with the spore drive.

  59. MIKAL

    I love when you wave and your hand disappears from the side of the green screen.

  60. I'm not a troll, I'm seri

    I’d laugh my ass off if dark matter is a radiation consuming type of bacteria

  61. What's Next?

    Thanks for the video Anton, but…
    Why is this so surprising?
    The BIOMEX (BIOlogy and Mars EXperiment) preformed by the ESA and RSA in 2014 already confirmed this. This seems like a repeat, am I missing something? 😜

  62. AtomicDoorknob

    ooo i’ve been waiting to hear the final results of this experiment

  63. MillenniumActress

    I didn’t know we could store things as DNA! Now that’s interesting.

  64. Docta Osiris

    Oh I’ve seen *_this_* movie before! 🤣 ♥
    So, we’ve basically found the bacterial form of a Xenomorph, you tell me how this movie ends! 🤣 ♥

  65. Jens Boettiger

    We need to figure out how to move tgis trait into human cells. Permanent solution to all cancers

  66. Squirrel ASMR

    I was under the impression that panspermia involved sperm flying around in space… 🤤

  67. 2nd_place

    I think life may be one of the most abundant things in the universe and we’ve been walled off.

  68. ironhead2008

    8:55 Anyone remember the S7 Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “The Chase”? Sounds a helluva lot like what those scientists did.

  69. Umbrae Legios

    ” There are those who believe that life here began out there… ” Battlestar Galactica opening monologue.

  70. Weirdough

    Note to self: “May have” and “proved” in one sentence equals nothing but click bait. And stop being so stupid. *Don’t forget to do the dishes*.

  71. D

    A true gentleman and scholar, another great video!

  72. Demir Cruz

    They should do this type of tests with Fungi and Parasites.

  73. Shahol Playz

    The Universe: *Exist
    Anton: I’m about to *Explain* this man’s whole career.

    Love you man. I wish u were my school teacher lol.

  74. Iudex

    Nice now we’re gonna get intergalactic viruses

  75. Fausto Levantesi

    Wasn’t the Tampopo mission supposed to collect cosmic dust and analyze it after recovery?
    No results?

  76. Max Power

    Panspermia huh? Or as we intellectuals call it: the Big N U T

  77. Denbub

    Always great education and vids, thanks Anton 😀

  78. Big Chungus

    3 years is hardly thousands or millions of years that life would have to survive to get to other planets.

  79. Deinococcus radiodurans

    The first time I learned about this bacterium the scientists were calling it “Conan The Bacterium”.

  80. West Olajuwon

    Did I just hear “they stored a song and recover it generations later” how were they able to extract a song out of dna ? Anton Petrov

  81. Osmosis Jones

    There’s less phosphorus in nebulas then expect. That was considered evidence against lots of life in space . but could this actually evidence for life in space. What happening to much of phosphorus. Is something consuming it

  82. Greg Walters

    Luv u Anton ❤️

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    Love you Anton! You inspired my sci-fi/futurist channel!!

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    Thanks Anton.

  85. Baleur

    Aliens: _”Omg guys look, those Earthlings dont even know where they came from themselves! LULZ”_

  86. John Smythe

    I can imagine entire galaxies empty of life, and galaxies rich with the signatures of organic chemicals and having plenty of life bearing planets.

  87. everton zp

    Radiation proof bacteria meets the outer space: “So chill and cozy. Thanks for bring me here”.

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    Anton congratulations on 600k your channel deserves a million plus, thank you are a wonderful person.. space out!! 👍💯

  89. Pepe Brando

    reminder cars is still floating somewhere inside the solar system.

  90. MrReadandlearn

    It’s likely the Earth has contributed to extra terrestrial life from ejecta of it’s many impacts.

  91. Mugwump

    So… does this little Radiodurans guy produce phosphine, by any chance?

  92. C-S featured

    Venus is becoming an increasingly likely evidence of panspermia , regardless of direction. If so, if it does have life, it should be very similar to ours; or not, or somewhere far away too, something so different, yet intelligent, may exist and yet we don’t even perceive them as alive.

  93. Filiolus

    Just… Wow! The possibilities and explanations from this seems amazing.

    And grats on 600k subs!

  94. Thamer Eramya

    It’s good to know that there is a possibility that we are not alone in the universe as a whole.

  95. David Datura

    The concept of storing data inside bacteria reminds me of Arthur C. Clarke’s & Gentry Lee’s Rama trilogy of Sci-Fi novels from the late 80s through the early 90s (and based on Clarke’s classic original novel from 1973) where one of the Alien species whole computation and data storage systems, as well as much of their civilization’s technology in general, were biological based.

  96. NightBazaar

    Regarding panspermia in the form of bacteria, it’s commonly suggested such life on Earth may have originated from Mars or Venus, etc. Seems to me it could be just as likely, if we find bacterial life forms on Mars, that it could have originated from Earth. In the history of the Earth, there have been asteroid impacts strong enough to lob rocks into space that could potentially have traveled to Mars or Venus, etc. The ALH 84001 meteorite is thought to have blasted off Mars some 16 million years ago. That’s a long time traveling through space. The Chicxulub asteroid most likely launched material into space, not to mention the Late Heavy Bombardment, which is about the time the first signs of life likely appeared on Earth some 4 billion years ago.

    Another thing to note, that although extremophile bacteria may have survived the harshness of space for three years, some asteroids have been floating around for perhaps hundreds of millions of years. It’s kind of hard to feel a potential sense of satisfaction that three-year old bacteria or viruses is major proof of panspermia. That’s impressive, but finding living extremophile bacteria in asteroids that are hundreds of millions or billions of years old would be a lot more significant as proof.

    Finally, we can’t be sure panspermia, as bacterial organisms, were necessary to spread life around the solar system, or anywhere else. It’s more likely that non-living organic compounds, which appear to be pretty common, is enough to do the trick, which I think was mentioned as another form of panspermia. That would get my vote.

  97. Petrusdude

    Imagine researching long forgotten DNA, only to find it contains a rickroll.

  98. Premed1981

    anyone watching Anton before going to sleep?

  99. Physics Videos by Eugene

    This means that life only has to originate once, and then it can spread throughout the universe, with evolution taking a different path on each planet that the life encounters.

  100. Ruan Venter

    Truly a man that commits himself to science. i am jealous of his drive. but happy to be a part of nonetheless!! keep it up mate

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