At Least One Major Extinction Was Caused by a Supernova Event

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery that suggests at least one major extinction event millions of years ago happened because of a series of nearby supernovae.


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  1. Lenny Kazlauskas

    Supernova? Ok. But could our own star (Sol) erupt a ‘micronova” that would affect Earth the same way? Can it be said for certain that the sun cannot produce the same conditions on Earth (UVB radiation) to destroy plankton, ect.?

  2. Aaron B

    They are beautiful though. (from a distance) :-0

  3. Danny Mckenzie

    Hes beetle, hes as bad as can and he knows hes a man,

  4. Bryan de Paepe

    The growing pandemic of stupidity around the world is becoming a possible extinction level event.

  5. OlSkunGun PS4

    You look like a holly man in this video front cover picture Anton

  6. Lead Pill

    What’s next…. governments coming up with a supernova tax, or some other galactic ” the world is ending tax”????

  7. Matthew Davidson

    Some of my gas caused an extinction event.

  8. Xentrifics

    Is this also causing venus to lost its atmosphere

  9. Book_ Davies

    Science and Astronomy News
    Wonderful Universe
    Anton’s Cosmic Updates
    Crazy Cosmos
    The Parsec Times
    Mr. Petrov’s Neighborhood

  10. Hexa Decimal

    Very interesting information of the solar systems galactic rotation. So its out of sync with the arms of the galaxy? Just xan not trust that dark matter;)

  11. Osmosis Jones

    Instead of righting everything off as pareidolia . maybe actually examine some of those potential fossils from worms to bones

  12. Jedi Minion

    We’ll be at least a Kardashev Type 2 civilization by then and a system protecting deflector shield will be a piece of cake.

  13. Steve D

    Better watch out Anton, you may end up on the other side of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis from your previous stance. And I would say, welcome aboard. This was an excellent video!

  14. agentro

    great content as always Anton! may I recommend something, since most background videos you deal with are dark, would you try to make your face lighting a bit darker also, and add a little contrast to it? :)

  15. Ekaterina McGuire

    Really interesting – thanks Anton.

  16. Dallas Johnson

    Hey Anton hope you’re having a great day! So you got a new studio, you should change the name of channel to, wat the space! Lol jk but would be cool name with new studio. Have a great day and you are wonderful to Anton!

  17. Fern Bedek

    Anton teasing a star…

  18. Ken Steffens

    Anton, are you aware of the research of the diehold foundation. The theory is same as what you said only you don’t have to find multiple supernovae. Just one micro nova of our own sun explains all of the evidence. There is a mountain of geological evidence, biological evidence and mathematical evidence as well. I’m sure you know this, but if not, check it out. It’s facinating.

  19. DentArthurDent

    Earth: Hello Universe!
    Universe: SUPERNOVA!!!
    Earth: Ok, byeeeee!

  20. Aaron B

    06:55 That’s creepy looking.

  21. Memphis

    I bet It was the same nova we’re currently inside of

  22. Solvent Biocide

    There are sheets of gas that are spaced 12,000 years apart coming out of our sun. Every 12,000 years our son micronovas. It’s been proven by a trip to the moon as well as other things. We’re due for another one in about 40 years.

  23. Stephen Harrison

    You seem to suggest that we don’t move through the universe with the arm of our galaxy, surely we aren’t separate from the rest of the arm?

  24. Frank Beeler

    OH. MY. GOD. Climate change is going to happen in 100 million years. Everyone panic.


    🤦‍♂️ eyes open, be safe, no fear.

  26. Muah Muah

    damn i thought i was the first….. i just get notification and came right away but alast

  27. D4eaming

    Did I hear that right, the “simulation” he did using Universe Sandbox 2, he made a supernova 1ly away and it took only 2 weeks for it to roast the planet? o_o That’s horrifying. I had heard about potential supernova related extinctions, or plant-based eco damage, but it’s been a good long while since I last looked into it. My scariest nightmare of space induced death is either another star passing incredibly close, where you can do nothing but sit and watch the world end, or a GRB which you’d never see coming til it was already here and burned half the planet. Fun! I guess a local supernova could be an interesting way to go out, too.

  28. Robert Trotter

    Thank you Anton for the post as always. This is one of the few actual news channels on this platform and I wish I had the resources to donate on a reg. Basis, Im hoping your channel will be around long enough that I can order a ‘wonderful person’ shirt :)…
    So hopefully you will find the answer your looking for Anton.
    All blessings

  29. Jari

    Could this be a proof that the sun had a bigger companion and the sun were ejected from that system ?

