Astronomers Find a Star With Very Rare Sub-Neptune Planets In It

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an unusual exoplanet system TOI-270 with 3 unique planets, two of them being rare subneptunes.


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  1. Second Coming Of Bast

    Sounds like that third planet might be a good candidate for possible life. It’s far northern (and southern) regions might hover aroind the 120° Farenheit level, or maybe lower. Of coursecwe need to find out what it’s nade of.

  2. Thomas Decon

    ANTON !!! TURN UP your theme music just a little !

  3. Sophdog

    An idea: An unusually large super-Earth continues to attract system debris to it during its formation, and the planet’s gravity eventually reaches a point where the planet starts to “cook” itself. This turns it into a partial or full gas “sub-Neptune”, that may possibly still have a solid and/or molten core.

  4. Steve Dolesch

    Funny actually. TOI means YOU in French. Just a word or name game. Interesting though (don’t toi think?) :)

  5. Jim C. Goodfellas


  6. Emre Veliu

    Oh yeah? I know of an even RARER star system with a freaky planet if I do say so myself. Third rock from sol they call it… *whisper* It has life 😌

  7. thecount25

    Made of ISIS, sounds dangerous!

  8. Jerry LaGrou

    Look at the atomic distribution in the universe. 75% hydrogen, 20% helium, 5% other stuff. Once an object is big/cold enough to hold h&he, it should grow pretty quickly in a planetary forming cloud. It would take some modeling to check out. But the result of a size gap is not extremely confusing.

  9. DrewGoo

    Hey Anton. I’ve been a subscriber for a couple years, and I’m curious of your sources of information. Could you do a video on how your research? I think we could find it interesting and maybe do some research ourselves!

  10. john conner

    Anton in 5 years…
    “We were wrong about…”

  11. RashidaTalksWrestling

    wow space is so weird very weird and unique without planets and black holes and galaxy life wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the big bang

  12. cjay2

    It’s funny how all these far away stars have planetary systems with their rotational plane just so perfectly lined up for astronomers to view them from the earth. Thousands of these systems. It’s like the entire universe is all perfectly lined up for us to check out their planets and planetary atmospheres. Sounds like crap to me at this point. Just saying.

  13. Wayne Shirey

    Hurry up with that James Webb thing. Some of us are old and will soon be leveling up.

  14. Pup314

    Anton Planets are never labled as “a” they always star at “b”. So this star’s planets are UCAC4 191-004642b or TOI 270b, UCAC4 191-004642c or TOI 270c, and UCAC4 191-004642d or TOI 270d.

  15. Jewsus

    I love the idea of travelling to new star systems but sadly it is a fantasy that will never be reality. It is nice to at least be able to look at other planets and dream though.

  16. Jimmy Nuzum

    There is no one i share video sorry

  17. Bond James Bond

    Every time you line all the planets of our solar system together I feel so unlucky . We should have Venus where we have Mars . We would have started living there 10 years ago or even before .goshhh Venus just looks like earth in size

  18. Jose Sanchez

    Kepler-22b used to be my Xbox live name when I was 16!

  19. Mikel 666

    great video

  20. Lisa Velez

    But if that 3rd exoplanet is about 150 celcius, how could it have water, @AntonPetrov, wouldnt the water evaporate at just 120 degrees F?

  21. Axis 0096

    i wonder if the outer planet has any moons? its big enough to have a few fairly large ones……..

  22. Dr.Green Thumb

    Cool vid!

  23. Roger Kreil

    Cool! 😀

  24. IGotTheOofis

    Oof gang

  25. xtremelemon

    cant wait for james webb telescope to spot 10x mode planets and actually know their atmosfere

  26. Kim Richard Robinson

    Thank you Anton!! Another interesting day in Astronomy! See you later. Your friend, Kim

  27. Pup314

    I made this star system last week in US2 workshop. Check it out, please, and enjoy.

  28. CRO 92_ZG

    is that system in Space Engime 0.980 or 0.990?

  29. John Ghost

    Anton, what is the time frame of getting the JW telescope launched, and what do you think the odds are that it will go off without a hitch, in other words, launch and stable orbit will go as planned?

  30. William Short

    How about super earths

  31. proven22x

    Great channel btw

  32. Ray Valencia

    So, I’m all about the idea of space travel and aliens and all that stuff- but saying something like “super rare planet” in a title or even suggestions that we as BABY astronomers and astronauts even thinking we know what’s common and what’s rare with planets and stars is absolutely outrageous. We have no fucking clue what’s out beyond our own system let alone what’s “normal” compared to the rest of the universe. Literally we have the tiniest concept of what to expect based on what a satellite sent into space during the late 1950s sends back. These planets are the tip of the proverbial iceberg we think of as space. For all we know- our solar system could be the weird one and our physics are the oddity of the universe. We have no fucking clue.

  33. Ben Cris2bal

    Saw this in the news a few days ago. Amazing!

