Astronomers Found the Closest Black Hole to Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the recent announcement of the discovery of the closest black hole to our planet Earth.
Image credit: Jingchuan Yu

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  1. TheElectricOrigins

    The closest black hole is in the mind of some people!

  2. Adam Campbell

    Could this not be Dark Matter rather than a Black Hole?

  3. King rap

    Well compare to the scale of universe thats next door

  4. Bullshit Vendor

    Is there any effort to map out the forward trajectory of the sun to be able to discover possibly catastrophic encounters with other significant mass objects? A game of billiards anyone?

  5. Adymn Sani

    so I can tell the cop that the blackhole is the reason I can’t walk a straight line?

  6. Papa Grounds

    “But not as close as we wish them to be”. Whoa whoa whoa! Let’s not start wishing something we really don’t want any closer than they are πŸ˜…

  7. Retro86

    To me and what they say about black holes this one is still to close for my liking.

  8. Zayde Petersen

    Hello wonderful person.

  9. AdamosDad

    There is a deep dark vortex in space the black hole in windows 95, I discovered it on my brand new Pentium 100 computer in early 96′

  10. Christine Taggart

    Becareful folks. There is one nasty red robot in there named Max. He’ll get ya!

  11. The Memes of Destruction


  12. Rip Sumrall

    So it doesn’t produce any energy? How about Hawking Radiation? Just to bring it back around.
    Also you give the mass but what is the diameter?

  13. Wayne Shirey

    Another good video, but I would say it’s the closest KNOWN bh.

  14. 4GUI4

    the farther the better :)

  15. Lestat Angel

    81st. lol.

  16. Shoresh jahanvatan

    Wonderful black whole!😁

  17. Ben Siener

    You really need to work on how you name your videos bruh…

  18. FOWST


  19. K Adnan

    I heard we can see it ?

  20. Magnus4096

    Hey Anton, did you mean V616 Mon for that other close black hole?

  21. detector detector


  22. windjammerzz

    Ok did anybody else happen to think about the reference β€œlooking down the barrel of a gun” ? If we are looking straight into that suns orbit from the bottom or top. There is a good chance that one of the black holes poles is aiming right at us. That star is on a 40 day orbit of the black hole. That is very close. If it starts feeding on the star or even worse collides with it. It could go all Quasi Moto or (Quasar Moto) on us. Sorry for the bad pun but it was the best I could come up with on the fly. πŸ˜³πŸ€”πŸ§πŸ˜‚

  23. Mark Paterson

    I swear there is a tiny black hole in my Laundry lurking somewhere.
    Always loose a sock for a week then it re appears still dirty like it has gone back in time! ⏰πŸ€ͺ

  24. 72marshflower15

    I kinda wonder if the quantum matrix of the local solar system is not being effected by a quantum singularity somehow..

    Who’s to say that critical mass accretion doesn’t exist in politics or sociology..

    If anything, it does..

    Love you bro


  25. Guy Tech

    A lot of computers have black holes: /dev/null

  26. Litivious Spartus

    First we get the Wuhan virus and now we get a real close Blackhole….just great.

  27. Eskimonster

    My faverite youtuber <3<3<3

  28. Smart Primates

    Until we discover one closer yet again!

  29. Janzen

    Didn’t you just upload this video before? I feel like I’m in dejavu

  30. The Revelist Movement

    It means, “Hooray, NASA, your discoveries suck!”

  31. not2late4living

    Congrats on the haircut. πŸ‘

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  33. jasonemryss

    What if all the dark energy in the universe is from the formation of so many black holes& they actual have a repulsive force???

  34. Richard Gordon

    1000 light years is close enough for me!

  35. fernando

    I wonder if Anton believes in aliens πŸ‘½

  36. Kamila Sandoval

    Im lowkey scared are we gonna be ok?

  37. NDS

    I read somewhere that an astronomy team removed the dark matter component from a Milky Way simulation and inserted several million black holes and the simulation maintained the galaxy’s spiral structure demonstrating that Dark Matter might not actually exist, but that astronomers had grossly underestimated the number of black holes in the universe.
    Sorry, but I cannot find the original article.

