Asteroid Psyche Analysis Makes Some Unusual Discoveries

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent observation and new discoveries from a strange asteroid known as 16 Psyche.
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  1. Korben Dallas

    Perhaps this would have been the core of a planet created in the orbit of the asteroid belt had Jupiter’s gravitational influence not prevented it?

  2. badgerlife

    A friendly reminder to all Wonderful Persons: Tomorrow is the Starship SN8 test flight! 🚀 It’s gonna be history in the making. Don’t miss it!

  3. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  4. Chris Williamson

    Earlier today I watched the Overy Sarcastic video about the legend of Eros and Psyche. What an odd co-incidence! Is the universe trying to tell me something?

  5. i Th eutelalum

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  6. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting!!! 😃
    Mining bacteria, activate! 😬

  7. Graeme Brumfitt

    I like a bit of heavy metal. TFS, G :)

  8. Chad Dysvick

    Would be a little IRONic if THIS was the asteroid that took us out… because, one way or the other, humanity will probably be destroyed by it’s own Psyche🤷‍♂️

  9. M P

    I wonder what would happen of we added it’s mass to earth and how it would affect it’s orbit

  10. dmark David

    Psyche may be = a core of a broken up planet.

  11. May the Schwarz be with y

    Mysterious metal from a former core of a protoplanet… THAR BE GOLD YE MATEYS!

  12. Donna Attewell

    Damn it, I’ll probably be dead by then! Not cool

  13. Gregg Weber

    With that high a percentage of Iron, it seems reasonable to me (for what that’s worth) that it was part of something big and the rocky parts went away. Not something that formed as we see it now.

  14. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    This should be the first mining expedition in space

  15. Machiel van Rheenen

    Its always very important to explore our psyche. Also very crisp video.

  16. Bonne Harkema

    For rust to accur there has/had to be small parts of oxigen and water on/in it, is my guess..

  17. Phill M156

    That’s the mother lode! Of precious metals!

  18. ArchMagus Warlock

    You’ve got some cool discoveries lately 😍

  19. IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIt

    Pssst, Alexander thought there were no more frontiers.

  20. Mikey D

    Ok in love with you ✨

  21. Chris Desmangles

    I’m curious about your astronomy education. How did you get so ,seemingly, well informed about the subject? I like your videos. Keep it up!

  22. Superlative CG

    Asteroid mining is one of those jobs that will be automated before it exists.

  23. Hephen Stawking

    It would be awesome to bounce around Psyche in a space suit! As long as you didn’t jump yourself into orbit.

  24. Peter Gleeson

    5,20. You say asteroid twice when you should have said meteorite

  25. Juice Box

    I hope I make it to see space wild west. Prospectors, outlaws, bounty hunters.

    Just kidding, it will all be done by robots.😭

  26. Liberty4Ever

    When SpaceX agreed to launch NASA’s Psyche probe, I wonder if Elon told them they would be manufacturing Starships on Psyche by 2026.

  27. Thomas Pownall

    Aww how cute, it’s such a cute core of a Planet destroyed by some astronomical disaster

  28. T.C. Bramblett

    Wow, they psychoanalyzed an asteroid? Cool!

  29. LGL_137 No Name

    The title demanded this :
    Ss she okay ? Who knew that there was ward of psychiatric Astrophysicists !!!!

  30. Ed Robinson

    Patroclus: Potato
    Menoetius: Potato
    Eurybates: Shoe

  31. Hugh G. Rektion

    everything inside me says this is a piece of debris from our moon’s formation. a chunk of early earth.
    I have nothing to back this up, just a gut feeling

  32. Zach Taylor

    Saturn and Jupiter will eat the Asteroids and by then we will be moving from Mars to Uranus. By then All the Ice Giant “eggs” will be in a spot for life.

  33. Chuck Culverhouse

    Anton, I think you are Awesome, very articulate, and Great information!!! God bless you and your family!! Keep up the Good work!!!

  34. ArchEnema 67

    Yeah, the Psyche of a 16yo is massive enough to change the orbit of nearby asteroids, as any parent can tell you.

  35. Brian Steele

    I wonder about its magnetic field. The possibly of it being a planet core is also fascinating.

  36. Rob Houser

    I bet the pepe energy covered the surface and caused it to rust!

  37. Melanie Stuart

    I really enjoy your channel and I have learned so much. Thank you for being a wonderful person!!

  38. Shirley Munro

    Rust on psyche is by Water. Sunlight excites the hydrogen off the oxygen atom allowing iron to form the oxide by stealing the oxygen.

  39. Paul Wallis

    Hard to get around the fact that the large crater looks like blast force lines, isn’t it?

  40. M Wing

    With those gigantic craters it looks like it was knocked off course several times. Interesting. Thanks for the info. :O)

  41. skyrien

    Hey! You got a better greenscreen setup! Carry on with the great work!

  42. Elizabeth Jansen

    There is some conjecture that the kuiper belt is an exploded planet if so I wonder if this is the core of it. Fascinating either way.

  43. Adz B

    Our planet after its been ate up by the sun and perhaps cast out of the solar system. Would perhaps look simular

  44. cat server

    Isn’t it possible the iron oxide could have been formed if an ice comet hit it, melted, and the sun’s heat began the oxidation process?

  45. hawkdsl

    So.. you can use gravity boots on this one (magnets). Interesting.

  46. Mihai D

    Could it be the actual core of a destroyed planet? From my understanting Mercury was also stripped of most of its mass almost to the core and currently the core is about 85% of its volume.

  47. Wyte Wolf

    My first thought on the rust would be H2O ice.

  48. Manchac

    Someday we’ll have facilities that can mine whatever materials are up there. It’ll be marvelous if I live to see it.