  30. MacCrusher xxx

    Our own sun micro-novas regularly, one is incoming as the galactic sheet overtakes our solar system. Connect the dots.

  31. Geoff Hill

    Anton is the best YouTuber for science. They should use his videos for classroom instruction

  32. Cameron Sams

    We discovered a wall of fire on the edge of our solar system so that explains why

  33. Balázs Adorjáni

    When Betelgeuse finally goes big badaboom, we should rename it Beteljuice

  34. Silas Dense

    Thank you Anton.
    More fascinating information.

  35. MoneyT20 10

    Hey anton. Keep up the great work

  36. Mr. Garber

    I am really bummed out to hear that we are going through an arm so soon. I won’t sleep well at all tonight. Next time, save the bad news, so I can enjoy my nights.

  37. Ares Aurelian

    Super nova heat volumes may be required to keep Earth from going into ice age.

    When a nova goes off close to Earth, everything with eyes will eventually go blind because of the intense radiation. If you are small enough to hide in burrows, you might survive. Anything else will suffer skin cancer and blindness.

  38. Bruce H.

    Great presentation Anton, thank you.

  39. Zethical YT

    God:*creates humans*
    Humans:*become karens*

  40. Mindiac

    our purpose in life is to enjoy every second of it TOGETHER.
    but were currently destroying ourselves for capitalism

  41. M

    Wouldn’t there still be remnants of the supernova in space that we could find? Asteroid belts, broken planets, etc?

  42. Terrance Roff

    SO previous ‘show speculated that our solar system is passing through remnants of one or more supernova… so how old are those supernova? Seems like those would be the most likely culprits..

  43. Alfred Sutton

    Thanks Anton – a timely and important report. Hope the next one doesn’t happen soon.

  44. JustTheFactsMa'am

    Inquiring minds want to know the effects of a super nova on Uranus.

  45. Tiemen Jorna

    Anton your videos are some of the best I have come across in a long time, keep it up! As an astronomy student I love learning more and more about the stuff I love from you :)

  46. Christopher Lopez

    Glad I hopped back on! MORE ANTON!

  47. Eric Jette

    So Anton, how would that supernova affect say, Mars, which we think had it’s atmosphere stripped away?

  48. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Somedays I wonder how many things have to go right for me to exist.

    I’m still not going to be productive fyi

  49. Thorkil Værge

    You have the best like/dislike ratios I have seen. Deserved.

  50. Deakin McGinn

    “Space Science” is a good name for the show?

  51. Emre Veliu

    You could say this is an *explosive* new discovery 😆

  52. Ben

    Wouldn’t the other parts of the galaxy (like the Orion Arm) also be orbiting around the galaxy? So how would the Solar system reach them?

  53. he's the Master

    It is amazing though all this death has happened in the past yet the Earth survives and life continues, until the next SNE occurs.

  54. PaxTV

    Solar Micronova not supernova from other stars. Our Sun Micronovas. That’s why it’s talked about all over ancient texts of the sky turning red.

  55. M T

    9:10 Why is the graph of marine extinction sloping downwards?

    Are mass extinction events getting less frequent?

  56. GreenDragon000

    Could it have been our star that ejected the material?

  57. Rich Mitch

    Take a drink each time Anton says “supernova”


  58. Ryan Collins

    What was Mars like as a planet when this happened?

  59. Team_AK_2020

    Anton We Love your work. I recommend you to everyone I talk to!

  60. MrValgard

    “Boring Billion’ xD nice era name

  61. Velathore

    Didn’t you just put out a video that was questioning if we are in a supernova cloud…now today you posted a video saying an extinction event might be from a supernova? 🤔👍

  62. Andrew Dillon

    There is suspected “Gamma Ray Event” that killed everything to a sea depth of 15 feet or so,,500 odd million yrs ago, we might have been in another arm then,,also, why do we move that way, is our star from a captured galaxy,or cluster, i know that some stars orbit opposite to our galaxy,s spin..