  38. Zo Fryer

    I love that you can see it.

  39. BluesyBor

    * Closest so far.

  40. David Burgin

    Every night I steady my telescope on microscopium and observe at 1x.

  41. Amir Haghdani

    Hello Wonderful Anton & Dog πŸ•:)

  42. WaterEarth Mud

    3:26-its not a black hole, its sumthin new. Lets see how long it takes u to understand whats actually there

  43. oiSnowy

    If we find any black hole closer to the united kingdom they will christen it “Landfill” and re-purpose it.

  44. Sean Price

    just a small suggestion for your ending that you always do. imo you should be saying “bye bye. and as always, space out.”, “space out. and as always, bye bye” just sounds off grammatically lol. either way keep up the good work brother.

  45. CYGNI

    How close is it? Still closer than my dreams.

  46. willis4

    Thank you Anton!!

  47. Charles Soueidan

    Thanx Anton
    Please keep on keeping on.

  48. The Memes of Destruction

    6:16 — Gravity Feng-Shui? ^.^

  49. Nathan Gamble

    Astronomers found the closest Black Hole to Earth? Well who else did you expect? Sportaflop?
    But no! You thought it would be astronomers, but it was I, Dio!

  50. Malvakai P

    Hi Anton! How do you come up with so many interesting topics? You must read like crazy. My husband loves watching your videos with me every evening. I’m glad you’re still healthy! Cheers!

  51. Equaius

    may 2020: black hole enters near solar system

  52. DJ 1955

    I wonder if in Stephen Hawkins Universe he can detect the transmission

  53. Deborah Mahmoudieh

    We do have two Black holes here on Earth AKA London City & Wall St.

  54. MC's Creations

    Well… Not if planet X really is a blackhole. 😊
    Who knows? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  55. ganda utama

    1000 light years= vampires can get there at the speed of light.

  56. The Laughing Man

    They should name it *”Hawking Alpha.”*

  57. Phoenix-[C]horus

    _Calvera_ declination 79′ N @ ~150LY + – 5LY is the closest Neutron Star
    [somewhat unconfirmed, labeled as X-ray source]

  58. Alain Martel

    Just saw a mention of this one in the 18:00 hour news. So, it’s just far enough from it’s companion star to prevent it from feeding.

  59. backfire357

    Oh wow a new what the math! I’m filled with terror. Forget those bedtime stories and creepy rabbit holes.

  60. DME EMD

    Reallu cool, we will definitely find closer ones — lol, someone had JUST posted about black holes STAYING far away a day or two ago 😊

  61. Allen Tac

    Your smile at the end of your videos always make me feel good. 😁

  62. Justin Burcaw

    I was expecting to hear that they have confirmed the city size black hole orbiting our solar system.

  63. A

    My wife. Where’s my money? Nothing comes back out 😭

  64. Breeman Gaming

    Hello, wonderful Anton. It’s a pleasure to catch such a fresh upload (30 mins).

  65. James

    Let’s just hope it’s the closest.

  66. who likes spaghetti?

    anton: hello wonderful black hole
    black hole:

  67. Anas Syria

    Stephen Hawking : We should be wary of sending signals

    Scientists: Yes….

    Stephen Hawking : (Dies)

    Scientists : We’re about to destroy this man’s whole career.

    Lol.. Just kidding. πŸ˜„
    Stephen Hawking didn’t say we shouldn’t send signals to black holes but rather to be wary of answering back to possible signals coming from a possible alien civilisation.

  68. josiah stout

    Phew I i was about to tell my mom the world will end lol but we all ok

  69. martin doyle

    I thought that there was suppose to be a possible primordial black hole orbiting the outer edges of our
    solar system.

  70. Dan Hill

    Read about this yesterday my first thought was I wonder what anton has to say about this 😁 and like clock work here he is πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  71. Oldenfarten

    That hilariously goofy grin and wave at the end always cracks me up.

  72. The Great Hadoken


    “These triple systems with a black hole in the middle”
    My mind took me straight from there, to:
    “This rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle”

    There HAS to be at least a couple of guys who get the reference, surely?