  34. Νεκτάριος Χριστοφή

    Being a stable system doesn’t show us that these planets exist in this form for a long time, they might change form without interrupting the system as much to change its stability, but I think that the most likely reason these are rare is that the circumstances of these existing are rare and not that they are unstable but who knows? definitely not me…

  35. Дмитрий Соколов

    A Star with a planet it in? Is it a clickbait?

  36. Darren Krivit

    When there’s an infinite number of possibilities, there’s many more weird things to discover 😎

  37. Triliton

    We should really start naming some of these systems.

  38. danny obrian

    Hello wonderful Anton ! Are planets just slowly built up by their own stars dust ? Which would be a unique makeup from that type of star ? I think everything in a solar system is made from the star

  39. Terry Moore

    Good…call them up and tell them humans need their help !

  40. Harold Vigoffi

    planet x and it’s cronies?

  41. Shane d

    Is it stupid to ask how anyone dislikes your video’s? Or are they just rival channels, whom are just hating? Sigh….lol

  42. Jay

    Hey space engine is not free :(

  43. August Ludka

    8:03 wow! we found skaia!

  44. DeadKaspar

    Nice music selection!

  45. Timmy Spencer

    One hypothesis could be that an early planet only has a limited time to consume mass quantities before the newly ignited star pushes the excess away. So they usually either grow real fast, or pick up the scraps later, like Earth, and are smaller.

  46. Alien kumar

    What if…there is no such habitable zone exists…as we know…

  47. nate k

    Thank you Anton for all your hard work.

  48. white cracker

    I’m around a good while on your channel its amazing thank you from eire

  49. paul hickie

    Thanks cool 😎.

  50. Philippe Bigras

    Anton you are breathtaking

  51. OneAboveAll

    aren’t all planets rare?

  52. tim johansen

    Maybe they are made of rockwool

  53. Tounushi

    “Star with planets in it”

  54. D. C

    How large before rocky planet cannot form mountains on its surface and form water planet ?

  55. Earthrocker 42

    Is it that Sub-Neptune planets need to exist in pairs, within a system? As we didn’t get a hot Jupiter because Saturn tacked it’s inward course.

  56. The One

    Dear Anton,
    I think I just came to a mental breakthrough on the topic of black holes. So we know gravity bends space, and we know that every black hole takes in energy and matter but doesn’t let any out minus hawking radiation.
    Where does all of this go?
    White holes seems to be the logical answer, and I think it is. but so far mainstream science hasn’t found evidence for their existence. And I think that’s because white holes are produced in the exact opposite way: Space expanding to such lengths that instead of forcing all of the information into a singularity, there is essentially a rip in space that would be torn at the smallest possible scale.
    As far as I’m concerned, this sort of tearing can only exist as a result of our current universal expansion/acceleration, and the Universe accelerating outward reminds me how gravity accelerates things towards it’s center
    okay so get ready to have your mind blown: Let’s say you get sucked into a black hole. Your atoms and every other particle is taken into the singularity… and I believe it is stored. Once it’s stored the only way to release it is to, like I said, have the opposite of a singularity or an expansion driven tear into spacetime, expel all of info in every direction.
    The only point where spacetime could be stretched enough to rip it would be in 10^100^100 years or something.. but by then the entire existance would uniformly rip in all places. The ensuing matter explosion would essentially be a big bang in every possible place at once.
    So that’s how the Universe started. Our existence is a result of a White Bang in a previously existing universe that expanded itself to heat death. Why is it expanding?
    Gravity and Antigravity (The repelling, accelerating force) are like hills and valleys in a space time world. Each valley is a gravity field. Each hill is an Antigravity field. Both are relative, that is to say you can’t have 2 hills without a valley, or 2 valleys without 3 hills. All of that empty space is expanding, for the same reason that all of the occupied space is contracting. They are simply products of the same phenomena. The more empty the space, the greater the expansionary force is. This is why the spaces between stars aren’t overcome with Antigravity, while on a galactic scale, gravity usually is overcome by Antigravity.
    Now for the rest of the theory to work there is an assumption to be made that the information held in limbo after being taken by a black hole and before being expelled by a White hole, is a different dimension on a scale smaller than plank scale. This is “where” the 3rd dimension aka our dimension resides, but it’s literally every where. When a White Bang happens, all the white holes expand. I’m not sure if they touch but if they do, the dimension they come from envelops our heat death 3rd dimension, making the entire universe that dimension.
    At this point it goes one of two ways: a loop or a ladder. That dimension is either a parallel 3rd dimension… and this loops on forever, making the Universe infinite and with no causality, because while it explains what will happen and what has happened, it doesn’t explain how the cycle began. Not very satisfying
    Or, we are on a ladder, having come from a different dimension lower than ours through the same physics, only to be overtaken by the next dimension with the same physics.. and so on, either forever evolving higher, or coming to a final destination in death, rebirth, and evolution.
    But yeah I needed to write that down before I forget. Goodbye

  57. Curtis Jones

    More lies and deception. I don’t believe it. Nasa was set up to lie and deceive.

  58. Keep Moving

    I’m convinced Thea was a small Neptune with tons of water. Can you simulate and make a video on it?