  49. Andreas Krause

    wait asteroid belt mysterios composition, who said protomolecule.

  50. SDaniel

    Maybe humans need to explore Earth first! Micro nova is coming up within decades and scientists are wondering about space rocks? Idiots!!

  51. M B

    I didn’t know that asteroids had psyches to analyze (j/k)

  52. Dan Hitchcock

    Been watching for a while now and now find myself waving back at the beginning of each video. It’s become a natural habit and I don’t know why.

  53. Rick Morris

    Anton, you are the best of the best on Youtube! Thank You, everyday!

  54. ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    Beltalowdas want to know your location ❌
    Oh correction: Beltalowdas already know of your location✅

  55. The DORUK

    No aliens or facehuggers on the asteroids?

  56. Combless Man

    Asteroid Psyche, not as scary as I thought. I was hoping for a Tony Perkins, Jack Nicholson like asteroid only having the ability to read minds.

  57. I exist Cause why not

    I would love to grab some of the metal from the asteroid and become the next king tutankhamun

  58. Larry West

    I know it’s nit picking, but “unique” means ” one of a kind” , so nothing should be able to be extremely unique.

  59. Xion

    I thought this was about the psyche of asteroids.

  60. Laffing Disease

    lol you’re such a geek and an awesome dude, Anton.

  61. Marco81MX

    Let’s drill into it and turn it into a giant armored space station 🤣

  62. Ryan Bishop

    All this suspense of exploration is killing me lol. Ever feel like you should’ve been born in a space fairing race.


    This is likely the core of one of our missing planets. Might make a good mining platform and space station.

  64. Philip Chambers

    In other news, the next season of The Expanse comes out next week (thanks for the reminder Anton) 👍

  65. techstepman

    its name means “soul” in greek.

  66. Ellison Hamilton

    Phyche?! That was an awesome movie. Especially the shower scene. NO…WAIT!!……..That was with an O. Skip it.

    Thanks Anton.

  67. cbongiova

    I would beat that the asteroid belt is a planet that blew up. Will be interesting if there are any signs of life on some of these pieces.

  68. SKADI Dalesen

    We can build Earths Bank right there! Send all Bankers to it and be war free.

  69. xrm160xqw

    you don’t need to say “this is anton”, we all know you’re the anton

  70. Machiel van Rheenen

    Also; I always assumed it was possible that this belt was the remnant of a planetairy collision. Could this be its metal core, cooled down and solidified?

  71. cmawhz

    I thought the probe was going to crash so many times but it just kept getting smaller

  72. kevdupuis

    Tesla roadster in space, stolen directly from the “Soft Landing” vignette in the original Heavy Metal movie.

  73. Jonathan Cunningham

    If it’s entirely made if iron, can you imagine what kinds of collisions it received to make craters that huge?

  74. Malcolm Adams

    Perhaps Psyche collided with an asteroid that had water ice and started the corrosion. Or some other corrosive chemical?

  75. Buttsore In84

    When I saw the first image “show me what u got”

  76. P0obiscut

    Anyone else read this as “Astronaut psyche analysis makes some unusual discoveries” ? Just me huh…

  77. liquidminds

    When you’re 90% Metal and 10% Rock, you might not be a star, but you’re definitely hard-core xD xD xD

  78. Kirk Goldin

    Anton could Psyche have been a planet that collided with another planet?

  79. Jack Linde

    3:59 – Yay! ASU. Go Sun Devils!

  80. Sam Johnson

    Thankyou Anton. You certainly have me interested in this asteroid. I am looking forward to seeing what is further discovered. You are a wonderful person.

  81. Perry Edwards

    the expression is “back in the day” not days…. cute though :)

  82. Leandro da Silva Gonçalve

    According to psychologists the psyche is very enigmatic lol

  83. Kevin Harris

    If I was from the Asteroid Belt, and I heard Anton call it, “the so called Asteroid Belt….,” I would be offended.

  84. Northern Sky

    This 260 km iron ball is nothing we want close to earth… holy cow that is huge.

  85. David Datura

    This seems to be one intriguing and sexy asteroid! Much more interesting than the usual grey lump of rubble most other asteroids seem to be.

  86. Pat Konelectric

    “There’s gold in them thar astroiods”,

  87. Alex Parris

    Psyche 16 is by far my favorite astroid to envision a mining operation setting up shop on

  88. gertbeefrobe

    Gravely narrator voice – “Turns out the gate to hell wasn’t on Mars…”

  89. Charles Soueidan

    Merci Anton
    Since I moved out of the city i’ve been listening while under the stars.
    It totally enhances the experience.

  90. Angl0sax0nknight

    I would like to know the make up of that. If it was a core of a planet you can bet there is gold, silver and other heavy metals.


    ” That’s no asteroid! It’s a space station!! Chewie! Get us out of here!” 🚀

  92. David A

    Remnant of a destroyed planet, wouldn’t that be cool. Yes my imagination is running riot lol.

  93. FIRE STORM 3692

    Anton : * doesn’t present himself as always *
    Everyone : Who are you whom is so wise in the ways of science?

  94. Neekk0

    I clicked on this thinking they were concerned about the mental well-being of celestial bodies

  95. Hovant

    4:20 “Psyche – DAMMIT”

  96. Νικόλαος Ζάχος

    we spell the name as “psychí’ (ψυχή), means “soul”.

  97. Bekke vold

    Bye bye Psyche, the miners are coming.

  98. MyBrainGarbage

    This video is so metal.

  99. joeyhoser

    Anton’s use of the phrase “back in the day” always makes me giggle a little bit.

  100. comsubpac

    “… so it is most likely going to happen.”
    “hold my diet coke”

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