  73. Djinsoku XD

    I saw news stories about this and I thought… can’t wait until you cover it!

  74. Mike Laffoon

    I wonder if “millions of black holes” are what we think is “dark energy/matter.” All searches for dark energy/matter have come up bust.

  75. Gregg Weber

    “Come here! We just received a radio message. There’s other life in the galaxy and it’s quite close by.”
    “How many times did you hear it?”
    “Just once.”
    “We need conformation so you should listen to that planet for a two days. If nothing is heard then look at another. What did you hear?”
    “At least two main beats and others which some here like to call music (Chariots of Fire).”
    “Well. I’ll give you three days but that’s it.”

  76. A.I. Joh-An Gerrison Bot

    The black hole void – whence everything came from…


  77. Nathan Gamble

    Are undiscovered black holes a possible cause of “dark matter”?

  78. Kugelblitzingularity

    Black hole: is 1000 light years away
    2020: let’s make it an ancient quasar and have it race towards earth at 2000 times light speed, or pass through a wormhole to arrive near Saturn

  79. Russian Bot

    You can tell your grand child, β€œ you see that star right there ? That one has a black hole πŸ•³ β€œ

  80. Yorokobi Sweet

    Here’s my question:

    Are we in *danger* ?
    Although, I assume we don’t have a sufficient amount of information to answer that question yet.

  81. Eneko Martin Santos

    I dont know how you are able to upload everyday a new video with different topics about space but I love you because of that. You definitely are a beautiful person <3

  82. Lee Nux

    it sound like you have something with your mic … at first I was thinking that my speakers are blown but I don’t have any problem with other video

  83. Charles Graham

    One thousand light years is close enough.

  84. goutham edara

    Read this on my phone and immediately came to this channel before the damn thing decides to devour us.

  85. Just Some Guy without a M

    It’s 3,000 light years from earth.

    In space terms, that’s literally nothing, like how close your face is from your phone.

    But from human perspective, 3,000 light years is incomprehensibly far.

  86. Damien Jeremy Weir

    I am receiving the What Da Math education and I never found learning quite so interesting. Thank you Anton. My father is smiling down from the heavens.

  87. Gooner CestLaVie

    There’s surely a very close one from earth and we don’t know

  88. Jagzeplin

    0:37 “close as we wish them to be” speak for yourself bro lol

  89. EyeDreamMellowDees

    the rate of new discoveries is increasing
    to a point that (2) AntonP reports per day
    will be required…

  90. Dave Wolf

    “Chariots of Fire?” That’s one sick joke :D :D :D

  91. The Exoplanets Channel

    Btw guys, NASA just released a *new citizen science app* where you can search for exoplanets !!

  92. Thomas Chrombly

    I don’t actually wish them to be closer…
    Sure I’m curious about them, but not to the point of being suicidal. haha

  93. Seige heim

    The Closest Blackhole to Earth
    Me: what!? So planet 9 is a BlackHole!!!
    Anton: it’s 1000 light-years away from us…

    Me: *sigh of relief*

  94. Osmosis Jones

    Didn’t Steven Hawkins say sending messages into deep space was a bad idea

  95. Brexit Britain

    Careful what you wish for, I want black holes as far away from planet Earth as possible πŸ˜‚

    (I know you said for study 😁)

  96. Tusk Act 4

    One of the best space channels out there, he deserves way more subscribers

  97. pbrunet44

    Black hole: *is 1,000 light years away*
    The comments: “IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US!”

  98. Mr Quadrivium

    It sucks for me to star gaze. Im in one of the brightest cities in America. It still doesn’t stop me from looking up every night, despite the lack of stars.

  99. Osmosis Jones

    Maybe there’s much more interference in deep space then previously thought that sending clear message over light-years is impossible. They actually have found plenty of unxplaned possible extraterrestrial signals possible.
    But what a way to honor Steven Hawkins by doing the very thing he says not to do

  100. The Great Hadoken

    Anton, I’m sure that while you would like it if there was a black hole right where the moon should be so that it can be studied, I’m perfectly happy with the distances being measured in thousands of lightyears, thanks.

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