  63. Dalton Power

    Comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  64. Kris Johnstone

    Reminded me of an idea I had – I wonder what would cost the most for a mega project : refilling the ozone layer after a nearby supernova, or building a massive space shield that we could move around to block us from a predicted supernova.
    Producing ozone happens accidentally all the time, but is usually avoided for obvious health reasons. Laser printers can produce them, for example, but we’ve managed to deal with it well enough and it breaks down quickly back to oxygen.
    The deliberate creation on massive scales can be done, we could even trick nature in to doing it for us by forcing lightning storms. Given the run-on effects of that, I think we’d care less about it than the potential extinction of large chunks of life on the planet versus some potential floods, fires and lightning-related deaths.
    Definitely an interesting idea to think about. By the time we reach a potential supernova threat, it’d be a non-issue for us anyway. If we even survive our own stupidity!

  65. oOo

    Of all the possibilities that have been brought to attention, this one may have more than a grain of truth …

  66. Michael Howell

    Mini nova event happens more often.😂👁👁🇺🇸


    A SuperNova exploding near Earth, in the year 2020, would be a fitting Swan Song for “ungrateful humans” the way things have been this year!

  68. Joseph Knurek

    could be, but wouldnt a magnetic excusrsion and a nope,micro nova from the sun satisfy things, not kidding, our son pops off micronova periodically .

  69. ReinhardB100

    3:20 I like that there’s a geological era called “Boring Billion”. Heh.

  70. Vanta Blue

    The tiger at 6:45 just looks so done with everything.

  71. HansLemurson

    After the simulation of the earth getting roasted at 2:49 the patterns on the planet look like an intelligent ape staring back at me, wondering “why?”

  72. ][

    5:11 the chain reaction is known as a trophic cascade

    Sure, it’s the same number of words and syllables, but it just sounds so scary! 😁

  73. Manish Choudhury

    1 month ago i had a dream about supernova destroying the earth, i was stargazing on my roof and i saw a yellow bright light coming from the sky and the sky got insanely bright and seconds after the wave struck the earth.

  74. G Dunken

    1:27 is that real or simulated? Never seen pulsar images before. Looks cool.

  75. Joe Primal

    Could this not also be a micro nova from our own sun?

  76. Jerry Walker

    Anton again wonderful. ❤️

  77. FerdinandFake

    If theres enough radiation to wipe out the ozone layer, maybe those arent just UV burns….

  78. din mamma

    what about the 10c degree swing that happend around 13500 years ago?
    according to carbon deposits on the north/south pole?

  79. Shonda Sistertinawoman

    Man, thanks for sharing the science!

  80. Karma Lodro

    10/10❤️ Aton Always a great job Sir. Love these little lessons. The best YouTube rabbit holes to fall into. Thanks man🙂

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  83. Southern Illinois Surviva

    Just wait until they “discover” that our sun is going to micro nova (again) . And that is what has caused the major extinction events of our planets past.

  84. Mamoru Chiba

    Anton: makes a video about us flying through a supernova right now. Also Anton one day later: talks about supernova extinction events ❤️😁

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    Great Anton! really like your videos!! Hope you’re doing well.
    Beautiful person :)

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    Anton could discover something interesting to say about the “boring billion.”

  87. C-S featured

    Counting on a nearby supernova to happen before New Years.

  88. Docta Osiris

    It’s funny, as soon as you said “it’s not something we have to worry about just now” (paraphrasing) the first thing I thought was “yeah, we’ve all heard that one before” 🤣 😺 🐾 ♥

  89. The Danish GSM Channel He

    And IT Will happend again No matter how smart we think we are.

  90. Si- Leg-

    11:16 “like this little guy”
    Its so heart warming to me for some reason to hear Anton being friendly with an animal that died millions of years ago

  91. Cody

    I was getting a lil worried he wasn’t gonna say hello wonderful person 😁

  92. Karm Esnom

    Betelgeuse may have exploded sometime in the last 640ish years and we just don’t know it yet.

  93. Oak Knob Farm

    Make sure not to say Betelgeuse 3 times in a row, Anton :)

  94. Edz Ward

    Humanity: We are destroying the Nature!
    Nature: Ha! I have a million of ways to wipe you out in a second.

  95. Rick Binkley

    We keep learning things, and the more we learn the more we realize just how lucky we are as a species. Hope your move is going well, be safe

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    Shout out to our guy Anton for scouring scientific papers on the daily and keepin’ us current. Do you just read all day my dude?

  97. KC

    Damn universe, always trying to kill us.

  98. Blue Mamba

    0:01 – 0:25: St. Anton Petrov

  99. Bruce H.

    An old buddy owned a 1969 Chev Nova SS. That was a super Nova.

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    Humanity is like an Ant walking across a freeway

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