  59. fntime

    It we were reduced in size to a sub atomic particle
    would we visualize that reality in the same way
    we visual space.
    I keep thinking
    Same as above
    Same as below
    Or is our ‘space’ like the atomic world for
    something that is bigger?
    Planck time doesn’t seem like it’s time
    for humans.

  60. Verruca

    @1:40 Something wrong with the planet labeling. They’re all one planet over.

  61. Steven Pilling

    I take it this is a red dwarf system?

  62. RedStefan

    Pretty sure they’ve already found super earths before, most of them are water worlds.

  63. ___

    Someday…they’ll find intelligent life on Earth. I just know it.

  64. Evelina Eriksson

    Now I need to take a sauna. Saunas are the best!

  65. John Jones

    Why is everything always digital when showing the planets.
    Where are the HD real life videos??? 🤔

  66. William Wells

    Why cant we get real photos instead of CGI? 😢

  67. Ian Clark

    These planets are extremely close to the star with extremely short orbits, no doubt tidally locked. This seems to be most frequently the case. How long till we find a planet that resembles earth in size, distance from star, rotation, magnetic field, etc. etc. We could be looking for a l-o-n-g time.

  68. Frank Fencepost

    I don’t see how anything can be rare in the universe but who knows out there anything is possible.

  69. Ratko Mladic

    I like that tune, nice.

  70. Bhokolate Bhip Bookies

    Were just like a huge, poppin, terrifying, and competitive cosmic hungry hungry hippo game if by hippo we meant black hole

  71. sirnukesalot24

    If everything we’ve learned so far applies, then this star should also have a fairly stable and predictable sunspot and flare activity cycle.

  72. iswhatitis g

    2:03 according to science, the layers of dust,ice,rock etc etc the plannet would be getting bigger right?

  73. Ivan Kujundzic

    My opinion until you have discovered 100000 planets you can average out what type is rare or not. I base it on probably huge number of planets in milky way.

  74. Eamon Ahern

    2 planets that are extremely rare in the galaxy. They bare a striking resemblance to the Google Earth app icon!

  75. tricky1992000

    I was reading an article today how it was reckoned Jupiter took a knock early in it’s history from a planet that had 10 times the mass of earth.

  76. Lady D

    You mentioned Giant, Ocean, Ice, Lava & Rocky worlds *but* you forgot the Special Worlds that only appear when you hit the flag at specific time-stamps!

  77. Richard Deese

    I suspect (though of course without any proof) that if the planets in a system don’t form in – or somehow achieve – a stable resonance, they will not last long. This seems to be something of a crap-shoot, though I tend to think that’s only partially true. If they haven’t already done so (& I imagine they probably have), I’d recommend ‘exoplanetologists’ (or whatever they’re called!) run untold hordes & legions of computer simulations – with an alarm to tell them whenever they come up with something now known to exist. That would be interesting as well, for the simulations that produce unique configurations we haven’t yet seen. Thanks again. Rikki Tikki.

  78. googleplus ain'tthatgreat

    Read title, thought it was something like Kepler 70b and Kepler 70c, am now disappointed.

  79. ZEROmg

    “thank you” for being a small part of the process that drags humanity into the future.

  80. CleanerBen

    That system is TOIght yo

  81. Won Jun Lee

    short orbital planets day might be very long
    because of gravitional tug from the star-like Kepler 186f, orbital period day of 130 days might have more than 80 hours long day

  82. Emerald City

    We need the James Webb Telescope now!

  83. Sandy J Renfroe

    Fascinating! New planets every day!

  84. Duchi

    *Juat curious*
    What shows do you liked watching?

  85. Bowsette

    Wish you played signal simulator would love to see your reaction😕

  86. Anj Kovo

    Will we ever be able to ascertain the actual atmospheres of extraterrestrial planets?

  87. Ian A.

    Just found your channel today, love your content!

  88. Jeanette York

    How far away is this system?…approx. 73 light years. Wow!

  89. Richard Deese

    Thanks! Say, why not call them tessoids? [TESS – Object(s) of Interest…duh!] ;) tavi.

  90. Zenlarrus Hiro

    Grinding to that thing to see if there is good npcs in it

  91. Socks With Sandals

    James Webb is coming out in a few years.
    Is it?

  92. andrew payette

    I bet you’re a fan of Summoning Salt. He uses the same music.

  93. mike ross

    better rare than over cooked

  94. Mike Barnes

    Just so you know, the title of this video is a bit misleading. Makes it sound like the star has planets inside of it

  95. Noxxic HD

    Hello wonderful new system, this is Earth!

  96. Isaac Keatts

    You should do a video on the smallest gas planet and how small they xan be to hold together

  97. ArchEnema 67

    This planetary system is just like one of those countries that stacks their Little League World Series team with 14 year olds.

  98. Jeff I.

    Anton is the best!!!

  99. rbrtck

    I think the Solar System itself is full of rare planets.

  100. The Exoplanets Channel

    Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
    _Carl Sagan_

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